Thursday, November 09, 2006

Chilli Chicken Rocks!

Got take-away from Dainty - Chilli Chicken and Spicy Prawns, they are just so painfully addictive. I have been eating them three times now for the past ten hours. I was in bed before trying to sleep and all I could think of was to have another serve of the Spicy Prawns with rice - yummilicious.

Recommended Dainty to Diana, she bought boxes of Chilli-everything home for herself and Ming. Saw her on MSN later and the first line she wrote was "that was fucking hot". Boy, was it hot. It was so hot that it gave her a headache; it was so hot that Ming refused to touch them; it was so hot that it got me hooked. Damn, have I got addicted to pain?

Had coffee with Pei Wen at Grecco after not seeing her for the longest time. She's one of the most innocent girl around, very kind and sweet. We had bad cakes and exchanged stories. This sweetie is going through some lows now but I'm confident that as she walks through life, she will be fine. Sooner than any of us realizes, she'll be looking back at where she is now, chuckling at her own naivety. As she had told me today...

To be old and wise, you'll first have to be young and silly.



Anonymous said...

i want!! i love hot food!! its gonna be lunch time soon! :)

Elizebeth D.L. said...

Chilli anything really sounds good in this piece of the land.

I miss chilli!!!!

Lucky Lazy Lynn said...

Steph, ask Steve to take you when you're here.

Deisy, I'm sure you guys have food like that. Chong Qing/Sze Chuan! It's addictive!!!

Anonymous said...

tah pau for me when u're coming back!

Lucky Lazy Lynn said...

Eileen, are you unhappy or something? Why d'you wanna kill yourself?