Saturday, September 30, 2006


Checked out another place that was said to have also spent a good 3-million on its venue. Regardless of the actuality of the figure, Eve was indeed very lush. In preference to the mature crowd at Baroq, this renowned celebrity hangout joint's clientele, especially the girls, were mostly young, chic and good looking without a doubt. The notorious door butch had knocked back countless amount of Eve-enthusiasts since they opened their door in June for some reasons, one being under-dressed. Also, they are really picky with their crowd, so forget about wasting your time in the queue (for hours) if you're not under the guest list or can't be bothered to dress up.

We managed to all get in, thanks to Steve.

Anyways, the club was ultra-sexy with a Saturday Night Fever kinda dance floor - flashing lights that changes its colours and beautiful bars. Everyone in there went all out in terms of dressing, men in suits, shirts and designer's Ts; ladies in floaty frocks or at least, some gorgeous tops. I've also spotted a girl in full length evening gown (errrr???). Yes, it is another to-see-and-to-be-seen kinda place, however, I felt really comfortable in there as people weren't that pretentious, to my surprise.

My girls were definitely hot, sizzling hot! Violet in her new violet mini bubble dress; Keat in her new floral floaty b/w frock; Pat in her also new seductive boob-flattering black number; Evonne in her elegant sexy black dress; and myself in a colourful spring dress that will fit just right on the Cup Day. We had one hell of a good time, drinking, dancing, watching them smoke. Speaking of that, I thought their smoking room was incredibly intelligent, indoor yet outdoor, while sticking to the rules of no indoor smoking.

Then... one of my girlies got smashed, as in, totally smashed - hugging the toilet bowl can't stand up kinda smashed, got it? Not telling you who but make a guess, not hard *wink*

Like happened before, my mission of not drinking didn't happen. My cough and cold just stopped when I'm in the club, as opposed to now, where I've just chucked from my chronic coughing, fuck man.

Contrary to us saying that we were gonna be cam-whore last night, not many pictures were taken.

Friday, September 29, 2006


I'm sure many would find this disgusting but I've to share my painful experience with many. I finally had my long awaited period, well, when I said 'long', trust me, it was loooOOOoooOOOOooOOOg.

And the cramp was as well loooOOOOoooOOOoog. The massive cramp lasted for more than twelve hours. Needless to say, the pain was of course darn-fucking-PAIN! Being a non-believer of painkiller, I was awoken by the pain every 2-3 hours, made my way to the kitchen to heat up my rosemary-pillow and let it put me to sleep while easing my cramp. It was bad.

Now that I've got my long lost period back, I feel that the pain was all worthwhile.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Apa Macam?

Once upon a time, when we used to hang out at Nouvo, I had a clubbing buddy who went clubbing with me and got drunk with me pretty often. One night when we were out in a big group, a girl who (apparently is a Malay) was dancing just a few tables away from us caught his attention. Being him, the all-out-to-pick-up boy, walked up to the girl in buoyance, pretended* to be dancing next to her.

After a good few minutes, he chatted the girl up. He went
"Apa Macam?"

The girl turned, stared at him, and replied him in perfect ENGLISH
"What? What do you want?"

Bwahahaha... Classic!

He then came back to us who were laughing so terribly. Those were the days.

*he can't dance

Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Since I can't be truthful to my naturopath that I've been seeing for one-and-a-half-year, I thought I should go to someone I totally not know of who I can be honest with and get treated as it should be. Thus, I went to seek for professional help from a Chinese herbal therapist, who I found on the, to treat my flu that had been dragged on for three weeks now.

When I called and I got an appointment straight, I started to doubt about the place. Look, in Melbourne, unless you got crashed by a truck or anything along those lines where you need immediate attention, otherwise it takes you forever to get your slot to see a doctor (dodgy ones are exceptional). Simple example, when I needed a gynaecology check-up in August, I had to call more than ten different practitioners to allocate the soonest one, believe it or not, some even scheduled me to the end of the year *rolled eyes* We seriously need more medical professionals in Australia.

Another time, when I first came to Melbourne and I fell sick. I needed a naturopath or homoeopath. Called several places but they can only see me the week after, damn... if I can wait till the next week, I probably would have recovered myself. My boyfriend then kidnapped me to see some dodgy western doctor at Footscray, ggrrrr...

Back to the Chinese herbal therapist.

I thought Dr Xiao looked a little sleazy when I first saw him. As usual, I filled in my details, he spoke to me a bit, told me he worked in Malaysia before and asked some personal questions about myself. In my heart I was thinking - Damn, you better stop asking about me or I'll think that you're trying to pick me up, and he did stop, thank god.

One thing lead to another, the next thing I know, I agreed on getting an acupuncture (for the first time in my life, geeez...). Well, I'm not afraid of needles for sure but having some needles poking into my skin and allowing them to sit on all over my body is a totally different story, if you ask me.

It didn't hurt much and I took it quite well indeed (at least Dr Xiao was impressed by me *wink*). He was impressed by me speaking almost perfect Mandarin (he said not I said okay!); he was impressed by my knowledge about Chinese herbs and ways of healing; he was impressed by my tolerance in pain when he gave me Tui Na (traditional Chinese remedial massage); he was impressed by me, having acupuncture for the first time, took it so calmly. To tell you the truth, my heart was actually pounding in total fear, darn!

After he was done with my back, he asked me to turn over to face the ceiling.

In Mandarin...
"Do you feel any differences?"
"Er... what differences?"
"How d'you feel now?"
"I'm feeling very SCARED!!!"

He laughed and then started to poke me with needle on my face.

Amazingly, I felt better once I got off the bed, regardless of whether the needles were performing their magic or it was just my mind over body. Who cares? I don't as long as I don't feel like I'm dying anytime soon.

I then came to understand that he has been practising in Melbourne for a good ten years already. I also took a quick peep at his appointment book, boy, it was full. Phew... silly me. I judged him too quickly. I suppose if he ain't good, he won't survive in the industry for so many years, would he?
As for now, fingers crossed, I'll be fully recovered with the herbal powder he gave me before the weekend approaches.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Con Artist

After reading t0othfairie's blog about the thief - Emily Cheah - I'm inspired to share with all of you out there, the story of the con artist - Ms. Phung Siew May.

Before I start, everyone please put your hands together for the very well-written piece of entry of t0othfairie, totally awesome. I can so imagine how she felt about the psycho-thief-ms-Cheah as I've also came across some unfavourable psycho behaviour of hers. Atrocious!

Back to the con artist.

She was an acquaintance-turn-clubbing friend of mine since back in KL, who I don't feel anything for, as in, I neither like nor hate her. After knowing that I was going to Melbourne to pursue my studies, she offered me a room in her apartment for a semester before I could decide where to stay for good. That's how we became close friend - we lived together, played together, shared secrets, shared food. To be fair, I had some very good time living with her.

Then... my things started to bizarrely went missing. It did NOT even cross my mind that it was her, I trusted her, because she was my friend, my then closest friend in Melbourne, my housemate. Whenever I told her I've got something that went missing, she'll say something like "aiyah, you'll find it one day, you're just blur la, always so blur". Fine.

You know us girls, regardless of how much clothes you have, how much make up you have, you know, you just know what you have. As Steph said, she had underestimated me. In fact, she did. I may behave like a bimbo most of the time, but that doesn't mean I've got a brain like that dumb con artist. Never mind.

After I've moved out from her place to live alone in another safer place (at least there's no thief), I was very sure that my clothes and make up had went missing. When one has to pack and unpack every freaking thing by oneself while moving, you will know what went missing, no more excuses for those missing items. Still, I did NOT suspect her, that's how stupid I can be?

Two months after I've been living blissfully alone in my new pad, she told me there's an unpaid gas and electricity bill that she had received, that my share was AUD600. I trusted her but I requested a copy of the bill to show to my parents while I transferred the money in to her account. Coming from an average family, AUD600 may not be a lot to others but it's quite a lot for me. After losing count on the amount of times I requested for my bill, she presented me a forged copy with terribly hopeless photoshop skill.

To cut a long story short - I had verified with the property agent that gas and electricity are paid by the landlord. Get the picture? That dumb bitch had taken me for granted. Look, because she was my friend and I trusted her so much, I gave her money easily - phone bills, water bills, groceries bills - I never had once requested to look at the bill, thinking that she's my friend, she won't cheat. Boy, I was so wrong. She thought this would be like anytime before where I will just pay her the bucks, thinking that my dad prints money as his full time job. She wasn't only cheating my money and my trust, she was indirectly cheating on my parents.

My mum treated her like her own daughter. She had always been invited to all the fancy dinners and outings whenever my mum was down for holidays. Not to mentioned the cleaning and cooking that my mum did for us. And that was how she said thank you to my mummy?

The best part was that not only she did not want to admit to her not-so-well-planned fraud, she turned around and accused me for not trusting her. Oh god, please help me, explain to me what was this woman thinking when she said those words? So fucking shameless. Apparently, I'm the one who are at fault as I DIDN'T TRUST HER and I WENT CHECKING ON HER BEHIND HER BACK, AND I RUINED THE FRIENDSHIP *palm hits forehead*

All I did was to say to her, in an extraordinarily calm voice: that's because you betrayed my trust. If I didn't trust you, I won't pay you whenever you want money; if I didn't trust you, I wouldn't have let you use my car when I'm not around; if I didn't treasure our then friendship, I would've reported to the police and the agent, and ruin your privilege of applying your residency and get your (smelly arse) kicked out of the country.

Excuse me for being bitter of what happened, it was a mockery! I felt betrayed. I treated her so well, like my sister. I was at first very upset and disappointed with her but I know she does not deserve any of my feelings for her, soon enough.

Then the mystery of my missing clothes and make up had finally unearthed. I'm not accusing her, okay? There were only the two of us living in that freaking apartment, we did not like visitors. The only ones we welcomed were our boyfriends. I refuse to think that our then boyfriends had stolen my clothes and make up. If there's anyone who had broken in to our apartment, why am I still typing with my Powerbook now? So who else would've done it? You tell me if you disagree with me.

Of course, she returned the money to me, after being threatened by me of reporting her to the agent or police. Again, why would she return the money if she was, like she acted to be, so confident that she did not do it. Honestly, if I'm being accused, I'll do every fucking thing on earth, till my last breath, to prove that I am innocent. She didn't. I was telling her, if she was innocent, let's go to the agent and make things clear, I'd apologize if I had accused her by mistake, in my nicest tone. She refused to.

Well, these are now water under the bridge. My point of sharing this incident was to alert all the innocent ones around to beware of this con artist, if you see her, turn your back and walk away. I believe being part of the community, I've got the responsibility to contribute my effort to help prevent crime in the society. Sadly, this con artist is now living in Melbourne, contributing to the pollution to our beautiful city.

She, the smarty pants who thinks that she can get away with any thing, who lives in her own fantasy world thinking that she's the prettiest, is a pathetic person with no friends. As far as I know, as told by herself, all her friends left her cause they accused her of some sort of things. How silly can I be? Very, to the extend of believing her, then. After my own experience, I believe her that yes, everyone had left her, not because of accusing her but after seeing her true (fucking ugly) colours.

By the way, this crazy dumb bitch gets violent when she gets drunk, no joke. Ask around and you'll know how violent she gets. Phew... all the fighting with boyfriends when she's drunk. Good that she has stopped drinking, at least, for the first time in her life, she knows what's good to not do.

This dumb bitch is too dumb to mess with me. And I sincerely wish that she enjoys wearing my clothes and make up, which may give her some severe rashes some day.

Yes, I am poisonous.

Special thanks to Eleana for the picture, good job! Truly a piece of artwork.

p.s. call it coincidental - Emily Cheah and Phung Siew May hated each other with all their hearts. Well, I guess they can just smell their own sin from far, can't they?

Monday, September 25, 2006


I'm totally pissed of with this so-called friend of mine, who I suspect his mind is totally fucked due to the over consumption of party drugs throughout his pathetically short span of partying years.

Text from him:
Call me back Lynn. See if you want to party with me tomorrow. Thanks.

I replied:
XXL right? No, thanks. ;) I'm on budget *loser, I didn't even go out on Sat night.

Just come out with me la. I god damn mother fucking sick of you turning me down all the fucking time. Let's just party and have fun, it's uni break...

Not everyone fucking like clubbing like you fucking do. It makes me unwilling to go out more when you give me this fucking attitude. And not everyone has got unlimited amount of money to spend like yourself. I'm your friend not your dog so stop yelling at me!


note: * name has been changed.

Before I even typed the conversation out, he called to apologize. I'm no more angry. That's how quick I can forgive my friends, only if they admit to their own fucking fault. Unlike some ex-housemate of mine, a.k.a. con artist who until today, living in her fantasy world thinking that the entire world is as dumb as her, that she can get away with her lies *puke* Not to forget her unwillingness to admit her own mistakes while turning around attempting to put all blames on others, in numerous unwisely ways, and of course unsuccessfully.

Vue De Monde

Jess, Mil and myself are suffering from post-VDM syndrome en masse. Everything we put in to our mouth just doesn't taste good enough after our gastronomical exploration to the sacred Vue De Monde. Who would want to have Cadbury when they've just had Godiva? We need a few more days to recover from this food-fussy condition, not to mention the as big as more than one-and-a-half weeks' rent hole in my pocket - all in the name of good-food quest.

VDM has taken me to the next level in my dining experience, offering the finest in food and service. Food was prepared with flair, finesse and personalized attention. I wasn't too amazed by the first couple of courses that I had but things just got better through out my eleven courses of the gastronomes menu. It had totally swept me off my feet.

Foie gras tartlets were my favourite, with the mouth-watering sour apple skin to finish with, next to the apple puree (excuse me with my poor lexicon of food names). Actually, I claimed them to be my favourite after almost every other plates were finished. Even the blood orange lollipop covered with lemon jelly (which was to clean my tongue, of course) was my favourite. There's only a few that I didn't really "love it" but they were still very well done.

Then, *gasp* I've had the best souffle, ever, in my life, ever. By the ninth course, which was the last savoury course, I was already stuffed. After my cheese, I can hardly eat. Then the souffle was presented, it was too good to resist despite my difficulties in breathing. Before I've enough time to gather my thoughts, the mind-blowing Valrhona chocolate roll filled with smoked chocolate and rolled in puff pastry ‘cigar’ leaves was there giving me another quasi-orgasmic experience.

Other than what I've mentioned, my other favourites are the duck dish and the marron. Don't ask me the name of the dishes - too Frenchy too long too many jargons, bleh... All I know is the spontaneity of each perfectly blended in taste and texture courses had left me in zest, while longing for another awe-inspiring dish to take my breath away. Like I've been repeating myself throughout the five-hour dinner

I wish this will never end...

The service was impeccable without the uncomfortable formality. Very observant and friendly waitresses, not to forget the resourceful sommelier. Ever heard of the term "invisible waiter(ess)"? That's how they are at VDM - you know they are there providing you the best services yet you don't feel their existence to allow you to relax and enjoy the journey to the best (so far).

VDM is in fact an institution for any diners who are serious about food. Only disatisfaction I have - proximity of the tables. I don't like to hear and to be heard, of others and our conversation. Minus that, I was totally in love with our table - watching Mr Bennett and his fellow chef performing their magic on our food in the semi-open kitchen, right at my eye level.

Expensive? Yes. Worth the money? Every single cent! I know many around would roll their eyes upon hearing the amount one spent on food but trust me - that was totally worth it, no buts.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Baroq House

Melbourne Forecast
Issued at 4:25 pm EST on Sunday 24 September 2006

Warning Summary
A severe weather warning for locally damaging winds is current.

Forecast for Sunday evening
A few showers with local hail and strong west to southwesterly wind. Snow
flurries possible on the nearby hills.

Precis: A few showers. Windy.

This afternoon was f*cking windy and gloomy with a couple of sunny break through out the day. It'll be my perfect day minus the sun. I love it gloomy, cold and depressing. To make things better, play some sappy slit-your-wrist sentimental love songs on your stereo - purrrrfect!

I opted to come home as soon as I've done with some quick shopping to replenish my torn leggings and stockings over the winter, also some accessories for spring, as I'm currently hooked to this Taiwanese drama that Diana made me watch. Told you (Deisy) I am a closet Ah Lian but no one believes me. I'm not sure about the name of the drama in English but it's just some kiddo drama that talks about love between some uni students but trust me, it's good!


Attended Baroq's soft opening night on Thursday, a week before their grand opening. Rumours has it that they had spent three million on its renovation and interior design *tongue out* To be honest, I thought the grandiose sweep of the arches behind the main bar was too much for my liking; perhaps the flashy quasi-vintage flora chandelier needs a higher ceiling; and the snobbish hostesses can be quite hot, only if they smile.

It's one of those bars where you want to see and to be seen, however, with the oddly partitioned rooms all over the place, I think I'd have a difficult time just to locate my chums after getting intoxicated, let alone to watch others. Not to forget the narrow 'secretive' dim-lit stairway (that leads you to the dance floor and another two rooms) which you can trip and fall even without the influence of substances. The place was like a maze.

Credit to the bottomless reds, whites and bubblies that are served in proper sparkling huge wine glasses/flutes, wasn't the best but it was tolerable taking in to consideration that they were free. Two smashed women getting their Tarot cards read by some ugly fat old man was what happened after the free-flows. Another plus was the crowd - besides a few erm... not too good looking ones, the place was filled with eye-candies of my flavour *slurp* Will have to visit on another night to check out their cocktails and to verify if the crowd is keeping to their standard. Especially liked the lofty monumental tree-hands couple who are in their spooning position at the entrance (view from the website).

Three severely-intoxicated women went to The Meat and Wine Company for some serious meat fare with South African influence and more wine, of course. I can't comment much on their food due to the influence of alcohol. However, I can vaguely remember that my petit-fillet with creamy mushroom sauce was scrumptious. Keat's skewers reminded us of Brazilian grill. The food shouldn't be too bad when everyone finishes their own food.

Shite... I need to get my dose of Taiwanese drama before I can talk about my dinner at Vue De Monde.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Bad Badtz Maru

Was loafing around in my bed and so I called June just to kill some boredom bugs and for some gossips, and it leads to another dumb conversation with hilarious remarks.

JC: I used to collect all Badtz Maru's stuff.
LL: Me too.
JC: I still have them, when I get back to KL I take pictures and show you okay?
LL: I'll do that too when I go back. I've got heaps of them, I've got a special cabinet to keep them.


JC: Actually, what is Maru?
LL: He's a penguin.
JC: (Almost yelling over the phone)Oh shit, that is so wrong! A penguin going out with a seal!
LL: Bwahahahaha... your reaction is so funny, I'm gonna blog it.
JC: But it's true, a penguin with a seal, that's so wrong.
LL: Yeah... what kind of kids are they gonna have?


That's exactly what two wacky full-grown adults talk about on a lazy Friday afternoon.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Hello Kitty

Evonne called me on Monday when I was brooding of having to chain myself in the library staring at the readings which double as my lullaby. I thought she's the angel sent above to rescue me from boredom by asking me out for drinks but all she asked me was the most ludicrious question.

"Hello" (murmuring while trying to hide my cell under my hair)
"Lynn, are you sleeping?" (all excited)
"No, why?"
"I've got something to ask you"
"Is Hello Kitty male or female?"
"Female la!" (what the fuck???)
"Huh? Fuck, kidding me, how sure are you?"
"Since when Hello Kitty is a male?"
"Fuck, fuck... sure ah, sure female ah?"
"Yes!!! What makes you think Hello Kitty's a male?"
"Okay, thanks, bye..."
"Oh... Bye" (Stoned for 30 secconds)

Correct me if I'm wrong -

Hello Kitty is a female. Yes/No
Bad Badtz Maru is a male (I don't need anyone to tell me, I know!)
Pandaba is a female despite the obesity. Yes/No
Hana Maru is a ... ?

Sweet Medicine

I thought last night was colder than during winter, that's probably because I was sick.

Remember how I said I wanted to order deliveries and stay in? As I was flipping through my menu while deciding on what to have, my appetite came knocking on my door. Subsequently my secret code with Milyn crossed my mind.

"I thought of food and I thought of you"

We wanted to go to Verge but they can only give us a table at 9. Taking into consideration that my stomach was growling in resentment as I've not had a proper meal for more than 24 hours, I wanted to eat instantaneously. We ended up at Scarpetta where Ned is the owner as well as the (only) waiter. The place was cozy, Ned was affable and service was up to standard in spite of having only himself on the floor. I had fish which is quite rare, simply because I was still very much revolted by meat, especially chicken, of course. Antipasto doesn't count as meat in my lexicon because they were cured *snort*

Looking at Scarpetta's website reminds me of someone. He's one of the two owners of this bar that I used to frequent at City Square, namely Three Below, who apparently used to like me. Look, I'm not blowing my own horn here. As a matter of fact, he used to give me free boozes, specially made Martinis, played CDs that I wanted to listen to and asked me out. He was totally a gracious person to speak to, if you ask me. He would run to the back when he saw me getting up from my seat to the loo and have small chats with me.

Bang! One day, god knows what he's been up to or he had just gotten up on the wrong side of the bed, he just stopped talking to me, almost totally. All I remember was, there was an evening when I was a little tipsy from Cookie, I went over for more drinks with SP. As SP was in the washroom, and he came to clear the glasses, I can't recall what we've spoken about, I might have said something offensive (which I very much doubt so), but I remember him saying this to me

"Lynn, you've had too much to drink"

Until today, he refuses to speak to me except for the obligatory "Hi, how are you?". The inquisitiveness in me would really love to unearth the swift hostility but why should I be concerned? Duhhh...

Nonetheless, my initial point was about the website. He once handed me his name card and went "I'd love to take you out some time, give me a call?. There's a web address on the card, which takes me to no where but a stand alone page with only contact number and poor design.


*** *** ***

Back to food.
Wayne took me to San Churros, a Spanish chocolateria, that made me jumped and grinned in elation. Some strangers sitting on the next table told Wayne "your friend loves her chocolate, doesn't she?". Oh yes, I do, I do, I obviously do!

I was actually telling Milyn in the car that I've been craving for churros, before Wayne join us at the restaurant and suggested dessert after dinner. My strategy of no dessert on week nights has once again went on the blink, pffttt! Churros, chocolate tapas, Spanish traditional hot chocolate, luscious! As a result, my throat is f*cking sore right now. Having chocolates when you've just had fever the night before is exactly like adding salt to one's wound.

Then again, if I'm going to be sick, I'm going to be sick happy and contented.

Okay, time to get back to my essay *sick*

Sending car in for service at 8 tomorrow *so sick*

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Sick Again

I think I've mixed up the feeling of being sick and sleepy last night. I was actually sick, on top of feeling sleepy. F*cking hell, I've just recovered from my severe cold and flu, which made me blow my nose distastefully in public for more than a week, then I was down with fever last night. Why again? Why???

Worse, I can never lose weight when I'm sick, like how I usually did before. Why? Why???

I've been living on doughtnuts for the past 20 hours as I've totally lost my appetite on meat from my post chicken-shock-syndrome, and the box of KK is just so conveniently sitting on the table. I think I'll just order some deliveries for dinner tonight, can't be bothered going out or cooking something up.

That night at Coles, SP had helped me discovered some amazing product - stick on hook that you can remove easily without stain on the wall! Okay, I might sound like I've just came out from the jungle but I've never seen or heard of things as such.
It's really great cause according to the product description, it will not leave any stain on my wall when I remove them, great for people like me who is ever so fickle. They are quite pricey but that's okay, I grabbed three of them and excitedly stick them on and rearrange my junks necklaces once I got home. As a result, I've got a much more organized drawer and more rooms for my new accessories, I can buy more!!!
Before I forget, I've to mention how cool aunt Mary is as a mother of three. She was like a friend albeit being the mum of my very good friend. We spoke about almost everything over dinner and wine - from family gossips to relationshps, Johnny Depp to Richard Gere, working out to grooming, food to shopping. I like aunt Mary, and I was telling myself, one fine day when I'm a mother, I have to be like her, then my kids and their friends would probably like me too *grin*

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Hungry, Sleepy

I'm determined to conquer my fear and deal with whole chickens. I can't be bullied by some chickens when myself was born in the year of Rooster. I'm suppose to be the fierce and fearless one, so trust me, give me some time and I'll eventually be able to handle those gruesome headless whole chickens. When that happens, I'll attempt to make Hainanese Chicken Rice and invite my friends over for dinner, bite them hard, swallow them fast!

SP had helped me to clean and cut up the chicken, placed them in to storage boxes and put them in the freezer. I can't be cooking them this week, eeewww...

On a lighter note, Merv had bought me the wicked doughnuts a.k.a. Krispy Kreme and delivered them to my doorstep, all the way from Sydney albeit our city store will be opening their doors on this coming Tuesday at six in the morning. KK from friends with lots of love somehow taste better, sweetness...
With temptations sitting on my dining table, I will have to be very disciplined on myself as I've just started my first ever diet plan in my entire life. My diet plan is to stop taking supper!!! I had been indulging myself in all-I-can-eat and sleep-right-after-eating for the longest time and that was not right because my body is not intelligent enough to stay-slim-regardless-of-what. I've been sticking to my plan since last Thursday and I believe once I've gotten used to the supper-less habit, it'll make a difference to my shockingly inflated face and body.

I am hungry and sleepy in the library, waiting for a confused overage child to take me for dinner, who is now working out at the gym. Shite... can I just go home and sleep? Will he skin me alive if I do this to him again?

I'm also wondering, why do people take their babies/kids to the library? I've seen about four families doing that today, are they trying to make the kids smell the books so then when theygrow up they'll love books? Or has our State Library became the new tourist attraction?

I Have a Problem with Chicken

Yes, I do have a problem with chicken, a whole chicken. I'm shy to say but it's true - I've never touched a whole chicken in my life. Slightly more than four years ago, I was holidaying in Sydney for a month, staying at Jo's. I then attempted to make dinner for Jo and her then housemate, the pizza-faced-fattie-Kenneth a.k.a. denial queen. That was the first time I cooked a proper meal, besides instant food and eggs, and it was also my first time having contact with chicken breast meat. I teared, I was petrified.

To give you an idea how ridiculous I was, I got scared at the sight of raw beef fillet, Steph and Fern used to scare me with the raw meat in hand chasing after me while I yell in horror running away from them.

I was the bimbo-ish idiot, I admit.

Another incident of similar, also in Sydney - I was 'instructed' to make soup using pork ribs. I was again 'instructed' to clean the ribs before throwing them in to the pot. I was afraid of touching the bloody-looking ribs, so I came up with a brilliant idea - put all the ribs back in to the plastic bag, fill it with water, hold on tight to the neck of the bag, shake it hard and remove the water, repeat a couple of times. Jo was in hysterical laughter while I was in total horror, again I teared.

After much practices, especially now that I'm living in Melbourne, I've bravely overcome my fear for raw meat. Actually, I'm pretty good with them, proud to say, except for animal in their whole form. After our dinner, we went for another late night groceries shopping at Coles. Wanted to get some free range chicken drumstick to make soup but they were no where in sight, therefore, I opted a whole chicken (god knows what made me think I'll be able to handle it). Besides, it's also cheaper to get a whole chicken, naturally.
When I got home, I was very much prepared to chop the chicken into different parts before storing them, as advised by SP. I cut open the packaging, took the chicken out to rinse it, then... I freaked! I got really scared, the sight of a headless whole chicken in my hands was nauseating. Believe me, I was feeling really terrible, I quickly left the chicken on the chopping board, washed my hands and ran to the living room (which is not far from the chicken at all).
I panicked, I didn't know what to do, throw it away? No, it's freaking 17 bucks! Get it done and over with - just cut it? I can't get my hands on it. How? I walked back to the kitchen and saw the chicken and I felt weak, I know that was extremely stupid. I then grab my cell, ran to the balcony for some fresh air, and call SP for help. I teared while talking to her. It wasn't that I didn't try, I did, I just can't handle it, sigh... Finally, she agreed to come over to cut it up for me.


Sadly, I had to put the headless chicken in to a bowl and store it in the fridge before she comes over tomorrow to do the job, just imagine how clumsy I was with that chicken that made me went weak.
I was so terrified by the chicken, I can't even type well...

Monday, September 18, 2006


The answers are usually already in my heart, way before I knew it, regardless of how indecisive I seem to be and how I go on about being unable to make up my mind. I would've drag my lazy self out to buy my floral dress from Wayne Cooper with my discount voucher, which expires today, if I really love it that much. As June said, there are more choices out there at Myer *wink* therefore, I shall just raid Myer next week.

Now I'm in a love/hate relationship with June, after she unintentionally (well, I requested it) took me to Green with Envy on Bridge Road for dress shopping. I love her because the dresses there are so pretty and she's fun to burn a hole in my pocket with; I hate her because she didn't take me there earlier; I love GwE cause they stock a wide selection of Aussie designers under one roof; I hate because GwE made me spent $$!

Last week was a good week for my wardrobe - a full length green evening dress from Wayne Cooper, a pair of Ah Lian silver ballerina flats from Zomp Shoez that I thought was cute, a yellow spring-is-here floral dress by lili, a discounted transparent silk blouse by Moss & Spy. In the coming few weeks, I need more dresses for the races, the weddings and to curb my shopaholic withdrawal symptoms.

Besides shopping, I have had some good, as well as bad, gastronomical experiences over the weekend too. Dinner with aunt Mary at Pure South was fantastic. Menu was created using the freshest Tasmanian produce, that's where they got their name from by the way. Steak was awesomely juicy and tender, exactly what I wanted and the oceon trout that aunt Mary had was even better, cooked just so well yet subtle enough to not mask the freshness of it, impeccable.

Bento box at Meshiya had never tasted so good when I was sober. They've always been good but I thought it was the best bento box I've ever had, when I was pissed. Speaking of that, I was totally smashed from 9pm - 1am on Friday, don't ask me why or how, I don't know! Guess one of the girls must've spiked my drinks, however, I managed to behave myself during dinner, unlike Violet, who made so much noise, tsk tsk tsk... scared the shit out of the waitresses. Pat caught me and Keat semi-passed out in the car behind the lens, shite... but of course, I'm not showing anyone here.

Despite the good reviews by the gourmet experts and the pristine and chic interior of the Bluestone, the food was a big disappointment, not to mentioned the less than polite services we got from the young waitress. We were left unattended most of the evening, not to mentioned how we were 'treated' as some primary students where the so-called teacher rudely wanted to make sure her students were comprehending her briefing on the specials of the day. Oh, not to forget Milyn had to learn to say "puh-leezz" from scratch. Maybe they should name the place Bluestone Primary instead and hire someone with a titsy bit of experience to first teach the chef on the differences between medium-rare/medium/well done.

Then, something great happened to me, thanks to June and Desmond. They took me to yam cha at New Royal Garden in Syndal on Sunday, and I had the best dim sum till date. Trust me, when I say they are the best, I mean they are the best. They are not only generous in size, at the same time they also have satisfied those never-get-enough people, like myself, with a wide varieties. Yums... I want to go back for more, maybe tomorrow! That yam cha lunch had left me on a natural high for the whole f*cking day, think Desmond can't stand my non-stop bullet-like babbling no more, therefore, I was kind enough to give him a break by kidnapping June to go shopping with me! How sweet of me, haha...

Last but not least, Montemuzo's on Bridge Road, serves great Mexican fare (like I know very much about Mexican, bleh...). But Desmond the new food expert that I've found, who can tell me the differences between burritos and enchiladas from fajitas said it was good! And I thought it was delicious. The Sangria is worth mentioning here, very good and affordable.

Tonight is homemade hotpot night at Jessie's! I've more to blog about when I come home. Here's a picture to add some colour to this long word-y blog.

Don't judge a book by its cover, I looked fine but I wasn't. These are the crazy crew who rocked Lavish on Friday.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Stubborn Bull

I'm a Lamborghini Murcielago!

You're not subtle, but you don't want to be. Fast, loud, and dramatic, you want people to notice you, and then get out of the way. In a world full of sheep, you're a raging bull.

Take the Which Sports Car Are You? quiz.

That was quite true. What else can I be if not a bull? I'm such a typical Taurean if you haven't already know. Not to forget my raging mood swings.

Was chit-chatting with the beautician while getting my Brazilian waxing, we were discussing about working out. Bla, bla, bla... then I went, "I don't work out at all, the only time that I do my stretching is now." We both laughed, she thought I was funny, it wasn't funny, I'm pathetic, I need to exercise!

I'm going out, taking aunt Mary out for dinner.

Now it's My Dating Strength

I know I'm a dumb-ass who does too many quizzes. Last one for the day, going to bed. GIRLies, do the test and let me know your results!

Dating StrengthsDating Weaknesses
1. Sense of Humor - 85.7%
2. Appearance - 75%
3. Varied Interests - 71.4%
4. Confidence - 66.7%
5. Adventurousness - 66.7%
1. Selfishness - 81.8%
2. Vanity - 66.7%
3. Financial Issues - 54.5%

Dating Strengths Explained
Sense of Humor - Guys are attracted to people with a good sense of humor. Be sure to put yours on display!
Appearance - Despite what some will say, appearance matters in dating. You get high marks on appearance. Just make sure you balance it out with other qualities.
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Confidence - You are sure of yourself and confident of your abilities. Displays of confidence go a long way when attracting a date.
Adventurousness - You are willing to try new things and be spontaneous. You want to get out there and really live, and you will attract people with a similar love of life.

Dating Weaknesses Explained
Selfishness - You think too much of yourself and your needs. You must learn to put your partner first and tend to his needs.
Vanity - Learn to put a lower priority on looks. Appearance is, of course, important, but vanity is undesireable. The only people you will attract are the superficial.
Financial Issues - Your financial situation is not in good shape, and this does not bode well for you on the dating scene. Try to get on top of your financial difficulties.

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This is the Kind of Girl I am, So They Say...

My score on The What Kind of Girl are You Test:


The Liberal Beauty
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"You're beautiful, you have a great personality, and youre highly sexual. You're a liberal with your views and you don't put morals before everything. You're probably a great wife or girlfriend, and you know how to make sure that the ones you love are happy. You're probably fun in a conversation and I'm sure that you are as loveable as you are beautiful.


Take it!
The What Kind of Girl are You Test

Happy Fool

I've learned two new abbreviations this evening -
D&M: Deep and Meaningful
BAV: Born Again Virgin

I assume half of the entire world would've heard about these terms, except for Kitty and myself. I am still wondering what will happen if one day, someone drives the both of us to, erm... say Knox Shopping Centre, gives us the car keys and leaves us. Can we find the car? Can we find our way to the car park?

I've got the new version of iTunes, it's pretty cool. I've also (finally) learned to send MMS to emails, it was so fun. I can now bombard my friends' emails with my picture (talking about narcissism) or anything silly every now and then, can't be bothered how Optus charges. I'm switching to Vodafone soon anyways, and get a new K800i that I've always wanted, but I'm just too lazy.

Reading someone's old blog has unexplainably stirred up some long forgotten unpleasant emotions in me. I can still recall some promises that were broken. How I was freaking out upon hearing the term 'relationship'. The late nights supper and DVDs. The so-called working on our assignments. The play hard, play harder then study smart. Then it was what I didn't do that sets us free.

Can't be sure if I had made the right decision, but I didn't see 'that' coming our way then. Sometimes it's better to let it go this way, and I shouldn't look back, as there shouldn't be any regret. I may be a confused child who don't know what I want, but I definitely know what I do not want. I may be a fool, a fool who is happy now.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

What Does "Kandar" Mean?

Two Malaysians and a Singaporean went hunting for dinner at Boxhill. Our initial plan was to have roasties at Hills BBQ, however, one of the brilliant Malaysian, me,brought the idea of Kayu Nasi Kandar up. So, I called June for directions and we went. We paid a good 52 bucks for dinner, that is almost RM150. Not expensive for dinner but I found it quite amusing as I don't eat that much of these back in KL yet I am paying this price here. Food wasn't that great either, nothing compared to KL's but the friendly waiters and the familiarity of the entire atmosphere had made my visit all worth. Don't foresee any return visit unless I've craving for nasi kandar, which is very unlikely. Besides, I believe I should check out Biryani House on King's the next time I feel like indulging in these unhealthy meals, well, I believe everything in moderation is fine.

Bumped in to Marco, who was there to get his take-away.

M: what are you doing here?
L: what d'you mean?

M: why are you in Boxhill?
L: what kind of question is this? why are you here then? (in my heart: can't you see what I am doing? or do I look like I'm picking oranges here?)
M: you live in xxx right? why d'you come all the way here?
L: huh??? You are still living in my next building right? Why can't I come here when you can?
M: hm... I send my cousin here so...
L: I drove myself and my friends here, to eat...
M: you're a funny girl, all the way here for dinner
L: hihi... (in my heart: not as funny as your funny questions)

What else can I say? *scratch head, hard*

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Growing Old Virtually

I was just wondering, how would my blog be in ten years' time? How would my Friendster site be when I'm 45? What about my Multiply when I'm 55? They are still going to be around, right? And shall I remove my old pictures, which are the current ones now, and just put up the 45-year-old looking pictures? Are my kids going to use these services as well? Are they going to be on my friends list? And my kids' classmates. I wonder...

Was reading through my own testimonials on Friendster, made me smiled. It never fails to brighten up my day whenever I read them, my friends do know me indeed. All the good things that they wrote about me, makes me feel real good about myself, especially when you need some esteem-boost.

Feeling a little lethargic.
Missy Higgins's songs are great.
No more pies in the fridge.
Mexican tonight anyone?
Or stay home to work on my assignments, which are long overdue.


Found something that keeps myself entertained at this hour. Sigh... my time's all screwed, it's either having a 13-hour deep sleep or an 18-hour of eyes wide open. But this new virtual playground I found is quite entertaining -

I hate Joey Yung!

Joey Yung would be the last person I think of, I'm not happy!!!

Who would have guessed the results to be Sammi Cheng. People who knows me knows that I despise this woman, can't stand her, too pretentious. Would I eventually look like the ticket collector if I keep disliking her? Maybe should update their picture library, I'm pretty sure I do not look like Ms Cheng and Ms Yung in anyways.

I'm finally feeling sleepy.

Monday, September 11, 2006

SPF - Spring, Pies, Flowers

Would love to blog, at least part of it, about what happened to June's dress shopping on Sunday after reading hers. Well, I pulled out almost at the last hours in the morning - I was having a temperature in the morning - only if I can tell whether it was from the virus or the anger, pfftt... Therefore, Des went shopping with June and... errr...


...I can't fall back to sleep after speaking to June, nose was totally congested, which was good, because I ended up on Mt. Dandenongs, again, but this time we went to Pie in the Sky instead. Being a pie lover, I have had the most delicious pies I've ever had so far, the fillings itself was as good as a dish alone. Managed to replenish my herbal teas from the funky tea shop as well as a groovy RED teapot that yells Lynn, before returning to Miss Marples for scones and tea. Then, the most exciting thing of the day happened: I've got heaps of flowers, for merely AUD3.50! It makes me feel like an idiot for spending 22 - 28 bucks each fortnight on my oriental lilies from the city. Only if I've more vases at home...

I was once again feeling terribly sick when I was on the mountains, despite the healthy looking pictures. They were right, I need to keep myself warm in order to recover, which at the same time explains why I was perfectly fine in the clubs (oh so warm).

Dinner with Keat at Termini was good, two sick people with sexy voices feeding each other with gossips and updates over some decent food and a bottle of white on a quiet Monday St. Kilda. Having good friends around me never fails to grab the unimportant crazy agenda off my mind, always.

Bumped in to someone on the street on the way home, believe it or not, I could actually felt that I'm gonna bump in to him since I got up this morning. Didn't expect it to be out of the Arkley though, when I was least expecting. C'est la vie.

Now that the Malaysian has left for Vietnam/KL and the Swiss is leaving to Argentina, I shall catch up with some old (and new) friends this week, maybe the Chilean and the Norwegian. Not to forget my very special visitor - mum of a good friend who'd be down this weekend.

A montage of pictures speaks a million words...

Digged My Own Grave

There's only one person to blame on my deterioting health condition - MYSELF - I digged my own grave, without regrets. But, I've many other people to use as my excuse - Eudora & Angie from Sydney for the weekend; Pat who only gives 'wise' advices after 5 bottles of wine; down the drain Violet; and the familiar faces at Lavish.

I've given myself one of the biggest challenges on Friday - spicy Thai food when I was already possessing a man's voice that was not-sexy-at-all, not to mentioned the congested yet runny nose and those ears so deaf I needed people to yell at me literally. My promise to myself of not touching any form of alcohol was broken upon seeing the big brothers at Lavish, despite being able to stick to the bottled water at Longroom. Since I've already broken my promise, I thought it wouldn't make a difference if I stopped then and to politely downed the free vodka shots from the bar *grin*

then... I saw the bitch

The "intellectual" five-bottles-of-wine scrumptious dinner with the two crazy women, which lasted for a good five hours was wonderful. That lead to the failure of a not-so-bright door bitch (or shall I call her the tickets collector?) who intentionally wanted to reject our entry to the club. Well, all I can say is - do your research before attempting to step on my ultra-sensitve tail. I may be no one but my girlies are someone, someone that you've way under estimated. Shame on myself for even thinking of saying 'hi' to you at the beginning, thanks for trying to mess with me in order for me to save the effort.

*** *** ***

I like chicken schnitzel with melted cheese topped with spring onion, ate with fork and knife!

Friday, September 08, 2006

Sick like a Dog

I've saved nine bucks from two units of faulty parking machines, hooray!!!

Dear Lord, may all the parking machines in Melbourne, oopps... I shall not be greedy. Hmm... may all the parking machines in the city be faulty, whenever I need to park on the street

I've got a huge blister the size of a two dollars coin, f*cking hell, from my new Lopez. How am I gonna go out tomorrow? I was just thinking of getting my pedicure tomorrow but with the hole on my foot, I can just forget about it. Maybe I should just go to Scanlan & Theodore sales, get some retail therapy, which may help in my flu recovery. Sigh... I'm terribly sick, yet I was out drinking for three nights straight, I (we I mean) am beyond repair, hopeless.

Worse, I was lying to my naturopath today, I'm feeling a little guilty. She was telling me I looked really ill, she had never seen me in this state for these past 1.5 years. In my heart, I was thinking, of course... I got home at 3-ish, slept at about 4, got up before 9 this morning.

She went...
"you need a lot of rest"
"shouldn't go for class, sleep more, that's the best way to heal"
"these (giving me the list) are what you should eat and what to avoid, most importantly, no coffee and alcohol"
"please rest right after you get home"
"have you been resting enough?"
"have you been avoiding alcohol while you're sick?"

I said a big YES to the last two questions, I lied, it's bad I know. I went home to shower and headed out straight after seeing her. I haven't been resting enough, I've been out, too much. I'll be good tonight, I shall get my 12 hours recuperating sleep tonight.

Talking about sleep, the pure lavendar oil that I drop on my pillows are doing wonders. I've been having really good deep sleep compared to before when I had problem sleeping soundly. Another great change of myself - I don't do my dishes anymore, I leave it to my dishwashwer, which I used to think that it was a waste of energy and water, plus it's not neccessary as I don't use a lot for one person. These days, however, I'll just chuck everything in till it's full (usually takes more than a day) and switch it on, how convenient is that? I know I'm lazy, who isn't? At the end of the day, the dishwasher is there for a reason, right?

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Connoisseur in Progress

Would love to share this with you guys, especially those who enjoys good food as much as I do, who lives in Australia. Came across this last week, really glad that I'm finally making my visit to Vue De Monde in 3 weeks' time (after much arguments on the date and time with the extremely indecisive person).

Poor Flower Drum, I still think your food is great, although many around me who can't agree with me. Well, I'll have to say that I was lucky to have a friend who ordered all the 'right' dishes that suited my taste. The article also explains the reason behind the poor quality of food at Radii.

Anyways, I had a great evening at Di's fashion exhibition - free flow of bubbly, as well as wine and beer, yummilicious finger food (I've had the best prawns ever), very generous Guess goodie bag, and of course, my friend who I'm really proud of.

Caught up with Phuong after my dinner, she looked really well, she was glowing. Wonder if that's the going-to-get-married-glow?? I suppose. It was great seeing her again, and we're going to ski together next season (finally found another beginner to join me). For the first time, I realized that Melbourne city is quite busy on a drizzling Tuesday night, although everyone gathers in the same bar.

I'm falling sick, again. Shouldn't be making myself soup today. I was once told that I shouldn't have 'good' (nutritious I mean) food when you're sick as I'm actually feeding the bacteria/virus with the nutrients, which is why people have congee/bread/plain macaroni when they are sick. I've no idea how true is that, but that advice will always be remembered. And I had apple and red dates chicken soup today, it was so delicious that I can down the whole pot. Thanks to Pat, who taught me about this soup.

I'm going to bed now, to chase for more dreams tonight - been having a lot of fascinating dreams lately. Oyasumi Nasai!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Is That All?

I am worth $1,134,000 on

I'm not satisfied with the price!!! Apparently having big feet reduces my value, what?

Scones that Sucks

I was all enthusiastic upon seeing the "looks really easy" recipe of Garlic and Cheese Scones somewhere a couple of days before. Therefore I bought what was needed except for the baking paper and board, put my never ending assignments aside and hid in the kitchen.

Sigh... I made scones that doesn't look like scones in any way. I tasted it and I felt like chucking, it tasted awful. I'm just gonna throw them away when it's not too hot for me to touch. Ewww... what a shame.

Had a pajamas day today - hiding at home in pajamas, watching tv, go online, pretending to be working on my assignment, making and drinking hearty vegetable soup and of course, that awful scones.

I've finally gave in to my withdrawal symptoms from shopping - I bought a pair of discounted Pura Lopez yesterday, well, at least I didn't buy anything full price. I deliberately went shopping only 20-mins before the shops shut, good strategy. And since I had time to kill before dinner, I went for a massage. The place was good but not good enough for me, will have to try out a new place next week at Prahran.

He is a woman

I did not expect W to be so upset about the surprise dinner. The whole best-friend-turns-enemy saga was a little too much for everyone to handle on a relaxing rainy Sunday evening. I apologize(d), they apologize(d), but he still acted like a woman, well, theoretically he is one. Can't be bothered, the sun still shines and all we can do is not to have surprises/jokes in the future but apparently he was very uncomfortable and was having the mixed feelings of awful + upset + disappointed + shock, that lasted till today.

Enough of that questionings and apologies 24 hours later. I'm a woman but I don't see a reason to be building up "mixed feelings" towards you. In fact, I've other better things to do in a day, like talking to other happy people. I wasn't upset (like you do), therefore, I need no apologies or explanations. Thank you.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Past's the Past

I finally have washed my car, without drying, I've no energy for that. As everyone knows, I've always been going to the Watershed hand wash place, however, tonight I've been to that "coins place"....

Regardless of what had happened, we're still good friends, I suppose. I see myself in him, honestly. If I'm to be a guy, he is me (thank god I'm such a girlie-girl). The both of us behave so badly, so so badly... that I see myself in him, and vice versa. We could be the long lost siblings, the "way too naughty ones".

Good times are history,
fun times will be in our memories,
companionship is no more wanted,
but I've done what is needed.

Now that I've put my past in the past, that I've learned to walk in to the future...

Where are thou, my Romeo?