Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Farewells Lined Up

Weather's great today although most of them around me has been cursing. It's cold and gloomy, just like how I've always like it to be. I shall get to the city slightly earlier today, if it is at all possible, to do my Christmas shopping before meeting up with Sasha and her interesting pseudo-book writer friend for drinks. Maybe I shouldn't go for drinks in order to save some moolah, sigh... I don't know. I've not many days left in Melbourne.

I've recently been really busy with dinners. All the catch-up dinners that I've been postponing since god-knows-when and the farewell dinners. That's one of the many good things about humankind, we eat for every reason - birthdays, deaths, farewells, catching ups, promotions, even breaking ups for myself. I find every reason to celebrate both big and small events in life, as well as to eat and drink to drown my sorrow when things go against my wish.

Because I know people, thus I heard you.

I was informed that I have a "farewell party" lined up for me on this Thursday. Well, that's a real surprise for me. As me, being the one who's gonna leave the country soon know nothing about the so-called party. Hilarious is that there's apparently no one is going. Alright, surprise me may you. I'm in fact looking forward to tomorrow and see what is going to happen, two-person-party?

In fact, the group is organizing a farewell pre-drinks, dinner, more drinks then club Saturday for me. I foresee there's gonna be drunkards kicking arses in Melbourne city again, especially the one with the name of a flower, as well as the colour *wink*

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