Wednesday, June 24, 2009

gorgeous day

It's been a while. How's everyone doing? And what have I been missing? I know I've been missing on all your updates. I haven't had time to sit down in front of the computer to read, let's not even talk about writing.

Fern came and left. She got home and was down with severe flu, got sent to the hospital because the GP told her she probably had swine flu, how exciting? So both her and Ronnie home quarantined themselves as instructed although they were just having normal flu. Seven days of no work without using annual or sick leave, that's bonus! I do not want it though, I'll die! I get paid by hours so I'll have no income if I don't work. How bad is that?

There are a couple of people sick at work at the moment. Manager came in yesterday when she couldn't even talk or walk like a normal person. She couldn't eat, couldn't stop blowing her nose, couldn't think, man... she just basically couldn't function and needed to stay in bed. Birdy told me she's desperate for money and she needs to work. I absolutely understand that part but how selfish is it for you to come to work and try to spread us your virus? She stayed for two hours and I did the rest of the day for her. I was freaking myself out every time she came near me. As soon as she left, I was searching the whole store for disinfectant to no avail, I used Windex to clean the phone!

Apparently other countries' governments were warning their people to not step foot in Victoria due to our swine flu outbreak. Ironically, our government had decided to lower the health measure. Temperature detectors had already been taken away at the airport and people who were in physical contact with swine flu patients are not summoned to home quarantined themselves anymore. Oh well, you won't die from swine flu as long as you get treated. It's milder than the normal flu we get every year, that's what I was told by doctors. So people, chill! My mum and uncle are bugging me every other day to stay away from crowded places. Seriously, if you know you're unwell, just stay home. For yourself to recover quicker and for others to not get it. Very simple, can we just stick to that? And of course, go to the doctor! Haha... such advice from a person who doesn't believe in going to the doctor!

Do you know I've never realized that Melbourne is this cold in the past five years until two weeks ago? I've always been the typical-lazy-Malaysian who drives or cab every where so I don't have to stay outdoor a lot. Two weeks ago, it was bitterly cold and wet, I could almost feel my bones were hurting. Now that I cycle (and tram when it rains), I finally understood why others have been telling me again and again that it's freezing. I was painfully frozen. So much so that I had to invest on a pair of boots. I never liked wearing boots, I think they are a waste of space and restrictive. I don't own many pairs and I would rather spend my money on a pair of good jeans or designer handbags. I wear strappy high heels out at night during winter, the cold never bothered me that much. So I got a pair of flat black leather boots from Zomp which I've been wearing it EVERYDAY to work since I got them two weeks ago. I am gonna wear them out to make my money worth. They are so comfy my feet never hurt eventhough I've to stand at work for eight hours on some days. It was a good purchase, I needed it.

This week, on the other hand, is warm and nice. Beautiful day today, so sunny I almost forgot that's it's winter. I'm keeping my fingers tightly crossed though for it to not rain. It was pouring in the evening last night when I was driving home. Pinko is taking me home today instead of Red Rocket so please... don't rain on me! I better get back to work although there's really nothing for me to do at the moment, so quiet!!!