Friday, August 31, 2007

Tasmania: the Road Hog Cows

I was in Tasmania with Mozzie Jo for the first time about two months ago. Mozzie Jo got me the air tickets for my birthday. So off the bimbos went on a trip. Two nights in Launceston and three nights in Hobart. Flew in to Launceston and we drove around for the following days in our rented Mitsubishi Outlander. I was the driver and Mozzie Jo was the navigator who couldn't differentiate between right and left, east and west. It was basically a bimbo vs. bimbo situation.At one time while I was driving, a herd of cows was hogging the road and I couldn't go anywhere except for stopping the car. I had never seen so many cows in my way on the road before and I went...

"lock the doors, lock the doors," and I locked the doors. Within seconds I went
"take the camera, take pictures!" and so we did.

Two minutes later, Jo turned to me and said...

"what's with locking the doors? You expect the cows to come over and open our doors and rob us?"

Thursday, August 23, 2007

So Today's Thursday

...and I thought it was Wednesday.

I was buying some flowers at that small little stall at the corner of Toorak Road and another road that I don't know its name. The guy was chatting with me and asked me how was my day.

"man... I'm really tired. Can't believe it's only mid week"
"tomorrow will be the end of the week"
"no, tomorrow's not the end of the week!"
"oh... so you work weekends, don't you?"
"no, I don't"
"so tomorrow's the end of the week for you"
"no, it's not! Another day to go"

I guess he couldn't be f*cked arguing with me and I had no idea that I was confusing him. I got the flowers with two dollars discount, crossed the road and jumped into the car. Not until 5 minutes ago that I realized, tomorrow is the end of the week, it is Friday.

The retard in my class today had gotten me so angry, the fume must've messed up my thoughts. We were having some group work in class, and a person from the group would casually present our idea to the class. I would say that my group members for today were very 'creative' and were full of suggestions. It took us forever to agree with each other on a decision. Well, doesn't matter. When it came to the presentation, this Mr Weird Accent volunteered to present and had decided to ignore our agreed answers and started blabbing his own answers *roll eyes*

The rest of what happened isn't important anymore. I'm exhausted today. And I need to attend a farewell bowling session now when I can't even open my eyes, ppffft!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Real Thing - Gwen Stefani

I was at Gwen Stefani's concert on the Friday before Falls. Performance was only 1.5 hours, a tad too short for the price one had to pay. To be honest, she isn't much of a singer but a great performer. Her performance rocked! And her body, my god... I would die to have a body like hers. Those abs and arms, can you tell that she is a mother?

You're a salty water ocean wave
You knock me down, you kiss my face
I know the storms will always come
But I still love to have you around

Heaven knows what will come next
So emotional, you're so complex
A rollercoaster built to crash
But I still love to have you around

You're the one I want and it's not just phase
You're the one I trust, our love is the real thing
Don't go away
My love (my love)
I want you to stay
In my life
Don't go away
My lover (my love)
I'm happiest when we spend time (it's only you and I)

Exactly how I was feeling on that evening...

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Post NZ Blue

For a person who usually goes to bed at before the sun rises and wakes up a couple of hours before the sun sets, it took her a lot of "inner strength" to get her arse off the bed at 0600 almost every morning. I'm not blowing my own horns but I think I deserve some applauses from everyone for this little achievement.

It was a pain at the beginning of the trip when the alarm went off in the morning. I couldn't help but to snooze it a couple of times before I dragged myself out of bed. Towards the end of the trip, however, I was improving. I didn't have to set my alarm because I would be up once my beloved room mate, Eva, got up. No more whinging about how sleepy I was and how I couldn't opened my eyes.

The trip was awesome with great company and lotsa laughter. Our daily routine usually consists of getting up at 6am, have our breakfast and pack our lunch, ski/board for about 6 hours each day excluding lunch time, starving in the car on the way home while dying to have a Ferg and some vodka/gin/whisky/any form of alcohol, shower, big dinner, drink, drink, drink then sleep and cycle repeats itself. I thought it was one of the healthiest trip I've ever been (despite the drinking and fatty fast food on some nights) as I don't think I've exercise so much after my gymnastics days in primary school and ballet days up till before college. I've somehow managed to shed some pounds although I was eating a high-carb diet every 3 hours (James, you can start laughing at me again!) throughout the trip.

I've practised to let go of things that I used not to be able to - travel light and casual. I did bring a big suitcase but trust me that I've brought much less unnecessary stuff with me. I washed my clothes during the trip. Another thing was that I brought with me NO make-up at all this trip and I couldn't be f*cked whether we're going to fancy restaurants/bars or not. I felt comfortable in my own skin and I thought it was a rare break for myself and my skin. I went partying on the last Saturday in flats and bare face, yet I felt comfortable except for a little hot in my knitted top.

Traveling really does help you know your friends. To be honest, I wasn't 'that' close with this group of monkeys before the trip but I felt like they were my family during the trip. Being in the apartment day and night with 8 people allows you and others to see the real self. Everyone was fun-loving and easy to get along with which made this trip an enjoyable and memorable one. As we were saying "you're my friend if you've seen me after a long day of ski/board-ing - look terrible, sweaty and tired". Very true! In these 11 days, I've learnt that...

1) I can function in the morning (although still quite slow)
2) I can share bathroom with other people
3) I can't cook but I can load and unload dishes in and out of MY washer
4) I can eat as much as I want (or more than usual) and lose weight if I ever care to exercise
5) I can get on a natural high with food
6) Vince can be a talent for hair gel tv commercial
7) we should "put it out there" as taught by CJay
8) James needs ginseng + red bull
9) Eva is still my friend after I embarrassed myself in public
10) Michele, like myself, has to be in the front seats or we will get sick
11) Hye Jin shares a lot of same interest with me, e.g. art and culture
12) Ilya can cook, can ski, can board and can help you up when you fall

Woke up yesterday feeling rather depressed that I'm back in Melbourne and there's no more Cardrona or Remarkables for us. No more packing my sandwiches in my ski jacket, no more Fergs, no more drinking ourselves silly, and no more strolling on the streets of the quaint little Queenstown. Can't wait till the next season and fingers crossed if I get enough $$, Hakuba in Feb/March.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I Do Sports

My left knee is half dead. It was injured when I was in Falls and the intense exercising that we're doing on the slopes is making it worse. I can't even walk properly. The bruises that I have gotten all over my body aren't as sexy as tattoos unfortunately. One of my fingers is injured and it hurts now when I'm exercising it on my keyboard. Haven't been getting my "minimum 8 hours, ideally 12 hours sleep" at all.

Despite all of those mentioned above, I'm having a ball! I am totally in love with the snow and the slopes. They totally rock and the more I do it, the better I have control over my skis and pick up more speed. From falling and couldn't get up on a green to parallel down the blues made me very happy, really. Now I believe that I can actually do it! Can you believe Lynn actually enjoys sport? I couldn't believe myself.

So when I return to Melbourne, I'll have to start planning to get a bank loan for Hakuba next year. June and Desmond, I can't resist temptations! Can I pick up a couple of thousand on the street next week?

Can't wait for a massage when I return Melbourne, and probably some visits to the physio *frown*

Friday, August 10, 2007

Love from NZ

Greetings from Queenstown!

This charming little town isn't as cold as I had expected it to be. Went on the Milford Sound cruise with the ladies and it was pouring the whole day. We had a good time regardless and I'm now called the Chuckie-without-alcohol-influence #1. I threw up after the almost-5-hour road trip and threw up after the cruise. To solve Michele and my motion sickness problem, we both had to be in the front seat so both of us had to take turns to drive. Not bad at all, better than to puke my way down.

The girls took me to get my first Fergburger in my life. It was, like told by everyone who had tried, very yummy! I had the Fergburger with Swiss cheese today, it was delish but, yes, there is a but, it didn't sweep me off my feet. Cjay reckoned that was because I have not met the 'right' burger. So I'm now on a mission to try as many Fergs as possible on the menu, in search of my Right Burger, that sweeps me off my feet!

Alright, I shouldn't be antisocial. Time to drink as we get to sleep in a little tomorrow before some hardcore skiing next week, which promises 6am up every morning, sob...

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Falls Creek Aug 07

I was up in the snow on the weekend, with Wei Liang, Leroy and May, my new found twin sister. I've to say this is by far the best snow trip (pun intended) for me (okay, I've only been to two!). Snow was good this year and I was doing much better than last year until my idiot friend Wei Liang 'forced' me down a blue run.We had just gotten off the chairlift and he suggested we try a new run before I go for my private lesson in 20 minutes time. So I agreed with him and told him I'm really new and I can't do blue. He said don't worry, he had checked it out, it was too easy, just straight down. Of course it was just straight down, straight, steep and all the way effing down! So I had no choice as I was in the middle of no where, it's either I walked up the slop or skied down. Of course I chose the latter and half way through the 'so exciting' journey, I tumbled down and hurt bad. I got up and attempted to strive my way down to the chairlift that wasn't even in sight at that time. I fell again and again like there were no tomorrow and started cursing like I had never before.

To cut and fuming and hilarious story short. Wei Liang had to carry my skis for me while I walked down and get the chairlift up. I was 30 minutes late for class and there was no money back. I got traumatized and my instructor needed me to practise some 'relaxation exercise' and calmed me down before he could teach me anything new. F*cking Wei Liang, if I had the energy, I would've taken off my ski and hit it straight to your face!

Other than that, the trip was great with good company. May and I met each other a day before the trip through the boys and we couldn't believe how much alike we are. We like the same thing, think similarly, and my birthday is one day after hers in the same year. How bizarre?! Leroy was also a lot of fun although I've met him for 3 years now but we didn't really get to know each other until this trip.

Dinner at Milch was decent with a good bottle of Chardonnay and friendly service. Second night's dinner at our hotel, Attunga was also fabulous.

Kudos to our designated driver, Wei Liang, who didn't even has a sip of alcohol, drove us all back safely in Melbourne in 4.5 hours including the pit stops! We were speeding all the way and the three of us couldn't give two f*cks as we were all smashed from the moment we woke up. We stayed in the hotel lounge and had so much fun eating, drinking and chatting. Good company for sure. The journey home abso-f*cking-lutely rocked! Can't wait to get the pictures on the slopes that are all in Wei Liang's camera as I couldn't be bothered getting my camera out in the cold.

Hawaii: All Else That I Can Remember...

Food was generally huge in portion. These American (and tourists including us) had burgers and Coke for brekkie. I was missing my herbal tea or the occasional long black on the first day. Most of my companions loved the food, I was okay with most of them but they are not something that I would crave for again, except for Sansei like I've mentioned before.

Plate lunch was one of my favourite through out the trip. Very much like the Asian version of mixed rice with both western and eastern entrees (entree = our main; appetizer = our entree), and macaroni salad, kinda yummy. Especially the one at the food court before we left Maui.Sam Choy, the most recommended Hawaiian cuisine by the locals (to us tourists) didn't make my heart beat any quicker. Seeing two traditional sumo wrestlers and their wives dining at the restaurant made Jessie and I went a bit cuckoo though. Hey, I've never seen sumo wrestler in person with sleek oily hair tied in a mini pony tail, feet in wooden-thongs supporting their huge body.The traditional Lu'au was so not my kinda thing. Buffet style, tasteless food and scary looking whole-roasted pig. We had it at the Polynesian Cultural Centre. It was a good experience though. 200% a touristy place but we were the tourists so...My favourite activity of the trip besides shopping, of course, was sailing in the morning with Jessie, SP and Wayne on our last day. It was just sensational. Tanning on the Catamaran and watched the clouds danced slowly was the best way to end our trip. Did some snorkeling on the same trip and it was kinda fun. It was my first snorkeling experience as I kept thinking that it would not be as fun as diving but it was a different experience. Jessie and I got motion sickness once we got on the Catamaran and felt sicker when we were snorkeling, what losers were we!Pearl Harbour was too packed for me to enjoy. Firstly, I was on medication for my big foot, hence I was constantly either drowsy or hungry. We got there not too early and had to queue, take our numbers and waited for about 2 hours in total for less-than-an-hour video presentation and boat ride to the memorial which was built right on top of the sunken USS Arizona. If you ask me, it's not worth a visit but then again, it's one of those place that I told that I 'need' to go, pfftt!Milyn and I also went on a private jet tour to look at the live lava. It was amazing although a little pricey. It was about USD200 per person if I'm not wrong but was really an eye-opening experience to have flew on top of the volcanoes and saw the lava flowing in bright fluorescent orange. Some said the night tour would be more beautiful. I believed so.Nightlife in Oahu is nothing compared to Melbourne or KL. Went to two famous ones after asking every other people on the street - Lotus Lounge and Sansabar. The previous was conquered by half asians, and the latter were conquered by 80% black. I really didn't mind the crowd but the music sucks. All r&b. Got to speak to some taxi drivers later and we were told that they used to have some clubs that played house but were all closed down or have changed to r&b club, what a waste?! Hawaiian just love their reggae and r&b.Driving a left hand drive wasn't that hard. I was the designated driver for the three days two nights in Maui and I did well. Phew... at last the bimbo had contributed some effort for the group.Maui has got the most beautiful beaches.Big Island has got a lot of volcanoes.

And Oahu is a shopping heaven with Japanese everywhere.

That's all I can remember from my holiday that ended two months ago. It was absolutely a kick-arse trip with good friends - a planner, a shopper, all eaters, a counter, a crazy and a bimbo! I seriously got nicely tanned but I'm all white now within two months!I'm going on another holiday before I could write about Tasmania. Will do that soon, promise!

Saturday, August 04, 2007


I'm dumb. I've made a big mistake. I've ended things and my heart is aching.

I was the stupid fool who thought it was the best decision but no, that wasn't what I wanted, really. So I've broken two hearts and I'm regretting it. I cannot deal with it. I cannot let go. I cannot believe what I've said.

Can I undone what I've done? God, I beg you.


So I've to admit that I'm a loser as I did it because I was afraid, that I was trying to push the limit without myself realizing it. I couldn't deal with what I couldn't do but I've also realized, more than anything else that, I can't deal with losing him in my life. I am just going to follow my heart (if I've got a chance) and not my dumb head, and do things that I want and say words that I mean.

Please not let me live in regrets.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

1st August

My emotional fever is slowly going away while I could be coming down with a flu. Absolutely not what I need at this time. I'm going to be real busy till the end of the month, no joke. So I've been popping heaps of vitamin C and drinking heaps of water, hope it helps. I know those wine that I had this evening was not doing me any good but it's VioLynn night!

I've three virtual pets now - two rabbits, namely Dumpling and Brie, on Facebook and a Nintendog, also named Dumpling. Brie is a real fighter let me tell you. Although they are all my kids yet I can't help but to favour one more than the others. Brie is my favourite! I am on the verge of disowning Dumpling the Dog as he's really naughty and patience isn't my virtue.

I've finished my last 2000 words this morning, hooray! I still have a strong feeling that I'm going to fail though because of what my lecturer had told me. I've been with her for 3 semester and she had never said such thing so, I'm not positive. Never underestimate a female's instinct. Submitted it in the morning without sleep and came home to play with my pets. Virtual pets are for people with no life, I know. I cannot believe myself either but say what you want, I'm currently very much into them. Slept for a couple of hours before meeting up with the girls for coffee-turned-wine session. Just what I needed to celebrate the end of pain and the beginning of more challenge.

I should stop rambling and hit the sack. Yoga tomorrow morning if I can get up on time. I really want to go you know?