Tuesday, February 27, 2007

It's Just My Heart

Flames to Dust,
Lovers to Friends,
Why do all good things come to an end?


My plan of no alcohol on the first three days of the week had failed. What a loser! Asked Keat out for a drink after class and she suggested dinner, which was fabulous as I had not eaten the whole day thanks to my over-sleeping. I'm sometimes like a pig, can't be bothered about anything except for sleep. I'm proud to say that I got in to my favourite lecturer's class almost on time. Had just slightly more than a glass over dinner and thought that was the end of the night.

Phone rang and I was too weak to say no. Well, Guoyi was in town and she was such a sweetie while I was in Singapore. It's rude that I not see her. But I was good, didn't have much, just four glasses of whites, that's it. It was good to see the twins again, and to know that Marriott Malaysia is happy with his new leaf of life.


And for myself, obstinate as I've always been, my heart is still in power over my head. My head knows it's over, but my heart knows better than anything that it ain't over till it's over. There's no such word as impossible in my vocabulary (well, I say it at times but I don't actually mean it). Taking a three months break (well, almost five months to be right) was good for me - out of sight, out of mind. But I keep asking myself why. Haven't I already learned this two years ago that... do not ask myself why, because there's no answer to that, and it only kills me slowly by asking myself why. Well, it doesn't kill I would say, but I'm still wondering till now. Was it the age? Was it me? Or was it him? Trust me, I'm fine. I'm not stucked but at times like these, I'd think, why things happened and it didn't lead me to any closure? How can there be an opening with no end, be it a good one or not?

Perhaps, c'est la vie.

Monday, February 26, 2007

The Indian Girl Again

I've not finished with that freak!

She slept on my shoulder where I had to elbowed her hard to get her off me. I then had to turn to the other side, hence the stiff neck I had from that freaking sleeping position. Opsss, sleep? What sleep? That accumulated 60-minute approximately, f*cking hell. Not only that, the freak had two hand-carries with her, and she locked every freaking zippers on the bags. Look, since you're hand-carrying them, why do you need to lock them? Well, it's her choice, but when she lost her keys, the poor stewardess got to search for her up and down with a torch, lifting both mine and her seats up. Best thing was, she locked her passport in the bags. How f*cking annoying is that when I was watching the end of The Prestige and I had to get up because she f*cking lost her keys, and later found them again. God knows where she's kept them, up her arse probably. And she didn't use the washroom even once for that whole nine hours, god... I bet she didn't know there's one on the plane, good for her!

Sorry but I'm still bitter over having someone ruined my suppose-to-be-fantastic flight. By the way, The Prestige was absolutely fantastic.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Kill that Indian Girl!

I had a long sweet 17-hour sleep, from 8pm last night. Was a little hungry before hitting the sack but there's no food at home. Had a muesli bar (which Pat refused to eat in the afternoon when she complained that she was starving) and went straight to bed. Got some calls throughout the night but it didn't really wake me up from my sweet slumberland.

Didn't sleep much at all on the plane, thanks to the f*cking Indian girl next to me. Okay, I'm not trying to be racist here although I am at most times. I wasn't suppose to be sitting next to her but this young boy asked if he could change seats with me as he's with the girl next to me, sure. This Indian girl was really nice, way to nice to be precise, at the beginning - she helped me in arranging my pillow and blanket!!?? As Pat and Violet would say, "thank you but I can manage myself!".

We then spoke a little, about why she's going to Melbourne - to look for her newly-wed husband who's studying here. Then I slowly realized that this was her first experience on a plane, I taught her to recline her seat, to on and off the lights while she's writing and told her a little about Melbourne. Well, I thought that's alright, it's pretty common, there's always the first time. When I was watching my movie, she can't stop staring at my screen. Obviously she didn't know how to use her remote control. But because she annoyed me so much before, by talking non-stop, I was cruel enough to not teach her.

After my movie was done, I had two sleeping pills, put on my socks and eye-shade and slept. But that f*cking idiot can't stop talking! When I was having my 4th dream of the night, she was asking me "is Melbourne really a good place to live?" amongst other questions. I heard her but I refused to move or react. In my heart, I was cursing her to death, seriously. If killing was legal, I would've run to the pantry and grab anything that can kill and stab her to death. She kept quiet for a while and I guessed she had fallen asleep too. Not long after, she suddenly spoke loudly to me in Hindu. I obviously got a shock and jumped up while yelling "what the f*ck?" to her. She then apologized and claimed that she thought I'm the sister sitting next to her. Really, WHAT THE F*CK?

I landed an angry woman. Told Pat that I need a shower quickly before we head out for lunch when she got me from the airport as she was sleeping on me before I pushed her away. Thank god she doesn't smell or I would've tap on the guy's shoulder and tell him that I want my seat back. For once I gave the chance to an Indian to allow myself to like them better, but she had just f*cked everything up. I wasn't racist but now I am, very!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Last Mambo

Keat and I shaked our arses to R&B
Yes, it was r&b not house, after the usual retro hits. We were having a ball of a time. Ken had apparently not seen three bottles of whisky gone so quickly. He thinks all Malaysians are alcoholics and I guess he had finally got to know our "culture" slightly better *chortle* When everyone was intoxicated enough, we were on the dance floor. Keat and I refused to leave the dance floor even though all of our friends had left, we were having so much fun dancing to what we usually loathe. I shouted into her face
"Keat, we're both dancing to r&b!!!"

Our table is the hottest
Believe it or not. Even Keat said that our table's girls were the creme de la creme of the club yet everyone of us is single, pffftt! Me and Eleana reckoned that men are intimidated by hot chicks and they would rather go for the less challenging ah lians. Somehow true. We've pictures to prove but I can only post them when I get back to Melbourne, too busy.

Double da supper
We were pigs, and Ken got scared. We had my favourite beef noodle on Jalan Tung Shin then adjourned back to Jalan Alor for the barbecue chicken wings, stir-fry pippies, spicy mini-snails a.k.a. balitong and glass noodle. Not surprised that Keat and Ken enjoyed them so much and can't believe that woman hasn't been to these places, and she calls herself the Malaysian with royalty blood??!! Thanks to Wei Liang and Soon Eng who were nice enough to have taken us Malaysians who are leaving this weekend for these supper-athon.

I've so much to pack. It's madness. Gonna be quick so I can go for massage, coffee with the mr and mrs, dinner with family then drinks with the usual suspects again. Sigh, too much to do, too little time.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Peace and Quiet

I'm not ready to leave. Had finally started packing, knowing that the coming few days are going to be a busy one for myself. I hate packing, and unpacking. Fingers crossed that this trip I won't have to pay for excess baggage, it's not funny. I don't know where have all these weight come from. It doesn't look like I've shopped a lot for sure, yet I've got a whole luggage full of new clothes to bring back.

Seeing Keat and Ken for the past two nights had helped me in preparing myself mentally in returning to the other place I call home. It reminds me of what I've left behind and it's time to get my arse back and pick them up once again. It's unfair that I've to leave those in KL for such a long time. However, I do remember how I've always felt reluctant to be back in KL. Guess it doesn't matter which city I'm in, I'll always be grateful to be living in either one of them.

Family's always too busy during Chinese New Year. Everyone has their own agenda and making a date for a sit down family dinner has never been harder these days, throughout my whole trip in KL actually. Tomorrow is the date and they better be sure not to come up with last minute cancellation.

I sometimes woke up to an almost empty house leaving my maid behind to serve me on a dining table full of chow but alone by myself. At times I'll be waking up to noises of friends and relatives and it frustrates me big time, I will then rather be having my breakfast alone, peacefully and quietly. I hate it when I've no choice but to hide in my room after I get home because there are too many people in the living room, whether gambling or drinking. I like to go home to peace and quiet. That's one thing that my Docklands home can promise me. A promise that can't be broken.

Sunday, February 18, 2007


Happy Chinese New Year, once again. Also, not to forget, Happy Birthday, Eileen!

If you ask me, I'll say that Chinese New Year has never been my favourite festival - too crowded, too noisy, too many people hanging around at my place gambling, too many smiles that I've to put on to the visitors, too many visits to the relatives', too much traditions to follow, too early for me to get up on the first two days. And before both my grand parents passed away, we had to go back to my dad's hometown, Taiping, every year for at least two nights from the eve - too long of a journey, too many people in a room, too crowded under a roof, too hot while the house is not fully air-conditioned, got woken up too early because of the noises, too bored being stucked in a small little town with nothing except for quite-good-food.

The things that I enjoyed and still do are yee sang (raw fish salad) with family and firecracker!Yee sang is something that you can only get it in Malaysia and Singapore during Chinese New Year. I wish they have that in Melbourne so that I can eat them everyday when I return *frown* Can someone tell me how can I make that sauce in yee sang so that I can do it myself back in Melbourne, pleaseeeeee...

Had two 8-foot firecracker in front of each entrance at home at twelve before. I totally loved it. Can we have that every evening after dinner? I know it's against the law and it's suppose to be banned but look, we're Malaysian. Someone else is gonna be lighting them up even if we don't. Sorry, I'm uncivilized in that way. My neighbours here are mad over these firecrackers, and let me ensure you, they are not cheap. I've not stopped hearing the fireworks and crackers like there's a rival going on - whose one lasted longer with fancier fireworks. Well, thanks to them, I got to see them for free. Asked my brother to buy those extravagant firework in a box which are really beautiful. I don't understand why he didn't get them this year? Must be trying to save his moolah to fill up those red packets that he needs to give out, instead of receiving them this year. Fingers crossed he'll be able to get them before I leave.

It's late now yet I can't sleep. The thought of me having to leave in a few days time isn't a pleasant feeling. Good thing is that I didn't tend to start on something that has no ending like what I did last summer. It wouldn't help at all in making me feel easier to leave. But somehow...

O.Ded on Prawns

Happy Birthday, Allan.

Yesterday was my brother's birthday, falls on the same day for both Gregorian and Lunar calendar, how cool? Wonder if this will ever happen to me in my entire life. One of his good friend's wife gave birth to a baby boy yesterday morning, freaky. I was cracking my head in deciding what to get him and I was running out of time. I've already bought him things like tie-clip, cuff links, tie, shirt, perfume, etc. for the past years. Was getting more and more frustrasted at myself after getting yet another One Teaspoon dress from Kitsch when I was suppose to shop for others. Walked passed Haagen Dazs and that's it, an ice-cream cake. Made a quick call to his wife to make sure that she hasn't bought any. Well, what's a 30th birthday without a scrumptious cake from the cute sister *chortle*

He wanted hotpot dinner at home instead of eating out at some chinese restaurant like we usually do. Good for us as I don't quite fancy sharing the noise and hassle at most restaurants these days while Chinese New Year is around the corner. Too bad for my mum and maid to have to deal with all the preparations and the cleaning up. My mum bought so much food, we couldn't move after dinner. I had them as supper with my dad after I got home from Velvet and hotpot lunch for everyone at home today. And we still have food left, jeez... My mum's worse than me in terms of shopping for food.

I'm feeling so fat and bloated from my PMS and all these food that I've been eating. Not many hours after our hotpot lunch, it was the traditional reunion dinner. As usual, there were steam whole chicken, braised duck, braised oyster with abalone and that "hairy vege", roasted pork *drool* and prawns amongst others. Speaking of prawns, my dad and myself had been overdosed on prawns. We had been eating at least fifteen each from the hotpot and by dinner time, we couldn't help but to say no to the prawns, what a waste.I'm so tired from getting up early (one o'clock) after getting home at four and hitting the sack at almost six this morning. Thank god my partner in crime, Eleana, agreed to head down to the club with me, or she might regret. We had so much fun and when Edwin called me to ask us to meet him outside as he was leaving, we refused to go and had decided that we're gonna party till the night ends. And we did. It was such a great night with good house instead of the usual r&b. Also got to know a group of boys who seems to be really nice to hangout with, and one which was not bad at all for Eleana. Egg Benedict as breakfast for miss Lim please *wink*

Before I go, Happy Chinese New Year, my loves!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Let's Celebrate Valentine's

Got two calls all the way from Melbourne to wish me Happy Valentine's. They were Leonard and Lam (speaking of double the L!). That was very thoughtful of them. Now what happened to the KLites? All I've got were text messages.

Anyways, hope everyone is having a good time celebrating with their loved ones, eat, drink, be merry and have wild wild sex! If you're single and is feeling pathetic, don't be! Do what me and my girlies are doing - f*ck the man, go dinner with the hot chicks at somewhere nice, dress up, look good, feel good, and head down to Mambo *big laugh*

Those who opt to stay home and feel sorry for themselves or are anti-social, you don't know what you're missing. Thanks to the girls who snapped that idea off my head, not the feeling sorry but feeling lazy, of course!

Singapore I: Night Life

If you haven't already know, I spent my weekend last week down at the party land, Singapore. My plan was to get down there to party like there's no tomorrow and stuff my face with as much hawker food as possible, no shopping at all. As expected *smirk* I had stuck to my plans. Not only that I didn't buy a single pack of tissue, I didn't even hit or go near Orchard Road to begin with. Now, eight thumbs up for me baby! Jo was back in time to join me down south for the parties.

What we basically did for the four days/three nights trip was partying till the sun was up and woke up a few hours if not right before the sun set. I think Jevon's parents must have thought that we're insane but I'm pretty sure they're quite used to that. To be precise, my drink-athon had started since Sunday. Sunday at Somo, Mont Kiara; rested on Monday, thank goodness; Tuesday dinner then a few bottles of white at Orange, Hartamas; Mambo Wednesday then oily supper on Jalan Sultan which lead to some chucking on the coach heading down south; then it was all drinking drinking drinking in Singapore followed by the 8TV party at laundry with free flow till they shut. Rested yesterday and babes, let's rock on tonight!
The clubbing scene in Singapore is getting so much better compared to my last visit, which was almost three years ago. We used to frequent Singapore so much that I could direct the taxi driver which way to take but now, alcohol had killed all my memory and sense of direction. Thanks to Jessie who allowed us to bunk in her room; thanks to Jevon and Marcus who showed us such a good time and taking me to all the food that I've requested; thanks to their wonderful parents for their hospitality - the dad was cool to talk to and the mum couldn't stop feeding us food and drinks. Me and Jo felt really bad for staying at their place with four empty hands and got home so "early" each morning *blush*

With all these international super clubs trying to share the limelights in the Singapore clubbing scene, these people are well spoiled by choices. How I wish we can get these in KL. Looking forward to more new clubs and bars when I return for my next holiday.

It's not a club but a bar/lounge. Beautiful interior but sorry to say ugly people. Erm... not trying to be rude but there's no good looking men in both KL and Singapore, so they are both even. Hence, when I keep repeating about men in Singapore are hopelessly ugly, no hard feelings, men in KL are equally bad. Back to the bar, great band (don't look at the face please) but the sound system needs a lot of improvement. People here are considerably well-dressed, mostly I would say. Saw two girls who dressed like they were working in a nightclub, couldn't stop making jokes among ourselves of them. Wei Liang and Jimmy ensured me that the crowd are beautiful on other days. What happened was that there's a new club opening at the Cannery that evening so all the beautiful people has gone there, so they said. It's a great bar really, beautiful bar and a large chillout area both indoor and outdoor.

Cafe Del Mar, SentosaBeen hearing a lot of negative reviews of this place, especially the service but I personally loved the place. Liked chilling by the man-made beach after a night of full-on drinking and dancing. Lying on the bed staring at the stars, talking the nonsensical talk while trying to keep my eyes open, sipping on those drinks that don't taste like anything anymore after getting your tongue numbed from all those at the beginning of the night. I think I can camp there when I've no money to rent a hotel and no one welcomes me. The indoor restaurant/bar looks very Marakesh-ish but I suppose I can hide myself there in the afternoon when it gets way too hot outside. There's a pool where you can swim and I saw people got out of the pool at twelve in the midnight. There are clean bathrooms. We loved it so much that we had to go there twice within such short trip. The service was actually alright albeit a little slow, perhaps they've gotten the negative feedback and had improved themselves. Take a look at the venue
p.s. what's with the boots at such warm and humid place?

St. James Power Station
An entire building of clubs, restaurants and bar converted from the old power station. Went on a Thursday evening so it wasn't pack but enough people to fill the scene. Chilled at this outdoor lounge which I don't remember the name, that has different design for each cubicle. Well designed with the lack of sceneries and mosquitoes feeding. Adjourned to one of the clubs in there, Movida if I've not mistaken, not sure. Joanne needed her r&b fix so me and Jevon had to dance with her. Not bad of a place for all different sort of entertainment from chilling to r&b to karaoke to trance and canto-pop at Dragonfly, as I was told.

Zouk Singapore featuring Roger SanchezRefused to go there at the beginning as we have one in KL too but Jevon and his friends wanted to go for Roger Sanchez. Also, most of those who I knew from Melbourne were going to be there, fine. No regret, thanks for making me went. Met up with people like Pei Wen, Marn, Michael, Lup, Gavin and more, all from Melbourne, also Jimmy and Wei Liang from KL, not to forget some new faces that, erm... guess I'll save the story, don't worry about it. People here are better looking than the previous few places but not my cup of tea. Joanne spotted her cutie and couldn't stop drooling over him for some time. Me and Jo reckoned that my sister Jimmy is capable of getting a lot of girls from his not-to-bad face but he's just way to blur and shy. All he was capable of doing is to drink and dance with us *palm hits forehead* Sanchez rocks! Music was abso-f*cking-lutely great and it had set me in the zone, pffftt! Thank god the boys took us there. Jimmy, my sister who's straight

The Cannery
This is absolutely awesome. It's a square full of funky stores, fancy restaurants, chic bars and most of all super club like Ministry of Sound. I'm totally in love with the Cannery and I guess I'll be able to spend every night in a week there just to check out all these places that I can have, god damn it! We opted the Fashion Bar for its chic interior, and of course I did the picking. Also went in to check out Kandi Bar, groovy but relatively small. Left shortly after as everyone can't wait to get in to the club and boogie.I was at the same time very keen on the Clinic, a conceptual bar of hospital. Their seats are like hospital bed and their reception and cloakroom was like a mortuary. Didn't get to get in as we had too many places to go yet too little time. Go check it out, trust me, it's ultra cool. Man, I just love the Cannery!

Ministry of Sound, Singapore
Four rooms under one roof with an escalator to the first floor. I loved the pure room, everything is in white and they played house, fantastic. We were hanging out at the VIP area on the main room. Thanks to Gavin, who's working for them now, got us all VIP entry for free - see, I know people! The main room was pumping and Jevon and I thought it was still not hard enough for us, which is why I'd rather be at the pure room. Retro room was really crowded with men perving on girls. Didn't check out the r&b room, not interested and was too absorbed into the music. Sad to say, people here are the ugliest of all places, I guess Violet would love to be there as they were mostly Jeff-style-ah-beng *chuckle* As June said, men in Singapore are not only ugly, they are fugly. I agree!

Got picked up by a Brazilian and for the first time I realized that...
Brazilians can look like Indians, f*ck!
All in all...
Clubbing in Singapore was marvelous. It could merely because it's a change of scene for myself, or not. Security is good, whether in clubs or on the streets. Drinks could be a little costly but I don't quite mind. I'm really glad that I've got the chance to catch up with the bunch from Melbourne, especially Pei Wen. She's such a sweetie and an evolving butterfly!

Well, time for me to get ready, look pretty, dinner and party!

Happy Valentine's Day

On MSN with my med school cousin, Wi-Liam...

Lynn : that means that person bluffed me. What is folic acid? Why body needs b12 and folic acid?

Cousin : to make blood

Lynn : make blood? I don't have enough blood now?

Cousin : I don't quite remember, it's something about the blood la...

Lynn : I know that!

Cousin : then he say meat... means vitamin b12 lor

Lynn : whatever, I'll just eat more meat, I'm happy to do so

Cousin : but then ar~ it's not because you never eat enough ler~ alcohol causes depletion in vitamin b12 and folic acid de~ don't drink so much la... heheheh

Lynn : (bwahahahhaha) really?

Cousin : yaya

Lynn : muahahahha... this is so funny, it's true it's true! I must blog about this man...


Don't know how true is that but since it wouldn't affect me, I can't be bothered.
Happy Valentine's Day, boys and girls. We shall celebrate with some drinks, cheers!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I Love My Dad

Got my medical report back today, under the heavy rain without a legal parking space. I am perfectly fine. I was a little surprise that I'm in no trouble with my cholesterol level, with all that seafood and meat that I have been stuffing my face with. The only thing I need to do is to have more meat. Yes, meat. You heard me just right, pffftt! Only if they know that I'm not a fans of greens, what else on earth can I eat besides meat? Well, according to my report, under the haemotology section, there's this MCH thingy that shows that I need more meat. I've no idea what it is about and I didn't want to know as I wanted to just grab my report and run back to my car which was parked in the middle of the road. I'm sure Keat and Ken would be able to tell me what's that.

My point here is, I've got a full license now to not eat greens and carry on with my mostly meat diet *grin*

It was such a productive day for me today. Just finished drinking with Eleana and her colleagues at Laundry Bar, before my manicure & pedicure and the "alcoholics reunion dinner". It's the 8TV year-end party. It was great as they were giving such great prizes to their staffs, and free drinks to their staffs (and the alcoholic friends a.k.a. Lynn). Eleana got a hand-held massager from Ogawa while her cool art director got the second prize - digital camera with printer. Believe it or not, I knew it was his before the draw, I told him and he said "nah, can't be". Ten seconds later, his name was called. Freaky.

Also went for my dental appointment today, just the normal check-up and cleaning. As I was lying on the seat, with the couch in the room in the corner of my eyes, I thought of my daddy. Since young, he was the one who took me to the dentist routinely. He'd wait for me to get up, washed up, drove us to that place, parked his car and take me in to the clinic, while I sat in the car quietly. I knew he knew that I was nervous. Well, I'm quiet when I'm nervous. He'll be sitting there by me while I get my teeth checked, before taking me to a big nice meal. That's my dad - would skip work just to be with me. And I was trying to remember, how many years have there been that I've driven myself to the dentist without him being by my side?

Sometimes, when I look into my dad's eyes, it reminds me of those days when I was a small little kid and my dad was wrinkle-less. He had never say no to me, and he has not till today. He would question me but he wouldn't say no to me. When I was terribly sick, he stayed home to just take care of me although my mum was with me, because he couldn't trust anyone but himself. I'm in a way like him. My mum loves me more than anything on earth but speaking of my dad, no one can be compared to him. I sometimes wonder, what would I be without my daddy? I don't think I'll be doing my masters without him; I don't think I'll be in Australia without him; I don't think I'll be posting this entry without him.

Regardless of how much complain I've had about him, I love my father. This trip back, I've felt more than ever, things that he's been doing for me. I never thought, at this age, my dad would've cared more, but he does. His love for me is enough to overcome all the hatred that I've been building. I should be satisfied.

I should be.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

I Know!

I know I know I know, I know what I wanna be...

Lynn with a great career like Samantha, an adorable man like Mr. Big, a pretty apartment and diamonds like Charlotte, and a cute little baby like Miranda's Brady! Oppps... not to forget, my bags and shoes and great girlfriends!

Looks like I've finally found out what I want in life. Bravo!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

So It's Another Tuesday Night

I wish I can be like Charlotte in SATC, in spite of being infertile.

Went out with the girls tonight, four of us and we realized that Eileen is so typical of a Miranda. Darn... that's freaky, she was so much like Miranda in too many ways. I wanted to be Charlotte all the time, so so so much with the huge nice apartment, good husband and great friends. But these women, decided cursed me that I'm Carrie for the sake of me being unable to recognize what I'm after in my love life, my weird way of dressing (according to Miss Joanne Mun) and some other reasonsss.

Look, I don't wanna end up with a man with no ending. I'm serious about that! Regardless of how we joke that when I get old, all I have with me are bags after bags of clothes, designer's bags and shoes with the lack of zeros in my bank book, it was still a joke. Girls, you know I want to settle down, not now but eventually.

I, however, still have many unanswered questions left in my head.

Joanne, on the other hand, had been confirmed to be the real Samantha regardless of what she has to say. Too many of us, too many eyes and minds to have had confirmed that she is. Don't be fooled by her so-called innocent face and tiny body, she's a real kick-arsed-samantha in the real life, god damn it!

Had such a great time with the girlies tonight. Again, unexpected yet highly appreciated. More to come on next Tuesday, cheers!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

What I've Been Eating

Was suppose to get up at ten in the morning to get my driver's license renewed but I was chasing my 9th dream of the day. I didn't get up till one-thirty in the afternoon and my poor mummy had been waiting for me for hours. She had apparently knocked on my door and called on both mobile and land line but obviously it didn't help in waking the lazy lynn up. Hm... my dreams must have been really interesting though I can't remember any of them now.

Got there at quarter to four and I was a little frustrated upon seeing the amount of people waiting. I was lucky to have an uncle to have given me his number slip as he had been waiting for too long and he had decided to leave. There were about sixty people before me and guess how long it took to get to me. Twenty minutes. Yes, you heard me right, merely twenty minutes. I'm absolutely impressed with the government department officers *hat off*


I've been to a couple of new and old restaurants for the past weeks and I especially liked a few.

Momotalo Yakiniku

It's a Japanese restaurant that serves mainly charcoal grill anything. Well, famous for the juicy lamb and beef, half of their menu consists of these both and being a meat lover, I totally loved it. Went with my mum and because she doesn't eat beef, we ordered mainly seafood and a portion of lamb. The lamb was amazing. Look, my mum doesn't take lamb because of its smell (I don't know what smell she's talking about), but she could finished a whole piece of lamb that evening by herself. She said it didn't smell and it tasted great and according to the waitress, they are very confident on their lamb and if it has got 'that' smell, they'll take that off your table as well as off your bill. Good thing was also that you don't have to grill them yourself but the waitress will do so for you, at your table. You'll also be served with their special sauce which was a mix of a few different sauces, smelly yet yummy. The meat wasn't marinated and spices were only used when they're cooking it hence you could taste the freshness of everything and it wasn't oily at all, pretty healthy. I was so stuffed that evening as I wanted to order almost everything from the menu. Thank goodness I've got a sane mummy who kept me under control. Would love to try out their "Paper Hotpot" the next time I return, sounds interesting. Their original restaurant is at Hartamas and the one that I went to is their new outlet at Tropicana club house.
Luk Yu Tea House

Best yamcha in KL. After leaving in Melbourne for the past two-and-a-half years or more, I've never liked yamcha in KL as the dim sum in Australia is so much better. Bigger in size, fresher and generally yummier. But being a yamcha fanatic, I still get my dim sum fix at least once a week. Hui Fen told me about this place on the lower ground floor in Starhill, opposite Shook. Checked it out with my mum on Friday for lunch and I wouldn't say their dim sum is fantastic but for KL standard, I think they are the best around. I like the fact that their prawns in the dumplings are huge and size of the dumplings are fairly big compared to many Chinese restaurants in KL's hotels. The skin of the dumplings weren't that great as it was a little sticky, like it'll stick to your teeth, if you get what I mean. Loved their extensive tea list which can be quite pricey, e.g. Osmanthus Jasmine was RM10 per head (1 tea bud) and I get them from Melbourne for AUD5 for a pack of four. It doesn't matter as I really enjoyed my food there and their interior was pleasant. Lots of wooden furnishing, very chinese, very comfortable. Also, two thumbs up for their durian pancake (oh no, I'm craving for that now), they are even better than the ones at the ever famous Lai Po Heen at Mandarin Oriental Hotel, believe it or not. Good thing is, for an owl like myself, they serve yamcha all day and night, on top of their dishes on their menu. Will love to try out their dinner menu.

Paddington House of Pancakes

They've got a couple of outlets around and I've always wanted to try. Emily suggested that place for our gathering with Cheryl two Saturdays ago and it wasn't too bad except for tasting a little bland. It could be just me and Cheryl, we don't know. I liked the varieties of pancakes you get from their menu, both sweet and savoury. Something different, worth a try.
Empress Cafe

Formerly known as Bayou Cafe at Plaza Mont Kiara and this new outlet is now at the Curve at the corner right opposite Laundry Bar. I was a big fan of Bayou before and was a little disappointed to see that they had shut their doors. Thank god I've found their new outlet, thanks to their almost-the-same interior and soft furnishing, which I could recognized almost immediately. Hence, I made plans with the girls to have dinner there before hitting the bar across mid last week. The food was alright and funny at the same time. Kuan's spaghetti vongolia looked very much like the pippy in double-boiled soup chinese style with noodle; Jen Nie's chilli prawns spaghetti looked like sambal prawn dried noodle; and my chicken pie looked almost exactly like the seremban siew pau *giggle* we couldn't stop making fun of the food but it tasted actually alright. Kuan loved their chocolate cakes.
Last but not least, Zuup Soup Bar at One Utama, lower ground floor in between the old and new wing, is worth mentioning. Obviously they serve soup and being a soup lover, I didn't quite mind that the soup wasn't perfect in taste as long as I get a varieties of soup for me to choose from instead of that few choices on most menus at most restaurants.

Now I'm thinking where shall I explore for lunch tomorrow. And I've not yet visit my favourite restaurant in KL this trip home.

My Last Saturday Velvet

My Melbourne playmate, Jevon, was in town for the weekend. Only managed to meet up twice as we both slept too much. When he was up I was in bed; when I was up he was sleeping; when we were both up and it was time for him to leave.

Zouk was rocking when we got there with some guest DJ from Amsterdam, someone that we both couldn't recognize. His friends were all over the place and I was having one hell of a good time. Wei Liang was bored and almost fell asleep as it wasn't quite his scene (a.k.a. he's old) and Eileen was happily drunk. Jin Loong left so early without me knowing. Well, I was in my own world. I felt really bad as I refused to go home and the both of them had to wait for me at Terrace Bar where Wei Liang felt asleep sitting down. He was such a sweetie by insisting on waiting till I finished and made sure he sent me home safely. Was suppose to go to Jevon's friend's for after party but I knew it was a better idea to go home with Wei Liang.

They took me to my favourite beef noodle place on Jalan Tung Shin yet I didn't eat any. I couldn't put anything in my mouth but I had fun just looking at them while they ate. Trust me, this place serves the best beef noodle in KL, doubly yummy when you're badly intoxicated. Speaking of that reminds me of Wei Liang exaggerated reaction when I first took him there. He couldn't stop himself from telling the whole street (tables are on the street) how yummy it was and kept calling my name and asked me why didn't I take him there before, all in his loud voice. Thank you, now the whole street knows that the curly-hair-drunkard is called Lynn. Okay, that was besides the point.

Checked out Poppy as promised to Wei Liang before Zouk and that place was a shit hole. Didn't like it at all. Passion was even worse, less than twenty people in there. Bumped in to a couple of my brother's friends who I couldn't recognize but am sure they've no problem pointing me out as I bear a resemblance to my brother, but I'm prettier for sure! We managed to finish three quarter of a bottle of Absolut and rocked up to Velvet just to have a look. Saturday night was another (un)expected crazy night. I've to say that services at Velvet is really bad. I remember those days when we used to hangout at Atmosphere and we had our regular same table every Friday and Saturday, the services were fantastic. We got at least a waiter to ourselves and that was the time where I tipped the most in my life. I thought they deserved it and it was no wonder we (as in at least four tables of us) had to report ourselves there on both nights on the weekend.

Poor Leeza had gotta run around the place to get us glasses, ice and everything on Saturday night, f*ck the service at Velvet Underground. The gang and myself were in pretty bad mood after waiting for our bottles, glasses and everything else. I get frustrated when I'm in a noisy club with no alcohol in my system, call me whatever you like but it's true. Felt much better after some drinks and I was running around between Velvet and Zouk. Was texting with Jevon the whole night as he wanted to come over to meet up with me while I wanted to go over to where he was to meet up with him. Both were smashed and we couldn't decide who would be the safer one to travel. We ended up not seeing each other. Pfffttt, speaking of decisions between us.
The regulars weren't at Velvet that night but I've bumped in to many old familiar faces, like Jamie. The night ended with me doing the familiar old silly things and lots of unexplainable stupid pictures, e.g. being the Wonder Woman among the Spiderman in their undersized outfit and wearing Allan's glasses and posing with him? I don't know what we were trying to do.Finally checked out Somo at Mont Kiara last night and it was pretty good. Well, I suppose it will only be good on week nights as that is an outdoor chill out lounge. Just imagine how warm it is going to be when it's full of people. So last night was great - Sunday night, a couple of tables being occupied, comfortable couch where I can put my legs up *wink, Ange, wink* a bottle of white followed by the second then third... and friendly waitresses. Don't mind going back on other week nights but no thanks on weekends.

Looking forward to this coming weekend and have I already told you that I'm not ready to leave KL?

Sunday, February 04, 2007


Now I know, that...

"If I think I can, I CAN!"

It's all about mind over body. Problem now is that, a procrastinator like myself, how can I get things done?

...I don't know... think later... who cares about now, think later...

Darn! You just saw it.

Saturday, February 03, 2007


Over some text messages across the globe, the blonde asked me to eat what I've been leaving in the fridge for ages. So I told her...

"expired food could be a health hazard"

After tonight, I don't know if I was right.


On my way home, sobering up, I shared with Wei Liang my theory of survival...

"Move on, quick. If possible, run!"

And I'm asking myself if I'm fit enough to run, pfffttt!

Friday, February 02, 2007

From Hero to Hangover

I'm having the headache from hell and the tradesman is servicing the lights in my room before Chinese New Year. And I refuse to sleep in the guest rooms so I'm stucked here in the living room watching the cable and was surfing on youtube.

If you know me well, you should know I'm one person who rarely throws up. Don't know what got in to me but I've been having this puking marathon lately, erm... for the past one week to be precise. Last Wednesday I'm pretty sure it's Velvet's bottles and we were among the unlucky ones who got the fake ones. That night was disastrous and that hangover was madness. And on Friday, for some secret reasons, I threw up once before heading home although my mind was almost sober. Me and Eleana both took pictures of our "end product" and I was contemplating of posting them up. It's disgusting and I'm afraid that people who reads this blog will curse me for posting them up, what d'you reckon?

Last night I managed to hold it in till I got home, not bad already. Eleana and I were the hero in the club, drank with almost everyone we knew in both Velvet and Zouk, and had to live with a hangover today. It was a madhouse outside of Zouk as the queue was so long, Wei Liang took an hour to get in, my god. I can't remember much after the shooters at the bar with Wei Liang. I know there were road blocks and the cops asked Jin Loong if he drank, he told him in Malay that the girls (namely Eleana, Alice and myself who were all badly smashed) drank and he didn't. Looking at his sober face and our f*cked faces, the cops just let us go with no delay. Great.

Finally got to see Adrian the dumbo after he went missing from the clubbing scene for the longest time. I was actually quite excited to see him and we were catching up a little and then I started bitching about Emily Cheah in front of him. Knowing him, I am pretty sure he's gonna turn around and tell her about what I've said. Great. It'll be nice for at least she'll know that I really don't fancy in being her friend and she can save her energy on making up stories about me and tell the world about it, oh... and dirty other people's toilet mats with shit, apparently *chuckle*

Realized that my martial arts master, Edwin, can be a real sweetie despite the occasional impudency. As oppose to people like the Roasted Dragon and Caterpillar Balloon, who are only nice when the wind blows at the right direction.

Was suppose to meet the college-girls at Bangsar at two but I was still in bed at that time. I felt so so sorry but I really couldn't get up. Whenever I moved I felt like I was going to chuck. I got up to a phone with about a dozen of miss calls and thank goodness I didn't quite have a hangover after my shower. No headache, nothing. Got to La Bodega unfashionably (two hours) late and I was expecting a lot of yelling and screaming from the on-timers but they were absolutely sweet and understanding, phew!

Everyone hasn't changed much. Alright, I see Eleana almost every other day. I see Steph almost every other week. Elaine, she is now a real woman and is still seeing her seven-year boyfriend, amazing. Lai Min's a reluctant workaholic who has finally put on a little weight so she looks much healthier now. It was a shame that Yen Li has to work today as I don't remember having the six of us sitting around together since we graduated from The One.


Finally got home from my dinner and my headache is still bugging me. Need a good bubble bath and watch some bad TV before hitting the sack.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Glitters Nails & Waxing Salon

Got my brazilian waxing done at Glitters yesterday. Eleana introduced me to this place when I came back for holiday last summer. Their first outlet is at One-Utama, on the first floor between the old and new wings. Prior to that I had tried two other places in KL for Brazilian waxing and I found that this is the best.

The one and only waxer and owner of Glitters, Madeline, studied in Melbourne and that's where she learned about beauty therapy. She specializes in waxing and I was really glad to find a place in KL that uses hard wax (that's long before Strip KL opened their doors).

I bet she's doing really well as she had just opened her second outlet at Bangsar Village II on Saturday. Got a sms from her before about the opening promotions, hence I booked myself in as it happened to be my Brazilian waxing day yesterday (yes, I count my days and I don't miss any). They had just brought in chocolate wax which you can get 50% off at Bangsar outlet as part of the promotion. I however chose to use the old blue and pink hard wax and I've paid full price for that. The chocolate wax looked really yummy like real melted chocolate and smelled really good.

To be honest, I've not tried Strip KL and they could be a better place. But the reason why I keep going back whenever I'm in KL is because Madeline is such a great lady. She's really friendly and is really helpful. I like services with a personal touch. She's also really great in the sense that she never tries to talk you in to buying any products.

The first 200 customers will be able to enjoy a manicure and pedicure for RM60, what a deal. Too bad I've just got mine done last week. Their outlets are really small yet cosy but I guess it's good enough for a quick waxing. Afterall, you're not gonna sleep there, why need such a big space? They do hold group parties as well. June, maybe mani and pedi can be one of the event for your hens party?

I Think I'm Still a Shopaholic

Discover this chic new boutique at Bangsar Village II, Kitsch. They stock all Australian labels like Wish, One Teaspoon, Milk & Honey, amongst others. I was so excited upon seeing these familiar names which I haven't seen for some time now. Funny enough, the price is much cheaper than in Melbourne *scratch head*

Hence, I am the idiot who came back for holiday from Australia and bought Australian labels. Bought this really pretty multi-coloured dress and green polka dot cami from Milk & Honey, a floral fan-sleeve top from One Teaspoon. All for about AUD150, my god. For that price, I may be able to get only a dress. I'm going back again next week to see if there are new collections and I'm going to buy more!

Was planning to parade my new dress tonight but had decided to wear it on Saturday, to celebrate Jo's return. Yes yes yes, my love of my life is coming back and this time, she has all the "freedom" that we need to be naughty. We're gonna kick more asses this summer.

Bangsar Village II is such a great new mall. It's not too huge but I like the fact that there are shops where you can actually spend your money on, e.g. Kitsch. Zara will be opening their doors and many other new names that carry pretty good stuff. Half of those shops are still under renovation before opening their doors, looking forward to more interesting new shops that stock nice clothes.

On the other hand. Hartamas Square is the lousiest mall I've ever been in KL. There's nothing to be happy about that place, besides the parking, which is permanently empty. I had lunch with my primary school mates and that place was glaringly un-satisfying. It's such a dead mall and I'm still wondering when is it gonna be closed.


By the way, I've just returned from my night out and I'm smashed. Will be back tomorrow...