Thursday, November 30, 2006

When You Look at It, You Think of Me

MSN conversation with Eileen, un-edited...

10:09:58 PM Eileen: wah.....
10:10:01 PM Eileen: i'm reading your Best Thighs story
10:10:05 PM Eileen: interesting....
10:17:48 PM me: interesting, you wanna read his mail?
10:17:48 PM Eileen: oh, so that's what happened
10:17:53 PM me: he was insulting
10:17:54 PM Eileen: yes yes!!
10:17:59 PM me: i send it to you right now
10:18:03 PM me: i'll send you my reply too
10:18:03 PM Eileen: alrite!!!
10:18:05 PM me: fuck him la
10:18:52 PM Eileen: sent dy?
10:19:45 PM me: read right now!!!!
10:29:39 PM Eileen: hahahahhahahahahahah
10:30:33 PM Eileen: his style of writing is so "properly" phrased
10:30:33 PM Eileen: it's so beating round the bush
10:30:41 PM me: yes!
10:30:55 PM me: i know, that night when he talked to me, it was even worse
10:30:58 PM Eileen: i nearly fell asleep while reading
10:31:16 PM me: he was just so inarticulate, I had no idea what he was talking about
10:31:23 PM Eileen: what does he do? a poet?
10:31:25 PM me: Fucking hell, he thinks I'm in love with him now?
10:31:35 PM me: muahahaha.... he owns his own "bakery"
10:31:42 PM me: doing xxx
10:31:49 PM Eileen: oh...
10:32:08 PM Eileen: is this the same guy who left messages on your car?
10:32:08 PM Eileen: or diff?
10:32:27 PM me: tsk tsk tsk... now i'm not angry at him anymore, we're friends once again, but i still think he's lame
10:32:43 PM me: different, another guy left message on my car. this is the one who left message on my door
10:32:47 PM me: ;)
10:35:15 PM Eileen: oh...ok
10:35:26 PM Eileen: i like your reply
10:36:03 PM me: really? not bitchy? Jo said it's really mean
10:36:23 PM me: well... i can't be bothered. At least they are what i really think and feel
10:36:36 PM me: he's a smart man, he'll be able to read between my lines, hiakss
10:37:19 PM Eileen: mean? i don't think so
10:37:23 PM Eileen: bitchy - yes but in a very subtle way
10:38:08 PM Eileen: well, he started his bastard-ness first, didn't he
10:39:20 PM me: hihihi... i thought so
10:39:34 PM me: i think he's a player himself
10:39:45 PM me: and i'm no innocent 15-year-old
10:40:02 PM me: and i personally think he sent me that cause he felt threaten by the fact that, I'm not all over him
10:40:46 PM Eileen: haha
10:40:46 PM Eileen: yeah...
10:40:58 PM Eileen: men & their egoism

*** *** *** *** ***

It's very unusual that I've not step foot in KLCC. Do you know how much I enjoy shopping at KLCC? Also my afternoon tea at Chinoz. My usual (alright, call me boring) routine would be - yamcha lunch at Lai Po Heen, MO; shopping; meet up with friends for tea at Chinoz; more shopping before dinner at California Bistro, MO.

I've not done that this time, because of my f*cking foot! Thanks for all the messages and calls guys, I'm getting better. Been seeing the doctor three days straight, got antibiotics injection yesterday and today. Redness's almost gone, just a little swelling left. If it wasn't for my brother's wedding, I wouldn't turn to these antibiotics, they are against my belief.

The bride's family wedding dinner will be tomorrow. I've so much to prepare. Just finished writing my speech for our side's dinner on Saturday. Will post it after the wedding. Hopefully I don't cry while I'm on stage on Saturday, I can't ruin my make up! I've not buy their wedding gift, will do so next week. I've already decided on what to buy. Was contemplating before, to buy something that they will use, or something that I like. I was then told by a wise man that I should buy something that I like, as the gift represents me as a person. Yes, I know what I'm getting, I just need more moolah!

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