Saturday, April 28, 2007

Moshing to The Killers

A very differrent version but...
To my dearest Daddy (and Mummy) K,

It was just a song, a Song was a Song, but it is now different because of you; because of us. As I've told you guys before tonight, I love you and I love the 15-year-old us. 30 years down the road and I will still remember the time when we went crazy at home. I know I've been partying a little over the top but... when I look back, there's only gonna be a big smile, and no regrets for sure.

love...ll (the dancing princess who moshed at her corner, or sometimes on that little podium)

The End is the Beginning of A Beginning!

I was drinking since I got up today, believe it or not. I got woken up by the future-Mrs-Lay, thirty minutes before I was supposed to get up to meet up with Sasha. Obviously, I didn't have time to make food for myself and I was drinking before anything else reached my stomach. I was smashed. Smashed, big time.

However, the shopaholic with the huge spendthrift streak in her went shopping. Booohooo... I spent and abused the plastic card (for once only, thank god) and got something that I don't remember now. Doesn't matter. I can always return it if I want but I've got a strong feeling that I'll love it. Anyways, had the biggest meal ever at Raffles Place - Fried Carrot Cake, Chow-Kuey-Teow, and a whole chicken to ourselves.

Went to my favourite cocktail heaven - Ginger for drinks with the Twins and Jevon. Had such a great time but my phone couldn't stop ringing. From the family and other friends. It was AT LEAST 15 calls through out the 120 minutes, damn it! Why can't I have a quiet night?

I ended up at Lavish for sure. All of them were there and I was abso-fucking-lutely flattered by the fact that, they were waiting for me. Now I have to admit that, yes, I am the regular. Fuck, with the capital F! Had such great time at my regular hangout place (apparently) and... got smashed for the second time of the day. Ronnie the bartender didn't stop giving me free-STRONG-drinks when the boys weren't buying, pffftt! Not like the boys had ever stop getting me hogging the bar with them.

Moving back... while me, Jevon and Jo were in the car, my old-skool Furtado came on and it was All good things (come to an end). We were asking ourselves, why? Jev - cause God is playing games with us. Lucky Lynn - without the end, I won't know how to appreciate the beginning; with the end, I'll make sure that I'll put in effort to make sure that it doesn't come to an end; the end is the beginning of the great beginnings. Jev was enlightened.

Hence, sweethearts, lets be positive and dive in to the wonderful aspects of life. Without the sunlight, there won't be darkness.


Thursday, April 26, 2007

Acceptably Loud!?

As I was about to tell everyone that this year I'm very pleased to know that all birthday wishes had gone to the right places - straight in my face, over the phone and inboxes and not in my Friendster's testimonial column, I realized I was wrong. For some strange reasons, there were several testimonial added without my authorization. Shite, could my account been hacked? At the same time, there's a sent friend request, who I don't even know that person. I had, of course, cancelled the request and now it leaves me wonder... what the eff is happening?

Thanks everyone for your wishes. But really, no thanks to those myspace graphic that you use for one's testimonial. I feel bad saying this but some things are meant to be at their appropriate places. I'll leave them up for a week before I remove them, fair?

Got home with a note stuck under my door. First thing that came across my mind was, love letter (not shy). But it says...

If you could please be mindful of your music levels throughout the day and night. Music till past 2am is unacceptable and should it be continue I will report to management!

Okay, to be fair, I do admit that my music is sometimes on at odd hours but... I do keep it low at most times, especially when I know I'm the only owl being active in the building. I've been living in this building for more than two years and this is the first complaint I've got. I could've knocked on the doors on my both side to confront them but I reckon maybe I should give myself two weeks, be aware of the volume and see if there are anymore complaints. Just in case, maybe, I did turn it up a little over the so-called acceptable level when I was highly intoxicated.

Now, if you deem that music after 2am is unacceptable, does it mean that I should have the freedom to play at my acceptable volume level during the day?

My Birthday Part I: The Eve

Had some weird dreams, something to do with lotus flower design candles, can't really remember now. Was smashed before and was in bed since 9, left my phone on deliberately, just in case I've got calls from home, you know, that sort of times when you're expecting calls. And boy was I correct, I got woken up by a friend from Singapore/KL who shares the same birthday with me. I couldn't help but my eyes are wide open now.

I had the most wonderful birthday this year, spent with the closests to my heart in Melbourne. The food at the Brasserie by Philippe Mouchel was a disappointment, especially the creme brulee. How can one call it creme brulee when the top is not even hard? Wrong. Nevertheless, the evening was great, because of my lovely friends. They are the greatest! I was so overwhelmed that I realized I've forgotten to take a picture with Jessie and Keat *frown* I hope one of the many camera maniacs has got one of me and these girlies, really, please...

Guys, thanks for the great dinner and thanks for coming.

My birthday's eve day started tragically. With just a few hours of sleep, I crawled out of bed, struggling to open my eyes while having to download some notes to read before attending my fiction writing class. Fine. As my work will be critiqued in class, I thought knew I shouldn't be late (as I always did). Hence, I left home at half past three and while I was driving on Dudley, I realized I've left my notes at home and without them, there's no point for me to be in class. I had to make a trip home to grab my notes.

Being a scatterbrain like I always do, I went home, grabbed my notes and left the apartment without my swipe (it has fallen off from my keys a few days ago so they are in two parts). Excellent! Just what I needed on a day where I've to finish class at 6, make my way home from Burwood at the peak hour, get ready and dressed to be at Crown for my dinner. Without the swipe, I cannot access to my floor, you get what I mean now? I was almost in tears when I realized that and although Violet had my spare keys for some reasons, it would be a big waste of time for me to get to Clayton from Burwood, and home. My neighbour who lives two doors away wouldn't be home at that hour and thank goodness my building manager was kind enough to leave the swipe with IGA for me, phew...

Lesson of the Day: Learn to trust. I never had left my keys with people, I live alone and I hold two sets of keys. I couldn't trust. From now on, I'm gonna leave a set of keys with Pat (who lives not far from me) as I've learned, that a klutz who lives alone needs a back-up plan - in this case, a key buddy.

Moving on, some of the birthday girl's favourite dresses are still at the dry-cleaner and she had nothing to wear. Okay, I do have a lot of dresses but I needed something "aaahhh..." for the evening. The closest frock that I could find was this Messina bronze sequined dress that I've gotten way back yet the tag was still attached. When Pat arrived at my apartment, I was all ready to go except for having no shoes and bag to go with. She was helping me in making the decision while I had the 8th World War with my shoes, wasn't a pleasant scene.

So I got to Crown late, had no chance to attend to my own pre-dinner drinks at the Atrium, panting. Took heaps of pictures over dinner and we thought people in the restaurant were getting annoyed by the constant flashing of our cameras, six in total. Post dinner drinks was in the casino itself as I wanted to try my luck on Roulette on my birthday. Jevon took me to the table where we saw the dealer checked me out twice, we planned, we observed and we chose. I was actually flirting with the dealer in the hope that he'll give me my 25 and he did try, trust me. I had five games and the dice landed all at around 25 but 25. The closest it got was 2, just next to it! Well, I tried (flirting) and he tried, no luck. But at least I've shooed my bad luck away for the year by losing them on the table, that's what I always believe.

Almost everyone from dinner left not long after. Subsequently, Diana, Violet, Jev, the twins and I rocked up to Love Machine for Charm's night. We planned to stay for an hour but with the booze and the so very interesting people that I've met again, we couldn't help but got home at almost 4. If it wasn't for my aching feet, I would've danced all night with the girls, damn...

Woke up with a spinning head and feeling sick from those strong whisky that Violet was pouring for us. Violet stayed over at mine and that woman just couldn't stop talking in the morning while I was trying to catch more sleep and apparently I couldn't stop talking the night before while she was trying to fall asleep. I don't remember though.

Hm... we did go out like it was my birthday, indeed.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Give Me a Massage

While Berger re-appeared in my SATC season six rerun, another Birger who had left this country for almost half a year now had sent me a text. I wouldn't say I liked him much but he's in actual fact a good man. And for a friend who remembers you from the other side of the globe, that's very sweet indeed.

Had been hearing from many old friends off late. Nothing to do with the occasion, merely to say hi. This week it was Danny and Birger. I can't help but to feel bad for not putting in enough effort to be in touch with these people, who had definitely played a part in my life. I just carelessly let them slipped away. Believe it or not, Danny's 2006 birthday gift is still sitting at the corner next to my TV and you know what? His birthday is coming up again in two weeks time, pfffttt!

I'm feeling terrible from the lack of sleep, physically and mentally, I'm serious. It reminds me of those The One days where I slept for about 4-5 hours a night for up to two weeks, rushing up all the sketching, mock-ups, designs, the last minute work that I've not done for the past 13 weeks and was rushing them off in the last two weeks of the semester. I was like a walking zombie then but it feels nothing like today. Guess all these round-the-clock partying and dancing for hours with no rest are taking its toll on me. Having to rush off those overdue assignments aren't helping in any positive way.

Violet called in the evening and I told her that I was dead tired, that I can hardly move. She didn't understand and asked if I was having sex with my assignments?

"Yes, indeed. These assignments are fucking me hard. I'm fucked!"

So much for not doing my work for the past four weeks, serve me just right. As I've always said about others, as well as to myself - I chose the path myself, I suffer the consequences. No complains, no regrets. That's all for today, I shall just crash and have an early start tomorrow.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Process vs. Outcome

My weekend started on Thursday. I've to admit that I've been a little slacked academically, embarrassing but true. My partying hours for the past few days are in fact longer than my sleeping hours. If you wonder how I can do it, ask my friends who are slightly older than me, and are working full time, long hours! They are amazing *hat off*

I've been spending too much money on food and drinks and... disappointed with myself.

Had an early night tonight, yet I'm wide awake. Badly dehydrated from all the late nights. Been texting with the KL animals. Eileen had became an alkie, a bottle of wine by herself before heading to Velvet. Eleana believed me that I was discreetly back in KL. Steven texted me to tell me that he's intoxicatedly missing me. Rodney and Michael are the biggest loser, NATO - No Action, Talk Only, puiiiii!!!

Been home for 90 minutes and I'm still not undressed and washed up. Physically I'm worn-out but mentally I'm hyperactive, can't think straight though.

Was delighted to receive an overseas call today, totally out of expectation. Like it always happens, good things come when you don't expect. But... how good can that be when it doesn't lead you to any outcome? What are all these for? Some said it's the process that matters most, not the outcome. I don't know if I buy that idea yet I can't help but wonder...

Will you still enjoy the process when you already knew the outcome is nothing?

Thursday, April 19, 2007


One of the many things that I enjoy at home is coming out of the hot shower, get changed into my cleaned and comfy nightie, grab a bowl and have some hearty hot soup that you've left it boiling for the past three hours. Tonight, I made sweet corn and chicken soup, another all-time favourite of Lucky Lazy Lynn.

Was chit-chatting with my beautician today, as we always do. Found out that she had broken up with the take-her-around-Asia boyfriend. That was a bit of a surprise for me, as the last time I had my brazilian was about five weeks ago, and our conversation that day was about touring South East Asia. From Jakarta to Penang, Koh Samui to Hanoi; her boyfriend owns some business and had been taking her with him to all these places, both for work and holiday. She loved the travelling, she loved the asian culture, she loved the shopping, she loved the food, she loved going on holiday. Sounded perfect. At that point of time, I was thinking to myself, when am I gonna find a boyfriend as such?

Holidays, I want. Shopping, I heart. Food, I love. Everything paid for, I need.

This afternoon, I asked her when is her next trip. They have broken up was the answer. I'm sorry. She looked fine, she seemed fine. He is an alcoholic who gets violent on occasions, both verbally and physically. She finally bailed out after being with him for two years. Geez... what took her so long? But I'm glad that she had finally saw the light. Rather be wasting the two years, than your future twenty years.

As well, she told me he had became a tight-arse at the end of their relationship. I wonder, did the real him surface, or did she finally opened up her eyes and see through the mask? Apparently, he was taking AUD350 rent from her while they were living together, and found out that he's only taking AUD170 from the current girlfriend. I don't know how true is that but if it's true, he's such an idiot.

There are some TAB (Tight Arse Bastard) in my history book for sure, who I thought they were totally unacceptable. I've got a minimum requirement for men and TABs are a big No-No. These TAB should just stay at home and not come near us women, we're poisonous and you'll be cursed badly. Disgusting, these people are just so... ugggghh!!! Poignantly, these TABs are all over the place and there's nothing much we can do except for...

when you see one, turn, run and warn the rest of the world about it

The Others

Our current hit - all go crazy on the dance floor when it comes on, specially dedicated to Miss Violet (the crazy b*tch). I've finally got the album, not Dukes of Windsor's though, got 2007's One Love instead. 06's was better, or perhaps I've not really drown myself into the music of this year's yet. We'll see.

Also got some knitted tops and cardigans from Supre and Country Road, temperature is dropping, reasons for shopping. I am broke hence I had no choice but to abuse the plastic card. Opsss... it's April though. Came home and my shopping bags were consisted of black and lots of grey and navy pieces, hmmm... how predictable?! Then I realized these are what I've been missing for the past winters, I went for colours, notwithstanding it's fall, winter, spring or summer, differences are on the thickness of my jackets and the amount of layers. Mind me, I wear open toes during winter but sorry, strictly boot-less during summer, so wrong!

At the same time it made you recognized the fact that, you get what you've paid for. Compared the quality and cut from both store, I understood why I am willing to pay three times the price at the second store. Well, the better ones are for casual wear, the rest you won't feel sad if you lose them in club.

One night, a friend of a friend came up to me and said...

"it's gonna be winter soon and you're still in so many colour"

Excuse me, missy, was it too glaring for you? Put on the shades and you look perfect for a funeral. At that point, I was having my time of my life and I couldn't care less...

"oh yeah, I always like colours"

At least I've my own style and won't kill myself to get the attention, or try to look depressed? WTF? Oh well, a little desperate!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Le Gourmet

I ate out, I ate out, I ate out. Naughty girl is me.

Tonight, the Lucky Lazy girl explored Le Gourmet with her dinner buddy, Milyn. Kudos to Milyn's decision, we arrived at this Victorian Mansian opposite the Fitzroy Garden (well, it was dark and I couldn't see much of the park actually). Le Gourmet's owner/chef, Erich Mohr who graduated from a French culinary school offers French cuisine with strong Austrian influences, interesting.

There were only two tables occupied in the soothingly-lit main dining room, with Victorian interior and soft furnishing; as well as a group of gentlemen taking up the private room at the back. We were greeted by one of the attentive and friendly waitresses with a warm smile, I was pleased. Welcoming greeting and professional service never fail to put a smile on my face.

We started with a shared Blue swimmer crab bisque with a touch of Calvados as we know better than anyone that I won't be able to finish a three-course dinner by myself. Even without us requesting, the efficient waitress had already told the kitchen that it was for sharing and they had planned to serve us in two halves, just how we liked it. The bisque was rich and filled with the fresh aroma of the crab with chewy pieces of crab meat. Entrée that I had was the Spice-crusted Quail, boned and served with Mango relish on a broccoli salad - nicely crusted, a little like schnitzels I would say. Tenderness of the quail was preserved despite the crispy crust on the outside. The Mango relish went surprisingly well with the Quail, but my entrée is not to be compared to Milyn's Gingered blue swimmer-crab soufflé served with a watercress salad. I had just a mouthful of the savoury soufflé that melts in my mouth with pieces of the crab meat in it, sensational was it! I'm going to have this all to myself on my next visit.
Opted Loin of Kangaroo on Café de Paris butter with onion tarte-tatin and beans after a long contemplation between that, the Poussin and the duck. The medium-rare loins were juicy and tasted exceptionally great with the butter gravy. Although I didn't have a try on the onion tarte Tatin (I don't eat onion at most times), Milyn was totally in love with the tarte Tatin, so I assume that it was good. The only complain we (Milyn mostly) had was the Roasted crisp-skinned duck with pumpkin tart and spinach that she had as a main. The duck was a little too dry and tough, but it was acceptably delicious after she requested for some extra jus from the quick-to-respond waitress. I personally thought the pumpkin tart was yummy but Milyn didn't enjoy it that much. Personal choice was it.As oppose to what I've said in the car while I was starving - I'm going to have a full-course dinner - I didn't make it to the sweets. I couldn't even finish my main, what do you reckon? I was really disappointed with myself for unable to sample their infamous Salzburger Nockerl, a Hot Austrian soufflé with hazelnuts and chocolate chips, served with ice cream, fruit and hot chocolate sauce. I saw it being served on the next table and it looks absolutely appealing. I hate myself for unable to fit more food in my stomach.

I've finally learnt a little more about Austria besides Mozart - exceptionally scrumptious fare. Oh yeah, the Austrian traditional duck liver pate (Enten Schmaltz) that was served on our arrival with bread is worth a mention, yummilicious!

Next time, I promise, I've to have Salzburger Nockerl, as well as the Lime Brulee Tart. No more skipping dessert for myself. You know it's worth returning to this French/Austrian institution of 26 years when I am already planning on what to order on my next visit.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Onion Chicken Soup

The Onion and Chicken Soup mummy made at home has always been one of my favourite. I've never once made that here in Melbourne because I was too dumb to know which onion to use - the white, the red or the yellow? Being the biggest procrastinator on earth, I always had forgotten to ask mummy whenever I'm on the phone with her, up till Sunday. I was doing part of my grocery shopping and I felt like Onion and Chicken Soup.

I made the call to mummy while staring at the various kind of onions on display. Onion shallot was it, hmm... not like one of the three that I've expected. Lemongrass was another secret ingredient to add some flavour to the soup, and my mum was right. Having to remove the skin of about 40 onion shallots wasn't an easy job, at least not for a first-timer like myself. Having to taste what I've been missing for a long time, however, had made the effort all worthwhile.

If you guys favour the pungent smell and taste of onion, I seriously recommend you to make this soup at home. It's not only yummy, easy to make, it also helps take away the wind in your stomach, especially during the colder months. I don't know about the others but I always get bloated gassy stomach during winter, for some unknown reasons. I stupidly suppose that it is because the wind's strong and I talk a lot, that's how the wind gets in me *chortle*

I've been trying very hard to eat-in more these days to save some dough, looks like it's working pretty well. Excuse me for the occasional eat out as cooking and eating alone at home isn't easy, trust me. Like the fried rice I made was a failure (first time though), a tad too sweet and not spicy enough, yet there's only me and myself to finish them up, pffftt! I feel like yamcha-ing again today, damn!


Maybe we're both god-damn-passive.
Maybe that's how God wants things to be for me.
Maybe it's a lesson for me.
Maybe it was for me to learn that... it is possible.
Maybe timing isn't everything, though my head can't stop telling me otherwise.
Maybe we're both a step too slow.
Maybe I'm fantasizing way too much.
Maybe it's not time.
Maybe you don't like it there, or I don't like it here?
Maybe things don't turn out to be how we thought it should be.
Maybe there isn't we.

Maybe, just maybe there will soon be a real beginning, maybe.

Maybe, or maybe... I'm being stupid again. Probably.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Broke Bella

Another intoxicated entry.

John came to me... "Lynn, I think I'm drunk"
So I went "I don't believe you unless you prove it to me... we'll have a drink... drink whatever I order"

So we had a Vodka shot each. A couple of minutes later, John-the-big-brother told me that I've f*cked him up totally. For some coincidental reasons, Pat gave me her glass of Vodka-lemonade, after having a sip, I passed it to John, I said...

"John, John, this is to neutralize whatever that you've been drinking, try this!"

Mr. my big brother had the biggest sip of his life, believing of what I've said. Then there was I, jumping like a mad 15-year-old kid, yelling my lungs out at him...

"yay yay... it was a trick! It was Vodka-lemonade (bwahahahahah) I can't believe you got conned by me"

A huge tough middle finger was what I've got from Johnie-John-my-new-found-brother.

Opsy-dopsy, someone's got conned!!!

What a great night. Not to forget how Uncle Mickey drank like a whale. I'll leave that to someone to blog about it. Great night, heaps of drinks, nice people, and HEALTHY night out for sure. I think I love it this way, really! Unfortunately, because of my unfortunate financial limitations, I'll have to stay home for the longest time before I can head out and party like an animal again. Well, I had my good time before, no complains...

Ciao, Bellas...

Saturday, April 14, 2007


A friend once told me...

If a man makes you food after sex, that means he likes you. He likes you more than just for f*ck.

How true is that? It's been the longest time yet I'm still wondering...

How f*cking true is that???

Friday, April 13, 2007

Who's The One?

Dinner at Sung's Kitchen yet again for Siew Poh's birthday, the casual version. The real celebration will be on next Saturday and am looking forward to that. We've all been eating at Sung's Kitchen too often off late, everyone is getting sick of the food. Frankly speaking, their signature Beggars Chicken (that you've to pre-order) disappointingly didn't taste good at all last night, however, the XO Sauce Crocodile Meat was fabulous - meat was cooked to perfect tenderness covered in zesty xo sauce. Couldn't help myself from attacking the dish over and over again. As I was at the same time craving for something sweet, desserts were of course a must-order. I've always love their lengthy selection of desserts, a great sweet selection that are exotic yet authentic. My current favourite has to be the Toffee Apple, yum... and the jelly that comes with the complimentary Pumpkin Sticky Rice Cake was something new and of course, delicious.

Service was as usual, very good and friendly, especially Gary's boyfriend. Besides for us getting sick of the place and food, and the disappointing Beggars chicken, everything at Sung's is still good. Just that I need a break from it, but my friends love it so much *sigh*

After dinner, met up with the others for some drinks and the twins taught me to play Bridge. They were extremely patient with me, as you guys would know, I'm such a dumb bitch. I, however, surprisingly picked the game up pretty quickly, especially the guessing-who-my-partner-is part. I'm not that dumb after all *giggle* The game is quite fun and definitely very addicitve, guess it's going to be sessions after sessions of Bridge whenever we're meeting up in the future, and I need to learn to master the skill of card-control.

I really like the thrill of getting confused and having to guess who's my partner; and getting frustrated when your partner doesn't recognize you. And there's a fair chance where one only realizes who is the one only at the end of the game. Often too late but there's always the next game. Try harder next time

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Mid-week Blathering

Maybe I should invest some money into seeing a hypnotherapist, to save myself from wanting to head out for some retail therapy. But is my situation that critical? I really don't know. All I know is that from the moment I got up, all I could think of are dresses, shoes and more dresses *breathe in, breathe out. Hard and slow*

Our mid-week catch-up-over-a-few-drinks had indeed turned out to be another big night out *surprise surprise*; from the four of us girls turned out to be a big group of us and some young cute cousins of a friend; from souvlaki at Stalactites to desserts and ports at Grossi Florentino; from going home early to playing Buzz at Charm's while everyone had slowly turned slow and funny. What a great night.

It's confirmed that I'm the bimbo. I'm so dumb and I love being the loser in Buzz! In fact, I feel like playing that now. Didn't get a good sleep last night, funny enough. What usually puts me to deep deep sleep had in fact left me with lotsa tossing and turning while my mind was in semi-consciousness. Not a pleasant feeling to wake up in the noon feeling lethargic and grumpy *frown*

You know how I've mentioned in one of my entries that there are friends that you can't get too much of? I've currently having a friend who I cannot get too much of. He's a great friend with great personality, easy going and is able to get along with basically anyone, everyone. I love taking him out as I don't need to babysit him and he is capable to generate conversation with anyone but I just can't have this person too much in my life. He sometimes annoys me, he sometimes cheers me up; at times he makes me laugh, then gets on my nerves badly; I've recently had some very good time with him, but he had done something that had totally pissed me off. I need a break from this person *roll eyes*

I'm the loser who have a problem with saying no.

Can someone give me some money to shop? The bug's in me!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Happy Belated Easter

Happy Belated Easter! Can't believe I've forgotten to wish everyone until three days later. Although I don't celebrate Easter myself, but I totally love this day as it gives us some extra days off.

I'm so broke that I don't even have enough money to pay my rent next month *sigh* Blame them all on the long weekend, all the going out and partying hard. To make things worse, I went shopping with the girls on Saturday, like I would never learn my lesson. Nevertheless, I needed to stock up my stockings for the colder months, after having too many pairs got burnt by cigarette butts in the clubs. Also got my daily Calvin Klein bra on clearance with a 25 bucks saving, a tube cotton dress for 6 dollars (what a bargain!) and a full price parka in army which is really comfy and cool.

Violet was a good shopping partner, although I always love shopping solo, as she is more sensible and price-conscious so she'll stop me from splurging unnecessarily, what a relief! I love the way she rolled her eyes when I want to buy something extra, just too funny. Whatever it was, I guess my purchases are way better than her patent-hooker-shoes!

Back to being broke, I don't even have the money to go for my holidays, damn! I've bought my tickets to Queenstown in August last week. Tickets are booked, payment are made and there's no turning back. Accomodation, car rental and ski hire will cost me another sum of money, god... can someone let me win the tattslotto, seriously? Not to mention my Hawaii and Tasmania trip in June, and June's wedding in KL.

On a another note, as I was camping at Keat and Ken's on Sunday arvo, I obviously would make myself comfortable in my trackies, bare face and GLASSES. We were at the balcony, chilling, talking, then Ken stared at me hard before he told me that I looked very different in glasses. I said I know, I look very studious. He then nodded and said...


Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I Heart Chicken Rice

A large hole in my pocket and dark eye circles are what's left with me after the massive long party weekend. Ops, not to forget the good times that I enjoyed with my chums that can still put a smile on my fatigued face. As I was telling Keat, "regardless of how bad we feel now (after nearly 40-hours of no sleep), you'll miss all the good times we had together when you look back in the future."

I sure do. It's not easy to find a group of friends who take pleasure in partying like yourself and at the same time take care of each other in our individual ways. As I've always told my friends, I'm seriously very passionate about having fun.Been intoxicated most of the hours on this holy Easter weekend - Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter's Eve, the whole of Easter and even Easter Monday. How much shit my body is capable of consuming? How many hours can I live without food and sleep? It's amazing to know that after 24 hours of partying (36 waking hours), I could still jump around and put in the effort to try to enjoy the party, I didn't know I can do that. Thank goodness my skin hasn't been affected much, phewww... I was so worry that at least a few pimples would drop by to say hello.For the four days long weekend, I had spent three lunches at Jackie's for yamcha. I am totally hooked on dim sum and there's no better place to go than this new favourite restaurant of mine in the city. On my third visit yesterday, Violet teased me and suggested that I should just move in to Jackie's and save on my rent; I don't welcome visitors everyday during lunch and dinner hours though!

Had a really lazy day today. Besides making soup (I believe it helps improve my skin, especially when I'm living such unhealthy lifestyle to the extreme), I hardly had any energy to cook something up for myself. Because we were suppose to have Hainanese Chicken Rice for dinner last night and the first thing I heard of in the afternoon when I got up from Violet was Hainanese Chicken Rice again, I was craving for that today. After much comtemplation, I had take-away from Raffles Place. It's been almost a century that I've eaten at this favourite chicken rice restaurant and there were several changes - the reposition of the cashier and the price on the menu. Everything had went up a little but I don't quite care as long as they keep up to their standard of good chicken rice and Chye Tow Kuey (Carrot Cake). The owner recognized me and was nice enough to give me a discount, hence I was still paying the old price. Well, it was only a few dollars difference actually but it's always these small little things that make your day, if you get what I mean.

Can't believe it's mid-week and I've not started on the assignments that I'm suppose to finish before Monday. I hate myself when I procrastinate. I hate myself for being so chilled at times. I hate myself for knowing the problem but not taking any action.

Hmmm... let's no think about it now. I shall have another serve of my chicken rice while I watch some bad TV.

Friday, April 06, 2007

Happy Good Friday

You know how you don't get quality sleep or get much sleep after a big night out drinking? That has been happening to me for these couple of months. Some say it is a sign of ageing, bullshit! My theory is, when you're highly intoxicated and crash, you are in fact not really sleeping but merely passing out. So, once the alcohol in your body runs out, you will naturally come out from the state of coma, make sense?

Well, since I got up at 10-ish and was feeling rather grumpy from unable to sleep further, I had decided to wake my bitch up. I've recently developed a love for calling this woman whenever and wherever I feel like, and talk rubbish. Sometimes she's happy to keep me entertained; sometimes she'll yell at me while begging for sleep; and sometimes she doesn't even want to pick up my call, what a bitch?!! As of today, I've learnt a little more about Good Friday, the holiest day of the year and how one shouldn't eat meat. Of course I did as I'm a Buddhist, doesn't quite matter.

Later into the conversation, I was making her to come out for brunch with me but she told me everything was shut. I said we shall go yamcha and I was pretty sure there are restaurants that were open. She then threw me the question "Lynn, how many years have you spent your Easter here in Melbourne?" Well, for some strange reasons, I strongly believed they were opened for yamcha. I called and they did open indeed. Made my reservation, sent her a text saying...

liar, liar, pants on fire! Who said they are shut? Even Jackie's open and I've made a reservation

She gave me a call afterwards and I threw her her question for me. Honestly, for those who don't know us would think that we hate each other with all our heart. The way we speak sometimes, is just unbelievably sarcastic and at times, crude! But I guess this is the unique relationship that we've built between the two of us and I totally love it.

I believe you have a different unique relationship with different individual in your life. You might have two best friends at the same time but you won't have the same kind of relationship with the two of them. It is also not that you favour one more than the others but it is just suppose to be different and unique and we should respect them. Some people just have a hard time understanding this simple theory and get jealous or upset with you when he/she thinks she doesn't get the same treatment from you. Don't you actually want it to be different from the others? At least it's special!

For me, I have developed all dissimilar friendship with all my friends, even among the closest friend from high school in KL, as well as my friends here in Melbourne. That doesn't mean I love one more than the other, but that's just the way I customized the relationship for the unique individual, by nature of course. Some I tell them I love them all the time; some makes me feel like I'm the little sister of theirs; some we often argue over the stupidest issues; some I can't handle when I see them too often; some I have to call them once I've got news flash; some I can't pour my heart out but that doesn't mean we're not close; some that don't quite require verbal elaboration but we are able to know what we want; and some...

You get what I mean?

Anyways, while almost all doors in the city were shut and people were rushing to church, I was thankful that I got my Jackie's dim sum fix. This new addition to the corner of La Trobe and Queen is by far the best yamcha in the city. The dumplings are scrumptiously huge with thin and chewy skin; their chives dumpling is the best I've ever had with the aroma of the chives in between the crunchy meat and prawn filling; the setting of the restaurant is classy but not cheesy; the price was unexpectedly the same, or cheaper I would say, compared to the city's establishments; service was attentive and friendly in comparison to a few of them at Chinatown that usually have to leave the dim sum on your table while the dumplings will literally bounce on their plates; and it's always easy to get a park at that side of the city! Brunch at St Kilda or Port Melbourne and yamcha at good chinese restaurant are the best ever on weekends, besides getting up to Mt Dande for some pies and tea fix.So, on such an uneventful Good Friday afternoon of 2007, I have plunged myself down in front of the tele with the hundredth repeat of SATC while I blog. I was having cup-a-soup before and realized my Tobasco addiction has gotten crazy. I put them in almost everything and anything that I eat or cook at home, although I was trying to cut down as the fact that I have congee with Tobasco could be quite disgusting. Before I know, I might be dipping my chocolates in them, ewwww...

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Indian Dream

I've this awful weird dream, that has woken me up merely after a six-hour snooze. Sorry folks, some parts are pretty disgusting, and some are pretty stupid and some parts have been forgotten.

I was in India, with I-don't-remember-who, shopping at a market. A friend of mine came out from the toilet with a packet of medication, handed back to this Indian girl. I later found out that those pills were to treat vaginal thrush (I know it's disgusting). I, right there and then, realized that I've got it too (yeah, WTF?!). I went up to that Indian girl, asked for direction to the toilet, grabbed the box of medication and headed straight to the toilet.

When I got there, my god... the toilet was god-damn filthy. Most cubicles had no flush hence shit was floating placidly in the almost spilling toilet bowls. There, however, had heaps and heaps of cubicles. I had this stupid idea of peeing in to the wash basin to avoid the shit but there weren't doors and I didn't feel comfortable doing so. I kept walking in to the toilet and I finally saw some cubicles that were acceptably dirty with a plastic curtain to cover myself, hmmph... still unhappy with that.

I needed to pee very badly, so badly that I've decided to pee at this corner, where there were trees (okay, I had rather peed at trees than into toilet bowls, how uncivilized?). While I was peeing, there was this alien looking girl who was taking my picture at some corner. I got really panicked and angry so I chased after her. I spoke to her for a long time, making up stories about how I came from the UK, to re-structure the laws here in this feral land (even human started to look like animals to me then). She, for some strange reasons, believed me totally and had given me all her films, which looks like some white powder packeted in some 3cm x 3cm kinda plastic zip bag (how interesting?).

I don't quite remember what happened after that but some scenes of a large swimming pool, some familiar faces that I don't remember who they are now, some things happened, apparently a lot of things happened, that the photographer was punished the death penalty. I don't quite remember what happened but I do remember there were some disgusting cruel action there but, she was still alive. She was then presented in front of this green grimy alien looking creature with a long trunk, that I don't remember or understand what they were trying to do to her.

I wasn't too afraid of that green creature though, but I got woken up not long after. So that was my dream and I'm disturbed. I need more sleep!!!

Thread Count

I don't know about others but thread count matters to me. You know how you're in bed enjoying that brief interval between your 8th and 9th dream, then your bare leg sweeps across your doona and you feel the roughness of the nanometer gap on your sheets brushing against your freshly waxed leg. I will then reluctantly get woken up and unable to fall back to my 9th dream, totally annoying!

I've always been a bedsheets-fussy person, both thread counts and design. But when I first came to Melbourne, due to financial restriction, my bedsheets are mostly from Ikea and Target and some random ones from Saveway. I'll have to say they weren't the worst but they weren't very pleasurable either. Things got better when my mum came with my old sheets during her visits and I've slowly gave away the shitty ones, except for two sets.

One from Target as it was my first sets of sheets in Melbourne - sentimental value maybe. This one is still not too bad in quality but the design of it, hm... no comment. The reason for me to keep the other one from Ikea was because of it's design, I totally love the colour and print of it but it was totally unpleasant to have your face brushed against the pillow case, let alone your legs. Everytime, like this morning and yesterday morning, when I got that prickly feelings from the sheet, I would tell myself that this is the last time I'm going to put this on, they'll be in the Salvation Army bins next week. Yet, it never happened, it still survives through the spinnings in the washer, followed by the heat from the dryer, then sits patiently and attractively on my shelves, waiting for her next round to conquer my bed.

Well, I suppose that's pretty common for everyone. Things that you don't wanna give away; feelings that you hold on to; deception that you choose to believe; beliefs that you don't wanna let go of; relationships that you're unwilling to give up. In fact, you should, we should, I should free ourselves by learning to walk away. My dear (you should know who you are), as I've told you this evening, how can you get a new man when you're still holding on to your old one, who you are not even in love with?

Actually, who am I to give you this piece of advice when I'm pacing in the same circle?

Back to my sheets. Now that I've got a strict control on the new ones that I've gotten recently, I guess I'll still keep the shitty ones till, maybe I've a good reason for disposal, lack of space perhaps. Selfishly saying, emotionally, I would love to preserve what's in heart till there's a good enough reason for me to get rid of it. Afterall, I've got a big heart that can fit a lot of stuff. So, why not?

Monday, April 02, 2007

Trophy Wife

News out of the bag - Rowena's pregnant! Everyone in the family is, of course, very excited. As us chinese believe, this year of the golden pig is such a great year to have babies, what a right time? I can't wait to find out whether is that going to be a he or she before stocking up gifts for that small little one who will be calling me auntie Lynn. Besides being all thrilled about the arrival of a new life, I'm at the same time mildly alarmed that I'm in fact not 19 (like I always feel like I am) anymore, pffftt!

Whatever it is, I still think age is just a number game. Say what you want but I won't change my mind, I'll always feel like I'm at my fabulous 19.

Caught up with Roland for dinner tonight, to discuss about my residency application. There will be some major changes in July and they could either be a disaster, or opportunities for me. We will see, fingers crossed (tight)!

We were talking and talking till he pointed out that he thought I'm an ideal trophy wife *choke* What? I'm pretty sure he doesn't know me, not at all, sweetheart. I then realized our idea of trophy wife weren't really the same in fact. He reckoned it was a compliment to be called a trophy wife as many men are chasing after one; while I reckoned being called a trophy wife was an insult, why would a human want to be represented by something that is lifeless and personality-less? A plaque?

Roland's explanation was... why does people enter a competition? To win the prize, the trophy in this context. The trophy, on the other hand, should feel proud that there are so many people out there going through all the challenges in the hope of taking her home.

So I argued... yeah, that is the thrill you men are looking for in the process of attaining the award but lose interest after you've gotten it. You just leave the trophy at a corner and dust will be her only companion. You expect the trophy to make you look good, feel proud yet you don't give two f*cks about what she wants or need. All you need to know is that you're the one who took the trophy home, you're the winner, that's it.

So he said...

"but I'm different! I rub and clean my trophies at home everyday!"

I was highly amused yet we were losing the point just there. Nevermind. At least I got to hear from a man's point of view about this controversial trophy issue. I look at a trophy wife as a submissive woman with attributes of an ideal wife most men are looking for, good for display and fits perfectly fine socially and culturally. While this man I spoke to tonight thought that being a trophy wife is someone hard to get but many wouldn't mind losing an arm or a leg just to take it home.


Still, unless you've got a big house or it will be a waste of space to display your trophy(ies) *chuckle*

Sunday, April 01, 2007

She's Da Bomb!

Not very often at all that I can say no to invitation to fun, especially on a Saturday night. Looks like I'm really a changed woman *glee* Said no to nice dinner with decent wine with Milyn, which in a way we had promised each other - I couldn't allow any more alcohol in me. Said no to good chinese dinner at the same time in the name of anti-social mode and lazy to eat, I know, what the f*ck? Said no to Andrew's suggestion of getting take-out as I couldn't quite decide on what to eat, ended up making my own pasta. Said no to Keat to party; and York after apparently knowing me for 15 years and this was the first time he asked me out, whatever!

I've to get some things done by Monday, heaps of them before Easter. Yet I'm still in the lazy mode *surprise surprise* On MSN with Wendy now, pouring our hearts out for the first time. Nothing too emotional but honestly, pretty private. I've known this chick for the longest time, since I was a kid maybe. He's my brother's friend and none of us had expected that we can be so open to each other, the alcohol maybe? Why haven't I seen this side of her? The bold, daring and straight-forward side of her? I love this chick! Oh yeah, I've broken the rule of not drinking alone at home, all Wendy's fault but sweet, I'm loving you more!

Yesterday went on well, everything was great, as far as I know. What I haven't already know shouldn't be too bad *fingers crossed* Looks like things are falling into places for me, phew... Hopefully these will lead me to somewhere, somewhere bright and nice with glitters all over. I've already gotten myself a very promising job from Jevon - he said when he starts his business, he will hire me, all I need is to be his Paris Hilton. Call me shallow but look, that's in some ways my dream job okay? Look pretty pretty, smell sexy sexy, socialize nicely, drink and get tipsy, boooohoooo!

Excuse me but I don't need the home videos though.

Back to serious, things are all good for me and I've learnt to say no to temptations tonight. Staying home on the weekend is not hard, but having your mates inviting you to places you love was indeed very hard. I managed to do it, regardless of how much I wanted to go out. It was the right decision, having most of my research done, my sheets changed, two loads of laundry finished, and saved some moolah.

Been having the very rare indecisive day today - can't decide for god's sake for anything. From what to wear to what to have for dinner; what to drink to where to park. Gosh, freaking annoying. Can't believe June's not in Melbourne for two weeks. You know how it's like to miss someone only when someone's not around, this is exactly what happened. I didn't know June played such an important role till it was Thursday, I finished shopping and it was raining. I was alone and needed to talk and realized my goss-buddy's not in the country, darn! How sad is that? Very. I've got many other girlies with me but everyone is different, you get what I mean?

June, get your arse back to Melbourne. Weather's getting better (colder) and what's better than to be snuggling in my oh-so-comfy bed while hanging on the phone with you, over some never-ending stories. Get home, quick!

The women (plural) are officially tipsy and funny. We're giving each other advices on different aspects in life. Because of her real-life fairy tale, she's giving me some sort of hope that things could be different, if I want it to be. But...

are there so many fairy tales around for us here?