Monday, July 31, 2006

Running Thoughts

Eventful weekend. I hardly have any energy to blog. The following are my energy booster (Power Juice & Acai Shooter from Boost weren't helping) -

i) Ministry of Sound's Sessions Three (recommended by Keat). This is abso-fucking-lutely awesome! Commercial House/Trance that I've been listening in clubs/raves for the past six months. Highly recommended. Go get one yourself, don't ask me to copy, as it's too good to not have one. It's blasting on my stereo and giving me a new state of elation.

ii) Homemade soy-chocolate (taught by Robyn). This cooking dark chocolate version is better than Max Brenner, I swear. I trust it'll help minimize my expenses on Max Brenner, Koko Black & Gloria Jeans while I still get my regular chocolate fix, yum... get the recipe from me.


Wasn't feeling too good yesterday, suppose I was catching the cold from people around. Woke up with watery eyes and congested nose. Had to drag my ass to start on my herbal-therapy-athon. Pumping in heaps of Echinacea & Ginger tea (ran out of Elderflower, Red Clover, Winter Blues and Fennel), Chinese herbal tea and Vitamin C, I'd at last won the flu-war. Headed for more Vitamin C booster - Lychee Caipiroska (lime's the source!).


Caught TV Junkie from the MIFF, not too bad, except for the overwhelming perfume of the lady next to me, that gave me a headache and the urge to vomit, yes, it was that bad.


Asian nights review:
I don't like Asian nights.

Eclipse - Bad music. Bad crowd. Met some new people. Good friends. Some sour complains *wink*. Boring.
Boulevard - Good music (only downstairs) most of the time. So-so crowd. Crazy friends. Lost and found earrings. Good fun.
Bass Lounge - Bad music. Bad crowd. Funny friends. Lotsa drinking games. Erm...

Would be happier if I patronize Room 680, Honky Tonks or Alumbra.

I don't like Asian nights, but I keep going back, because my friends love them. The only buddy that likes Room is not going either, because his girlfriend doesn't. Looking forward to Godskitchen. Good music feeds my soul, euphoric!


I love winter but I hate the heater. Heater makes me sick. Especially when I'm out shopping. I couldn't breathe in the malls, it makes me feel sick, dizzy, heavy-headed, just terrible. And I truly wish the temperature could just drop, drop and drop...


Ginza Teppanyaki at Chinatown sucks big time! I'm telling you now not to step in there. Food was awful yet pricey. Disgusting. Shoya is 81 times better.


This is the time of the year - car registration due, car insurance due, and soon... car service. My body's aching terribly. I've over spent on the weekend already. Too many Caipiroska, clubbing, eating out, what's new?

Time to put on my DVD, heat up some supper... and be a piggy!

Friday, July 28, 2006

Hire Me!

I've had gobbled down half a dozen of Krispy Kreme, tsk tsk tsk... sinful! I declare that my waist are no more in sight. This is quite depressing, it is. On the contrary, I'm actually very happy with my current situation (I don't mean my waistline). I was just showing my 8-months-ago picture to Pei Wen & Robyn and they finally believed me that I've put on weight. PW then asked me if I'm really happy now, and I went "yeah, I am, never better. This is one of the happiest period of my life, trust me"

Special thanks to Jessie, who bought the Krispy Kreme for me from Sydney. She knows that I wouldn't drive all the way to Narre Warren, yeah I wouldn't. I reckon buying it from Sydney is more convenient. Thank you.

I had a good day today.

I had a good lunch at Kenzan.

I went shopping.

I've got a super adorable necklace and a belt of a different colour from what I have in the wardrobe, both from Mimco.

I've got a dress from Nicola Finetti.

I bought 2 pairs of stockings from Saveway (what the...?). Yeah, I was wearing this pair of shoes for the 109th times, and he was giving me a hard time today because he's having a grumpy day.

I had dinner at Tutto Bene.

I had a great catch-up drinking session with a good friend at Bear Brass.

I bought my oriental lily for my living room.

I had such a good day today.

Len said I'm almost like Cecelia Cheung in this HK movie Shopaholic. He was quite right, if only he can be my Lau Ching Wan. I wish (oh, not him actually). I was on the verge on splurging of this pair of Chloe loafer, not expensive at all but... should I? Should I not?

It was funny how I asked the sweetie from Mimco if they want to hire casuals (I meant me!), minutes after they invited me to their VIP night next week. I seriously need a job. I might lose my so called 'life' once I've to juggle between work and studying five units this semester but... Heck, just hire me!

International Film Festival
is on, I should be pretty occupied. Currently, I'm having this love/hate relationship with my schedule. My weekend and the following week is basically 'booked out'. I love it, I do, yet at times I do get exhausted too, I do...

Thursday, July 27, 2006


I've just got home, tipsy with an indigestion, again. Told you I don't wanna eat at that Taiwanese place, it sucks. SP insisted on eating there. Fine... if it weren't because she had no dinner-buddy, I wouldn't go. I ate a lot, ordered 3 dishes for myself as I THOUGHT I was starving, which resulted in a serious indigestion that had followed by some pain, darn!

No more Taiwanese place for me at Chinatown. No more ultra-oily food for myself. Thank god, or instead, thank Hugo for his Amareto Sour that rescued me (GOOD alcohol cures. Somehow my pain was contagious, the mischievous disturbing pain had crawled pass my stomach and went in to SP's, proven again it's the food).

Anyways, I had a great night: lousy dinner + good company + Jess, SP and Milyn for drinks + Cookie + St. Jerome + Cookie (again) + strange Indian trying-to-pick-up + mixed emotion.

I'd love to share this:

I've called up one of the top four restaurants in Melbourne 2006 to make a reservation for two yesterday afternoon. Well, my half-brother had graduated and is going back to KL for good, therefore I was throwing a farewell/graduation dinner for him. Here was how it went...

"Hi, I'm Lynn, I'd just like to make a reservation for dinner tonight"
"Tonight, how many people?"
"For two, please."
"I'm sorry but we're booked out for the whole week."
"Erm... It's for 8.30pm, it's a late dinner, it'll be nice if you could only get us a small table for two, you know..."
"I'm sorry, we're booked out. If you want to come for lunch tomorrow, maybe I can arrange something for you."
"That's alright, thanks. Bye."

Five and a half hours later I told Len what happened. Six hours later Len took me and my half-brother walked in straight and got us a superb table with superb food. Well, Len's a regular (big spender, that's what they meant, right?).

I totally can't accept this. I CALL THIS FAVOURITISM! How could they do that??? I was pissed, absolutely was. But they were smart, and lucky, that they managed to calm me down with their impeccable fare. Awesome. I was speechless (temperless to be precise) after being fed with such yummilicious everything.

That's unfairness, but life's not suppose to be fair (Lynn 2002)

I was talking about Flower Drum. People in Melbourne or who are familiar with Melbourne, you won't be a stranger to this institute. Otherwise, go googling on it, you'll get what I mean.

I'm such unlucky one who couldn't get a table before. Yet... I was the lucky one who got a table without reservation. I was the lucky one who got Len to order the good selections. I was the lucky one who got Len to settle the outrageous cheque. I was the lucky one who's blessed with all the luck. I was and am still is the lucky one, who is able to be lazy, and lucky and be blogging about the life of the lucky, lazy, Lynn.

I'm blessed, I know...

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Sponsors Needed to Rescue the Sicko-Shopaholic.

Shopaholic's going a little out of control. Lynn is crazy. Totally out of her mind. I was actually thinking of flying to Hong Kong for a weekend to shop, I was actually thinking of that. I know, I know, I know... I have did a little, just a little, really I promise, splurging at Vuitton on Saturday, that I was not suppose to. But I lost it before, I needed a replacement.

As for now, and it has been a long time, I need a black bag. It's utterly ridiculous for a bag-whore like me to not have a black number. I always go for colours, all different kind of colours, and then, keep going back to browns, all shades of browns, then repeat on the colours.

Today, I've got the I-need-a-black-bag-syndrome again.

Come on, let's double da B this time. Black Bag, Big Bag, Be Bad, Be Bold, B. Bag!
Come on, Be the Boss, be my sponsor.

Sweetie Junie,

Under the influence of your fanatical idea of shopping at eLUXURY, the Loony Lynn actually had attempted to do so. (Un)fortunately, they do not ship out of America. So now, good/bad news for yourself?

Love, Lynn

Going Solo IV : In short...

I've been back for almost a week, I've to quickly wrap up my entries on my trip. I may be unwilling to do so as my heart is still wandering off instead of settling back in Melbourne and sticking my nose to my never-ending course readings.

Haven't been feeling too good for the past few days, guess the 'chi' is not exactly right at the moment. Caught Pirates of the Caribbean II and My Super Ex-Girlfriend alone in the cinema for the past two nights. Yes, I went alone, just needed some 'me-time', didn't feel like seeing anyone. Jess was asking if I'm okay, or am I just getting hooked to the sensation of the solitude.

There are so much going on on the weekend, er... to be precise, since Wednesday, a day after I return to Melbourne. All the catching up drinks, drunken nights with falling on the street, I-don't-wanna-club-ended-up-clubbing-till-four weekends. Shopping with the fun-loving girlies and coffee followed by nice dinner at Shoya on Saturday (I'm suppose to be on budget!!!). The hanging out on cold rainy Sunday.

I've been a good girl so far, attending my classes (which is only yesterday but I know I'll make my presence in every class) and eating in a lot (I'm going to eat out tonight, somewhere nice, hooray!). I need to get my lazy arse off my couch and go for Yoga classes (that's what I need).

Now that I'm not going to Queenstown, due to the crazy transit times of the 'left over' air tix, I guess maybe I could reward myself with something nice, I'm talking about getting the classic Chanel that I've been wanting. I get off focus always. Whenever I wanted to get it, I'd end up buying something else, knowing that the classic will always be sitting around in store waiting for me to take her home. On the other hand, I am also planning my next holiday in September. Was thinking of Japan but after the KL-girlies telling me how big the damage would be, I guess I can only afford a domestic holiday, and save the internationals for when I return to KL.


Let me finish up my trip updates before I wander off too far away.

Trip was awesome.

I was the idiot who no one else can be, am still is. I got to pay for my excess baggage on a domestic flight from Maroochydore to Melbourne! How ridiculous was that? Extremely. Don't get too worry, half of my luggage was taken up by the boxes of "Potty" Bob's. The other half was my clothes and the others of my new found treasures. I can't believe myself. And I can't believe my friends.

"Hey, you know what? I'd to pay for excess baggage with Jetstar! Ridiculous! I don't believe I've so much stuff for only five days!", I still did not believe.

"Not surprise..."

"What's new with Lynn?"

Sigh. SP goes "you're one person in my life that always come out with the most peculiar ideas, get in to trouble at the most unexpected times, ask the most bewildering questions that no one could answer, get injured uncannily and strike us with surprising moves that wouldn't surprise us anymore... so, I am not surprise, but is still amazed with the things that could happen to you, or rather you making them happen"

Trouble? Peculiar? What? Fine!

Injuries - I don't understand although it had happened to me for almost all my life, where do I get all these bruises on my legs/arms all the time? I'll also have to admit that I do get involved in some uncanny accidents, like ripping my toe nail off in my own toilet, that left a trail of blood back to my room after getting too wasted (it was quite funny actually); getting cut by knife when I wasn't even using it (this is bizarre, I know!); falling flat on my butt while trying to perform a flying kick ("you're comical", Jev). The list wouldn't end.

Oh my, I need want a holiday. I miss the Sebel's room, they were so beautiful. It was a suite, with kitchen, living and dining area, huge bathroom with separate bath and of course, the ultra-comfy bedroom, all to myself. And it was right smacked in the middle of Hasting Street, where people were beautiful (Melburnians are better though), food was good and the beach was just right across. I was almost in heaven, believe it or not.

Another good thing was that I got to have a lot of 'me-time' that I rarely get in Melbourne. As everyone know, I hang out too much here, don't get enough sleep knowing that I've a lot to do (like they are important) and also stray virtually too much. It's good to unwind and relax and take things slowly once in a while.

A couple of friends told me that they can never travel alone, they don't know what to do. My advise - you don't have to know what to do, you'll know when you know. Never say never. Be spontaneous. The best things happen when you don't actually plan. Trust me.

"Don't you feel lonely being alone?"

Ironically, you will never be alone while traveling alone

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Specials for Tracy

Dear Tracy,

As per your request, and I'm only doing it for you but no other people, I've spent hourS, listen hourS, on putting my pictures together in Photoshop. Please excuse my poor design as I'm no more a designer since 4 years ago. Secondly, I had a very hard time using Photoshop, believe it or not, this was my first attempt after I've graduated from design school.

Now, can you feel the love from me to you?

And most importantly, these food pictures are not even significant, are they? (you better say yes now after all my hard work!)

p.s. I'll have to lay my hands on Photoshop more in the future...


Friday, July 21, 2006

Going Solo III : the Delights

Noosa is not too bad a place for foodwhore like myself. Not only Noosa but anywhere in Sunshine Coast, the amount of restaurants for such a small place makes me jump, if only I can stay longer to sample all of them.

My exploration was only limited to my then territory - Hasting Street mainly because I was lazy to travel out of Noosa Head, and they have a lot to offer than I can cover.

i) Aromas
was crowned the institute on Hasting as it has been there forever. It's the most prominent cafe on the stretch. Famous for its coffees (rarely for me) and the 'people-watching-seats' akin to the brasseries in France. Appreciate the extensive selection of teas they have; hot chocolate was actually quite yummy; sandwiches were alright.


ii) Lindoni's was recommended to me by this lady sitting next to me on board. She and her husband were coincidentally staying at the Sebel. Food was delectable, service staff was attentive and welcoming, wine list was extensive. Later found out that it was honoured the "Best Italian Restaurant in Queensland 2005" by some publication. Look, Queensland's huge. I had a three-course meal plus Kahlua-Latte by myself, it was irresistable to the meal descriptions in the menu while reading out loud in my heart followed by 'I wanna have everything!'


iii) Berardo's on the Beach was my favourite bistro as it was literally next to the beach that offers you a breath-taking view. Afternoon tea was unexpectedly affordable - $9.90 for sandwiches, muffin and coffee/tea., and it was notably delicious. Not to forget the as-good-as-Berth's Salmon Benedict that I had on the following morning.


iv) Berardo's on the other hand, was much more exclusive. Hidden location but am sure the locals or even visitors like myself have no complains as the quality of its well presented fares had justify the tracking down. They were having this special Bastille Day degustation menu on the evening that me and Len paid our visit, which delighted me dearly. Six courses in all, I especially favoured its Light Creamed Asparagus & Sorrel Soup with Vermicelli and Queensland Red Claw Mousse on Toasted Brioche. I shall say no more about the interior of the restaurant as you may already had taken a tour on its website - minimalism. Good recommendation on the bottle of (not-too-cheap) wine that helps butter up the enjoyable evening.


v) Adelena suggested to dine at Flying Fish because Lauren works there (nah, no discount for us but we had left a fat tip instead). It wasn't good at all, at least to me. I had the seafood platter for one, yeah, presentation was not too bad, price was reasonable but taste like I can do better. Therefore I shall comment no more. Alright, alright, it's not THAT bad, but I can still do better.


"I'm gonna get that special mussel of the day... as well as the Fritto Misto"
"sure, no problem"

Came around to set my table... for two.

"are you waiting for someone?"
"no, it's just me"
"you won't be able to finish your food, that was too much. I'll be right back, I'll ask the kitchen to hold on to it"
"erm... no, I want both"
"but that will be way too much for you, sweet"
"hm... do you do takeaway?"
"of course we do"
"I'll take them home if I can't finish, I can't decide which one to..."

Came around to clear my almost clear out plates.

"honey, very well done!"
"yeah, I don't wanna take them home"
"how was the food?"
"love the mussel, it was good"

vi) I was talking about Cafe Le Monde that offers such wide varieties on their menu. Not bad at all, not bad...


vii) I didn't like the Aussie-Asian fusion at the Bistro C. Too bland for me, even the dessert tasted like nothing, or was it just me that evening? Presentation was quite 'there' but these are what you called deceitful packaging perhaps.

Between me and one of the waitresses:
"can you please take a picture for me?"
"by yourself?"
(In my heart: you see anyone next to me? jeez...)

CLICK & flash.


vii) Last but not least - the La Vida that was nice enough to had specially prepare their tapas menu from two to one for me. The perpetual big warm smile on the waitresses sweet looking face made up for the lack of excellence in their food. Now we've got to all agree that looks sell, doesn't it?


The amount of restaurants in Noosa was impressive despite the lack of cuisine varieties. Of course, coming from Melbourne, 'home cooking' is always better.

I'm just guessing that so far this is the least interesting entry of my Noosa exploration as I believe not many of you guys give a damn if the food is good/bad, right?


Am also wondering, if good food will excites me less eventually? Will you be harder to please in the journey of good food quest because you've tasted more and more good ones and nothing surprises you anymore? I wish that day will never come.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

I have... not enough $$$

I call myself a Certified Holiday Addict.

I want to go to Queenstown next month, but the double digit in my bank account doesn't allow me to. I'm getting desperate. Funny ideas are popping out of my mind. Snap it, quick! But some are not too bad of an idea.

I've fees to settle.
I've rent to pay for.
I've text books to purchase (oh no, I forgot! What can I do now?)
I've catch up to do tomorrow.
I've a dinner with a friend on Thursday (I'm ecstatic about this one, don't ask why).
I've 'farewell' parties to attend to on Friday.
I've classes to attend to four days a week.
I've applied for a casual job at Mimco today (wonder if there's vacancy).
I've unpacking to do.
I've laundry to do, jeezzz...
I've cleaning up at home.
I've bills to pay.
I've been straying online too much.

I've been told that my blogs are too long, he prefers more pictures. But I've also told him that I prefer to write in long inarticulate sentences. I've been enjoying my rambling. I've chose to stick to it for now, at least.

I've got a craving for Sashimi.
I've been planning for another holiday even before Noosa.
I've a great intention of going to Queenstown with June & co. but...
I've an aching right shoulder now.
I've been thinking of someone for almost half of the time while I'm awake.

I've spoken to my dad today, pohpoh is in the hospital. Get well soon, I really don't know what can I do right now.

I've to go to bed now, I've got a half-closed eyes.

Going Solo ll : the Haphazard Activities

I went up for the sun, yet it appears for only less than 10 hours. Being a frequent weather-watcher, I was expecting the precipitation. I literally bustled out of my room after checking-in and got changed in to my tankini (I put on weight) to grab some lunch. I then charged to the beach which is only across the road from where I stayed. My mission of getting a 'subtle' tan was accompany by non-stop clicking of my camera - the sky, the sand, the me, me, me and me;
the repeating playlist on my iPod; Margaret Mitchell's Gone with the Wind (Violet's property. She's gonna kill me when she finds out what happened later).

Same goes for the last day of my trip. How ironic can that be when it was drizzling and showering and sometimes pouring almost every day and night except for the day I touched down (arrived in the Sebel at 'bout 2) and the day that I've to go (left the Sebel at 4.30). On the last day, after returning from my Skydiving (yeah, I did it!) to Noosa, I had to gorge down my lunch tapas that was specially made for me (well, they don't usually cater for one. I call this almost-discrimination), before heading to the beach in jeans and singlet (I've checked-out, everything else are in the luggage). Again, random pictures with lotsa me, me and me, that's how and where I met the Canadian hottie (he offered to take a picture for me, sweet). The sun was beautiful, the sea was captivating, such a shame that I've to leave.

Visited quite a few bars on Hasting Street. This street is basically my 'local' hangout throughout the trip - sleep, eat, drink, club, chill, unwind. I was contented. It was flavour-ful, if you know what I mean

Finally went for the Tandem Skydiving. Was picked-up to the Rambler's office on my second day, waited for an hour plus, all I got was "girl, there's cloud patches in the sky, it's not gonna happen today". On my forth day, Dave woke me up, "hey, we're coming to get you, looks like we can jump today". Hooray!!! Received another call out from my shower "There are patches of clouds again, we shouldn't risk it." Jeezz...

On my last day... rained like cats and dogs in the morning, in my heart - f*ck! In my hands - massive texting to the girls back in Melb, whining. Believe me, good things happen when you least expect. Completely clear sky after the rain. Girl, jump in to the shower, get changed, pack up, go go go!

The experience was amazing. I'm officially hooked. Thinking of taking a course and be a certified skydiver. Sponsors needed, anyone? Took off from the Maroochydore airport to Coolum. Up at 14,000 feet. -5 degree Celsius. Mask on. Face up. Hands crossed. Jump. 60seconds free fall. 5mins parachuting. Looked like an idiot in the DVD, who cares? I do.

Eumundi Market was one of the best market I've ever been. Huge with no nonsense. We're talking about serious arts and crafts and fresh produced food and skincare. And I freaking spent 80 bucks on cab (see, idiot on the run once again). Look, I initially wanted to take the bus after brekkie with Len.

"where are you going after this?"
"Eumundi Market, order your food, I need to catch the bus"
"take the taxi"
"no, I wanna experience the local bus, see the place"
"great, good choice"

I was late, couldn't figure out if the bus was yet to arrive or had left. Can't be bothered, I hailed for the cab. 40 bucks to Eumundi, alright I'm taking the bus back to Noosa.

So I was ecstatic with all those one-of-it-kind finds, I therefore bought:

*heaps and heaps of self-blended incense sticks lying in hand-made dried leaves boxes
*kilograms of Wasabi macadamias (that I'm currently in love with)
*boxes of handmade stoneware pottery mugs by "potty" Bob

*organic Aloe Vera & Rose water sprays + Rosehip Oil
*bottles of ultra-spicy chilli sauce
*Wasabi Dill Mayonaise (now, what's with me and Wasabi recently)
*yummilicious something-nice-and-sweet coated almonds and macadamias

... ... (sigh) I can carry no-more!

Strolled passed stalls after stalls of specialities fare, why did I have breakfast at Noosa? How silly can I be? Very.

I also saw the One-Man Band, whose music was in fact quite compelling. Hands together for his ability on multi-tasking, look -

...and not to forget the prominent flower ladies who sells huge-bright-colourful-oh-so-pretty-roses. Can I have just one? They are so pretty...

I had to carry all my new-found possessions like a dog while waiting for the taxi that I've called on the street, while it was drizzling. Don't expect me to take the bus with all these shit treasure, I can't be bothered with another 40 bucks either. Frankly speaking, the idea of having a fellow companion with me did cross my mind as a good idea for a good few seconds.

Car ride in Stephen's was revolting, literally. Okay, he took me out with good intention but I've to say his driving sucks. I know I've a problem with motion-sickness but he definitely has a problem with driving steadily. I had however had a better picture of the different towns of Sunshine Coast. The Lame Lynn had to swig the whole pot of hot tea later to settle her stomach, gosh!

As said before, drinks at the bars were pretty impressive. Rolling Rock (most recommended clubs by many I've met) was impressive. Good interior, not-too-bad-at-all music (they were playing House), friendly people (inclusive of friendly clubbers and pathetic picking-ups) and cheap(er) drinks (compared to Melb). Was dancing and drinking the whole night, great fun. Once again, maybe I wasn't expecting anything from a club in such a small peaceful town.

I didn't get to go to the SPA and get my manicure and pedicure, had not enough time (where did my time go?) Well I slept 12 hours on the first night, blissful. I got a good massage, that leave me thinking if I should spare some money every month for some TLC for my body every fortnight. I have a confession to make. I used to have this SPA/massage addiction. The reason why I used used to is solely because I've no choice but to quit as these are luxuries for me in Melbourne, that I can't afford.

I didn't get to do much this trip, on contrary, I've done a lot. I had enough sleep most of the nights. It was a semi-retreat for me from the bustling Melbourne. Of course, Melbourne is the only place that I call home besides KL. I'm glad that I'm home. It's proven once again that I do love the cold. Very much. Can't get enough of it.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Sleepy-head Loves the Virtual Surf

Got these from Steph's. I've only visited 15 countries (6%), that doesn't include the states of each country my dear. I need to see more places. Sigh... I wanna travel, again!

Going Solo l : Random People

Finally am home, am glad, despite my unwillingness to leave Sunshine Coast. Time to get back to reality, get my arse back to studies and job-hunting (you hear me right).

I'm loving the solo-expedition. I got to do so much of my interest. I got to see so much out of my expectations. I got to unwind. I got my long long bath everyday. Most importantly, I got to meet lots of people, get to listen and share some interesting stories.

I shall introduce these interesting people that has contributed to my awesome journey to the North.

Sam and Mel, the friendly bartenders from Zachary's, who directed me to all the hot places to party; who I partied with at the impressive Rolling Rock, as well as the Sydney boy, Matthew, who's the chef at Zachary's. Not to forget the anonymous boys from Lindoni's, the yummilicious Italian institute, who pointed me to Zachary's to begin with.

Sam; Matthew; Mel; Moi

I also get to meet the very Aussie Malaysian student who moved from Melbourne to Noosa, after meeting Sam and falling in love with him during her summer holidays last year. Allow me to introduce you to Ms. Adelena (the only Asian I've met so far).

Through her I've also met Lauren, who bizarrely fell in love with Ben when she was work-holidaying in Australia, all the way from South England.

Now both Adelena and Lauren are "stuck" (so they said) in Noosa while their beau are rocking behind the bars. Ops... in case I've not mentioned, Ben is 'the legend' according to everyone, I've yet to find out why but thumbs up for his Lychee-Caipiroska (my 'all-time' favourite); I'd say it's almost as good as Hugo's or even better (no joke). Ben was with Zachary's but is now with Bistro C.

From them I've met Jess, who is up for holidays from Melbourne. She's a chef cum fashion designer (how does it relate??!!) who visits for 2 weeks and had recently met a boy at Bistro C. vaNESSa, the massage therapist, who gave me a discounted mind-blowing massage at my room, who is Ben's sister, who invited Jess up for holiday, who is originally from Melbourne.

I had no idea how many Melburnians are there up in the North. I've spoken to many. Those that are living in Noosa for good love the sun and beach, can't stand the cold in Melbourne. And you have no idea how many of us from Melbourne who was spending the weekend in Noosa, 8 out of 10 that I've spoken to, no exaggerations I promise.

Dear Noosa, I'm sorry, we Melburnians brought the cold and rain up with us.

I've then met Stephen, who claimed to be an ex-designer (yeah, right!). He chatted me up at the Eumundi Market (hello... it's a market!). And yeah, he had mistaken me as a Philippino (what da???) because of my eyes (huh???). He gave me his name card and I just threw them in to my bag and I thought, that's it - bye! Ironically, I bumped in to him again during brunch on Sunday. Spoke a little, I tried convincing myself that I was way too skeptical, I shouldn't construe. He took me for a 2-hours car-tour around Noosa, and drinks at the Hyatt Regency Coolum. Sweet. He also was suppose to take me boating in his private boat (is he for real?) but unfortunately it was pouring this morning (or did he promise me knowing that it's gonna rain? Yeah well, I am being skeptical, I can't help, can I?) Anyways, thanks for the ride, I've a better idea of Sunshine Coast now.

I've met a hottie anonymous on the beach an hour before I leave. He's freaking hot, he was meditating on the beach (errr...). Canadian who spent most of his life in Melbourne and now Queensland, and will go back to Canada soon. No name, no contact, no follow-ups, just a quick chat that brightens my day (isn't that easy?)

Most importantly, I've met a new friend at Sunshine Coast airport. He was a real surprise to me, I believe he's one to be kept as friend. Someone who kept me entertained during the 50-mins delay (Jetstar, again, gggrrrr...); someone that shares with me some fascinating stories; a passionate foodie like myself; one who offered me Toblerone knowing that I was starving; one who notices that I like to 'drink stereo'; a Swiss Chiropractor in Melbourne - Andrea. You've left me smiling the whole evening, thank you!

Not to forget some others that I've met, like the Skydiving crew - Dave, Angela, Brett(my instructor) and many that I can't remember their names, the crazy people in short; the skydivers - Kevin, who's also from Melbourne; Alison and her support team; Tassie girl and Scottish boyfriend.

Then... the Canadian rugby player Jeff and his mate, I-can't-remember-your-name. All the friendly waiters & waiteress that I've been speaking a lot too, I know you guys were afraid that I'd choke eating alone, hiaks...

You guys are part of the reason why I love Noosa. I know I should stop but, THANK YOU. If I don't get enough $ soon enough to crawl up North, you know where to find me.

Thanks for flying down for less than 24-hours just to see me; the scrumptious dinner at Berardo's; the great company; the excellent choice of aged-wine; and the quick delicious Salmon Benedict brekkie. Thanks Leonard.

And not to forget this lucky girl who almost have-it-all

Monday, July 17, 2006

from Noosa with lotsa Love

I've got six minutes left! It's my last night in this almost-heavenly Noosa. Bought this freaking Internet access card to check on my results online last Friday but in fact I've registered for a sms result (idiot on the run again).

I don't wanna leave this place. Trip is getting better, meeting more people, seeing more places, leaving less money!

I'm coming back, I will... when I've save enough money.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Wannabe raids Noosa

Solo trip to the glamourous Noosa tomorrow, can't wait. I enjoy travelling alone to be honest - no waiting for others, no compromises, no hassle. Do whatever I like, go wherever I fancy, eat anything that I feel like, sleep as much as I wish. However, a friend L wants to fly up to see me over the weekend. It's really sweet of L, yet I'm not sure if I'm ready for an 'intruder' to my self-indulgent weekend.

Look, I've settled on abusing my parent's plastic card for some pampering that I think I deserve. In return, I consent the coming abuse from my mum when she sees the bill.

I've book an almost 5-stars hotel, Sebel, which is located right smacked in the middle of the glitzy Hasting Street (the most glamorous street in Noosa!!!).

I've just found out last night that Noosa has more to offer than I've expected. It's the Toorak/Double Bay of Queensland, according to one of the past article. Are you kidding me?

I'm out to look good for the coming 5 days, I have to, I want to, I need to, I'm looking forward to.

I'm gonna spend quality time with myself, indulge in good food and spas, spend all the time I want at the beach, skydive if weather allows, raid the Eumundi Market, and maybe go down to Brisbane for a night, if L is not down.

I'm in fact very much looking forward to tomorrow. Noosa... here I come! Berardo's... wait for me!

Cairns Part ll partially re-energize after some unsatisfying frozen chicken nuggets. I've errands to run yet I'm planting my fat arse on this couch, locked by my Baby. Am contemplating if I should reward my Baby a trip to Sunshine Coast with me since I'm gonna be travelling alone. Yes, I've made up my mind that I want to go alone, can't wait till tomorrow!

Let's get back to Cairns.

White water rafting was FUNNY! It leaves me with a laugh whenever I think of the superb punchline by Jo. Look, me and Jo only became friends during the trip. My comments on her - quiet. I'd been teasing her for the past few days with "Joanne, you're so COOL" with a funny face, that left her in irritation. She speaks little, however, one minute after our rafting adventure began, she goes "Lynn, paddle, stop scooping the water!" I burst into hysterical laughter. I was then placed on the front of the boat with Pei Wen not long before the guide told me to stop splashing water to my friend, who happened to be Jo (again)! It was sidesplitting, believe me. If you were there, you'd die laughing so hard that the boat would turn over. It made things funnier when we happened to get a Japanese guide who was wildly animated.

Port Douglas was awesome. My kind of place. Very resorty plus a hint of sophistication. The Sunday market was huge, with lotsa organic skincare and fresh food that caught my attention. Other than that, it's just a market.

Pei Wen and I at Port Douglas.

After an hour and a half sleep after the WC (I was ecstatic after the match), being the 'never-on-time' Lynn woke every f*cking one up in the apartment. We are going for a ride on the Skyrail and some RainForestation (I wasn't interested in vegetation to be honest). We spent almost 7 hours riding the skyrail and vessel; looking at those greens that I would never remember; meetings and greetings by the kangaroos and other wildlife; the aboriginal dances that freaked me out by that freaking tap on my shoulder.

Special moments of the day: my flight was delayed for 2.5 hours. It's not funny when you're dog-tired, without sufficient amount of pleasing food, stucked in an undersized airport with minimal outlets. After 2.5 hours of mind-numbing card games, teas after teas, brain-f*cked video recording, dim-witted soft toys teasing, I suffered another sleepless 3-hour-plus on board with two pigs next to me.

When I finally dragged my arse off the cab at 3am, I was pathetically knackered and ravenous. I swear I wouldn't fly Jetstar again; yet my JQ flight is at 10 tomorrow, god... You better be on time, it's not funny to get stucked in the airport ALONE for hours.

Cannavaro is so cute! I really don't mind shorter guys, never!

Cairns Part l

Thoughts in my head on Day 5 of my trip: I miss Melbourne's good food. I miss the cold. Miss my bed. Miss my pillow. I've no money.

Don't get me wrong, there ain't complains of the trip (oh yes, there are). The trip was funky, that leaves everyone happy. Only complain - Cairns is too touristy, I prefer somewhere with more local hangouts/eateries. But then again, what am I talking about? It's Cairns! There were Japanese all over the place. Thanks to them, there's a small little Louis Vuitton in the city! (like it matters to me)

Food was bad. We've been trying our very best to ask the locals where they usually eat to get a taste of it. The local-eateries-quest ends up in disappointment for everyone. Fine seafood - certified unsatisfactory, and costed me 97 bucks. I don't mind paying 194 dollars for good fares in Melbourne but 2Fish didn't do the job.

All we got from the Cairns-ean (is there such a word?) was "oh, you can't compare the food here with Melbourne's".

I dived twice, introductory ones. I'm determined to get my diver's license by this year. My only problem is to deal with sea sickness (I chucked twice on the boat, but there are heaps of others who shared the pain with me so I wasn't embarrassed). It was amazing down under, surreal and eye-opening. It wasn't as beautiful as I thought it was (brochures gave me false expectation!): insufficient of colourful fishes and corals. I was told Asian's seas are much better. Anyways, for a first-time dummy like me, it was great. I even had a picture with Nemo

Highlight of the trip: four bungy jumps in a day. It was addictive, trust me. I wasn't afraid at all till I was at the edge of the tower, 20 seconds before my first jump. The feeling of falling down from the tower was beyond words. I personally think to overcome the fear was to trust - knowing that you'll be perfectly safe jumping down from the seven-storey tower. Once I was welcomed by earth again, I knew I'm running up to the tower again for the back dive (cramps was what I got from the runnings of the crazy steps), followed by tandem and elevator. Boys and girls, words of advice - I was told if you are to jump, jump with AJ Hackett only as the other companys have got death records (tsk tsk tsk...) I've bought the DVD of my own jumps and Minjin with Jev and Rob, as well as the bungy rope (part of the actual rope). These are gonna travel back to KL soon to meet my parents.

"Bungy jumping is so dangerous! Diving is not a good idea either, there are sharks and underwater current!" My dad is so cute!

I'm so going to jump from the roof the next time!

To be continued...

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Cairns, here I come!

Just a quick entry before I leave for all the pulsating activities in Cairns. Can't wait. After all the arguments, disagreements, shouting and yelling at each other, I'm finally going to Cairns with them. It's gonna be a good trip (well, if I'm to go, I'm gonna have fun)

Superman Returns was a total crap. Okay, it wasn't bad-bad but it was quite bad. I didn't expect much to begin with, you know, the superhero shit, it's just so predictable. Go watch just to look at how cute Brandon Routh is (he's almost like a plastic doll).

I was having a hard time packing before: all the activities I've chosen to do are so rough (bungy jumping, white water rafting, skydiving, diving, snorkeling), I can't be wearing/using expensive clothes/accessories. It means I've to choose all the cheapest/oldest outfit, which also means I'm gonna look terrible in the pictures. To make things worse, I'm planning on a make-up free trip, where my dark circle finally gets a chance to be in the limelight!

Heck, what am I doing here? Shouldn't I get some sleep so then I don't look too bad for the coming days? If you haven't know, my taxi is arriving at 5.45am (I'm the idiot who chose the flight time and the whole team had to follow me).

Boys and girls, gonna miss you. Darn... five days Baby-less (I mean my laptop). Am sure I'll miss the emails.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Get over it, Mr. Sham...

There are friends who you suppose to have abandoned you some time ago, just re-appear when you need support (or they think I needed some).

There are friends who are always there (though they are miles away) for you when you needed an ear.

There are friends who you can never get them when you need them, but would only hear from them when they need you.

There are friends who you don't see for years, but absence makes the heart grows fonder.

There are friends who you think they take you only as acquaintance but would yell in your face and goes "Lynn, you're our friend, f'ck SS, we love you!", for the sake of making you feel comfortable being around.

There are friends who secretly hates you but they still want to hang around with you because they've no other friends.


I've got a phone call from KL from R just to check if I'm doing okay, who hasn't been calling for quite some time. I later found out that my best friend, Fern (bitch - but I still love you!!!) was telling some fib to him for some unrevealable reasons. What happened next was that he got really concerned about me, he started bugging Fern to ask about me and soon after I received his call. Hm... I am not too surprise that he calls, but am surprise that he cares so much. This is a friend for keep. Thanks for not being upset with me for what I've done to you. I know I was such a bitch to you.

Got a sms then followed by a mail from my cousin in HK, the regular updates of our life. I truly love this cousin, and I do miss her, when are you flying down to Melbourne? I've not seen you for god-knows how many years.

Another cousin, Wi-Liam, has just broken up with the girlfriend. Why worry, Doc? You can get any girls you want anytime, Doc! I understand your situation, besides the lack of tolerable food, there's also lack of alluring lass in India (it makes me laugh). Unlike here, we get world class yummy fare, ultra-sexy hunks that... erm... I should just shut up, right?


There's a friend ex of mine who is currently upset with all his friends because they love me for who I am. Whether you like it or not, you fell in love with me too, in the past. But you know what, I don't think your friends will fall out of love with me like you did(n't) because they are not as insecure, as controlling, as pretentious, as personality-less, and as niggling as you are. They love hanging out with me, Mr. Personality-less, simply because they love me, as much as I love them. We do not pretend to be who we're not, like I always say: you get what you see. We genuinely love each others' company, don't get too jealous on these issues, bad for your well-being.

No point showing us your wok-bottom-face and your anger to everyone (and make yourself the laughing stalk instead), because we don't really care! I know you hate me, you must be thinking that I've been manipulating all these behind your back. If I do, you should be proud that you've such an intelligent and influential ex-girlfriend. Unfortunately, I did not, I'm not that gifted. If I was any smarter, I wouldn't have got tricked in to falling in love with a sham like yourself.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not feeling regretful or anything. In fact, I'd like to dedicate this part of the blog to you:

Thanks for the happy times.
Thanks for the soppy times.
Thanks for making me realize I can be so much in love.
Thanks for making me believe that I'm capable of looking for my own fairy tale.
Thanks for the break up because I deserve someone better.
Thanks for the break up that makes me and my friends closer.
Thanks for putting in the effort to be Mr. Personality in front of my family months after we've broken up (who and why are you trying to impress by the way?)
Thanks for introducing me to your wonderful friends!

Now we're over, centuries ago. You just gotta accept the fact that I'm hanging out with your friends. Stop assuming that I've no friends that I've to stick around with your friends. Don't jump off your pathetic wobbly chair when you finally find out that they are the one who call/sms/email me and ask me out most of the time. Don't throw your tantrum on your current sweetheart knowing that I go out with them more often than you think we do. Don't choke on the fact that even your friends thinks I was too good for you. Please hold on to your eye balls from coming loose from the sockets knowing that I've been hearing heaps of negative assessment of you from your friends.

Words of advice: If you still want to keep them as friends, stop being a child and be nice. Accept the unchangeable fact and live with it. Reply your instant messages and emails. Stop getting jealous of your friends. And scrap that whole "your friend/my friend" off that immature mind.

Shares the value of life not compete for the value of life.

Wish you well, my dear Mr. Personality-less.