Thursday, November 16, 2006

Hot Pot Lunch

Dinner last night at Lynch's was kinda hilarious, with a sober Jessie, totally smashed Sasha and tipsy Lynn. Oh, not to forget Vummy who came here for dessert and to watch us Sasha pouting her lips and... erm... say her birthday gift? Food was great and service was acceptably good, compared to the scatty service at Koko last weekend.

Hooked up with Jessie for lunch today. She wanted Chilli Chicken but I thought it wasn't a good idea as I've just had it two days ago. Then we decided on yam cha at Box Hill but we came out with an even better idea - Hot Pot King, Szechuan hot pot - yummilicious. It's perfect for such a chilly day like today. Yes, we were the two idiots who had hot pot at three o'clock in the afternoon, having the whole restaurant to ourselves.

The devil had also tempted me to Chaddy while we were suppose to head back to the city and darn, I've spent money! I'm utterly broke and I've spent money, God... please help me! Good thing was that it was mostly Christmas gifts, means that they are for other people. Alright, I confess - I bought a cardi for myself but I was looking for that one in white since I was in Brisbane. I know, no excuses. Fine.

Had dinner with Merv's group at Via Veneto as Louis is leaving tomorrow for more than three months. It could be just me and Jessie, but the food wasn't too good tonight, I didn't like it.

I'm so tired, and feeling fat from all the food and bubble teas that I've had today. I'm disgusting. Shall take a shower and watch some bad TV.

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