Friday, November 03, 2006

Dedicated to Violynn

Had a chat with Sasha yesterday, she had enlightened me with some constructive points that I didn't see before, as I was wrapped up in fuzz.

To cut a long conversation short, we've concluded that sometimes relationships (really depends on what kind of relationships you're looking at) is reminiscent to investment. Not all women can agree on this, but that's okay. At this point of time, I'm positive about this investment theory.

High risk - high return - high satisfaction
Low risk - low return - less satisfaction

As for myself, I'll make it simple by taking it as a game of Roulette, I don't know what's the next number and I'm staying to find out. I may be losing money, but I'm prepared for that from the moment I handed out my cash for some chips. It's not as complicated as we perceive it to be, there's only two possibilities - you win or you lose.

If I win, I go home happy. If I lose, I have to know when to leave the table. Pray for better luck the next time. At the end of the day, I know I've tried. No 'what ifs' no 'buts'.

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