Friday, November 03, 2006

Muddling Through

Electrolux: I'll finish with the project in Australia on December 1st. Going home for good :)
LL: I'm leaving for KL on the **. Catch up next week, either Tuesday or Thursday.
Electrolux: Yes, at least we can say goodbye with a dinner.
LL: We can have more than 1 dinner but next week I can only make it on Thursday. You okay?
Electrolux: Of course it is ok. You know I liked u very much, but then we lost contact. Actually I felt very strong for u, before I realized we were too different. But still I consider u a good friend! You are a very nice and friendly girl. ;)
LL: That's very nice of you. Okay, we'll do dinner Thursday. Speak to you then.
Electrolux: Ok, beautiful girl. Tell me, you don't have boyfriend yet? Just curious if a girl like you don't have company all the time. ;)
LL: No boyfriend, ;)
Electrolux: Why Lynn? You still only feel u want to be free and live your life? A beautiful girl like u should be treated like a queen and loved all the time. But I understand you. Freedom is nice and not easy to find good guys maybe.
LL: Are you drunk? What makes you think I'm not loved when I'm single? I may not be a queen but I may be a princess...
Electrolux: I am sure you are loved by many Lynn. Just wonder why you're not committed to them? I guess you feel freedom is good and you enjoy the attention and the possibility to choose. ;) Like your style.
LL: So are you drunk?
Electrolux: No! i am out drinking since one of the guys is going home tomorrow. I always mean what I say and some girls have problem to understand that my words always come from my heart. I am not only a sweet talker. I am serious in my words. I like you a lot.
LL: Thanks :) I'll see you on Thursday.
Electrolux: I could marry you, but girls never believe and understand my feelings. I am getting used to it now, ;) Don't take me too serious. I am just a special guy that is too honest!
(I was text-less, jeezzz... special?)
Electrolux: Have I scared u by being honest? I just like u very much. You should feel proud. ;)
LL: Yeah, am flattered. Of course am not scared, why would I be?
Electrolux: Because u may think I am weird.
(Can't be bothered wasting anymore money sms-ing)

My god, give me a break, look...
1) Stop assuming that being single equals to love deficiency.
2) Stop being so shallow, you can marry me, because you think I'm beautiful, even though we're both too different?
3) Stop flattering me with words like beautiful, I know how much I'm worth and it is nothing like what you said.
4) Stop contradicting yourself. One moment you told me your words were serious, another you told me not to take you seriously. Make up your mind, what do you want now?
5) Stop thinking that I should be proud just because you like me.
6) Stop assuming that I'm a naive little 16-year-old who get troubled easily by what you said, I've ill-fatedly met enough eccentric men similar to yourself.
7) You are right for thinking that you're special because you are, in a peculiar way. You're so right about yourself being weird.
8) Last but not least, freedom, attention and privilege to choose are of course awesome!!!


Whoever that tells you a student is stress-free is absolutely wrong. Look at what I have to deal with everyday? Well, at least a couple of times in a week, from these drunkards.

Not only that, I have to deal with my own priorities like all the strategies and planning for the Health Advisor; helping my girlies to draft the 'instant responses(WTF??)' to their "well-crafted" emails; got yelled at by the girlies because I didn't send their drafted texts like they wished; and recently, turning the table and take your opponent's seat, pfftt!

I am still, loathly, counting my days to leave this wonderland, that holds all my emotional loose ends. Wonder if I can manage to tie up all ends in time. As for now, my time is pretty occupied, at least my diary is completely filled for the next 10 days. I reckon I get busier when I'm on holiday *grin*

My MUST-do list:
-car service
-pay all outstanding bills... and FINES!
-go to 3 to change a new phone
-send my dress back to Brisbane
-sell my junks off on ebay, quick
-christmas shopping
-call make-up artist in KL
-change necklace at Tilkah
-fold all the laundry
-see a chiropractor
-see the dentist
-claim my medical bills
-yoga yoga yoga yoga yoga yoga
-win the Tattslotto!!!


Anonymous said...

you'll manage to do it—you always had amazing juggling skills.. ahhaha

electrolux sounds drunk, very generous with the flowery words, but i dont blame him.. he's a man after all!

Elizebeth D.L. said...

He is definitely weird...

arboon! said...

u coming back for good?!

Lucky Lazy Lynn said...

No!!!! Holidays only...