Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Not Exactly the Right Time

How bad can it be when one doesn't have their cell for half an hour?

It was catastrophic! For some reasons, I have to live without my cell for about two hours today, it was two hours hell of an experience. I was absolutely impatient and apprehensive. How did I live when there weren't cells? Oppss... I was just too young to live with one.

Sometimes things just happen at the wrong time, just so wrong. Like I was counting my days to today, where my phone was suppose to ring but bang... it couldn't work for a good two hours. It wasn't that I was certain that it will ring, and no, it still hasn't, but why it had to happen at the most crucial moments?

Like why does one very potential man has to appear at the time when your mind is still on another, even though it was 'supposed' to be over - because there's no closure! Why does the loose ends that I'm suppose to be tying are in fact getting loser than ever, with more complications - because I'm too good at making a mess!

I've been getting some emails from friends, who are obviously very concern about me, stating that I don't sound fine from my entries. Don't worry, I am totally fine, I am in no distress, just confused at times. I am happy, I am fine. Some extra cash will help, if you don't mind.

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