Friday, November 30, 2007

I've lost my waist again

I was getting ready to go to Seven, slipped into my skinny jeans that, thank goodness, can still fit but BIG hello to love handles. Put on a top and looked at the mirror. Holy shit, what have I done to myself??? I'm back for less than 3 weeks and I've put on so much. Thanks to the you-know-who friends, whose only interests in life are eating and drinking, aaarrrgghhh... I'm so upset with myself.

I've to be a stronger person, say no to excessive eating!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Bintan is Overrated

So what did we do in Bintan?

We climbed the rocks. We had 2 dinners in 3 hours' time. We slept a lot. We played with each other.

Bintan is nothing when you've just been to paradise. The beach was so-so but I would not swim in there at all, no way. So Candyman took me to the other end of the beach where there were rocks and we climbed to my so-called middle of the sea. I had probably scared a huge lizard in glamourous green to death by screaming so loud when we met.
This place is a rip off as everything was over-priced in SGD. Some people were raving about how great their massage was but let me tell you, it was pretty ordinary and they charged us SGD30 per hour for only a back massage, pfffttt! The place that I went to below his place charges SGD45 for an hour for full body, and there are heaps of cheaper places down the road, I just wanted a nearer one that is a little more fancy than the others, and they really give good traditional chinese massage.

Dinner at the resort was shit and we almost walked out of the Thai restaurant without paying because service was so bad, everyone in the restaurant were stuffed from impatience and frustration. So we took a shuttle to their Indonesian restaurant for our second dinner of the night. Oh, we stayed at Nirwana Resort Hotel, one of the four different accommodations they provide in their huge guarded area. You're basically caged in this holiday resort where you can choose to stay in their resort hotels, chalets or villas, where they have about 10 different restaurants and bars and various other service like SPA, and they take your around in their free shuttle. Aaarrggghhh... I felt so trapped in this so called heaven that didn't give me anything heavenly except for my man.

I couldn't help but asked every Singaporean that I met after my return what is so great about Bintan. These are the answer I've gotten...
1) It's less than an hour's boat ride from Singapore
2) HEARD that they've nice beach
3) HEARD that they've good cheap massage
4) Everyone goes there

I can tell you, all the above are not true except for point #1.

I had a good time with Candyman regardless, it's always good to have him around. He arranged and booked for this romantic weekend getaway and I really appreciate it. We know it is always good when we're together.

Boracay was our paradise

I had never heard of Boracay Island when he first suggested to me, while considering between Perhentian with Mr and Mrs P, Tioman and Bali. So I did a search and it turned out to be one of the top 10 beaches in the world. Being a sucker for all things beautiful and new, of course I wanted to go.

So his Filipino friend gave us some pointers on which domestic airline to take and which part of the beach we should stay. I found the tickets from KL - Manila. He sorted out the tickets from Manila - Caticlan, booked accommodation that has air-conditioning, hot water (I insisted) and in Station 1 (recommended by his friend and no shit - best beach on the island). We were ready to be in paradise.
Beginning of the trip - pale + pale.

I love the beach but I used to be afraid of swimming in the sea, reason being I can't see clearly what's underneath and my wild imagination takes my mind too far away and that had always stopped me from swimming in the sea. I used to only 'play' in the water in the sea, tan on the beach but swim in the pool. Inn Boracay, however, especially where we stayed, had the clearest sea water I've ever seen, looked just like drinking water. For the first time in my life, with the clear water and most importantly Candyman by my side, I conquered my fear and swam in the sea, for at least two hours a day. I was a little scared on the first day but I gradually got used to the water and by the last few days, I was comfortable enough to move away from Candyman for more than 3 meters. Yes, for such a big girl, I'm that timid in the sea.
As clear as drinking water.

Besides the perfect aquamarine sea water, there was the powder white sand that felt so soft on your skin. Where we stayed had the best sand with no corals at all, while Station 2 and 3 had heaps and they weren't white sand. I didn't quite understand why as they were all along the same coast but Candyman explained to me that the gradient was different at different part of the island so the quality of sand is different (Baby, you're so ssshhhmarrt!!!). We thought Boracay is the best beach that we've ever been, and mind you, he's a beach junkie and he's recently been to Phi Phi Island and Krabi. It's really as beautiful as the pictures in those advertising brochure.
My Baby being a baby

So we've done so much in that 6 days by doing nothing. We had no mobile with us at most times, no time, no work, no worries but we had each other, lots of loving, kisses and hugs, and quality time spent together. We ate when we were hungry, we swam till we needed rest, long walks on the beach till I complained about the corals hurting my sole, we had massage in the cabana by the beach at dusk, we had early nights and early mornings, we had the most polite and humble people around the resort providing their best service, we found out that we share the same favourite animal, we saw a lot of Koreans couples in matching outfit, we...
Spot the couples. Freaking funny.

There was a day where we were having so much fun under the clear blue sky, we forgot about time and by time we got back, we looked like lobster couple. That's the only evening that we didn't get a massage but we layered lots and lots of shea butter on each other's back and more calendula cream on our faces instead. We were annoyed and we were in pain but we laughed every time when we looked at each other. After my skin peeled, I managed to keep my tan although it was a shade or two fairer but my man turned totally white again, poor baby...
Before I got burnt and I was turning brown gradually.

There was a day where we went sunrise sailing and we had to get up at 4am in the morning. I didn't look very enthusiastic at the beginning but when we saw the first light, we thought all effort was worthwhile. I then turned all chirpy and chatty till something hit me - my hunger. I was then whimpering and frowning so he had to tell the boatman to take us back but I'm sure I wasn't the only hungry person!!!

Trying to look perky in the too early morning.

There was also a day where we hired a boat to go around the island and to snorkel. I had a ball looking at the colourful fishes until I felt sick. I tried to tell myself that I wasn't but I was terribly sick. So he got me back on the boat and I asked him to keep snorkeling (we've paid so we, or at least he, should play as much as he could). Sea sick got worse and I started throwing up into the sea. Then he came to check on me and I was feeding the fishes with my breakfast for the y-time, so he said we had to head back, pffftt! I felt really bad and embarrassed but grateful for his decision. Sigh... who on earth gets motion sickness from snorkeling?
Back from snorkeling, chucking and surviving!

And then there came the day when we had to say goodbye to Boracay and I was whining like a 12-year-old saying that I didn't wanna leave. Every night before I dozed off, "there's only xy days left, can we turned back time", was one of the few lines that I mumbled.

He and his book.

The beachside cabana that we loved - we chilled on the hammock, dined and had our daily massage here.

The place we stayed at that was literally next to the beach, bliss!

End of trip - pale + brown

We're now back to the painful real world but I know where I wanna go next, hihi...

Friday, November 23, 2007


Dear Candyman,

I miss waking up next to you in the morning, feeling rather grumpy (half of the time I was pretending) so you would kiss me and cuddle me and make me smile. I was having a ball during the three weeks that we spent together, laughing at our own SAC/OWL jokes, stuffing our faces with food and more food, me crying for stupid reasons and wanting you to give me hugs and kisses, too-many-but-not-enough kisses a day, long walks and slow talks. I love it when you play with my hair, when you kiss me in the middle of the night when I'm sleeping, when you hate spending time in malls but you would go shopping with me, when you tell me that you love me.

Do you miss having breakfast with your sweet girlfriend before going to work, and come home to the same hot girl who jumps around the apartment like a kid, who makes a lot of noise and talk too much, who goes crazy when she sees food, who has her PMS whenever she feels like?

Even at times when we argued, I still loved you. We're still learning about each other and we get upset and frustrated at times like these because we care for each other and for our relationship. We could've just left everything behind and walk away but we chose to solve the issues and in fact, we've grown closer to each other after every fight.

I miss you so much, can you be back soon and play with your hyperactive girlfriend? I promise to have less PMS and share my bed with you, but you've to promise me to have chili chicken, spicy prawn, fish, beef and beer duck with me. And if you cook for me, I'll massage you. If you take me to the country, I'll not party for a weekend. If you sing and dance for me, I won't throw up but I can't promise not to laugh. If you spend more time teaching me to swim better, I'll go with you to the deeper sea. Deal or no deal?

I'll see you in about 2 weeks' time. Hope things are going as planned and you should book your tickets soon. Hopefully you'll take me to the zoo in my dreams tonight. Love you!

Your cute girlfriend,
Captain Grumpyp.s. Candyman is not allowed to read my blog and I trust he won't cheat.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Back in Melbourne

My apartment is a 2-star motel because I'm only here to sleep and shower. It's 2-star because there's no trained cleaners to make the apartment up everyday, hence the huge mess. It has reached another brand new level of mess. This has taught me a lesson - you'll be surprise at how much more you can achieve after you thought you can't go any further.

I was out 3 hours after I touched down and have never been home. There's not a night that I get home before 3am, and there are days when I got home when people started going to work or when people were going for lunch. I've got a new addiction - gin rummy a.k.a. pok kuat (PK). I love the game so much that I'm thinking about it again now. So excuse the PK addict for not maintaining this blog but I promise I'll be back active very quickly. I've gotten my new Powerbook Pro Leopard and once I get all software installed, I'll be a computer hog again.

But now, I've to decide whether to have drinks at Golden Monkey, clean my apartment or to go back to get more sleep.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Am in Kiasuland

Us at Linkin Park's Singapore 07

Four cities in four weeks, hence the sabbatical on this page. Been really busy, catching up lost time with Candyman, while I didn't get to catch up with anyone in KL. Then I was terribly sick for a couple of days, that annoyed the shit out of me as that had wasted another few precious days of mine in KL. Mum was making noise, that I've spent more time with Candyman than with her, I'm a terrible daughter, I know.

Linkin Park on Tuesday night was a blast. The crowd was a little flat but their performance rocked. Flying out tonight (after several delays) and my weekend's a continuation of drinking, concert, more food and goss-ing. Will definitely be back to share my wonderful past 4 weeks.