Thursday, August 31, 2006


Well, being a Malaysian, I would have to at least wish my country a Happy 49th Birthday. Just one year older than the Swiss (the person not the country I'm talking about) *wink*

Pat says I'm addicted and obsessed, I call myself crazy. Release of the uninvited chemical in my body is making me go nuts. Thankfully, I'm not alone, apparently there's another psycho woman who is just as mad as myself.

Besides the goggles that June lent to me, she also gave me a pajamas that yells "Lynn"

as well as a box of dark chocolate

After we've parted, I ate while I drove, I am fat but I'm happy. Contented is me...

Getting All the Sores

Was online paying for my rent and saw a 500 bucks withdrawal on the 26th, last Saturday. I didn't withdraw that amount! 26th... I was going up the mountains, I swear I didn't get any money from the machine, I didn't even go near one. Damn... I can buy a dress with that money, I'm gonna call the bank tomorrow.

Ten minutes ago, I saw the transaction record, in fact I did withdraw 500 bucks from the bank, at 2.58am - I was drunk, incredibly.

My intention of going for a FEW drinks before dinner and head home straight after dinner didn't come true, obviously. My FEW drinks ended up with 4 pre-dinner whites, bubbly over home-cooked Hainanese chicken rice, followed by another 2 bottles of Sauvignon Blanc, then god-knows how many more whites that any ordinary creature will be too smashed to recall.

I do have some vague memory of adjourning to the club from the bar where we were, the unseccessful attempt of sneaking in to the club without paying (only drunkard would do things like this to embarrass oneself), the dancing, the fun-loving Holden boys, the Chinatown take-away supper, the drunk-driving (bad, bad, bad...), the packing for the trip while drunk...

Consequences were...
a 45-minute nap that doesn't help in any sense;
indigestion probably because I didn't bite but just gobbled up the roti with rendang;
packing some weird stuff like juice (???!!!) up to the mountains;
hangover for half a day yet having to be in a coach on those windy roads;
and of course, withdrawing $$$ on my auto-pilot mode, quite smart actually.

I can't believe myself.

Having no sleep for two nights in a week is bad. Regardless of how much La Mer and Peter Thomas Roth I use to cosset my face, it's not gonna help. To rub things in further, I've got a coldsore from the snow after my body sore. Trust me, it's not from kissing someone else, it's from the snow, the chemist told Violet. The exposure to the sun in the cold, that's it.

I look hideous, yet I went to see someone that I enjoy seeing. How heroic can I be? I almost broke in to tears this afternoon, I didn't know what to do, it was catastrophic. Things like this can only happen to me, believe it or not. Not for the first time, I'm hoping that miracle would happen to me again, may the despised patch go missing when the sun rises and shines, I can then get some retail therapy that I've not had for the longest time.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006


"When a woman has sex with someone, her body will release a chemical that makes you get emotionally attached" Carrie (SATC, 2004)

Can us women have the power to stop the release of that chemical?
The strongest woman I've known who I totally adore and look up to - 27th of Jul (you know I'm talking about you) - can't do that. Regardless of how fearless she was and how quick she can get over her so called 'relationships', despite how she said she's okay and is unaffected, I know she did, otherwise, why would the two of us be talking about it. So do I, I'm still unable to stop the release of that chemical.

All the questions like - will he call you or not? How many other 'she' is out there? What does he think of me? All the questions that you shouldn't ask and you needn't know, we've all asked that.

That includes two types of men - the ones that you like as well as the ones that you don't, yet you would still be consciously and unconsciously asking those question. Why bother when you don't want that person? Because we are all the psycho bitch who believes in "I don't want him but I want him to want me!"?

Call it plain selfishness, a cheapo way to boost self-confidence, worse - the attention seeker or backing up, whichever you prefer to.

Whether or not you're looking for Mr. Right or Mr. Right-Now, a relationship or just a companionship, it's all the same, or at least they share a great deal of similarity. I've somehow think that every two person share a relationship, regardless of you want it intentionally or not - friends, acquaintances, partners, lovers, f*ck buddies, enemies, ex-boy/girlfriends, bosses... there are some relationships in some way, aren't they?

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

shwoop shwoop shwooopppp...

I think I like skiing. I enjoyed my first ski trip very much, despite the dodgy lodge and crappy snow (good enough for me as a beginner though). Reason why the word 'think' was used is because I like a lot of things, scuba diving, skydiving and now skiing, I really do like them. I'm just wondering how long can this passion last, or will I be motivated once again to do them again, being such a typical Bull myself.

Learning to ski wasn't as hard as I thought it'd be, but I suppose mastering the skill will need lots of time and effort plus practice as well as guts though. Having one and a half day only and being able to go down a few greens as forced encouraged by Milyn and Wayne, I'm happy with myself.

From skiing down but stop to walking down the parts with "too steep for the 1st day beginner slope" to "ski and fall then ski again" on the second day down the green run was motivating. I guess we human just get motivated when you see improvements in yourself, otherwise, there are two camps of people - keep trying or give up, I assume I'm the latter.

I can't, I can't... I can!

To be honest, I've no problem with falling down. I'm not afraid of losing control and falling down, except if I know I'm gonna fall off the cliff of course. However, I've got a problem with getting up with the skis on. Milyn and Wayne made me get up by myself, and all I can do was to say "I can't, I can't, I can't..." I know it was out of goodwill that they were forcing me to get up by myself and not helping me, that's for sure. When they got frustrated with my helpless yelling and begging of them to help me up or to allow me to take my ski off to get up, they had to give in.

It makes me wonder...

Is that how my attitude is towards obstacles in life? I don't mind getting in to trouble, but I want/expect/wish/pray for others to help me out of it? I can't get up by myself without taking off the skis (that is not true! If I try harder, I could!!) In that sense, am I always been looking for the easy way out when I run in to problems? What is the so called 'right' way of dealing with obstacles in life? I suppose there's no right/wrong - there's only the comfortable yet effective way.

I'll learn to stand up by myself.

Again, I really have to thanks Milyn and Chee Weng for their patience with me. I know I'm such a klutz at times. Thank you for risking your own safety by being around me as I myself think that I'm a walking skiing disaster. Thanks June for lending me her goggles, very useful - no blizzard but... snow splashes on me when I fall, hihi... Thanks for my bosses (dad & mum) for sponsoring my trip. Thanks to the wonderful instructors who were very friendly and taught so well.

Before I forget, I've to mentioned that I was really glad to have a fine meal at Astra Lodge despite our mission of going on a budget trip. Food wasn't excellent but is good enough to feed the two foodie - me and Milyn. The Vodka Bar was a little disappointing but the Vodka list was impressive, thumbs up! We had cup noodle on the second night but... we never fail to have a bottle of wine over dinner and a couple of drinks after dinner, talking about alcoholics.

p.s. my whole body is badly sore, even my fingers and wrist! Calves are the worst. And those bruises...

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Totally exhausted. Brain-stormings are absolutely taxing. Sitting in class pretending that you're absorbing the boring lecture is strenuous. Having bland take-away dinner is sickening. Putting on so much weight 'out of a sudden' is disheartening. My tragically messy apartment is irritating.

I've developed a love/hate relationship with Mondays. Hate it because it's the start of the week. Hate it because I've got 4 hours straight classes. Hate it because Robin's Publishing class is a pain - unpleasantly dull. Love it because Karen's Comm Entrepreneur class is my favourite unit - love the brain stormings, love the exchange of idea, love Karen, love my group mates, love the environment, even the classroom. You just love everything about that something when you love that something.

That reminds me of something - When you love someone, you'd think that he's cute even when he burps/farts; when you dislike someone, even the way he holds his chopstick/fork pisses you off. Very true, at least to me.

I've heaps of food in the fridge waiting for me to perform my magic on them in the kitchen. I hardly have any energy for that, opted for take-away instead, no washing, no cooking. Unfortunately, my dinner tonight tasted awful, everything just tasted so wrong.

Can't believe I have submission again this Friday... and next Friday. It'll be good if I can get work done at home, if it is at all possible, otherwise trips to the state library are a must, pfftt!

Weekend was great, contrary to what I've promised myself of partying hard, I did not party at all. Well, I did, for a good thirty minutes. Somehow I was "forced" to party with them by the six over-grown boys, hence, I was labelled as the 6-in-1 super girl (private joke, sorry)!

In short, my weekend was...

manicured hands - ski-gearless shopping - Bistro 1's poor service/so-so food - sizzling hot Comme - a sexy tall one at Lexington - bodyguarded Kaleido by six...

...90 minutes of massage - bare faced Cookie - "watching some juicy TV at home with three other silly girls" (another private joke)...

...Vietnamese Pho - Love Your Gown opening - Westin Smooth Vanilla Tea - Margos one for one Seafood Platter + two bucks Chardonnay...

Eventful with lotsa laughter. I am happy. Forget about my complaints at the beginning. My only complaint now is that

I'M FAT. I feel so disgusted by myself that I refuse to go on dates, I don't feel like at all. All I want is to see my friends and drown my sorrow.

Time to go get started on my readings. I was once told - readings are not meant to be read - totally agree!

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Closet Nerd

Thank God it's Friday again, I can go out (guilt-freely) and drown my sorrow. Well, it's not that bad, just that I was feeling completely knackered for the whole week, did not even have the energy to blog. With my submission today (I've postponed it to Monday, extension-queen in action again) and all the mid-week drinking, my mind won't forgive me if I don't allow myself to party hard at least for a night this weekend.

"you're a big time nerd"
"what's happening to you?" Lam

Everyone was shocked to hear that I locked myself up in the State Library to work on my assignment yesterday. Yes, I've to admit that this is the first time in my 25 years that I've voluntarily spend time in the library. I wouldn't be if it wasn't a day before my submission; I wouldn't be if I am not such a loser when it comes to distractions; I wouldn't be if my ability to concentrate and to sit still are that bad at home.

I'm really glad that I went to the library, it was very productive, I had done so much. I suspect I could be the closet nerd!

At the same time, I was very proud of myself for being able to turn down Dix & Lam's invitation to party and drink with them, on a Friday's eve, this is rare. Other than drinking, I was able to say 'no' to Di's invite to go shopping.

It was a good environment to study, despite it being so depressing. Don't ask me why it was depressing, it just was. Thank God there were another two depressing kids around me who makes me feel that I wasn't alone, hiakss... And I reckon I might be able to shed some pounds if I'm to set the library as my new hangout joint.

I'm finally going to get my nails done later in the evening, before heading to Auski to see if I can afford some ski gear. And my 90 minutes massage tomorrow, can't wait. My whole body is aching, I need my massage, badly badly badly...

Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Wonder why the wrong things keep happening to me at the wrong time, e.g. running in to the person when you're least ready? Or worse, running in to that person when you're in your ugliest track pants, when you're having a bad hair day or having a fat day. On contrary, disappointments are what you get when you expect/hope/wish for the 'oh-what-a-coincidence'moment.

Fern was right - Don't Eat and Shit at the Same Place Your Own Building. Not that I've eaten any but apparently smelling it is already a sin, poooiiii...

I would've been sleeping now if I wasn't waiting for the pot of soup to be ready. Shite, I've passed my sleepy hour now and god-knows what time I'll go to bed again tonight. In a way it's good, maybe I can get some readings done to prepare for my assignment.

I'm trying to make myself eat less (fattening food) from today onwards, as everyone knows, I'm now sickeningly fat, it disgusts me. And the amount of food I eat is not helping at all. Just look at dinner last night - one WHOLE Peking Duck + Braised Lamb Hotpot + Stirfry Snails + Steam Rice finished by Wayne, Milyn and me. I'm not telling you the junks I consumed when I came home. This is not a funny issue. I blame it all on my haywired hormones. I'm determined to fight against it!

Diana needs me for a favour, which at the same time is a good reason for me to start thinking whenever I eat. I have two weeks to achieve my goal, anything that gets in my way will be eradicated. Hopefully, people around me are helpful enough to not tempt me with anything food related. I have almost no will-power when it comes to chocolates and cheese, which are sitting in my kitchen and fridge right now, sigh...

No one says this is going to be easy, I know...

Monday, August 14, 2006


the Boys
the Girls
the Foodie
the Drunkards


Suggestions/comments on Milyn's pre-historic film-loaded camera:

Gary: Are you trying to take underwater picture?
Lena: Did you get it from the museum?
Me: Bring it to war, it could save your life by blocking the bullet.
SP: It's great, you'd definitely find it if you lose it.
Wayne: Good to use it as a weapon when being robbed.

Milyn was proud of her camera, that was given to her by her aunt; we made fun about it, very mean.

Anyways, that's not the point of this entry.

We had so much fun last night, despite the yucky food and bad service at Radii; failing to get in to Eve; and Comme shutting early.

I'd have to say that food at Radii was terribly awful (wonder how they got their Two Hats from The Age Good Food Guide). I literally had goose bumps while eating the beef, eewww... and for the first time in my life, I did not finish my dessert. The taste of everything was just so 'off'. Service was inordinately bad. They screwed up everyone's order and starved us forever before we were served with bread (and some special sour butter). However, the company was good, as always.

Arthur's music wasn't fantastic, but at least they were playing house that I could dance to. Obviously, we were all drinking like there's no tomorrow again. Then... Wayne was eyeing on this guy, but unfortunately he came up to me and we danced, hiaks... Evidently he's straight. Unfortunately, I wasn't interested. He wasn't even cute, Wayne has got weird taste.

It's Monday again tomorrow, how sad? Had a lazy Sunday today, but a good one. And Wayne and Milyn had made up my day by not being able to tell that I was out bare face today, they thought I looked the same as on any other day. I don't care if it was but I'm just gonna take that as a compliment! Guess alcohol has killed most of our observation skill. Mission of this week for myself - no alcohol except for Wednesday and weekend.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Birthdayss Weekend

Blogging when you're drunk is so stupid, but I'm still gonna leave it up, cause I'm stupid. Hangover for half a day, wanted to call Fern for some gossips but remembered that she's in Singapore holidaying, hm... miss her.

Tracy is such a funny bunny, she called me from KL just to ask about Biotherm and Lancome. Wonder if she has gotten her FREE samples, haha... Wonder the trick that I taught her works. This is the wonder of technology, regardless of where you are physically, it is just a phone call/email away. I don't feel apart from you girls at all some times.

Louis's birthday dinner at Tutto Bene last night started at nine-fifteen instead of seven-forty-five as everyone was told. And the best thing was - I got there at fifteen to nine and I was the first one. Mervyn would always be Mervyn. And Andy is the new idiot (but you know I'll still love you boys). Louis's cake was almost ruin due to my running around getting the cake last minute.

Milyn's birthday dinner tonight is going to be at Radii. Hopefully by time I get there I'll be able to enjoy the wine. Can't decide what to wear. There's a theme for the dinner, but I've not called to ask. Been on the phone the whole day, gossipping and making jokes about others with Sasha, crazy bitch.

Time to go, I don't wanna be late again.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

I Love You Girls!!!

This is important yet it doesn't matter to you people...

this is the official first not-sober-blog of Lynn. I'm freaking tipsy since 8pm...
I have to say this... I love you girls (and guys) - Keat, Violet, Pat, Sharon, Kelvin, Merv, Andy, Charm, Minh, KeNN!, Dixon, Minh (#2), Michael, Khim, Judith... In short, everyone who had contributed to my drunkiness

I love you people. Keat and Ken, if you're reading this, thanks for taking me away from the loserssszzzssszz!!!!!

Keat, I didn't get my manicure.

Pat, get well soon.

Violet, for the first time you did not drink with me!!!!!!!

I'm now officially allowed to ramble - I like RED, I like numbers like 4, 9, 13. I love my girlies like Pat and Violet cause they don't judge me for what I've done. I like pouring my heart to Pat & Violet. I like them being acceptive(is there such word?) I like because I like... I can't be bothered. I just like what's around now. My fingers can't type well... spell check tomorrow, I don't wanna be seen with many errors, cause I'm trying to be a professional. Phuck... I love you people - people who call me all the time from KL- as well as the understanding cool girls from Melbourne...

Can we put the history behind us like how it's suppose to be? And start a new friendship like how we've met on the street? I love my past cause it makes me "me" but I love you girls for who you are. Like I always said - I'm not gonna change, not for you, not for him, if I'm gonna change, it's going to be for myself. Love you girls (YOU KNOW WHO YOU GIRLS ARE - THE MELBOURNE GIRLS - THE SUPPORTIVE ONES - THE ONES THAT I LOVE) and the KL ones (the rocking ones!!!)

Sleep all Day

I've overslept, there goes my movie plan. But I might have a better plan - manicure! I've not been doing it for months so I've every reason to do now. I've heaps of things to run today

-blood test
-buy birthday cake
-phone callsss

I'm still having a bit of cold, withdrawal symptoms perhaps...

I wish I could sleep all day, all day, all day...

Friday, August 11, 2006

Film Fever

I went out again last night. Went out as in went to the bar. Cookie. Lychee Caipiroskassss. Melb Supper Club. I'm hopeless... But I had fun. Devil-Keat is a bad influencer, Evil-Lynn is just as wicked. The two hands clap pretty loud in general.

Caught four films in two days, call me crazy if you want. To tell you the truth, I had only used my pass twice before yesterday, and the Film Festival is going to end on Sunday, now you know why.

All the four films - The Paper Dolls; Animation Short Progamme; The Scanner Darkly; Invisible Wave - that I've inadvertently chosen was fabulous, less for the third one though. The adaptation of Philip K. Dick's novel, Scanner Darkly was no doubt a piece of work of creativity - animation on the eclectic cast. However, after an hour or so of the same effect the excitement it created had gradually wore off, leaving me checking on the time impatiently. I suppose the not-comfortable-at-all seat at RMIT Capitol Theatre contributes to that as well.

The short animations were eye-opening. Various different kind of animations were presented, some with good illustration, some with good plots, some with good use of sound effect and music and some are darn funny. Especially like Mr Schwartz, Mr Hazen and Mr Horlocker and Fumi and the Bad Luck Foot. Plain creativity!

The Paper Dolls is something that I'll recommend to you guys. It's a documentary about a group of Phillippino drag queen living in Israel (I didn't know there are drag queens in Israel!). There are also gay bars, Gay Pride Parade in Israel apparently, See, I learn something new everyday. Stories about how they were marginalized, exploited, acceptance by the minority, bonds forged with their employers (made me teared, damn...). It offers insight into the extreme cultural clashes and a social cross-section of a part of the world rarely seen on the big screen. One of the best film I've watch for a long long while.

Now I'm lazy to talk about Invisible Wave. It's simple, it's just GOOD.

Going to watch at least one in the afternoon tomorrow. Going to have a heavy weekend again, birthday dinnerss, birthday partiess, filmsssssss, aarrrggghhh...

I wore my Mraz T-shirt and got laughed by Keat and Ken! >_<

Wednesday, August 09, 2006


I'm such a loser, I went out again, to Canary Club to meet up with the boys - Gary, Jen and Bunna. See, Jen just got back yesterday, I've not seen him for four months so...

Just like Friday - after the theatre and supper, I thought I was going home to have an early night but I ended up going to 3 Below, followed by Lexington and Cookie then Supper Club and got home at six. Well done!

Also like Saturday - I said I'm not stepping my foot in to Boulevard but I ended up dancing like a mad woman with Keat to DJ Mickey Space's House, three hours non-stop. Thumbs up!

What else can I say?

As for now...

Sheets - changed
Laundry load 1 - in the dryer
Laundry load 2 - in the washer
Lunch for tomorrow - prepared
Garbage - cleared
Dishes - washed

But why is my place still so terribly messy? How much things does one need? I was determined to tidy up until Gary called, and I tried to say no... followed by a yes.

I've finally tried out Filou's today. Had their Beef & Guinness Pie, it was yummy, with chunky beef. The place was great, very Frenchy, very cosy, very friendly, lotsa varieties - from savouries to sweets, from cakes to sour dough, everything freshly baked daily. I'm definitely going back for a taste of their Beef Burgundy Pie, Chicken & Mushroom Pie, Tandoori Chicken (yes, it's suppose to be a French place) Pie, Lamb Pie, as well as all the delicious looking tarts. Oh yeah, I love my pies!


I'm still wondering why does some people can't smile and be nice and say thanks as well as please and just want to show you their sulky face all day and be rude? Her parents did not teach her the social courtesy or she just didn't get laid lately?

I'm talking about the receptionist at Suite 6 @ Cardigan House. Hope she'll get laid soon.

Jason Mraz

Jason Mraz is such a genius when it comes to wordplay, as he himself wrote, he's a wizard of ooh's and ah's and fa-la-la's.... His virtuosity in words-jumbling had caught my attention not long after his awesome vocal. Despite feeling a little dizzy from my flu and having to stand for almost three and a half hours (one hour for special guest Sandrine, who almost put me to sleep), it was every cent worth the fifty bucks. His voice was so crisp, so clear with no mumbling, it was virtually like listening to him on a CD. Jason and his band's sense of humour and passion translated into an awe-inspiring performance. I especially liked the mix of Oasis's Wonderwall with his own number, well performed and beautifully mixed. The part where everyone sang to You and I Both out loud was quite a stirring moment actually, maybe because that's actually my favourite track.Kudos to Wayne for taking all the pictures as I was too lazy. This is the best picture as amateur like us could capture, be thankful!

Not to forget a very special moment - a fan actually proposed to his girlfriend on the stage, having Jason standing next to him and sang part of a song for him. How COOL??? It was a planned proposal between the band and the man, Paul. Am pretty sure Paul knows someone from the team, but I'm still totally jealous. How cool is that to say 'yes' at your favourite singer's gig? And getting up on stage hugging and kissing and dancing right next to JASON MRAZ? Me and the girl next to me were exchanging notes on how we wish it happens to us, well, not with Paul though...

This is the third proposal that I've seen/heard for the past 30 days. First was on the way to Cairns on Jetstar (how cheesy? Ewww... and it wasn't even international business class). Second was Sharon and Kelvin's. How sweet? Looks like it's now the hitching season, on contrary to what Fern believes - the breaking up season.

The gay bar at Prince of Wales was ultra-cool! I've not been fed with so much eye candy under one roof for such long time. Let me put it this way, in some typical bar you get 1/10 good looking ones. In the better bars you get, hm... maybe 3/10. But this, ppoofff... 8/10! I don't have to be worry of being picked up (or not) while Wayne had found a new hangout place other than the usual ones on Commercial Rd. Looks like Wayne could be my new Stanford!!!

My throat is freaking sore and my bones are aching, darn!

This is kinda hilarious, at least for a dummy like me.


Saturday, August 05, 2006

Friday Fever

Shit! I wasted almost my whole afternoon searching for tickets for my November holiday as Virgin Blue is having their Getaway Sale. The plastic card was already in my hands to secure my Melbourne-Christchurch-Melbourne before realizing that the quoted price was before tax, damn... I'm so used to booking VB's domestic flight with no tax. Looks like I'm not going anywhere but believe me, I will not miss any opportunity to get cheap tix to somewhere, both in September and November.

I've figured out that having a holiday every two months is good for my wellbeing, haha...

Finally had configured my cellphone to be able to send and receive MMS, after such a long time. I've officially killed my second handsfree kit, that means no more chit-chatting on the phone while driving. I refuse to buy a new one as I'm looking into getting a new phone. Can't wait for the K800i to be released by Optus.

Going to the theatre later, Woman in Black. I promise myself I have to be on time, and I have to take the tram instead of the taxi. My mantra: be on time, take the tram, be on time, take the tram, be on time, take the tram, be on...

I love Fridays, erm... basically I love the slot between Thursday 8pm - Sunday 8pm! I can sleep all I want on Fridays, not having to run around at home like a crazy woman rushing for class. I can make a good lunch (made diced dried apricot chicken meatball today) or even go down for a nice brunch. Can I live on Friday everyday?

Friday, August 04, 2006

Just do it!

One of the many things that pisses me off - Some Lazy People Unwilling to Send Pictures they had Taken to Me. No offense people, I know some of you are going to send me, but there are two particular friends of mine, who I've been 'chasing' the pictures for a zillion times and I still see nothing in my inbox, or nothing that they've uploaded on the virtual album. Oh... actually, to be precise, now I've three of them.

I'm just wondering, how hard can that be? For god's sake, I'm not asking you to take the hard copy, scan it, resize it, and send to me. Please just f*cking connect it to your computer and attach it in a mail and send it. Or you can do like me, just put them up on a site. If you're really that busy, send me one in a day, or ask for my thumb drive/CD-R or whatever @$@#$xy and make a copy, jeez...

Again, people who read this, who knows that you're gonna send the pictures to me, I trust you do intend to. I'm talking about someone else, who I've asked in my best manner times after times. And I'm talking about the ones that are NOT working, NOT studying but just hang around at home or in the city.

June & Des - Go to Queenstown and kick some arse! Have fun and be safe! I'll be waiting for your return in envy.

Thursday, August 03, 2006


I've came across this on Sunday evening, right in front of L'incontro on Swanston Street, while I was making my way to the cinema. With my Boostie on one hand, and my camera on the other, I quickly snapped it, thinking that that was not for me to miss. But heck, I later found out from Diana that on most Sundays, there will be people playing the "chess on the ground" on that spot. Jeezz... how many Sundays have I been sleeping in? I thought I've been going out a lot on Sundays this year round, hm... guess I just don't hang out at that corner of the city. Too much Cookie.

I'm finally boiling myself some soup after a very long time. Get to drink it in 45 minutes time (I insist on boiling my soup for at least three hours), yummy... I've been so busy lately that I hardly have time to be hanging around at home to make soup. Cooking is different because I cook and I eat, there and then, but soup, too much waiting time needed! I used to have this policy where regardless of how regular I eat out, I will have to have my soup at least once a week, preferably twice a week, however, I've not been doing that for weeks after weeks, time to be more disciplined.

Talking about being busy reminds me about my poor time management skill. Let me confess this - I've never been on time for classes for the past 6 months. It's wacky. Regardless of how much earlier I get up before hand, I can still manage to be late, and sometimes, very late. Not to forget an important point, that is I'm kind of a scatterbrain, like I'll go for class forgetting my books/notepad; forgetting my cellphone for a zillion times and have to run back up to get it as I'm one who can't go out without it. One of the funniest (not) and recent one was that I promise to pick up SP from her carpark at QV and send her back to Collins so then she doesn't need to walk under the rain and cold. About 3 minutes later (which was the time between me walking to my car, got in and started the engine), I had totally forgotten about my commitment and drove straight home. Poor SP, waited on the street in the middle of a cold and wet Melbourne midnight.

Few days back Ming was just teasing me about my electricity bill. It was extraordinarily cheap, about $106 for three months. No one believes me. Ming said I'm one of those customers that the company hates, doesn't make money out of me. He kept asking if I actually live in my apartment. How much electricity can I use when I sleep? I don't iron my clothes for sure, and I hardly blow dry my hair anymore (do I look like I've time to do that when I'm constantly late?), I don't feel cold much (cause I'm disgustingly fat) therefore I almost don't use my heater and electric blanket, and I've been out so so much lately. I guess what I've saved at home had all been going to the oil company, darn.

I've got an early appointment at quarter to ten tomorrow. I've got this problem where I can't sleep when I know I've to get up early the next morning. And by time I fall asleep, which is less than 3 hours before my waking time, I'd refuse to open my eyes. How am I going to get up at 8 tomorrow? Or shall I not sleep?

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Living, Loving

Congratulations to Sharon and Kelvin on your engagement! Another sweet couple is gonna get hitched. Lovebirds, please be prepared to act out the sweet proposing moment during your mock engagement party this Saturday, can't wait!

I'm truly happy whenever people around me are getting engaged, getting married or having a baby, not too certain about how others feel about it though. Afterall, these are all joyful events to be celebrated, to prove that love, is actually all around, and can still be found.

Let me just ask a short question...

Why can't some people (I know, who are less happy in most instances) be happy for their so-called buddy for just once, just once on this special moment of one's life? Is there anything to do with the sour-grapes-theory? I totally understand that not everyone is born to be an actor, but trust me, he could be that one in a million (without the x-factor, of course). Therefore, why give up the innate talent and not display your best wishes? Or have you been too busy with life that you've unintendedly mixed up goodwill and sarcasm?

I know I shouldn't be expecting everyone around to behave and think like myself, and I am not expecting, I don't want to. Therefore, I have to categorize this as socio-cultural shock. I was shock upon the cynicism. I was speechless when the person involved were unaffected, what else can I say? I'm in no position to comment. Perhaps, I had skeptically misinterpreted the intended message of the sender. If so, all I have to say is, poor English - inexpressivity - don't blame me for reading so hard in between the lines. As mummy always taught me: if you've nothing nice to say, shut (the f*ck) up!

I don't intend to defame anyone here. I know it has got nothing to do with me. But it bothers me. It makes me wonder, how would my girlies react when I tell them about, say... I've got a job/getting married/got a promotion/won the lottery? It bothers me. Regardless of whether it was best actor or Tom or Dick or Harry, it would still makes me think.

Enough said.


Slavoj Zizek rocks!
Caught The Perverts Guide to Cinema from MIFF last night, worthy of note. It was a film talking about film by Zizek, the famous philosopher cum psychoanalyst. I have to admit that my mind started to wander in the last 30 minutes during that two-and-a-half-hour film. Taking into consideration that I'm one with such short attention span, I've done well, opss... I mean, Zizek had done really well.

He basically covered a wide topic of cinema theory using psychoanalysis and other theories. Talked about desire/fantasy vs. reality; feminity and masculinity; symbolic meanings; conscious mind vs unconscious mind... I wish I've studied harder during my Monash days, maybe I could be a psychoanalyst too (does it make good money?) I have never noticed the connection between superego, ego and id with the first floor, ground floor and the cellar in Hitchcock's Psycho, as pointed out by Zizek, brilliant, why didn't I write that in my exam papers? I'm quite buying the idea of Zizek about cinema helps creates desire, as well as to create a safe distance between desire and reality.

Another thing that kept me thinking from last night till now: What will happen when fantasy becomes realized? One word - Nightmare. Yes? No?

Caught You, Me and Dupree with Jess and SP this evening. As expected (with Owen Wilson), it's gonna be a dumb show that gave me a real good laugh. And it didn't cause me to check on the time, which means it's really not too bad. I love the idea of "finding the -ness in you", funny yet makes sense. As well as the "living, loving" attitude, I can connect with that, easily.