Tuesday, April 21, 2009

just because I say it...

Why me and my friends are bitches and others are angels? Because we are less pretentious than the so-called Angels around us. Honesty isn't our middle name but at least we speak our minds and are responsible for our own actions.

I'm sure you've one of those friends, who cannot take negative comments from you, or rather information that isn't soothing to their ears. Ironically, they claim that I am the stubborn one who don't listen to others and have my skewed opinion. Seriously, whose opinion isn't skewed? Isn't how personal opinion is supposed to be? Viewing from your own perspective?

Anyway, I'm a bitch just because I share my opinions out loud. Apparently I've an evil heart just because I commented on how another person looked. Oh well, I'm the bitch if you truly believe I'm the only person talking about it. I'm sure you don't have the slightest idea your angel(s) has rotten mouth too.

So I'm a bitch by slutting around in clubs getting free drinks and your angel(s) doesn't do it. Like a good friend once said it... Everyone thinks Lynn is spoiled, that Lynn always expects others to wine her and dine her because she says it out loud and admits it. True! Very true, I do speak about things like that among friends but have I ever taken any advantage of my friends? My true friends would know. She was saying because by admitting my action makes me a greedy bitch and others are acceptable because they don't admit it. Do you rather me to be the greedy bitch at heart and pretend to be the angel on the shell?

It's been a long time since I wrote and don't know why I'm bitching on my return ("because you're a bitch"). I know my mouth is definitely a bitch, sometimes I speak with the intention to piss others off. But are my actions harmful? Am I really greedy? Am I really a bitch? ("yes, you're a bitch"). I just get really disheartened when friends who you trust and care for don't have faith in you.

Yes, so I am a bitch and I have never pretended to be an angel from day one. What else do you have to say?