Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I wanna be healthier

I've started my new year resolution just a few days before new year comes, that is to practise a (slightly) healthier lifestyle. Firstly, I am "trying my best" to stay in on week nights, meaning I shall only drink on weekends. I've done very well in these seven days *pat on my own back*

Secondly, I've officially started my pre-skiing training - forty minutes on the treadmill, thirty minutes in the pool. Every other day. I'm allowed to skip on the weekend if a) I'm hungover or b) I'm out. Yesterday was day one, we'll all watch how determined I am this time.

We are all hyped for Sensation White tomorrow night. They are planning to go in white - a friend's fiancee has gone as far as buying a pair of new white trousers and new underwear. I'm with you brother, I'll be in white underwear but I've not decided on what to wear. Just how many white parties are there in these twenty-four months? First it was Armin White Party, then Godskitchen 10th anniversary white party, and Sensation White. I personally like wearing white to raves hence I've actually ran out of whites this time. I'll find something to wear tomorrow.

I've succeeded in getting Evonne to go Summadayze on new year's day too, woot! Wasn't hard to convince at all. We're planning to give ourselves a couple of hours break in between the two parties. Can't wait!

Something isn't right with my laptop. My screen blacks out after a few minutes but this only happens when I'm overseas. You think my baby isn't used to the heat and humidity? I was gonna send in to get it fixed but there's just no problem when I'm in Melbourne. So how am I gonna tell them that I've got a problem? It was just impossible for me to blog when I was overseas.

Anyway, I should go to bed and have an early start tomorrow. Happy 2009 people in case you don't hear from me tomorrow. I'll definitely be rocking it at the parties.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Boxing Day 08

Couldn't keep my eyes open by half past nine. Man, I really am sleep-deprived. Have I mentioned I was having too many drunk late nights in KL? Even my maids felt sorry for me (that's their exact words in bahasa, really). So I swore to myself that I'm gonna take it easy in Melbourne, good for my wallet, better for my liver and skin.

I was deeply asleep for about three hours before the sound of cars beeping woke me up. You know what was I thinking? I thought "damn... these people must be fighting their ways to the boxing day's sale". I know, what the...? Opened my eyes and it was (still) pitch black. Checked the time and it was only 1-ish. I was lying in bed, trying to put myself to sleep again but all I could think of was to get a Vuitton handbag. This is freaking abnormal yet pathetic I've to say.

With my little leftovers in the bank and upcoming holiday plans, I don't think I can afford any handbags, or any form of shopping to be precise. I've promised to go shopping with Violet tomorrow though, isn't that cruel for me?

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry X'mas 08

I did nothing on Christmas's eve or day and I'm very pleased. KL has totally worn me out, I ended up with a nasty cough and cold. So here I am, back in Melbourne, in my tiny little apartment, enjoying what seems to be impossible in KL - peace and quiet at home. Don't get me wrong, nothing's wrong with my family, we're just constantly busy at home - playing with Jae Ee, stuffing our faces with food, getting ready to go out, talk, talk and more talk. Or I'll be partying on a few consecutive nights until one of us surrendered.

Air Asia x was by far the worse flight I've taken, far out! The seats are so small, it's almost impossible for me. Well, I had three seats to myself and that usually allows me to sleep comfortably but Air Asia's are just crazy. It was frustrating and kinda traumatizing. I cannot bear to remind myself that I've another two trips with them.

It was good that I did a thorough clean up before I left so my apartment is pretty clean. I just have a lot of stuff lying around, like mails, suitcase, unwanted clothes and magazines. I'm in the mood for a spring summer clean this week, get rid of the old and comes the new. Where shall I start?

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I get attached to a place too easily

Alright, I sort of missed my flight on Saturday so I'm still hanging around in KL. Some said I cheated their feelings for making them came for my farewell last Wednesday; I say I love you guys too much I don't wanna leave.

Having friends around who love eating makes me fat. I'm like 4 months preggar now, very gross I must say. Then I've this list of restaurants that I 'have -to' visit before I leave and when I return next month. I really wanna come back earlier in January but I don't know if I should take the offer. I think I'm falling in love with KL all over again. A place that I've lived for 23 years before my heart betrayed her for Melbourne.

Thinking of boarding the plane makes me depressed again, but I know this feeling won't last for long when I'm back in Melbourne.

Monday, December 01, 2008

I left my soul in Bangkok

Bangkok was a blast, thanks to Silly Billy. We made it back a day before the airport closed down. Everyone around us says we're lucky; I secretly wished that I'm still in Bangkok. Dr Ben was one of the thousands "Thai refugees". He was stuck in Bangkok airport, hired a private car to take him to Phuket and fought his way to an air ticket to KL. Well done! He only had one night in KL and he sure had a good time.

So I haven't been blogging much in KL. I really have no time or energy. Returned from Bangkok on Monday and we've been partying for four nights straight. Reminded me of those days where we partied six nights a week. KL-ites just don't have to get up early for work, do they? Tonight is my liver's night-off. I've decided I should let it rest for AT LEAST a day in a week. I want to do a two-week liver detox when I return to Melbourne, we'll see.

Heading up north tomorrow for some char kway teow, prawn noodle and some sun. Great tactic to skip Velvet on Wednesday night.