Sunday, November 19, 2006

Good Friday

Alumbra was still as good as ever, fantastic music, good drinks and non-sleazy crowd. That's where me and Milyn went after the "most-pathetic-ever-bar" we've ever been to - Lanai! Trust me (or not), the crowd there was super-duper-erm... errrr... uugghhh!!! I couldn't believe the three of us - Milyn, Jessie and myself were there! That place was just WRONG! Okay, I shall say no more but if you want to look ugly among the ugly people, that's the place.

I had such a great night on Friday - drinks with Steve (and others) at Cookie; awesome dinner at my favourite Japanese joint - Shoya; great time with Jessie and Milyn; impeccable house music at Alumbra; quality time at other people's private yacht and at the Docklands Park with Milyn on our way home. It was a great "last Friday" for me.

It's now Saturday night/Sunday morning, what shall I do when I can't sleep after drinking too much?

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