Monday, November 27, 2006

Elephant Left Foot

I've got elephant foot! Went to the doctor at noon and I apparently got bitten by 'something', so he said. Well, there are several different school of thoughts in the case of my swollen left foot. Eleana reckoned it was the chemical that my hair dresser used to perm my hair, it went down to my foot somehow, don't ask me how. Rodney reckoned that I didn't get my alcohol fix on Saturday night, therefore I had some Sangria on Sunday arvo. I reckoned it was because I've put on so much weight, I'm putting too much pressure on my foot.

Caught up with Steph and Eleana at our favourite Sunday brunch joint, La Bodega, BSC yesterday. I was so excited about god-knows-what. I was snapping pictures with my camera, since when the usual Sunday brunch has become a tourist's event for me?

I was advised by my family doctor that in order to get well for the wedding dinner on Thursday, I'm suppose to stay in bed - as in, don't walk whenever possible. F*cking hell! Why does this has to happen to me? Only me? Last winter I got a diarrhea when I returned; last summer I had diarrhea, fever and was vomitting a day before I was suppose to head down south for Zoukout at Sentosa Island; this summer I got a swollen elephant leg. Just what is wrong with me? It's not like I'm going to some unknown island in India, I'm only coming home!!!

Because of my f*cking left foot, I am not allowed to go out. Therefore am here, sitting on my bed, blogging, msn-ing and watching the cable. Believe it or not, I've not even stepped foot in the malls! I need to shop, I want to get this Tod's clutch for the wedding. I know I don't need it but I need to head to the malls.

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angela said...

get well faster k!