Wednesday, September 09, 2009

food vs rotting at home

I'm home from another holiday to a (still) cold and wet Melbourne. Spring is here but the weather sure isn't. I wouldn't complain though, I love it cold. Mt Hutt was a small mountain but long runs and dry powder snow made up for it. We had a ball on the slopes but felt cheated because we lost 1.5 days of skiing as the mountain was closed due to bad weather. I'm thinking of doing a mid-week at Falls if the snow condition is still good, and also depends on which days I get off work.

What is worth a mention is that I wasn't sore at all after skiing this time. I supposed all these cycling and Bikram yoga are doing my body good! I used to get bad muscle sore all over after an intense day of skiing except in Japan (thanks to the amazing healing/relaxing power of the onsen). This time, I woke up every morning like my body had not done any sport. I really should TRY to keep up my fitness level at all times.

Christchurch is a quiet little city with absolutely revolting retail window display. Sorry, I couldn't help but noticed they have the ugliest window display I've seen for a long time. Other than that, I actually quite like this city, despite the fact that most things closed too early and food was pretty ordinary. I even managed to spent all my KL-trip expenses on clothes! Honestly, clothes in NZ (I'm not talking about Karen Walker kinda clothes) are pretty shit but I managed to find a lot of nice ones from Max. I came home with a whole new wardrobe, very exciting!

With only 3 nights in Christchurch, we managed to discover some hidden laneways without the help of guidebooks. SOL square was easy to find as it was the "must-visit" place with lots of street art, fancy restaurants and bars. That's where I got drunk and made friends with some locals. We also found another hidden laneway, that took us to a stretch of European-style bars and cafe, including a Russian vodka bar. I'm sure there are more to discover about Christchurch but really, 3 nights were enough for this trip.

Started work the day after I got back. It's good to be back at work. I almost forgot that I don't get paid when I don't work, that's really, really sad. Getting a day off today and I'm thinking of going to Mt Dandenongs for food. Should I, or shouldn't I?

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

we're sending our love from Methven

We had an amazing day yesterday. Great weather plus fresh snow, we just couldn't ask for more. In fact, we're planning for Queenstown next year already. Holiday is always good...

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

one night only, Bronson

Four more sleeps and we'll be in Christchurch. Very exciting but I've 101 things to do before I go. My place is in a big mess since I've been working everyday, all I wanna do at the end of the day is have a good meal, watch some bad TV and hit the sack. Had two days off last week because I was sick like a dog. I was feeling rather run-down prior to that. Of course, I had been working everyday with no day-off for more than two weeks, pffftt! Anyway, lots of herbal tea and two visits to my homoeopath put me back in shape.

Got a message from Bronson on Tuesday. He was in town for just one night so the very sick me with husky voice caught up with this very good, old friend for dinner and drinks, then more drinks, and more drinks... He looked very well, in fact, he looked younger than six years ago, how is that possible? Don't ask me! He hasn't revealed his secret. I was really excited to see him. We used to hang out in KL back in those days, erm... about 10 years back? We were young, fearless and green. We went to places, we met people and we kicked arse. Those years were mad, I don't think I can ever feel the same way today regardless of how much fun I have. Not in a bad way though, we just experience things differently as we mature.

Before getting Bronson from his hotel, I was a little worried that we would have nothing to talk about. Man... we couldn't stop talking from the moment he got in the car. We picked it up from exactly where we've left it. It's really warming to see friends like that. Don't you just wish we've more of these friends in life? I'm lucky to have many, and I love effortless conversation with good friends. Sasha joined us after dinner, we went to a couple of bars after. Sasha ended up not remembering how she got home. It was such great evening - spontaneous, great company and heaps of sake, vodka, cognac + cocktails! Thinking about Tuesday night puts a big smile on my face.

He promised he'll be back for Spring Carnival. Just can't wait for that!

I'm so awake now after dinner. Sometimes Bikram yoga really screws up my time. I finish at 9-ish, dinner at 10-ish after shower and by time I clean up it'll be almost midnight. I'll be so awake and I'll curse when the alarm rings the following day, damn! Perhaps I should wind down now and prepare for bed. Looking forward to sexy, windy and wet weather tomorrow, :)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

my daughter has grown so much!

I miss my little cheeky!

headache is annoying me right now!

I was on an alcohol-free detox last week, and it lasted for five-and-a-half days. It was by far the most successful and longest hiatus I've had since god knows how long ago! Besides being alcohol-free, I was also eating pretty healthily, with maximum amount of home-cooking. Cycling and yoga are resumed (weather permitting). With all these effort, you'll think I'm a healthier and fitter person? Hell no! I don't feel well today. I was pretty much okay today until I got this massive headache after lunch, followed by sore throat and body ache. I thought I had a temperature too. Sigh... I really can't afford to fall sick. Got some takeaway congee after work and headed straight home. Ate, had a hot shower, gargled with Listerine, made myself herbal tea and planning to get 12-hour sleep. I hope I'll be better tomorrow morning or I'll call in sick although that's the last thing I wanna do.

I'm probably just run-down from work. I've been working everyday and I don't plan to get any day-off until my Christchurch holiday. I need the money so I really appreciate my boss to give me all these hours that I need. Unfortunately, I didn't perform very well on Sunday and today, aarrrgghh!!! I hope that wouldn't affect my roster next week because I desperately need them! I've Thursday, Friday and Saturday to redeem myself so please...

Anyway, to reward myself for being such a good girl last week, I made myself some kick-arse prawn+bacon risoni for dinner on Friday night, and popped open one of my favourite white wines that most of my friends don't enjoy. It's an acquired taste and I would rather have it by myself if no one appreciates it. Saturday night I got kidnapped by Mike Monkey to the new Lagerfeld Beer Garden. Beautiful venue but the crowd was crap, oh well, what can I expect from a Crown outlet? Anyway, one bar after another and we ended up at 1806 again, a very plastered me was having sandwiches and cocktails at 4am at the bar, that was "very lady-like"!

So my life of getting sloshed three times a week has gone. It is now working like a dog and drink myself silly just once a week. I'm trying to eliminate that one time too, I'll keep trying...

Friday, August 07, 2009

tribute to Joey Khor

Tell me the new layout is not lovely. Tell me it is not me. All these happened over night, thanks to Joey! Man... this is just amazing! I'm too embarrassed to tell anyone that I've got my Diploma in Graphic Design but I've got a bunch of friends who are great designers though. Oh well, at least I gain something from college days *giggle*

Anyways, I'm very pleased with myself today. Twenty-two days to Christchurch. I cycled to work after a two-week hiatus. I rode yesterday too but riding to South Yarra is actually easier compared to Carlton although the latter is much nearer to me. It was uphill after uphill today. And the strong wind wasn't helping at all! I was riding against the wind so it definitely slow me down and the dust was annoying. Most importantly, Pinko and LL made it home safely after struggling very hard to keep Pinko straight and not getting blown away.

I've also gotten back to Bikram Yoga after a one year break. It was also my first class after I had my fracture on my spine. Instructor said I was pretty good for one who had stopped for a year but I could feel the pain on that particular disk that had caused me pain in the past ten months. It only hurts when I'm doing certain positions though. It was very disappointing, sigh... So people, listen to me. Love your spine, love yourself, there's nothing more important than having a healthy body, especially your spine. My condition is irreversible, I'm just hoping with more practise and exercises, I'll build stronger muscle on my back to support my spine and I'll eventually get better. I'm really upset about my back.

Alrighty, it's getting late, gotta go catch up on my beauty sleep so I don't feel like crap at work. I wanna go yoga again tomorrow but I'm not particularly motivated. I'll tell you if I make it there. Sweet dreams my dears!

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

best friends, expectations and honesty

Twenty-three days before Christchurch. I've finally decided to take this holiday and go enjoy myself in the snow. So the intensive pre-skiing cardio training just started today, which I haven't done much, bwahahaha... except that I got myself a 90-minute massage. Honestly, I think I deserved it. Who works thirteen days consecutively? I do. Enough said. So for those who don't understand and make comments like "thought you said you're broke, and you've money to go for a massage?", you may just assumed I lied.

As I grow older, I find it harder to have people who understand me. Or shall I say, as I grow older, I realized people who seemed to know me actually don't know me as well as I would love them to? "Best friend", a label that I've stopped naming my friends since my late teens, came to mind. What is best friend? What are their tasks, and what do they need to do/not do to fit into the category?

When I was in kindergarten, my best friend was the one who shared with me her biscuits and played with me during breaks. In primary school, my best friend was the one who spoke with me over the phone for hours and kept my secrets. In high school, my best friend was the one who went to places with me before/after school, the person who shared all secrets with me and be my vault. In college, my best friend was the person who shared the same interest as me and enjoyed similar lifestyle with me. So how many best friends have I had in my life? A handful but at the end, I've decided this labeling game is just meaningless. If you ask me now, I say everyone can be my best friend, but with the condition of no expectations.

Watching all these evolutions of interpersonal relationships around me made me realized, EXPECTATION is a real killer in many relationships. I've seen friendships falling out because of expectation issues. Annie expects Bambi to behave like Camy but Bambi is acting like Dolly so Annie bitches about Bambi in front of Elsa and Bambi is jealous and accuses Elsa of snatching her BEST FRIEND, Annie. Happens all the time on your right, left, front and back. You know what I'm talking about. Wouldn't life be easier if we don't expect so much from others. Of course, I'm not the kinda great person you read about who gives unconditionally and expect nothing in return, but I'm learning and trying to influence people around me to expect less from family, friends and lover. Easy to say, hard to achieve I know. Look at me, I've failed 101 times in my past relationships and fought 1001 times with family members, expectation was the main poison. Friends wise, I'm doing pretty alright, or at least I would like to think that I am.

Back to the best friend story. I've friends who swear to each other that they are "best friends". They were very close, like spent a lot of time together, stayed under the same roof, traveled together, shared same interests, etc. Let's call them Fiona and Gina. What I see of these two is that they are the artificial best friends. They share good times together, travel, party, go to places, experience the good things in life, living up to each others' expectations but the missing ingredient in this so called best-friend-relationship is honesty. Fiona doesn't know much about Gina's personality, and I'm not sure how much Gina knows about Fiona. And when you ask Fiona, she says they don't discuss about things like that. Later, I found out that Gina lied to Fiona about things that me and ten other people are certain of.

Now my question is - Can you be best friends without honesty?

Gosh... my mind is so scattered and I am rambling. It's been a while since I wrote and I've been having all these thoughts about best friends, honesty and expectations. That's the problem when I don't write them down straight away and waited this long to come up with a structure-less entry instead. So, can we be best friends with me pretending to be someone else in front of you and lie occasionally so I look like I'm a better person to you?

Anyway, big thank you to Joey who is going to redesign my page. I was being very annoying and kinda forced him to say "yes" to my request. It'll be very exciting to see the new design. That should give me a lot of motivation to keep writing.

very exciting

People, Joey is doing me a huge favour by redesigning my layout!!!

People, watch this space!

Friday, July 03, 2009

winter makes me sunny

I love winter. I don't know what others mean by winter blues because cold and gloomy weather makes me happy. I love the sun too but that can't beat the cold. And this is coming from a girl who grew up in a tropical country that is hot and humid 365 days a year. I've always hated the heat since I was a baby. I get cranky when the mercury rises.

It's been wet and windy this week so I couldn't ride to work. I hate taking the tram, especially City Circle. They crawl like a snail and have no ventilation inside. You can die from lack of oxygen and body odour, trust me. Right, it's free, so why am I complaining?

So I was at work yesterday, cold and sleepy, waiting impatiently to finish because the only thing on my mind all day was WINE! Made plans with Pat to meet up in North Melbourne but I wasn't sure if I should go because there's no connecting tram from here to there (that's another disadvantage of tramming!). I was contemplating, one moment I said yes, another I decided on no. At last, Daddy K said he'll drive us there.

When I finished and left the store, I felt this great sense of joy when the cold breeze brushed against my face. Instantly, I was all smiles. I remembered again how the cold perks me up and calms me down at the same time. You know how you're happier when you do things that you enjoy? That works the other way around for me too. I was happy hence I wanted to cook. So I went to get groceries and went home to cook. Believe me, I was smiling while doing all these, I was almost dancy! As I walked home in the cold with my iPod on, that feeling was beyond words... It just felt so good. That probably also because I chose to make myself a good hearty meal at home over getting intoxicated at the pub.

And today, I had a big healthy lunch (leftover from last night) before I came in, so satisfying. I really don't cook enough these days. Proud of myself for not drinking last night. Tonight, however, I'm planning to have a big one. I think I deserve to party till sunrise. Thank God tomorrow is my day-off! Since I can't be all healthy, I'm gonna start with alternate days. And to get it started, my mantra will be "alternate my drinking days". Let's see how that works this time, :)

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

an afternoon with Mummy K

My off day today, it got me all excited because last week I only had a day off and I wasted it on doing nothing at home! So today I made plans with Mummy K to the gallery for Salvador Dali's exhibition. We were having a quick bite at Pushka (they serves the best bagel in town I reckon) after we met up. We were updating each other on ourselves. Mind you, we were hanging out together on Friday and Saturday. This was the funny part...

"Oh... I went to D.O.C. on the weekend for dinner. The food wasn't that good anymore. I've been there before and then I went back again on the weekend, the food somehow wasn't as good anymore," Mummy K was trying to fill me up with what she had done on the weekend.

"Huh??" I was puzzled.

"D.O.C., the pizza restaurant, you know? The place in Carlton, that serves pizza?? I was there on the weekend!!"

"Mummy, I was sitting opposite you at dinner that night!"

And we broke into a laughing fit. So that started our little artsy fartsy mid-week afternoon at the gallery. What happened after that was a mystery...

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

gorgeous day

It's been a while. How's everyone doing? And what have I been missing? I know I've been missing on all your updates. I haven't had time to sit down in front of the computer to read, let's not even talk about writing.

Fern came and left. She got home and was down with severe flu, got sent to the hospital because the GP told her she probably had swine flu, how exciting? So both her and Ronnie home quarantined themselves as instructed although they were just having normal flu. Seven days of no work without using annual or sick leave, that's bonus! I do not want it though, I'll die! I get paid by hours so I'll have no income if I don't work. How bad is that?

There are a couple of people sick at work at the moment. Manager came in yesterday when she couldn't even talk or walk like a normal person. She couldn't eat, couldn't stop blowing her nose, couldn't think, man... she just basically couldn't function and needed to stay in bed. Birdy told me she's desperate for money and she needs to work. I absolutely understand that part but how selfish is it for you to come to work and try to spread us your virus? She stayed for two hours and I did the rest of the day for her. I was freaking myself out every time she came near me. As soon as she left, I was searching the whole store for disinfectant to no avail, I used Windex to clean the phone!

Apparently other countries' governments were warning their people to not step foot in Victoria due to our swine flu outbreak. Ironically, our government had decided to lower the health measure. Temperature detectors had already been taken away at the airport and people who were in physical contact with swine flu patients are not summoned to home quarantined themselves anymore. Oh well, you won't die from swine flu as long as you get treated. It's milder than the normal flu we get every year, that's what I was told by doctors. So people, chill! My mum and uncle are bugging me every other day to stay away from crowded places. Seriously, if you know you're unwell, just stay home. For yourself to recover quicker and for others to not get it. Very simple, can we just stick to that? And of course, go to the doctor! Haha... such advice from a person who doesn't believe in going to the doctor!

Do you know I've never realized that Melbourne is this cold in the past five years until two weeks ago? I've always been the typical-lazy-Malaysian who drives or cab every where so I don't have to stay outdoor a lot. Two weeks ago, it was bitterly cold and wet, I could almost feel my bones were hurting. Now that I cycle (and tram when it rains), I finally understood why others have been telling me again and again that it's freezing. I was painfully frozen. So much so that I had to invest on a pair of boots. I never liked wearing boots, I think they are a waste of space and restrictive. I don't own many pairs and I would rather spend my money on a pair of good jeans or designer handbags. I wear strappy high heels out at night during winter, the cold never bothered me that much. So I got a pair of flat black leather boots from Zomp which I've been wearing it EVERYDAY to work since I got them two weeks ago. I am gonna wear them out to make my money worth. They are so comfy my feet never hurt eventhough I've to stand at work for eight hours on some days. It was a good purchase, I needed it.

This week, on the other hand, is warm and nice. Beautiful day today, so sunny I almost forgot that's it's winter. I'm keeping my fingers tightly crossed though for it to not rain. It was pouring in the evening last night when I was driving home. Pinko is taking me home today instead of Red Rocket so please... don't rain on me! I better get back to work although there's really nothing for me to do at the moment, so quiet!!!

Sunday, May 31, 2009

say a little prayer for youS

You know your friends are so important to you - as important as your family - when it worries the crap out of you when bad things happened to them. I know we're all stressed out and depressed over some really unfair issues but you really can't do anything about it at the moment. You see one break down in tears and you've to tell yourself to hold on to that, be strong and just calm each other day. All these feelings that we've cultivated will put your shallow, pretentious behaviour in shame.

Regardless of what happened, the warming smile stays on my face, knowing that our hearts stick together and our will can only make things better. I solemnly wish for all to have a good night sleep. Tomorrow will definitely be a better day, because we're here for each other.

Lotsa love, kisses, hugs and PRAYERS...

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

old news

As I was having the last of my breakfast on the bench before getting in to work, my mobile rang. It was Kungpo Chicken, the screen said. What a surprise on an early Thursday morning. Look, he's a friend who I've not seen or spoken with for at least four years. Him and I had a short episode before but friendship remained. He met my parents in KL and they got along. In fact, Dad and him could talk for hours. Not unusual, Dad loves long conversation with people.

So we said our hellos over the phone, yadda yadda yadda, and he said he was planning to go KL again and would like to catch up with my Dad.

"My Dad had passed away," I told him calmly.
"He had passed away," I repeated.
"You're kidding me..."
"There's nothing funny about this, He had passed away." At this point, he was doing my head in because I'm starting to believe, for one second, that it was a joke, none of that had happened.
"But he was healthy the last time..." Tell me about it!!!

Anyway, I couldn't speak with him about this over the phone. So I said I've to go and we'll speak again when I see him. So I went to see him for lunch on Saturday. I told him what happened to Dad while he listened in disbelief. As I was filling him with everything, it felt as if it was all happening to me again. The pain, the shock, the unwillingness to let go... they all just came back to me. I had to hold back my tears in order to save myself from embarrassment and smudged mascara.

It's bizarre how something that happened almost eighteen-months ago seem so fresh in your mind again. I thought I would've been very numbed by now but I guess even the best anaesthetic in the world can't do its wonder this time. I'm trained to be better at holding back my tears though. I took a deep breathe and changed the topic right away.

What's new with him? He's married, as I already knew from Big Bro. Also, his company is listed in America now, how wonderful? I've to say this dude is truly intelligent, capable and know what he's doing. I'm happy for him. Most importantly, what I saw in front of me across the dining table was the same old Kungpo Chicken that I knew five years ago. The boy who is trapped in a man's body, the one who loves teasing me, and the one who's blatantly honest about himself.

He flew off on the same night to Shanghai, then New York, then Hong Kong, etc. and I'm left with that feeling for Dad. Today, I was just sitting here, looking back on the most unbelievable week in December 07. Instead of letting myself falling into this depression (I hate using this word when I mean it), I chose to write. Okay, I'm feeling a little better now. Thanks for letting me share.

Monday, May 25, 2009

weird dreams...

I dreamt of Dad, he was teaching me the 'right' way to play pokies. I wanted to call him first thing when I woke up to verify if it's true. I also dreamt of seeing a moving boat on fire on the ROAD, a couple and their son jumped off the boat. I also dreamt of communicating with a cousin who I normally only see once a year. He told me the dad of that family died from lack of oxygen, and he was 55 years old. Then I also dreamt of seeing a dead man's body, and I scraped the dead man's tongue with a fork (ewww...). And I vaguely remember I also dreamt of walking home with my cousin.

It's not often I can remember so clearly with details what I've dreamt of. I'm mildly disturbed. I wanna call Dad and speak with him...

Thursday, May 21, 2009

eyes wide shut

I'm insomniac. It's been three weeks. Regardless of how tired I was from the day, I just couldn't sleep when I'm in bed. Then I've to get up early the following day to work, to run errands or I just couldn't sleep for long. I was feeling a little flu-ish last night, so I went to bed at midnight, but I couldn't sleep till 5am. Another 5am!!! Got up at 8am, rode Pinko to work, rode Pinko to get a cutesy bubblegum pink bell with dinosaur picture, rode Pinko to do my waxing, and rode Pinko home. I'm exhausted, physically and mentally. I need sleep, I need good, long, deep, undisturbed sleep!

I'm waiting for my hair to dry and I'm hitting the sack. I've got this feeling that maybe... tonight I can sleep!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Pinko and I did it!

Photo courtesy of June
It's been almost a month since Pinko was given to me but I was just too chicken to take her out of the hood. Oh well, I attempted once but the traffic on Collin Street freaked the both of us out. However, I'm not one who gives up easily. So yesterday, I got Sasa to escort me to get out of here.

This time, we made it! We did some warming up below my place, then headed straight to Crown, then dinner at South Melbourne, back to Crown to watch Observe and Report, back to Sasa's place again to play cards, and later I cycled myself home. Twenty-five minutes to get home from hers, not bad at all! And I amazed myself with the fact that I made the slopes without having to get off the bike and push. My single gear grandmother bicycle isn't bad at all!

I couldn't stop thinking about Pinko at work today. I just couldn't wait to finish and go home to take Pinko out. This evening's adventure was to the south-eastern side. Following the route yesterday, I went to Sasa's to drop off her stuff and off we headed towards Prahran to meet up with June and Des for some cheap pizza and beer at Lucky Coq. Tonight, I could eat as much as I desire sans the guilt, knowing I'll burn them off later. It was a great evening catching up with the riding couple and my good friend Sasa didn't fail to amuse and amaze us with her self-absorbing jokes! I just hope June and Des don't find her too "weird", although I've to admit that she's one big weirdo (thank god she doesn't read my blog!).

Cycling is really liberating. I'm getting more and more comfortable cycling amidst other vehicles. Just why did I stop cycling in the past 15++ years? Perhaps it's just too dangerous to do it back home with that crazy traffic and drivers' insensible way of driving. It is really good here where most people obey the road rules, respect and give way to each other. It's also very good for my pocket too - saving on petrol, parking and infringement! It is also a free way for me to exercise, preparing myself for the upcoming snow season and lose those fat for Fern's wedding. Not to forget, it's environmental friendly!

Oh man... enough of promoting cycling. I'm just gonna finish up with my nails and hit the sack. I am cycling to work tomorrow morning, ^_~

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Mrs-Gan-to-be is coming to town...

Tickets are confirmed. Four ways, two trips; one to Fern's wedding, another for Chinese New Year 2010. Malaysia Airlines rock (thanks to Air Asia at the same time for the competitive price)!!! They are slightly less than AUD700, yes, ain't cheaper than Air Asia or other budget airlines but seriously, I'm kinda traumatized by Air Asia X. I will only pick them if they're dirt cheap.

So here we go, Miss Lim, I'm coming to your hens party, your tea ceremony, your reception, witness the most important day of your life, celebrate with you for finding The One, watch for myself how beautiful you're gonna be, get thrashed, and nurse the hangover!! For those who haven't heard about this news of 2009 - my bestie is getting hitched in October!

Do you know we had all predicted in high school, among the four of us (Eileen, Fen, Fern and myself), that she'll be the first to get married? Our prophecy came true. I am glad we didn't predict who's gonna be the spinster, haha...

So what I need to do now is to save, save and save for her gift. Oh, also I gotta shed, shed and shed a lot of pounds so I look good on her big day. Fern is coming in less than a month's time, how exciting is that? I'm taking her to Winter Sound System and do all the girlie things like it's our private little hens holiday, woot!!! And I think I should just hibernate at home till she gets here as I'm dead broke, so broke that I'm actually in debts, not good at all!!!

Now, fuchsia is the colour, where can I get the dress?

Thursday, May 14, 2009

really, what have you done?

I remember saying these before...

"It's always a crazy night when you 1) wake up to heaps of ridiculous photos in your camera or 2) you have nothing in your camera but what happened runs in your mind, over and over again...

Latter tonight.

Such great night with Violet, Daddy and Mummy K. It's been a long time, at our old hangout, with that same old drink. Long meaningful/stupid (really up to you to pick) discussions. Nothing bids, really!!! I can't love these any less.

At some point, I really was wondering... how did your night go?

Friday, May 08, 2009

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Pinko likes the cold too

It's been cold since my birthday weekend, it's awesome. I absolutely love it. I still believe we'll get a few warm days before winter arrives, let's see. Looking at my wardrobe today, realized I don't have much clothes for riding when it gets colder. I'm not gonna be in bicycle tights, sorry. I'm talking about chic comfortable outfit that will keep me warm and allows me to cycle comfortably. Skinny jeans at the moment is a 'no' because I'm a whale, the back of my jeans seems to be dropping when I cycle; wide-leg pants is a 'no' because I'm worry that it'll get stuck on the paddle; long dress - 'no' at the moment because it's too freaking cold. So I'm left with just a few options and that makes me wanna go shopping for clothes. I've no $$$ though, sigh... had to transfer some from saving account yesterday, I'm dying soon.

Pinko and I ventured out of my neighbourhood today. The very ambitious me wanted to ride to South Yarra to submit some documents to my work place. I wasn't sure if Kings Way is cyclist friendly, so I decided to go through the city. See, I actually planned my route. So I was all dressed and set to go, and came home after doing two blocks in the city. The cars were freaking me out! They were left, right, front, back - every where! Man... Especially Collin Street, it was so narrow and I had no idea how to share lanes with cars, let alone sharing them with big vehicles like trucks! I was too scared, crossed the road and home I headed, pfffttt... what a loser?!

I guess there are two things I need to do before I can venture out of my neighbourhood. First - learn how to share lanes with vehicles. Second - build legs muscle to take me up the slopes on my single-gear Pinko! Riding a bicycle is great though, very relaxing and refreshing, take me to places that I've never been on foot or in car. Have I mentioned before that I suck big time at ball sports? I can't even play the badminton. In high school, I spent a month learning squash. At the end of the four weeks, I couldn't even serve! That's how bad I am, however, I can do solo sports. I like skiing, swimming, cycling, bowling and I was a rhythmic gymnast when I was young. I like anti-social sports, those that I can do by myself and not have interaction with others, and most importantly where there's no balls flying towards my direction.

It's gonna be cold and windy every day until next Thursday, says Bureau of Meteorology. So exciting! Gonna try to sleep early tonight so I can do a few rounds before going bike shopping with Sasa tomorrow. Nite, peeps!

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

we got drunk on Monday night

It's been a long time I've guests over to my place for dinner. My place was so cluttered (with junks) before this I didn't feel comfortable having people over, let alone wanting them to eat here. After giving my living room a face lift, my place is so tidy and spacious now, thanks TY for the great help. So last night, I made dinner for Jevon and Rika. Mainly because I owed Jev a meal since last year and he's been wanting me to make bak kut teh for him.

Our little bak kut teh dinner turned into a night of crazy drinking session. We quaffed six bottles of wines. I don't remember what time they left and what time I went to bed, but I do remember scowling a litre of water so I wouldn't be hungover today. I didn't sleep well, waking up every now and then. Couldn't believe Rika made it to class at nine. I got up at noon to get myself ready for trial work, looking bloated from water retention, what a bad start!

Regardless, I was told to go in for work again tomorrow (getting paid this time). They need to train me up before they can decide to take me on full time or give me more hours. Honestly, this isn't the job that I want but I still need to pay my rent, bills and survive so... It's not bad, I'm sure I'll learn something from it and in the mean time, I will keep applying for other jobs.

Really enjoyed having friends over for dinner and drinks, it's been a long time. I'll definitely gonna cook more for friends but because my place is so tiny, they'll have to be invited in batch. I'm thinking of doing prawn mee next...

Monday, May 04, 2009

introducing Pinko

photo courtesy of JuneC

There are things that you think you have them but they've long left you; and there are things that you think you've forgotten about but they will always be in you. Like riding a bicycle.

I've been wanting a bicycle since August last year, those really retro kinda bike, preferably in red or pink. I had been talking, talking and talking about it but didn't get my act together to actually get myself one.

This year's birthday, TY gave me Pinko. A pink, retro, gearless, only-one-in-Melbourne (Australia I dare to say), very girlie with a basket bicycle. Oh my god, I'm so grateful! Pinko and I went out to play after June and Des helped me to buy a lock; lights; and a baby blue, retro, racer-looking with front and rear lights helmet. By the way, my accessories cost as much as my bike, wtf?!

June and Des guided us around Docklands today. The last time I rode a bicycle was more than 15 years ago. I was a little shaky at the beginning but I slowly gained my confidence after a while. It's been so long and the feeling of riding a bike is still the same - f*cking great!

There was a bit of drama before we cruised - TY attempted to kill me with Pinko. To begin with, she didn't tighten the front handle enough so the front wheel was totally out of control, swirling right, left and every where. I took it to the shop to tighten it and got it aligned, no big deal. Then the boys told me that my tyres are flat, so Des pumped air for me. Within the first three minutes of riding, my seat plummeted to its lowest, OMG, I got a shock and screamed for help. The seats weren't locked! At the end, every thing was fixed and I'm saved from death.

I have to agree with June that cycling is addictive. I love it so much I'm gonna do it again tomorrow. I'm still a little scared of sharing roads with cars though, hopefully I'll get better soon so I can travel to more places with Pinko.

Saturday, May 02, 2009

another intoxicated post...

Please excuse the grammar or spelling mistake... drunk I am.

Had another great night, delusion-ally thought it was my birthday once more. I dreamt of Dad four nights ago, he was dying again. Just how many times can someone die on me? I felt the same pain when he physically left me, (in my dreams) but I know I'll survive. It's the best yet the toughest way for him to tell me that I can do it.

Yes and no, I'm surviving with or without him. This sound really stupid but if you ask me if I miss home, I would say no. If you ask me if I miss my family, I would say not really. If you ask me if I miss Jae Ee, I'll say yes; and if you ask me if I miss Daddy, I'll say more than anything on earth...

Friday, May 01, 2009

I'm feeling younger

Another birthday has passed and I'm none the older, or wiser I supposed. While my bestie is engaged and another good friend is expecting her first baby, I'm still living like an 18-year-old - getting thrashed on weekends and not remembering later half of the nights.

Really excited for my friends. I can only keep my fingers crossed hoping I can save enough moolah to fly back for the big day. Things are really unpredictable for me now as I haven't found a job and having a bit of problem on the financial side of things. I've been good though, budgeting my expenses by eating and drinking out much, much less. Am still looking for a job during this financial crisis period. I know it's not gonna be easy but people are still hiring, it's just whether they are keen on hiring this wide-eyed fresh graduate.

So birthday celebrations were separated into three nights. And of course, I was drunk at all three. So much booze, so little sleep, hence I'm left with a cough and wonderful birthday gifts from friends. Most importantly, my Christchurch ski trip is now confirmed, thanks peeps, I'll think of you when I ski down the slopes. I cannot wait. Buller is open for $20 bucks per day this weekend. Can you believe it's open five weeks before the season? It's been cold all week, heard on the radio yesterday it's the coldest April in fifty-odd years. I seriously love the cold but am also worry at the same time... the world's climate is changing drastically. Soon we'll not have spring and autumn, it's just gonna be summer and winter.

It's been a long time since I wrote. It actually feels damn good letting my fingers tell my story. Going for food and window shopping with Sasa. I'll be back, this time I promise!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

just because I say it...

Why me and my friends are bitches and others are angels? Because we are less pretentious than the so-called Angels around us. Honesty isn't our middle name but at least we speak our minds and are responsible for our own actions.

I'm sure you've one of those friends, who cannot take negative comments from you, or rather information that isn't soothing to their ears. Ironically, they claim that I am the stubborn one who don't listen to others and have my skewed opinion. Seriously, whose opinion isn't skewed? Isn't how personal opinion is supposed to be? Viewing from your own perspective?

Anyway, I'm a bitch just because I share my opinions out loud. Apparently I've an evil heart just because I commented on how another person looked. Oh well, I'm the bitch if you truly believe I'm the only person talking about it. I'm sure you don't have the slightest idea your angel(s) has rotten mouth too.

So I'm a bitch by slutting around in clubs getting free drinks and your angel(s) doesn't do it. Like a good friend once said it... Everyone thinks Lynn is spoiled, that Lynn always expects others to wine her and dine her because she says it out loud and admits it. True! Very true, I do speak about things like that among friends but have I ever taken any advantage of my friends? My true friends would know. She was saying because by admitting my action makes me a greedy bitch and others are acceptable because they don't admit it. Do you rather me to be the greedy bitch at heart and pretend to be the angel on the shell?

It's been a long time since I wrote and don't know why I'm bitching on my return ("because you're a bitch"). I know my mouth is definitely a bitch, sometimes I speak with the intention to piss others off. But are my actions harmful? Am I really greedy? Am I really a bitch? ("yes, you're a bitch"). I just get really disheartened when friends who you trust and care for don't have faith in you.

Yes, so I am a bitch and I have never pretended to be an angel from day one. What else do you have to say?

Monday, March 16, 2009

new entry!!!

I've heard it again and again from friends that they've nothing to read "when they are bored at work", that they are sick of seeing the title "I wanna be healthier". You know what? I've turned lazy and seriously, I've been really busy.

A lot has been done in the past 75 days. I survived 40 hours for the new year parties. I didn't think I was gonna go to three parties in a row. Sensation White was a bit of a disappointment. Music was only average and there were too many pauses in between tracks. We enjoyed the music in trance room more than the main room's. When the party finished, I bizarrely ended up in a gay couple's apartment with a big group of their friends. It was a long story but I remembered Violet was screaming at the top of her lungs over the phone asking met to get out of the apartment. Nothing bad happened to me of course. They were very nice boys.Summadayze was great despite the cold on a mid summer afternoon. Evonne and I were in shorts and T's. Thank goodness the boys who came later brought us a [red] blanket and that was the most eye catching accessory I had for the day. It was so cold I had to use it as my wrap skirt. Very embarrassing I have to say but when you were that desperate, I believe you would do the same. I had it with me to the after party at QBH too. Jev was surprised that the bouncer let me in.So that was my new year and it took me a while to recall what day I actually finished my parties. Party started on the eve and finished on the second morning. I know I'm not 18 anymore that's why it took me a whole week to fully recover from the lack of sleep, big time intoxication and sore limbs, man...

Late January was time to go home for Chinese New Year. Have I told you Dad was a very traditional father and we were not allowed to miss CNY celebration at home? We're carrying on this tradition and I know His spirit has never left us. Last year we weren't allowed to celebrate but this year was big one. So much food I swear I had put on 3kgs.

The Melbourne crew from Singapore visited on one of the weekends for some serious partying. That was a massive weekend. It was just like in Melbourne plus the humidity and traffic. We had so much fun some of us passed out in the club and got carried home; some of us rolled down the stairs; some of us missed the flight; and some of us kissed gay boys and made friends; and all of us thought it was one of the best weekend in a long time.TY and I visited the monkeys the following weekend in Singapore. I was diagnosed with cellulitis (nothing to do with cellulite, err hmm...) a couple of days before so I was given some strong-arse antibiotics and I wasn't supposed to drink. Those pills had to be strong because they got me really delirious after each dose. Anyhow, yours truly managed to get sloshed on Friday night but was well-behaved enough to keep herself sober on Saturday night for a change. I'm always satisfied in Singapore as long as I get my frog porridge and kway chap.
note: typing these words makes my stomach growl.

Flew in to Tokyo in mid February for some good food and powder. Joined the rest of the crew in Hakuba after a night in Tokyo. Snow was good but I still need a lot of getting used to the powder on my skis. Ramen, rice and sake for lunch on the slopes were God's gift. Onsen at the end of each day was heaven. If it wasn't for the onsen, I would've been 10x more sore each morning. I was in Japan with parents 12 years ago and Tokyo was pretty much the same as what I remembered. The city rocks despite everything costs a bomb, partially thanks to the foreign exchange rates. Spent most of my money on food. Japanese fashion really isn't my cup of tea but Burberry Blue Label was too cheap to say no.Spent two nights in KL before I returned to Melbourne. Mum and brother were asking me to stay till end of the month and were sort of giving me the emotional blackmail. Honestly, time at home will never be enough for us. Besides attending a good friend's wedding, I thought it's time for me to end my holidays, get myself back to Melbourne and realized that I've no money to pay rent next month plus I haven't gotten myself a full time job, wooohooo... How exciting is that?!?

So here I am, back in Melbourne in my tiny little apartment, surfing for jobs and worrying about paying the bills. Life, life, life...