Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Gym & Yoga

It was very true when the girls taught me that, it is better to do it and regret than to not do it and regret. Am regretting now for not speaking with this hottie from my class at the cafeteria. Look, I've planned to attend yoga after class and I came to uni in baby-t, jeans, ballerina flats, bad hair, plain face with attention seeking dark eyes circle due to the lack of sleep this morning. I wasn't "in the condition" to speak to anyone. So we were both in the cafeteria, he turned and wanted to say hello before I got panicked and grabbed my phone and ran for life. Called anyone I could think of just to be on the phone and avoided communication with him. He left within a few minutes. Now I'm regretting. I could've spoken to him and we could be good friends and start hanging out, aarrrgghh!

I've been trying to live rather healthily of late. Last week, I was at the gym on Tuesday and yoga on Thursday. This week, I was at the gym yesterday and yoga in an hour's time. Not the best of fitness but at least I'm trying, right? The nearer it is to our NZ ski trip, the more nervous I'm feeling. You don't understand how unfit I am. I pant after walking up a flight of stairs, or after two blocks. It is not at all normal for people my age. I don't need to lose weight from all these work out but I don't mind getting a toned body of course. My ultimate goal for this new adopted lifestyle is to build my stamina. It's good that I can run for my life when I get chased by psycho with a knife; or swim towards the shore when the boat turns over. Or at least, able to get up to my floor when the lift doesn't work! Stamina is an urban survival tool these days, it's a need not a want.

Tonight's yoga is going to be very fun as Violet and Mun are joining me. I've never done bikram yoga with friends before. Hopefully, fingers crossed, that we will do this every Tuesday together. And more importantly, I'll stick to my fitness routine for a long long time even after the ski season. I want to be healthy and have a hot body!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

New Toys

Ladies and gentlemen,
Lynn has got a new toy - DS Lite. It shall keep me occupied for a long time. My aim was to stay out less and save some cash. I, the loser, however had splurged on some games. Am currently playing Cooking Mama, the game is kinda dumb but great for bimbo like me. Oh my, I can't wait till I finish my work and start on the Elite Beat Agents that is supposed to be addictive. Good thing is that I can play my Gameboy Advance's games with it. Looks like I'll be spending half of my free time with my new toy (although not a boy) and fingers crossed, I won't blog any less.
Secondly, thanks to my beloved friends who contributed to my birthday gift voucher from Vuitton, I've finally made my purchase today. As planned, I've gotten a carry-all not in monogram canvas as all my Vuittons are in monogram canvas. The Never Full that I planned to get didn't turn out to be like how I imagined it would look like after putting it on my shoulder and striking a couple of poses. After looking at a couple of potentials, Violet and I agreed that Hamstead GM Damier was the most 'me'. It was AUD1810, a lot more expensive than buying it from Europe. Evonne got hers in a smaller size for less than a grand AUD and they're selling that one at AUD1600+ here. So I've used the gift voucher and put the balance on the evil plastic. Mummy wasn't very happy about me abusing the plastic card, opss...

Never Full was selling for less than a grand for the medium size. Li Kai, how much did you get yours from HK? It was sold out before and they had one for me today which was on hold for another customer but too bad, another caught my eyes and heart.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Confession of a Fromage Addict

I've finally made it to hot yoga, yay!!! You might think it's not at all hard to make it for that 90 minutes class but it was very hard for me. It took a lot of determination and I've given up two opportunities to have my evening drinks with friends. And let me tell you, these after work drinks are the happiest moments for me, sometimes better than the weekends. So I said no to Reza & co for drinks and dinner on Tuesday but there wasn't a class at 7.45pm so I went to the gym. Tonight I said no to the girls for drinks, I ran then drove like a mad woman to catch the 7.45pm class in Prahran. I made it, I made it, I made it!

Say what you want but I'm still gonna be proud of this little achievement.

I've recently fallen into a new addiction - cheese. It's been a month or so that I have this constant craving for cheese. I've almost totally stopped ordering dessert after dinner and let the cheese platter takes over its place. Sometimes my craving gets really bad. There was one evening when I was out with the LAMB posse. We had drinks and asian tapas for dinner at Golden Monkey. The food didn't satisfy me and I wanted some cheese. They didn't serve cheese and the boys offered to pay and asked them to get it from next door but they couldn't do it. I frowned. So three men had to leave the place and took the craving woman to search for cheese. We ended up at The Toff and I finished the whole cheese board by myself.There was another time where I finished half a cheese platter in the cinema right before dinner and have another one with friends at, also The Toff after dinner. Tonight, after a three course late dinner with Milyn, I came home and finished half a block of the brie I've gotten from Coles out of desperation. What's the point of all these yoga and gym?

Sheesh... I'm a pig who eats cheese. Do you know that too much dairy is bad for skin? Don't ask how that works, go google it. That's what I was told by my naturopath and I do believe because my skin got so much better after I've switched to soy products. It could be other reasons but my skin is really getting worse of late. So I'm telling myself, this will be the last piece. If I could kick away the chocolates, am sure I'm strong enough to kick away the cheese this time.

Out of sight, out of mind. Don't let me see, smell or hear of che*se from next week onwards. That means I still have this weekend to get cheesy, whee...

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Told You Bitches I'm a Charlotte... (partially)

Which Sex and the City Character Are You?

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I Watched Friends in High School!

Which Friends Character Are You?

You are Rachel. You're very selfish and pay great attention to image. Spoiled when you were young, you were always the popular and snobbish kid. Although you hang on to your adolescent attributes, you grow more responsible every year.
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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Wednesday at Charm's

I am a loser. I woke up at almost 6 in the evening merely because I was hungry. I could've still been sleeping otherwise. So I thought I was going for yoga tonight but it's VioLynn night and we thought we should have some drinks. As I was having my breakfast with half opened eyes, Charm called to tell me that she was cooking dinner, yum! I heart home-cooking! My eyes were still half opened when I got here. Trust me, it wasn't easy at all to finish up that 2000 words although I've done it once. I had no f*cking idea where I've found those references, I was almost in tears this morning, like how come I was so smart and now I'm too dumb to find them?

This house is bad. For some strange reason, people can't stop eating here. Especially when two Queen of Junk Food get together - Minh and Lynn. If my apartment is the House of Junk Food, this place is the Kingdom of Junk Food. No one understood when we discussed about what's good and what's not, it's the jargon of junk. I'm so stuffed, I'm gonna blow up and all the dinner, snacks and vodka would splat all over the living room.

Looks like I won't be doing anything tonight, school or work. Opss... but I promise to work doubly hard tomorrow. I've sent an email interview to this person who hasn't gotten back to me. It frustrates me. Personally, I think it's rude to not return calls, reply to text messages/emails. Seriously, it's rude, not about the interview but in a daily basis. Like when I get a call that I really don't want to answer, I would at least send a text and make up an excuse, like I couldn't pick up calls, I'm in class or something. I absolutely understand that not everyone functions like I do but I still get agitated when I don't get a reply for my texts.

While the other four are playing Big2 at the dining area, I'm hiding at the corner now blogging, to keep myself away from temptations - food. Violet should be here in 30 minutes and if it wasn't because of her, I would've gone home to sleep more. Shite, I just heard Charm saying "I'm making food", WTF?!

Ops... by the way, I'm officially addicted to Facebook! People, get on and play with me!

I Still Remember

Have I told you before that I like numbers and am very sensitive to numbers? I know nothing about numerology but I often see meaning in numbers that I've encountered everyday. My wee hours shopping at Coles came up to $254.99. These 5 digits basically are my birthday in its exact order.

My Tuesday was quite a happy one although I was half an hour late for class; although I went to the yoga studio but there was no 7.45pm class today so I had to resolve to the gym in my building; although my assignment session wasn't very fructuous; although I broke a nail.

Traffic today was a bit of a pain. So I was stuck in traffic on Toorak road and my eyes met with this neon signage. This French institution of good food that serves the best creme brulee in town. It was slightly more than a year ago when I last visited but all things happened are vividly in my mind. I was in this Metalicus top with lace trimming and he was in black high neck; I ordered rabbit and steak tartare was for him; I've learnt that rabbit is white meat while hare is red meat; he taught me the right way of appreciating cognac and I've adopted the habit; I've brought him to my favourite bar in the city and made him drank lychee caipiroska; we kissed goodbye and I couldn't sleep thinking of him that night.One night at France-Soir, je vous manque (I miss you)!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Baby's Back

My Baby was released from the repair centre an hour before Milyn was discharged from the hospital. I was the sleepless mummy and the worried friend who took both of them home. It caused me a lot of pain to look at my Baby when it first came home - he was an empty shell. I spent the whole day nourishing my Baby, trying to restore its original functioning condition. He's actually doing very well despite the almost 8500 tracks from my iTune library and all 2007 pictures in my iPhoto that couldn't be retrieved.

Theoretically, my Baby has got a new brain in him now. It was so badly damaged that nothing can be retrieved from the original hard drive. I'm not convinced, hence, I'm bringing his old brain back to KL to seek for alternative opinions. Bad news - I have to re-do my last 2000 words, the hardest last bit of my semester. This is crap, really! Writing isn't a problem but looking for all those journals that I've used for my referencing isn't easy at all. It is killing me and the more I couldn't find, the angrier I felt.

After all those that had died mentioned in my previous entry, I've more to announce to you. My heater in the bathroom fused while I was warming myself up applying body lotion; the kitchen hood's light fused when I was cooking curry chicken at 6am last Tuesday; while I was attempting to change the globe of the hood on Thursday evening, I managed to break the hood cover; not to forget the glass that I've broken on the same morning.

I was frustrated, I teared but I'm okay. I just needed to let it all out and you know what? Break all you want because I can afford to get new ones. I love new things anyways. If this is any sort of sign to tell me that I was being unlucky, this would also be the same sign for me to tell you that I am stronger than that.

On a brighter note, I've finally cleaned up my apartment, it's now sparkly clean. June can be my witness as I proudly invited her to my apartment on Saturday. This cleaned apartment was a great solace to me on Saturday night when all I needed was to relax at home and stick my nose to the therapeutic sudoku. On top of this great achievement, I've also made my IPL laser hair removal first consultation + treatment for next month; booked myself in for car service and decided to go for yoga after class tomorrow. I know I've procrastinated for another week but really, I'm doing it tomorrow.

It's been 34 hours that I haven't slept. I should take a hot shower and hit the sack. Early start tomorrow and fingers crossed, finish up that dreary 2000 words. Sweet dreams darlings.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

My Baby's Dead

My Baby had died!

Friday the 13th came two days late for me. I've had the worst 24 hours of the year. I was refraining myself from tearing. Looking like shit when things are at their shittiest isn't going to make myself feel any better. So I held my tears back, breathed in, breathed out, and I survived.

I finished 8 pieces of work over the weekend. I took my water break when I finished every 2 pieces, while I printed them. Unfortunately, all I did was to call my beloved friends to break the good news and to make plans for the night after the last 2 pieces. So, they weren't produced into hard copies.

To cut a depressing long story short, my Baby died as I was diligently writing another review. Mother F*cker! Everything around me just died - my planner died (and I couldn't even find its body), my land line died, my laptop died, my walk-in robe's light died. How many times I've to tell you people that I don't take death very well??!!

*breathe in, breathe out; breathe in, breathe out*

So I'm the helpless mummy who didn't sleep last night; who had a panic attack and threw up twice; who is looking forward to hear from the technician, to tell me that my Baby's gonna be fine; who is blogging and drowning my sorrow at Charm's; who is waiting for her Baby to return home. But, when?

Saturday, July 14, 2007


I am done and it's worth a big celebration as I've finished them 12 hours before my scheduled time. This morning I stayed up till nine sticking my nose to Gourmet Traveller and played the Tetris on my phone. I really am the queen of time-killer.

Oh my, this feeling is f*cking incredible. I'm so glad that I've wrapped things up before the arrival of more shit and responsibilites. It was always hard to get started, then your engine gets on its full force once you've keep it started. And everytime when I've finished a piece, this same line runs in my head "f*cking hell, it wasn't that hard, why didn't I do it earlier, damn!"

Easy to say but not easy to do, especially when I'm one who can get distracted by just the slightest temptation.

So I've got plans for myself...
1) Clean up my apartment, this place that I'm breathing and eating in is in a state of horror. I guess I need a good 6 hours to bring the pristine old pad back.
2) Sort out my bills and fines. Eleana called me on Wednesday so I told her that I'll call her back as we usually take turns to call each other. I picked up my cordless and made the call but realized my phone line was suspended, I've forgotten to pay my bill, pffftt! My place's too messy for me to even locate the bill.
3) Send my car in for the long overdue service before my warranty ends. That is in less than 3 weeks so I need to scribble some huge arse reminders and stick around my house. I loathe car service because they always want me to get the car in before 8am which I think it is freaking ridiculous. I've never been on time anyway.
4) Go out more in the day. My head gets clogged up hiding at home trying to write. It's bad for me. Sometimes my mind's so f*cked I can't even get a sentence straight, let alone coming up with fresh ideas. In other words I should...
5) Sleep earlier, start earlier, eat more and drink more.
6) If it is at all possible, I want to stick to my new weekend pattern - out Friday, in Saturday (in reversible order). Preferably have a before-noon start on Sunday to enjoy my favourite yamcha or brekkie and catch up with "normal" friends who don't get hangovers on Sundays.
7) Attend classes and be strict to myself with deadlines. I realized I am not incapable - I could always do it for work but for school, hm... I've to learn to be responsible for myself and not for others only.
8) I must start my yoga this. There's less than a month left before my ski trip and I'll be extremely sorry for myself if I don't prepare my body for it now. Be nice and start asking if I've been to yoga everytime you speak to me. That might make me feel embarrassed of my unfit body and act on it.
9) Sell my clothes online. I've a serious problem with my wardrobe and I've passed a HUGE bag of clothes to Pat to help me sell on e-Bay some time ago. That woman's on holiday and obviously that bag is still collecting dust at her place so I shall do my part and post up what I have with me. I hate writing the descriptions though. Anyone wants to help me on selling them? You can get some commission out of the total sales.
10) Make my appointment for the IPL laser hair removal. I've been wanting to do it for a year now but all I've achieved is wasting a year's time. If they're open now, I would've called to make an appointment. Well...

Phew... this list sounds like some new year's resolution. You've no idea how good I feel right now with everything done. Fingers crossed I don't have to whinge later when I fail any. Please please please, I've learnt my lesson and everyone deserves a chance. Pass me and I'll prove to you that I'm a good student.

whee... time to celebrate!

a little more to go

I am secretly hiding at home while most of the crew in Melbourne thinks I'm freezing my arse off in the snow. I piked. I was a bad friend to have left Milyn with the two boys, sorry. First of all I have to nurse my bad ankle which is supposed to be good by now. Secondly, I've not completely recovered from the flu and most importantly, I've unfinished work in hand. Monday marks the beginning of the new semester and last semesters essays are still in progress, pffftt! Thanks to the massive extensions I've gotten and my ungratefulness of the time I had. Procrastination brings upon the greatest pain unto me when time hits the final line.

So here I am, hermit-izing myself at home on a winter Friday night, in my less-than-sexy PJs and lounge robe, blogging as a way to reward myself to have finished a grand 4500 words today *curtsy* However, whether I've done well enough to deserve a pass or not? I don't know. I've no time to worry about that. I have strayed this semester, strayed from aiming to pass. I've played too much and too crazily but I've learnt my lesson. If I fail, all I can do is stay at home and cry for it will be the first time in my entire 26 years of life. If I pass, I promise I will never make the same mistakes, ever again!

So there's another 2000 words to go, potentially the hardest 2000 words. I am going to finish everything before Sunday morning, by hook or by crook. I am so going to kill myself if I can't get these done after giving up my long-awaited ski trip and losing my money on the accommodation that I don't get to stay, hmmpphh! I am so going to disappoint myself as well as people who care about me.

Speaking of which, Candyman deserves a big big kiss from me *muaks* His encouragement has stirred up my motivation. I would've still be turning myself away from responsibilities if it wasn't for him tapping gently on my shoulder and make me turned around and say "f*cking hell, that's a lot of shit that I've left behind!"

At most times, I don't need you to tell me what I need to do or what I've done wrong. All I need is to meet the right person who brings the best out of me; who makes me a better person. Trust me, it is not easy to find this person and I'm lucky to have one in my current life. Friends or more than that? I don't know. Am I happy? At most times. I am just gonna follow the flow because as paradoxical as it can be, the more I want to let go, the nearer I am to you.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Still Dreaming

I've had a string of weird dreams for the last couple of nights. I can vaguely remember parts of them, not very pleasant dreams I would have to say. They involved death, injuries, mutation, natural disasters and series of events, people and object that were all surreal to me. I woke up every morningafternoon forcing myself to remember bits and pieces of what I've experienced; and I go to bed every nightdawn eager to find out where the dreams can possibly take me next.

I remembered there was a stage of life where I dreamt so much that I had difficulties distinguishing between dreams and real life. Then, dreams were ordinary, so ordinary that I got them mixed up with things that I have done or need to do everyday. I'd sat on my bed and asked myself, did I speak to xyz last night and promised to have lunch with him tomorrow? Or was it just a dream? Do I need to call and check?

I dreamt so much and often that it happened almost immediately when I dozed off, even only for a few minutes. I sometimes wonder what does this say about me. Some say you're not well rested when you're dreaming; another school of thought believes you're in deep sleep when you're dreaming. My mum thought it's abnormal for me to dream so often and much, while I found it strange when I've no dreams for the occasional one night. I wish I've a personal dream interpretor with me every morning when I get up...

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Undies Overload

For those of you out there who have to do your own laundry, I'm sure you understand the simple logic of separating your coloured and whites; the delicate and the whatever. So I was picking my delicate a.k.a. hand-wash-only pieces out of the laundry basket and left whatever unrelated behind. I then saw a huge multi-coloured pile of underwear at the bottom of the basket. These lighter pieces had obviously fell to the bottom everytime when I digged out the bigger pieces to wash.

I stared at them and went, "holy cow, that's darn a lot of undies I have!" These are the worn ones I'm talking about. There are still heaps in my drawer that can at least last me for another week or so (and at least 2 for day). So I started my mental calculation on the number of undies I approximately have in Melbourne home.

A x Y + K = X

I've about 80 pieces!

I used to run out of them when I didn't do my laundry for slightly more than 2 weeks. Say that's 17 days x 2 a day, that's 34. I've gotten two dozens from VS online before and another two dozens from CK in the States so that's 48 + 34 = 82. Sheesh... if my mum knows, she's going to yell at me asking me to give her reasons why one needs so many underwear. Plain laziness. So I don't have to force myself to do the laundry when I run out of them.

I was telling Candyman about the figure over the phone and he was wordless. Then he asked if they are all in good condition. I said I can wear any of them in front of a boy. In fact, both of us do the same test for our undies - Do I feel comfortable wearing these in front of a girl/guy, in terms of its design and age? I always replace the ones that couldn't pass the test with new ones almost right away so I can do my laundry only when I feel like.

Things that one will do/buy in the name of procrastination.

Monday, July 09, 2007


As I was occasionally wondering if Asianizer was still not over the ex-girlfriend, I bumped into his new chick. Correct, that can't prove much of his current state of mind nor his current status but at least I can be sure that he is still in the games. Just what on earth made me thought he was dwelling on his past, I don't know.

Woke up feeling much better than last night. Still lost and disheartened but perhaps I've figured out why it is so hard to let go. Well, it doesn't take much to get that right. Of course, there are feelings involved. Also, perhaps a part of me is unwilling to let go. My heart is showing signs of unwillingness to let it go while my head is whispering to me otherwise, to prepare myself for the worst maybe. Arrrgghh... I wish it is as easy as to decide on which dress to buy!

On another note, I've been dreaming of a same person for the last couple of nights. Not so sure about what happened but I vaguely remembered seeing him in my dreams. It came to a point where I started to get worried. Am I secretly in love with him? Jeez... how can that be possible, with someone who had such short stint in my life?

Let Me Let Go

It's the last night for the Singaporean boys in Melbourne. I had to stay with them as Marcus was such a sweetie to me and Mozzy Jo when we were down in Singapore. I've been hating myself for not able to spend time with him for the past 2 weeks as I was really busy with work and studies, and my flu and bad ankle that didn't come at quite the right time.

So No Joke and Easily Drunk are getting it on. Well, at least someone's getting laid. On one hand, as a friend and a spectator, I thought it was awesome for the both of them - a holiday fling. Yet, on the other hand, it was absolutely disheartening for me. Look, No Joke has a girlfriend and Easily Drunk has a boyfriend who works overseas. To make it easier for you to understand, they are f*cking behind their partners' backs. Why be in a relationship when you can't be loyal to the person that you're so-called in love with?

I'm saying this entirely for a selfish reason and am not pointing fingers at anyone. They can do what that makes them happy and I'm happy for them. I just can't refrain myself from wondering how likely is that for my partner to keep himself solely for me when he's not around. Or maybe I should say, how is it possible to have a person who is not even my partner to not stray behind my back? I very much doubt that it is possible.

This is ridiculous but it hurts when these thoughts came across my mind. It hurts to know that there's another person that he's kissing; another person that he's flirting with; another person that's sharing the bed. It f*cking hurts bad and the problem isn't with him. I've to admit that it's me.

I have been telling myself to let go. I've to let it go, really. This is bad for me. I was doing well I guess but tonight when I saw them together, I was starkly alarmed. It was like a bat hitting straight into my face, it hurts yet I was woken up. It is impossible. Why waste my time and get myself upset all the time? Why do I want to live in uncertainties? Why expect when I am one who's so afraid of disappointment? I'm no more a 16-year-old with too much time to waste. I hate the guessing game. I abhor disappointment.

I do admit that I have a problem trusting. I do. But how can you blame me when people around me can't even spell f-a-i-t-h-f-u-l? How can you blame me when promises that were made are often broken? How can you blame me when life is such a b*tch?

Trustworthiness is overrated.

I hope I won't eventually start to doubt myself and my belief in finding true love. I wish that good things will happen to me. I pray that my heart will not be in pain anymore. And I need to learn to let go.

Saturday, July 07, 2007


It is a sweet 7degree on 070707. June reckoned I should be blogging in my Seven for All Mankind Jeans and party at Seven tonight. I'm down with the flu after running around in the city under the rain for half of the day yesterday. As old skool as I can be, I'm making some chinese medicine that I've gotten from the traditional chinese doctor that I went to, the one that I have been seeing for my bad ankle.

Congratulations to Grace and Roy on their big day! Ceremony will be on new year's day I heard. Roy had promised to fly me back for his ceremony, sweet! Not sure if I should take the offer, we shall see.

So a few of my ex-boyfriends are settling down. Darlie Star is apparently tying the knot in December and Mr Personality-less is living a happy and peaceful life with his just-a-matter-of-time wife. Like some friends of mine would say "after dating the girlfriend-from-hell (a.k.a. Lynn), it is too easy for them to settle for the next woman who in no way can be worse". But I still believe my ex-boyfriends were lucky to have had me.

Most of the rest of my past are still hanging around the market. Some had broken up; some are still looking; and some are still enjoying the scene. There are also a couple of my past (note: not necessarily have to be my ex-boyfriend) that I wish to know what's going on with them. Say the Health Advisor, I can't help but wonder if there is another woman in his arms, or does he still think of me sometimes? I do.

There are some that I solemnly wish that they will find their other half soon. They are good boys and they deserve someone who is better than me, at least a girlfriend-from-earth. I, however, believe that I've done them good and I'm not giving a damn what others have to say. I've made them a more patient person, improved their fashion sense, let them had a taste of pain, and trained them to be a boyfriend that hit the credit line. I re-packaged them and prepared them for another woman, what can you say?

Monday, July 02, 2007

You're Not Alone, We're Not Alone

You're Not Alone
Open Your Mind

In a way its a, a matter of time
I will not worry for you, You'll be just fine
Take my thoughts with you, and when you look behind
You will surely see a face that you recognize

You're not alone
Open your mind, Surely it's plain to see
You're not alone, I'll wait till the end of time
Open your mind, Baby theres time for me and you

You're not alone, I'll wait till the end of time
Open your mind, Surely it's plain to see

It is the distance
that makes life a little hard
two minds that once were close
now so many miles a part
I will not falter though
Ill hold on 'till your home
safely back where you belong
See how our love has grown

You're not alone, I'll wait till the end of time
Open your mind, Surely its plane to see
You're not alone, Ill wait 'till the end of time
Open your mind, baby theres time for me and you

You're not alone, ill wait till the end of time
Open your mind, Surely its plane to see

You're not alone
You're not alone
ill wait till the end of time

open your mind
surely there time to be with me

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Hawaii: Shopping

All right, so I was the one who said that I wasn't going to shop; who ensured everyone that I would be able to help them with the baggage weight; who was able to convince myself that I was a reformed. All rubbish!

I suspect I shopped the most or at least I was the loser who had to buy a whole new suitcase to carry my new found treasures. Shopping in Honolulu was mad-arse. The fact that everything opens till at least 10pm if not 12am was enough to make us jump, taking into consideration that we came from a place where everything is shut by 6pm excluding that one Friday in a whole freaking week. Moreover, Friday is drink-all-the-way day for me. Even back home in KL, designers stores shut at 8pm.

Waikele Factory Outlet had driven us all crazy. Everyone had to visit this huge place twice except for Wayne and myself, mainly because I've burnt enough of a big hole in my purse on the first visit and I've covered most of the shops that I wanted to. You've to agree with me when I tell you that I'm a quick shopper. I shopped for myself, my family and some birthday gifts for friends. Coach was so affordable I hated myself for buying full price once, and that was through a friend from the States. Just imagine how dumb it is to buy Coach full price outside of the States, especially back in Malaysia, Singapore or even in Sydney. At its outlet, I spent USD1000 in exchange for 5 bags, 3 wristlets and a trench. You do the math!

BCBG was another shop that made me went amok: 25 minutes, 8 dresses, slightly over USD1000. I thought I've done very well. Besides these two major splurges, names like Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein had helped to burn that hole in my purse as well as to take up some space in my newly purchased impossible-to-miss fluorescent green Samsonite suitcase.Outlets aside, Ala Moana Centre was another heaven. This is where I've gotten my Juicy Couture shoes, clutch and bag (and these are my favourites from the whole trip); my discounted Fendi heels; my A&F, Gap, MAC amongst others.Kudos to Jessie and SP, the hotel that we stayed in were right smacked in the middle of good food and shopping, and it was only minutes away from the beach. Ohana Islander Waikiki was it. Fendi was just right across our hotel and if I hadn't already maxed out my credit card, I would've came home with another lamb skin shoulder bag, damn! Also found out that Fendi is 8% cheaper than mainland America due to the exchange rates and the fact that there are a lot of Asian visitors in Hawaii. I am still bitter that I didn't get that bag!

What else did I get? Hm... a pair of shades from Michael Kors and this. Oh yeah, Aloha Stadium Swap Meet is the place to go to hunt for souvenirs like t-shirts and accessories, prices are much cheaper than in the city. Nothing special compared to our markets besides it was so huge that it went around the entire stadium (I almost had a heat stroke while having to complete the entire circle) and the ATM machines that were in the middle of no where...There's nothing much to buy on the other two islands, except for some Hard Rock's or Bubba Gump's but Honolulu's shopping rocks! Just imagine what would happened if we were in Los Angeles or San Francisco and shut up! Don't even mention the big apple! Everyone of us had spent all our cash, and are sobbing over the credit card bills, ouchh! In exchange, we filled up the whole back of the van that we hired to the airport; and I have a whole new summer wardrobe!*edit*

Milyn was the craziest among us!

Big Ankle

So we were at LAMB's company's end-of-financial-year after work drinks. Well, just an excuse to start drinking early on a Friday evening. I've to say that the Lychee & Lavendar Martini that I've been drinking the whole evening at Golden Monkey was lovely, as well as the random martini that the bartenderess randomly came up with.

After losing count on how many martinis I've had, Diana and I came out of the toilet, walked down the short flight of stairs, I slipped and we fell. Plural because I was apparently holding on to Di's hand. I was the klutz who had caused my misfortune on others. Di fell flat on her face, bringing home with her a bruised forehead, knees and palm. I left the place with deeply bruised ego, knees, and a twisted right ankle. Not after I downed another few martinis to tell myself that I was going to be okay, as long as I drank enough to numb the pain. It worked and I managed to make my way to Watermark.

I had probably jinxed myself...

Few days ago, I got a text from Doctor asking if my foot has fully recovered. I told him...

"All good. I can run on my heels again!"

A day later, I got an ultra sexy swollen right ankle. God damn it!!!