Saturday, March 31, 2007

From XS to L

As all of you folks out there would have expected, the loser Lynn had succumbed to temptation - I went shopping. But I should reward myself, for some reasons, really.

That aside, I've got myself four dresses and it was kinda funny. They were in four different sizes - size 6, 8, 10, and 12. You must be thinking how could one fit in four sizes, you know what, I don't really know. All I care about is that I look good in them. I've got a girl friend who wouldn't buy an item if the size shows a bigger indication than she is. Hm... don't quite understand. I mean, if you look good in them, who cares if it's a size 4 or 14?

I've in a way worn two of them within a day, hihi... that's me, never save anything for the so-called special occasion. What for?

Am starving, I need food. I'm gonna turn my kitchen upside-down again.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Take It or Leave It

Was explaining to June about brazilian waxing and the differences between the available options, namely all-off, xxx, xx and x. Me and a couple of girl friends are the brazilian waxing devotees, with different preference though. Some like it all off, some like to leave a sexy strip on and there's one who goes as far as to have laser permanent hair removal. As for myself, being a regular at the waxing salon for years, am still not interested in having them off permanently. Perhaps, although very unlikely, one fine day bushy is the new sexy!? On the other hand, I'm looking into getting permanent hair removal for the underarm. I don't care if bushy armpits are going to be in fashion, I can tell you now that I will never be one of them.

I've been going for brazilian so many years, that I suspect I'm losing my sense to pain. Believe it or not, a couple of years ago, I managed to almost doze off during my session, after not getting enough snooze for a few nights. The waxer was dumbfounded. I, until today, still can't understand how I could do it. Some would make statement like "these are the pains women would go through just for their men".

Ah-ha, I don't think so. I personally think it is more for myself. From my personal experience, not all men like it hairless. There's an ex-boyfriend of mine who felt uneasy of the sight, with the feeling of sleeping with a kid. Yet, I wasn't as submissive as to play his games - I mean, if you don't like it, don't touch or don't see. I made my choice and you're free to choose. Don't be silly, of course we didn't break up because of the hair issue.

In any case, you can never please the entire world at the same time, and you shouldn't even be attempting to. Everyone has got a choice to like the way you are, or otherwise. All you can do is to be yourself and first learn to appreciate yourself and your own choices.

I am one who believe that it means respecting others when I go out with at least light make-up, concealing my ill-looking dark eye-circle and others. But funny enough, most of my boyfriends liked the bare-faced Lynn. I agree with them for some reasons that why I should go without, but I've my reasons for going with and it has become part of my routine. Well, if you love me, you'll love me for who I am and as a bonus, you get to come home to the bare-faced that you like; conversely, you should respect my decision when I'm going out, right? Of course, this hasn't been a big issue between me and my men but...

There was an ex of mine who didn't like me looking good when I go out, even with him!

Apparently, he hated it when we walked in to restaurants or especially clubs and have men ogling at me from top to bottom; he hated it if I got picked up even if there's nothing physical was happening. Look, at the end of the day, his hand was the one that I was holding while I walk in to wherever it was; he is the one that I went home with at the end of the night; I didn't kiss or even dance with any of the stranger. Someone please just tell me, what was the problem?

Expected me to not look good to accommodate his insecurity? Dream on. Lynn is not Lynn if she detaches herself from her clothes, bags, shoes and make-up.

Say what you want, but I won't change my mind.

Two Unpleasant Meals

I don't know if you feel the same as I do but bad food does ruin my mood, in spite of the fabulous pouring in the evening. I had two bad dinners in a row at some well-known restaurants, it was just so uggghh!

Just by adding "Taverna" at the beginning of the south-eastern sibling of Madame Sousou, the European/French restaurant has been converted to a Greek house. Holding the same logo, font and signage, yet we couldn't help ourselves from feeling disappointed knowing that Alevansi won't provide us the French fix of the evening.

Service was attentive if it wasn't defensive upon informing that we didn't expect to have Greek. Well, we were being honest and was trying to be friendly, trying to find out when had these changes happened but all we got was a defensive boss throwing us back with questions like what's the difference between French and Greek. Excuse me mister, we understand they are both European but the difference can be as far as the distance.

Anyways, the Saganaki was really yummy, one of the best around but the mixed grilled platter that we ordered wasn't fantastic at all. The platter for two consists of seafood and meat, but everything tasted the same to me - bad. Okay, the batter of the calamari was not too good, other than that, nothing made me smiled. The prawns were tasteless, the lamb was tough, the chicken skewers were dry and the mussel shrunk so much it almost went missing. I didn't even have the guts to order my coffee after meal taking into consideration that the food was so not there. Milyn reckoned the food was acceptable but Stalactites is better. Anytime, babes!

To compensate our bad dinner, we headed to Koko Black for some cheer-me-up desserts. Their chocolate platter, Belgian Spoil, will never ever disappoint me, teamed with my mocha, it was total bliss!***

Haven't had Chinese for quite a long time hence three direction-less women were running around looking for the nearest way to Bok Choy Tang from the carpark. It was pouring and the traffic was bad, we thought Federation Square will be a good choice as we were starving and getting stucked in traffic for any longer was the last thing we wanted.

What can I say about this beautifully decorated restaurant with an open kitchen in the middle?


The service was offensively bad. Offensive because it was bad only to our table. We had observed the whole evening that they were all smiley and cheery to other tables except to us. The only difference between us and the other ten tables or so was that we've yellow skin and black hair, get what I mean?

Frankly speaking, the winter melon soup with prawns and ginger was fantastic, with the shredded melon in the generous sized bowl, good for the colder months. The Ma Po Tofu with beef and Chilli Barramundi were acceptable, the minced beef can hardly be seen though. The two were delicious but no big hoo-hah definitely, like Jessie pointed out, Ling Nam probably serves better food. In a way, maybe they do. Their signature dish, Babao Duck was a real turn-off. The duck was stuffed with glutinous rice with chinese herbs, dates, ginger and others. The combination was just so wrong, the duck being tough and dry, the stuffing tasted so-so only without the meat. Well, what can I say if the team in the kitchen would assign something this disgusting as their signature dish?The three appetite-broken women went on to look for some comfort food again. San Churro tonight. What else was better than to have a cup of Aztec and servings of churros on a rainy evening? What's good at the same time is that they do soy option as compared to last night's KKB.Feeling fat from all these sweet treats and big (awful) dinners these two nights. I, however, think it is still healthier than to hide myself at the smoky bars with bottles of Sauvignon Blanc if not the sugary cocktails, right?

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

New Adopted Habits

It's been a month (leave the few missing days in February alone) that I've not spent a single cent on what I already adequately have in my wardrobe and shoe racks. June's hens uniform is an exception as it was a "must". Not only that, I've not stepped foot in the malls or shops as well, to avoid my expenditure accidents. Honestly, there were several times that I had to deal with the withdrawal symptoms - feeling desperate to hit the stores and get a whole new winter wardrobe. It is however safe to say that I've managed to hold myself back with other distractions like cooking, blogging, cleaning and grocery shopping.

Speaking of which, the last has became my new found midnight leisure. It's such a pleasure to spend an hour or so at Coles after midnight, by myself, pushing the trolley aisle after aisle, having all the time to spot the differences between Chris' Homestyle Hommus Dip and Black Swan Traditional Hommus Dip. At most cases, I'll end up taking both home in the name of sample assessment. Oh, not to mention not having to wait at all at the one and only check-out.

For the past two years, I had always been a Saveway girl but I'm now a convert. Coles stocks much more organic products, which I wouldn't think twice in spending my money on; most importantly, they are open 24 hours, great for an owl like myself.

I reckon my upside-down sleep cyle isn't very healthy and productive, partially thanks to my classes that are all allocated not long before the sunset. Most of my activities are carried out in the middle of the night: grocery shopping, cooking big meals, making soup, cleaning, laundry, grooming while I sleep through most of the days, especially days that I don't have to attend classes, with my eye-shade being my best sleep buddy on top of my baby-bolster and Badtz pillow.

I've habituated to sleep with my eye-shade since last year. I am now getting so used to the pitch black illusion while I sleep. I've also discovered something new when I was in KL, plush foam eye-shade and it's absolutely comfortable. It was from Ogawa and my mum couldn't remember how she got it for free but it has definitely became my new best sleep buddy.

Speaking to Rodney now and found out that he just got back from Bangkok with David, Michael and Steven. Steven, the bloke that I introduced to him more than a year ago, has became his buddy, just like how an eye-shade has suddenly became my best sleep buddy. I am still puzzled at why they can become buddy, putting the history of myself with the both of them in to context. Well, not that I'm against it or wanting to be a snoop but you know, out of curiousity.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Plan, Planning, Planned

The best things in life happened when I didn't plan... and they always will be.

After such big mad-arse weekend that I had last week, I was planning to have a quiet weekend this week. Planning being the operative word here if you haven't already noticed. Like many cases in life, things don't usually work out as the way we want them to be when we do actually have a plan. Hence, my party started on Thursday this week, and had been drinking since Tuesday.

Tuesday and Wednesday were under control, a few glasses of wine and went home early, proud of myself. Thursday, however, turned out to be a very memorable evening for myself. The initial idea of meeting up with Sasha for some catching up over a bottle of wine (no more, no less) turned out to be crashing someone's farewell party at Lanai and getting to know some wonderful colleagues of Sasha. The night didn't end after four bottles of wine and more at some other places, in fact, it went on for the whole night and morning, that I didn't quite sleep. It was such a great night but I couldn't help but wonder if things would be different if one is not leaving. Timing plays a big role in life, indeed.

Woke up on Saturday after 5 hours of sleep with a sore stomach, from all the exercising dancing at Lavish on Friday. We've not stopped dancing since we got in the glassroom and trust me when I say we went crazy. Thanks to DJ Chris for his new version of fabulous house music, it was rocking the whole night. Me and my cuckoo friends, as usual hogged the front of the dance floor the whole night doing our usual stuff - dirty dancing to each other, grinding and rubbing each other, going crazy basically. Like Violet would say, the 18s 20s are the one who are suppose to be doing all these but from the look of it, they're no where near us *smug* That had just reminded me that I'm the only 20-something among them, hooray!!!

Ken's plan to go to Alumbra at one-thirty didn't happen as the place was apparently empty. Well, it was pouring and that place is no good for that weather. We then planned to go to Two Floors Up when the night ended at Lavish but it wasn't open. See what I mean when I say everything I/we planned doesn't usually turn out well? Ken then picked up a Goth guy on the street and he told us where we can go at almost five in the morning. Before even asking for our (namely Violet and I) humble opinion, the three boys ran across the street in the rain, followed by Keat and Teri. We had no choice but to follow and got in to the Goth club. A Gothic club I'm talking about. Those animals headed straight to the dance floor. I looked at Violet, Violet looked at me; I told her I wanna go home, she said "let's go"!

With only a few hours sleep, Violet and I had a very late lunch on Chapel St. The traffic yesterday was crazy because of the tunnel closure and I was apparently the second last person to know about the big news. I'm proud to not be the last one though, thanks to Charm *wink*

Met up with June's group for a so-called mysterious bar tour organized by Vince but the mysterious bar wasn't mysterious at all afterall *tongue out* Had a good time having a few drinks with them, followed by a dinner-for-16 at Meshiya. Food was yummy; people were funny; and the company was groovy!

Arrived at Steve's unmentioned birthday party at The Order of Melbourne almost three hours late, taking the gang at dinner with me. I had promised my friends for drinks and dinner first and I couldn't just cancel it because I got invited for some "QUITE" drinks a few days before. The least I could do was to turn up late, phew... like I'm usually on time. My initial plan was to go home after the bar considering I haven't really gotten enough snooze but as you can already tell, my plan just went down the drain, straight.

I was in a way got kidnapped by Violet to Boulevard, the place I so didn't want to be at. I was sitting down most of the night, trying to cool myself down while constantly looking for a spot that I could get some cool fresh air supply. Looking at eye candies? Forget it, you'll never find one at this place. I lost one of my favourite wool cardigan by stupidly leaving it behind the DJ console - now you people understand why I would never leave my things around, especially my handbag, I wouldn't allow it to leave me regardless of how drunk I am or how crazy I get when I dance. For once after a long time that I give my trust and allowed my cardigan to spend some time with the DJ's feet, some idiot took it away from me forever. What can I say when I lost my denim jacket at Keat's birthday bash when we were in a private function room where everyone was everyone's friend? It's now water under the bridge and I shall just look for another light-weight wool jacket as rebound.

I heart Rev!

The blonde had finally agreed to leave the place at three and that's when I gained all my energy back. Revolver was it. Half of the group was at Third Class before and it was apparently very empty despite the good music. Revolver was all fun - funky people, great music, an additional hour for us to play as daylight saving had ended and a starving Lynn drinking milk at four in the morning. The bartender was apparently giving Violet the look when she got that for me from the bar. Of course, which idiot orders milk at the bar? I guess I'm the only one and let me share this with you - this is not the first time. Back in Atmosphere days, I usually get a glass of milk once I'm sitted at our regular table. The waiter just knew what I needed when I got there every weekend, am sure Eleana wouldn't forget this quirky habit of mine.

Got home at half past nine and had the best sleep for these past couple of days. What's left for me now are aching joints, sore feet, hoarse voice and a topsy-turvy apartment.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

I Am Not Falling Sick!

I'm such a loser, in many cases. Simple things like dancing like there's no tomorrow at Lavish when I've told not only myself but the entire world that I'm not stepping foot in there. To a faintly more serious extend, I always utilize my heart more than my head, when I shouldn't be *sigh*

Feeling terrible right now from running around under the rain in the city. Feeling terrible in many senses. A lot had happened in the past 36 hours, for better or worse. For better, it was a good distraction from what that had been holding me back; for worse, I realized that I was thrilled at things that I shouldn't be. I should be old enough to understand the rules of the game but I don't seem to be picking them up.

Perhaps... This isn't really my field?

Know what is the down side of living alone? Falling sick!

I wouldn't use the word "tough", I'd rather use "stubborn" for my case. As for last year, I was stubborn enough to have gotten myself through. As for now, I don't think I can handle myself if I fall sick at this time - I've work to hand-in, I've things to sort, I've parties to attend to, I've no time to waste.

On the other hand, I should be glad that it was pouring. It's my kind of day, only if I didn't have to run around under the rain, giving me this pounding headache from hell. It washed my damn-cool-more-than-dusty red rocket. It took the temperature down. It promises a gloomy chilly day tomorrow. It is suppose to make me excited.

Enough of these rambling, doesn't seem to lead me to anywhere. Maybe I should start to believe in blow-drying my hair so I can go to bed sooner. However...

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Life's About Choices

Haven't been getting much quality sleep these two nights, erm... rather these two mornings I would say. Got woken up by this period cramp like of pain at 8-ish, had to resolve to over-heated aromatic pillow. Woke up again at 12-ish, checked my phone and saw a text message.

It was from this enticing man from KL that appeared for a very short time in my life, yet have a great effect on me, let's call him Richard Gere. It's up to you to judge but he does look like the Hollywood Gere. Eleana, don't you agree with me?

He was one of those random men you'll meet at the members areas of the upmarket clubs - older, well-mannered, speaks good English, having a few bodyguards following him around - only differences are that he's Malay and he's good looking. I met him two summers ago at Cynna while I was going through a disastrous break-up recovery.

We kept bumping in to each other every weekend as that was where we go every weekend. Same club, same area, same table, familiar faces. He was definitely different from his mates as he didn't drink at all. I couldn't stop asking him why did he come out just so often hanging on to his soft drinks or water. "I like to see everything with my sober eyes" was his answer, not quite of the religious factor.

I finally agreed on a lunch date with him, after his many unsuccessful attempts. Look, I was then youngER and innocent, going out on a date with a stranger almost double my age wasn't a practice, whether or not I'm attracted to that person. I even had to dragged Eleana to go on the date with me. I arrived unfashionably late (as always) at our agreed venue and got ushered in to the private dining room. My, wasn't it a little too formal for a Sunday lunch?

I took my girlfriend along for a reason - to help make me feel more comfortable - but all she did was stuffing her face with food and guzzling her mug of Guinness before bidding her big "goodbye" to do her shopping. Thank goodness Richard Gere and I had such a good conversation or I might just killed her with my cutleries.

Our lunch went on for 4 hours. I surprisingly enjoyed his company a lot. Found out that he's "someone" in the country (that explains the private dining room, pffftt!); found out that he was (might still be) a modelizer; found out that his good English derived from his overseas studies since before he was a teen; found out that he's indeed very attractive. At the same time, he had taught me a lot, I was like a primary school student listening to his advice. He at the same time offered me a trip to Brazil, of course my answer was NO.

Most importantly, he was the one who effortlessly lead me out of the bottom of my U-curve, namely the break-up. He made me realized what kind of woman I am, and what are the things that I am looking for in life. He made me believe that I shouldn't settle for anything less because I deserve to have the best. Of course I do. I walked out of the restaurant a changed woman, I was up on the ground once again. Till date, Eleana wouldn't stop reminding me of how he had done magic unto me.

He offered me jobs in KL for me to stay but I chose to come back. For the past one year, we haven't been in touch at all. I thought of him from time to time as he was truly a very special person that had a short stint in my life. I couldn't help but wonder what would actually happened if I chose to stay in KL? What if I chose to go to Brazil with him? What if...

Whatever the case may be, he told me in the text message today that he dreamt of me. Such a simple message but it didn't fail to give me that slight tingling feeling. After some back to back messages, I invited him to Melbourne and promised a good time. It is now his turn to pick the choices.

"Hello" is Enough, Thank You

Has anyone felt ill at ease when others are being overtly nice to you, even with no ulterior motives? At times, I do. If they are from my friends, I'll always want more (I'm the demanding bitch who enjoys being showered with lotsa love), however, no thank you to the others. Namely, my building's night-shift security guard.

He's a fatherly middle-aged man with a perpetual smile everytime you see him. He's been taking care of me for the past two years while I'm living in this building, like helping me fix my intercom, looking after my car when I'm not around, letting me in to the carpark or to my floor when I forgot my keys (alcohol killed all my memory cells). Small little things like that.

At most times, we'll have casual conversations whenever I bump in to him. He never fails to give me compliments whenever I see him, whether it's my nails or dress, and of course, ME! All these happened so oftenly, as my activities of going out and coming home happens usually when the sun is down and the stars are blinking up high. I started to hate these conversations when it became repetitious - greetings, compliments, where am I going. To be honest, I'm happy for it to begin and stop at the stage of greetings. I don't quite fancy having to tell people where I'm going and what I'm going to do. For some reasons, I felt like my privacy had been invaded. It's like having someone in the building, knowing what time I go out and what time I return (or not at all).

There were times when he saw me and commented that I resemble my mum. I asked him how did he know, and he told me he saw us in the lift via the CCTV while giving me that smirky face. He obviously thinks he was being smart, pffftt! He'll then sometimes ask about my boyfriend and why did we break up. I mean, give me a break. The last thing I want is to come home to a nosy security who constantly throws questions at me. I've one father and he's in Malaysia, I don't need a second one. Even my dad doesn't ask me that many questions, for f*ck's sake.

I know, I know, he was just being nice and concerned but really, I don't need that. Like there are times when friends dropped me off so I've no choice but walk through the main entrance, feeling rather tipsy from whatever that I've been drinking. He would then flagged me down by running out of his office, chasing after me and started talking to me about the same old shit.

Recently, it got even worse, I think he has a girlfriend of some sort (not sure if he's married but I know he has kids of my age), who pays him visits at his office on a regular basis. She's an English teacher to the young overseas students where English isn't their first language (look how much I know when I didn't even ask *palm hits forehead*). They invited me to join them for some wine and nuts which I subtlely declined. That woman, who I can't remember her name now, was a well-spoken sweet looking lady. For god-knows-what reasons, she spoke to me like a little kid and kept calling me little girl. Excuse me, I know the caucasians have problems judging our age but my height itself can already assure you that I'm no where near little!

Another thing I hate is, like many of you had already know, I sometimes "hangout" with my neighbour. The last thing I want is to have someone that comes up to me and ask me how come you guys hangout together? Since when? Come on, leave me alone! It's my personal issues and please grow to learn to respect that.

Tonight, I pulled over just before my carpark entrance as I was on the phone and didn't want to lose the network while I drive in the carpark. He was across the road with his teacher-girlfriend waving to me, I waved back of course, along with a courteous smile. They walked towards my direction and both stared at me with smiles from one ear to another, waiting for me to wind down the window and speak to them. I grabbed my phone, showed it to them, turned my back against them, and kept talking. I suppose they got what I meant and left me alone, thank goodness.

After parking my car, I was thwarted from getting my mails from the mailbox, which is located right across the office where they spent their quality time at. I wasn't going to put myself through those conversation again and I didn't want to be rude. I have an adversion to talk when I'm home. Guess that's pretty obvious or I wouldn't enjoy living alone so much. For me, going home means going back to peace and quiet, it's all about spending time with myself, doing things I like - make a pot of hearty soup or tea, watch some bad TV, blog or blog-stalking, blast my stereo, stick my nose to the evil fashion magazines, do my chores, call my family/friends...

You didn't read having superficial conversation with the building security and his girlfriend, did you?

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Those Aren't What I Want!

I chanced on this really hot man at Eve on Saturday night. It's been such long time that I've encounter someone who had caught my eyes that way, believe it or not. Sad to admit but I think he does resemble the Health Advisor, the one that I can't help myself from thinking about from time to time, except that he's black and younger. It basically happened like this...

We were both on the dance floor; he checked me out; I checked him out; I told Violet the crazy bitch, she made me danced near him; he left the dance floor for the bar, Violet took me there; I got so nervous, I literally broke into cold sweat, I acted like a wacko; Violet felt like giving me a good big slap; we were back on the dance floor later; both our friends left and we were dancing with each other; we flirted with our EYES (only) for about 10 minutes, none of us said a word (WTF?!? Are we living in the 70s?).

Not long after the mute-flirting, I decided to give up. I went to the bar again, to get some drinks to cool myself down from the anger, I mean, what was wrong with him? It's not that I made things up but my friends did see him checking me out a couple of times, gggrrrRRRrrhhhh!

Okay, so I was at the bar, and this guy Tim came to talk to me, yadda yadda yadda... He told me that he was there for a friend's birthday. Excuse me Mr., did I look like I was interested in knowing? Eventually, he invited me to join him and his friends for some drinks, I crudely said 'no'. He returned to his friends, at the private section, where my hot man was hanging out at, F*ck!!! I should've followed him! At that point, I told myself for the second time, forget it.

Later, I was back on the dance floor again. Saw him and his friend walking towards my direction. His friend, Ronnie, stopped to speak to me, while he walked straight past me. You've no idea how frustrated I was, but I had to tell myself to chill and be cool. Danced with Ronnie for a little before I excused myself to the loo. He invited me to go over to his place for a drink when I feel like. Unfortunately, my skin isn't thick enough to allow myself to go over, it's just not my style.

So that was what happened to the first session of my night - thrilled to finally see someone who get my heart pounding, then frustrated all over for attracting the wrong guys. Besides his two friends, there were this old drunken man who lives in Southbank (hey, I really didn't ask him) and this young looking boy who I think he could be younger than me *big sigh*

At most times, you don't get what you want while the unwanted can't stop bugging you. C'est la vie!

Sexy Teri and myself at Eve

Monday, March 19, 2007

Fifteen then Vue De Monde Again!

I'm dead tired. Missed class today (so did last week's Monday & Tuesday). Okay, I've officially broke my resolution. Many would say that it's expected but...

There shouldn't be 'buts', I know.

What happened was that I partied from 12am til 9.30am on Friday night. Didn't remember what got into us, we partied again on Saturday night from 12am til Monday 1am. It was an awesome weekend, with some mad friends. Some of the usual suspects, one that is back from UK for holiday and three from Queensland. We partied, we talked, we drank, we ate, we dozed off, we got up, we danced, we chill, we ran around, we've done a lot. The host and the hostess were the funkiest, for that almost 30-hour, there was never a dull moment. Big thank you for having me, and big thank you for the company.

Lunch at Fifteen on Friday was surprisingly very good. I didn't expect much taking in to consideration of their negative reviews from Di and Jo. On contrary to what they've told me, the young chefs were good at what they were doing. I have to say that their food can be better than many well established restaurant. Jin thought his steak was the best he has had, no comment on that. The truffle butter that came with the steak was indeed very good, and according to Jin, it was even better than Tetsuya (they serve that with bread though). Jev's Hapuka was incredibly delicious, thanks to me - I made him ordered that because I wanted to eat both the seafood stew and the fish, hence he had no choice but to order the fish on my behalf but the choice was more than a right one. Everything from our entrees to dessert was delicious, not to mention the friendly service staffs. Six thumbs up for the ones behind the open kitchen!Dinner at Vue De Monde was beyond words. As expected, the food was impeccable and this time was even better than my first visit. The caviar and egg dish was my favourite. It looked so great that I had to dig my spoon in before I remember to snap the wonderfully presented first dish of the evening. Initially, I planned to have only the 5-course dinner but I was too weak to resist their gastronome menu. It was a good choice to have a big lunch, as Jin pointed out, as we've both expanded our stomach to fit more food. This time round we had the full course plus wine, which was a great idea as it came up to be cheaper than choosing our own wine. Everything on the menu was new except for the truffle risotto. Every dish was my favourite, especially the caviar, foie gras and the duck. One visit a month to this temple of food will be ideal, if it is at all possible.I heart Vue De Monde!

Heard from Jin and his cousin, Sabrina that VDM is rated higher than Tetsuya! I've never tried the latter but I won't be surprise. I'm definitely making a trip up to Sydney for some fine food fix when I've enough $$$. Tetsuya and Rockpool are definitely on the very top of my list. Hm... food, food and food.

It's good that I've not much of an appetite after all the partying and all these physical stressing. Maybe it's time to allow myself to shrink my stomach to the Malaysian size. I was a little worried that after eating so much irresistable good food with Jin, I'm gonna return to the Aussie stomach.

Hm... time to have some plain congee with xo sauce beef.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Testimonial, What's That?

Booohooo!!! It finally rains, thank god! The past few days had been so hot, I could almost melt. I've been looking forward to this cool change, a good change. Was suppose to be in bed before one but got woken up by my mum's call *frown* haven't been able to fall back to sleep since then, and again, I've been stuffing myself with too much supper, how sinful?

Was browsing through my Friendster and realized that there are a lot of people out there who have a problem learning the meaning of "testimonial".



• noun 1 a formal statement testifying to someone’s character and qualifications. 2 a public tribute to someone and to their achievements.

I believe most of you who have been reading this blog would have no problem comprehending such easy term. Okay, I shouldn't assume as I always believe assumption is the mother of all f*ck-ups. Anyways, if one doesn't know, it doesn't take much effort to check it out from the dictionary.

Back to the point. I saw a lot of people who have a couple of hundreds of the so-called testimonials, which basically are just messages like... "haven't heard from you for a while" or "miss you so much babe" or "thanks for taking me home on Friday, love you". I mean, these belong to the inbox, whether your mobile's or friendster's or whatever mail's that you're using.

Well, I do have to admit that I've a few of these so-called testimonial, and it would be rude for me to reject them but... if you ask me, I'd rather not receive anything than to have something in the wrong place. I've also deleted many of those graphic "testimonials" that you can copy and paste its html, you know what I'm talking about. I'm sorry but I can't stand them hence I had to delete them. Today, I received one from an old college mate who tried to advertise his new phone shop by saying something like...

"How are you? Are you happy with your phone? If you're not, please call *&%&^$&*%*"

Sorry it's now safely in the trash and you can now go f*ck yourself, if you're not happy.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Bring It On, my Gingerboy!

Jin Loong is in town!!! That rich kid is coming over for the Melbourne Grand Prix. Not only that, he will then fly back to KL again to watch the Sepang Grand Prix, pffft... I'm so jealous. Well, as one said, if a person can fly back to Melbourne for Summadayze, why can't another fly back to KL for Grand Prix. Right!

One great thing that Jin and I have in common is that we both love dining in beautiful restaurants that serve yummy food. We're willing to pay as long as the package is good - good food, good service, good ambiance. We've got both lunch and dinner sorted out for Friday, and we're going to my favourite restaurant in Melbourne for dinner on Friday *jumping up and down* I've decided not to go Alice McCall, Zimmermann and True Religion warehouse sales this weekend, because I would rather spend them on food.

Tonight, we explored Gingerboy, chef Teague Ezard's new baby, an asian fusion restaurant, which the premise was previously occupied by Madam Fang. I wasn't too surprise to have arrived at this crampy restaurant where each and every table was taken by the devoted foodie on a Wednesday evening. We waited at the small but chic bar for about half an hour before we could get a table but really, we didn't mind. The place is enormously stylish despite the limited space. Just found out that it was designed by the same architects at Vue De Monde, lovely!

Mr Ezard had done his job so well, I was very impressed by the fact that my sky-high expectations were met. If you ask me, I would say I enjoyed tonight's dinner more than at Ezard. Well, I'm not saying the latter wasn't good but he has really done an absolutely great job tonight.

We started with 'smoked trout and avocado salad, betel leaves, coconut dressing' which tasted a little like the yee sang (low hei). It was so yummy that I had to use my spoon to scoop every single drop of dressing left on the small little plate.
Two different fishes were ordered for main (uhh... so healthy!) - 'whole fried snapper, roasted chilli dressing, lychee salad' and 'steamed sea bass, asparagus, soy and ginger dressing'. Let me tell you, the soy and ginger dressing that came in an extra bowl was extremely delicious. It tasted slightly like the tempura sauce but 10 times better! Jin and I basically showered our rice with that, hmm... yummm! I'm missing it. The fried snapper was great as it was crunchy on the outside and tender in the inside, and the dressing with lychee salad was a good balance between sweet and sour. Well done!
Last but not least, and the best of all was the 'lemongrass and lime creme brulee with tropical fruit salsa'. My goodness, it was one of the best creme brulee I've ever had. I would say that it is on par with the ones at France Soir, yes, it was THAT good! Sensational.
Jin had also ordered this 'Gingerboy chilli condiment' where I've learned that sambal is sometimes called the "chilli jam" here, cute!

Milyn, if you're reading this, let's go next week, I need to try the other stuff on their menu. Guess this will be my new weekdays-casual-dining-room. Besides Gingerboy, I was and will be trying to take Jin to as many bars as possible for these coming few nights, understanding that he will has to be in bed early for the race on Friday and Saturday night. I've took him to Riverland, Madame Brussel and St. Jerome tonight as I thought we should take the opportunity of this great warm weather to be at outdoor.

Looking forward to our lunch with lotsa sunshine below my place and thank you for dinner tonight. I've god a bad feeling of losing my waist again over the weekend. Guess I just can't have my cake and eat it, can I?

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Those Really Crappy Kinda Movie

I'm uploading the silly videos from my camera and phone to Youtube. Email me to get the links if you're interested in viewing them but let me warn you, they are crappy and stupid but funny.

Caught a trashy movie with Jev, Jo, Di, Darren and Ting, The Hitcher. Geez... it was the most crappy movie I've watched for the past 12 months. It was all Jev's fault. Our plan was to catch Bobby at 9pm but the gang had a late dinner, hence Jev suggested The Hitcher. Frankly speaking, I was totally against the idea but I was craving for a movie. I arrived at Crown thinking that I'll watch Music & Lyrics while they watch the rubbishy never-pick-up-strangers movie but Jev talked me in to watching it together and promised that I get to choose the next movie. So there I was, laughing at the poor production, the zero characters development, weak plot and senseless actions while I constantly yawned my way through the movie, not forgetting to check on the time every 10 minutes. I was so glad that it didn't last long, well, what else is there to show anyways?

And why would Sean Bean be acting in this kind of movie??

I think I'm coming down with something - my throat is itching, nose is a little runny and eyes are watery. Not happy!

I'm currently missing something badly - heavy rain with thunderstorm and lightning. We hardly get that here in Melbourne, very rare as compared to back home. Besides my family and friends, this is what I'm missing, really. Not the food, not the clubs, but the rain. Here I am, wishing upon the clouds, that it will pour soon, real soon.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Future Music Festival 2007

Also known as June's Hens Party

It was abso-f*cking-lutely awesome! Same venue and same setup as Summadayze, even the said-to-be magic mushrooms that me and Violet was drooling over was there. The only difference was that the music was 10 times better than Summadayze. It was rocking all the way from the moment we got in. The DJs lineup was fantastic. For Summadayze, the star was Bob Sinclair and he pretty much screwed it up. As for Future Music Festival, all DJs played relatively great, was a little disappointed with Carl Cox though. But trust me, once we had gotten in to the main arena, it was pumping and rocking all the way, and Ferry Corsten was fabulous.

There were 3000 more people on top of the number of people that attended Summadayze. Let me do the maths - Summadayze was 28,000 I heard, so FMF would've come up to 31,000. Well, I guess it was because the following day is a public holiday while people still need to go to work on the next day after Summadayze. God damn it, no wonder the ladies was like a mad house! I went to the main arena's toilet twice. The first time the girls still knew how to queue, but the second time round, f*cking hell, they had no manners. No queueing, lotsa pushing and stepping on each other, yelling and swearing. The little toilet was jammed up by at least 40 girls!?! Everyone had to literally fought their way to pee or do whatever shit they needed to.

Vum, Adrian, Chris & co came in to where we were - the middle of the highest stage at the main arena *giggle* - after queuing for an hour and a half. Knowing that, we refused to leave that area. Believe me, we've got the best spot of all, and we were dancing right in front like the rockstars *can't stop giggling* Jevon got up so late that he had missed most of the day, and ending up at the dance floor, which wasn't too great of a choice. And god bless us, we girls did not sit for 8 hours since 2-ish in the afternoon till it finished, and I've not stopped dancing except for when I pee.

June reckoned that I was praying to Allah most of the time, oh my... it was just too funny. June looked freaking cool in her shades while bringing the raver in her back; Kennii couldn't stop applying her lip gloss every 20 minutes; Eva was pretty smacked, holding the side of the stage half of the time and got turned off from going to the loo because of our complains; Michele and Meghan went to Underground and when they eventually came back, Michele was too tired she needed to squat; while Meghan was still rocking.

However, we had done well by...
  1. Dancing in great style
  2. Looked pretty all day (thanks to June who put on blusher for us, hence no pale looking zombies)
  3. I managed to control my lips movement *wink*
  4. We were too cool in our hens party uniform.
  5. All had such a good time, I wished I could turn back time.

These girls are just a bunch of good fun, just why didn't I meet them earlier? All June's fault! However, better late than never. We got back to a service apartment with two men who helped us checked-in, with a freezer of popsicles and a table full of bananas!!?!! Well, popsicles wasn't quite my kind of thing but thanks for the bananas. According to Desmond, it was suppose to help us gain more energy, hm... Kennii and I was like two dead fishes. Michele was doing well, she looked great while Meghan and June looked absolutely straight. The night ended with the boys coming over ready to party, but ended up lounging around after some dried cabbage. My phone couldn't stop ringing because the two crazy sluts around the corner couldn't stop ringing and texting. I passed out when the mad people stopped talking, and when I've decided to silent my phone so then I couldn't hear the phone calls from the two crazy sluts.

Boys and girls, let me present you the pictures...

Thursday, March 08, 2007

I've Got Tagged Too... by Steph!

These are the rules: Each player of this game starts out by giving 6 weird things about themselves. People who get tagged need to write in a blog of their own 6 weird things as well as state the rules clearly. In the end, you need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list their names. After you do that, leave them each a comment letting them know you tagged them and to read your blog!
  1. I can hardly fart! Yes, you heard me right. I burp very much but I've trouble farting. According to my naturopath, I'm this way because I've got a weak digestion, hence the wind doesn't get a chance to go down south most of the time. Instead, it goes up north. So if you smell something funny when we're in the same room, trust me when I say it's not me.
  2. I rarely eat my greens, I'm kinda picky. Cooked vege - big no no. Salad - moderately. What's weird is that if you blend them in to juice - any greens is fine. I don't like the texture of them being chewed in my mouth, the crunchiness. Salads are an exception.
  3. I have difficulty breathing with my mouth even when I've got a congested nose. And when that happens, I usually have to stay up the whole night, trying to clear my nose. I would choke on myself in sleep when my mouth is open and I try to breathe through it. Good thing is that I can never snore as my mouth will always be shut.
  4. I'll end up sneezing almost everytime after some intense coughing out of throat irritation (not the normal kinda coughing).
  5. I'm afraid of dropped hair. Hair on the carpet, hair on the bathroom floor, hair basically. Ooosshh, sends me shivers.
  6. My mood swing. Comes quick, goes quick. I can have it in the middle of having good fun. Not funny, but true. It just hits me like that, unexpectedly, but well prepared.
Now, you guys...
  1. June C
  2. Angela
  3. Kaixin
  4. Kimberly
  5. Panty Snatcher (secret-secretly)
  6. Suanne

Sir, I've Got an Addiction!

I am deeply in love with Riverland, merely because it managed to cheer me up totally, or was it Dan who did the job? It's definitely more than a bar, it's a joint where I can sit by the Yarra River among good looking people and babble non-stop, and nobody gives two damns! It's by far my favourite place in Melbourne, perhaps it had really made my day. While it's still warm at times, I promise to have breakfast there as much as I can. Sensational was the place.

News out of the bag - Dan is now a recording artist! He won some singing competition and he gets to release his own album, all written and performed by himself, on top of other prizes. Well, 6 out of 7 are written by him. I'm so proud of him. He is also performing at a restaurant every Thursday at Glen Waverly, one of you guys would have to go with me one day. The professional golfer has stopped DJ-ing after having to juggle between his music, golf and being a therapist for the blind. Geez... I'm so jealous, Daniel!

It's totally a shame for us to not have caught up for the entire 2006. I really don't remember what I've been up to last year, why was I so busy all the time? It wasn't a productive year for sure, but time just slipped away too quickly, so quick that it sometimes freaks me out.

Jevon reckoned that I've shrunk. HooOOOoooorrrrrraay!!! If he was right, then my dream had came true - shedding some pounds while I eat whatever I feel like at anytime, supper every night and no exercise. To be honest, I've not been on any diet but I've just developed the Malaysian stomach, as classified by Milyn. I used to be able to finish a three-course dinner by myself while dining with her at most times, however, after my trip home, I've adapted to the Malaysian portion of food. These days I feel sick after eating too much, in some ways, good for me. Secondly, I guess I've lost my water retention that I had before from all the sweating in Asia, it's just too hot, and I'm one who sweats easily.

Hence, my secret to shedding the pounds - live in Asia! I reckoned I've eaten more than most people back home but to compare to people here, pffftttt... I'm nothing. Boooo... I'm down-graded, so Milyn said.
On another note, I've been snacking badly tonight. I was stuffed yet the first thing I did after I planted my fat-ass on my couch was to reach for my Godiva that is conveniently placed on my left coffee table, together with my Lindt box set and Koko Black's bar from Milyn. And the Tasmanian orange flavoured one from Jessie. I am regretting for not getting the 45 pieces Godiva.

Folks, listen up - None of you are buying me chocolates for the next eight months. Enough. I had a hard time recovering from the addiction a couple of years ago, and it won't be funny if I have a relapse. Having one or two a few times a week is a pleasure, having to have them everyday or I will not feel well is an addiction.

Speaking of addiction, I'm currently habituated to something but trust me, I won't allow it to last long. Let me finish up with what I have in hands, and I'll take a break from it, just to let myself know that I'm not emotionally hooked on to it.

I've so much to share, so much that I don't know where to begin and where to start. Too much had happened to my insignificant simple life, fluctuation of emotion, the unusual events and feelings that I've developed for the usual bustle or people. Gush of good news from the deeply loved and missed place.

Let me finish up my piece of writing for tomorrow's before I resume. Erm... actually I don't quite mind having some Godiva for Easter. They ship internationally on their website *cough*

Wednesday, March 07, 2007


"I love rainbows too! I believe at the end of rainbows, there are flows of rainbow coloured smoothies into a pond. There's a village where lovely people lives. No polution, no war. It's almost another heaven. And you can even slide down from the rainbow, only if you're willing to climb the invisible stairs.

Hmm... and a sea of chocolate and spice!"

Wrote this to Angela after reading her rainbow entry.

Took a walk below my place after I got home, weather's great but I didn't feel that way. Had eight reversed-gaf within the span of 80-mins, has that became a habit that has secretly creeped in to me while I wasn't monitoring? From the surface, looks like it. Deep inside, I wish not. I'm just not being myself for these two weeks, it's safe to say that it was since my return.

I've been thinking quite a bit, scrutinizing the issues. As a matter of fact, I don't quite know what's going on and no thank you, I don't need a drink or two. Coffee will do. Speaking of which, I had a skinny-soy-latte this evening during my break. If you know me, you'll know that I'm almost a strict tea drinker, with the occasional chocolate break. But today, sigh... I could hardly open my eyes at my second lecture, like my garage door wanting to shut while I violently push the button on the remote, but the battery was flat. It was really bad or I won't be the first to dash out of class to seek for caffeine aid.

For a person like me, of course it helped. The caffeine attack was pretty full on. Good for me. Just wish I won't be hooked.

Willing to share? - Not really.

A big hug and thank you to June, it was such a relief to be at your place. I think Desmond is pretty afraid of me now, the non-stop talking, talking, talking. Erm... gossiping, gossiping, gossiping to be right? Guess the next time I'm dropping by, he'll ask us to go to a cafe instead, opppss! And sweetie-pie Milyn, what can I say about her? Too sweet, too observant, know me too well, but really, nothing much for me to talk about.

Bumped in to Louis at Coles, after him calling my name for god knows how many times...
"oh...oh... hi Louis, how are you?"
"hey, you okay? Are you awake?"
"erm... huh... yeah, I'm good"
(looked at the stuff I was loading onto the cashier)
"you having a barbecue or something?"
"no, just feel like shopping, so I buy food, I will eat 'em eventually, better than to buy shoes, you know..."
"these are not for one person, are they?"
"yes, they are"
"leave me alone!"Another new one right below my place, can't help but to snap it and send a picture message to Jo.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Another Couple Tying the Knots

Congratulations, Katie and Raymond!

They've finally decided on the date for their big day - 11th of November, fantastica! Just in time to be back for their beautiful spring wedding after buzzling KL wedding of June and Desmond's. I'm really upset with the fact that I can't make it for Cheryl's wedding on the 24th of November, as well as Wei Kuan's on the 8th of December, both in KL. You've no idea how I much I want to be there but... sigh! Can someone be kind enough to sponsor my air tickets?

Had a good dinner with Keat and Ken at Sarti, can't be f*cked with my money saving plan tonight. For some reasons I was feeling totally drained by the end of my class, all I could think of was to have a good meal. Hence, like the week before, I joined the mr and mrs for dinner. I initially planned to grab something from Coles on my way home and cook something up but heck, too tired. Guess pampering myself with a good meal on the miserable Mondays isn't too much, afterall, I've been a good girl.

I've received my first birthday gift of 2007 - air tickets to Tasmania! Thanks Joanne, you're such a darling. We've planned to visit Tassie just a month ago as we thought we shouldn't be wasting anymore moolah on Sydney and Melbourne, which we've been too many times. Brisbane last year made us realized that there are so much more for us to see and do, other than our own cities. So there won't be shopping for me for a long time, I'm gonna save for my holidays, Tassie, Hawaii, ski trips, KL, Koh Samui, Hong Kong, and fingers crossed - Queenstown to ski more!

And my academic new year resolution - attending every single class!

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Last Day of Lunar New Year

It's the last day of Chinese New Year and I'm missing home. Haven't had this feeling for the past almost three years. Finally put in the effort to clear my wardrobe, removed at least half a hundred pieces that I believe I won't wear anymore. Believe it or not, half of them are brand new, or I've only wore once. Well, these are the mistakes I made when I was youngER, I rarely buy items that I don't make full use of these days. Phew... feel so great after getting some things done, perhaps subconsciously I wanted to get it done before the end of the celebration of a new beginning. Hopefully my friends will be able to fit into them, or it'd be such a waste. Would rather give them to my friends than to sell it off, at least I know my friends are good people.

Went to McDonald's drive thru and realized I've only two bucks with me. Thank goodness I've not place my order. Had to drive around the city to find a machine which was bright enough and wasn't too quiet. I got a little paranoid getting money from the machine at 3-ish in the morning, afraid of getting robbed, especially hearing what Milyn had told me - blood in front of St George's ATM, must've been robbed and injured.

Anyways, these are some pictures taken a couple of days before I left KL.

Personalized Dot Com

Two early nights in a row, proud of myself in some ways. Perhaps I've just gotten back from KL, or perhaps I'm not in the mood, or maybe the PMS (POST Menstrual Syndrome). I don't know. Was really frustrated at Boulevard when I had to wait almost forever to get a drink, I gave up half way. Jackie was nice enough to get us all drinks, and I broke her glass, opppsss... I'm such a walking disaster. When I finally got a chance to buy everyone a drink, they ran out of cranberry juice and I had to wait again, WTF? Guess it just wasn't my night. On top of that, I didn't have a proper dinner - Lynn's an angry woman when she's hungry. That basically explains why I was having "that look" the whole evening.

Didn't get to sleep until before the sun rose, was too anxious to get up in the morning. I'm not a morning person, as in not before noon. So getting up at ten was a big deal to me. I tried my best but I was still a 15-minute late in meeting up with June. We had a great time catching up, shopping and wafting our anger through some serious bitching, I know - bad, bad, bad! I'm the bad influence, or was it her that got me started for the day?

Finally managed to get June's hens party outfit. Honestly, it's a little lame but look, we're suppose to look funny in our so-called uniform. Will definitely post up pictures after the event next week. I'm seriously looking forward to it.

Had a good time with June and her friends, Eva and Kennii. They were not only not fierce, they were really nice to be with too. Can't help but to laugh at myself that I was a little worry before that they are going to be unfriendly. Glad to know that Kennii is another "one of those girl", a little like what I am. Maybe I should say, I'm a little like what she is!

Thanks to Angela's detailed instruction, I've gotten my own domain. Guess by time you read this post, my new domain has finally worked. Boys and girls, please put your hands together for my new virtual play ground:

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Look At Me, Baby

Was about one and a half hours late in meeting up with LAMB (Look At Me, Baby), as it was too hot out there, I was too lazy to get up from my couch and to get ready. He obviously couldn't wait anymore and came to get me from my place. I had to run down with no choice, after a good shower and dressed up of course.

LAMB wanted to take me for dinner but I wasn't hungry. He then suggested to go to Riverland which was great as I was meant to go there this evening, if I wasn't procrastinating and pissing my friends off. To our surprise, there was a long queue to get down to Riverland, damn! Being as arrogant as LAMB has always been, he refused to be in a queue and we ended up at Transport.

Had a long chat, about things that he's been unhappy with, as well as what I've been up to. Yes, LAMB was right, it's been a long time that we've been out just the two of us. He said he didn't really fancy going for drinks in such a big group as he couldn't really speak to me, yet I seem unwilling to go out with just him alone. If you ask me, I'll have to admit that I was a little afraid of going out with him alone, as I felt that it's not quite right. But come to think about it, what is so wrong about catching up with a friend, who's been really nice to me? Pfffttt, I don't know!

Anyways, he's been having a rough time since he got back from his holidays in Asia in January. According to him, he needed to see me as I'm capable in cheering him up. I don't know what I did, and I'm sure I've done nothing but I'm really glad to see that he had left his problems behind him at the time we walked out of the bar. It might not last for long but it feels really good to know that somebody actually feels good being around me, without me trying hard to make him feel good. I believe I've helped.

At last, I've accepted his Christmas gift to me, which I didn't intend to accept. It's quite a big gift and I felt a little weird accepting the gift. But since I've already physically accepted it and there's nothing much I can do about, I've bought him a beer in return. Don't laugh! It's not the value that matters, it's the thought! He then asked me what I want for my birthday, god... it's almost two months away. I was too scared to say anything, and honestly, I can't think of anything except for a new two-bedrooms apartment and a new car *chuckle* I said I wanted only a simple dinner. Well, as a friend, his Christmas gift is enough for both the occasion. I honestly feel very grateful for that already.

Got home early because I felt really bad for coming with LAMB and not going with him. Had to leave my friends there and had LAMB to send me home. Come to think of it, that's good for me as I'm suppose to get up early tomorrow to see June. We've some gossips with body language to deal with! Can't wait...

Friday, March 02, 2007

So You Think It Was Me Who Wanted To...?

I sometimes help people around in getting what they want, and got mistaken as wanting that to myself most of the time. For example, Lulu wants to buy a pack of ciggarette and she's feeling too embarrassed to (for some strange reasons). Me, being the supportive one in most cases, whether it's right or wrong, would offer my help in getting things done for friends. People around would then just be shallow enough to look at the surface and conclude that I'm the one who in fact wanted to smoke, and I'm making Lulu smoke at the same time. For that, Lulu kept quiet and can't be bothered at all to explain anything.

That was just an example of what happened, what really happened was perhaps more or less than that.

Whatever it is, there's nothing much I can do. My true friends should know what kind of person I am. I have nothing to hide yet I loathe explaining myself. A good friend then asked me, "why do you have to be ms-stupid-yet-nice to do things as such to help others but not yourself, haven't you learned your lesson?" Well, I really don't know. Disappointed with those who kept quiet and those who made judgment? No doubt about it.

Time to send out my CV, rent increased, fine to pay, debts to clear, upcoming bills bills and bills. It's so hot right now, I can't help but to put my air-conditioning on full blast, AGAIN!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Strict Budget

Found it, finally did, in between my shoes. Don't ask me how it has ended up there, I have no idea. At least I don't have to worry that someone will be able to break in to my car to take away my Nelly Furtado's album *chortle*

Got pulled over by the cops. I had absolutely no f*cking idea of what happened, not before I got to speak to the cops. I was apparently driving a 55km/h on a 40km/h zone. I wasn't aware of the speed limit to be honest, and I ironically got fined just below my apartment. Well, now I know. But having to fork out an extra 215 bucks isn't helping in my current financial crisis at all. On top of that, there will be another 3 demerit points. Look, I don't have many points left hence I'm in fact in a very dangerous situation.

I was confounded but it's over, what has been done can't be undone. I'll have to drive strictly according to the speed limit from today onwards, no drink driving at all, and eat in for three weeks straight. Eating out means only budget meals are allowed, no more proper sit down dinner, and fine dining is off my list for at least a month, before everyone's birthdays.

Looking at the bright side, at least I've found my car keys. Thank goodness!

Dude, Where Are My Keys?

I never knew laughter cures hangovers, thank god I've June. Babe, I love you long time! Had way too much last night, Tuesday night I mean. Well, I didn't intend to get drunk (but who does?). Had dinner and went for my groceries shopping (again), and dropped by for a drink or two, intentionally. But it ended up with eight bottles, or more I guess, pfffttt!

I didn't remember how I drove home (I swear that will be my last time driving home drunk like a blardy idiot). All I knew was that, I shall get my meat and frozen food in to the freezer, and I did, right before my bottle of Absolut fell out of the freezer and shattered to a million pieces. Well, I couldn't be bothered as I was in a rush to hug my toilet boil and chucked my heart out. As I was doing that, I saw blood on my feet - I cut myself. How stupid can someone be? Fine. I cleaned my wounds, applied tea tree oil, which I spilled all over my bathroom, and somehow managed to remove my make-up (only realized that when I got up this morning), and crawled up to my bed naked. Imagine you've to clean up your kitchen with a hangover in the morning, no joke!

Look at it this way - I managed to get home without crashing my car; I managed to undress; I managed to remove my make-up on an auto-pilot mode; I puked only in to the toilet bowl as I always manage to do. Not too bad afterall. But there's something that upsets me till now...


It's definitely in my building as I drove, I parked, and I locked. I definitely had dropped it on my way up to my apartment, from the carpark. Checked with my building manager just before and there's no keys in sight, so far. Oh god, please help me in this one, I really do need my keys. I drove out with my spare keys tonight but... I'm serious about this, please give me my keys. It's not funny. Violet laughed at this but let me tell you, it's not at all funny.

On another note, had an evening out with the girls, and boys. This is one of the many things I miss in Melbourne, the afterwork drinks, the bitching and drinking. And tonight, Patrick had given me a shock in some way. For someone who believes in love, for someone who believes in marriage, for being with someone he isn't in love with. Just tell me, what is he doing?

I personally believe in love. Well, I've always think of myself as a romantic realist. I believe in love and I'm looking for love, the out-of-the-way, nonsensical, sweep-me-off-my-feet kind of love. And I was a little worry, when, just when would I be one of the many Patricks around, where I don't really care anymore, I don't really give a damn, although I believe, but I'm not practising. The thought of it has already sent shivers down my spine. I do not want that, but I guess I can't really do anything about that, if it really happens.