Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Bangkok V: A Special Trip and Lastly...

Got to Health Land in desperation for my daily massage fix after half a day of heartless shopping. All I could think of since I got up was to get a massage. We couldn't get any room without prior reservation and after much negotiation with the fat and rude customer service woman, the three of us, Eleana, Veron and myself had decided to go to another massage place.

It was at least mid thirty degree and we were carrying our shopping bags. So I suggested for us to get in a cab and ask him to take us to the nearest massage parlour around. We then got a cab, jumped in and I told him to take us to any Thai massage place around here. He said ya-ya. I then emphasized on not going to Health Land as it's full and he said ya-ya.

That idiot took a big round and took us back to Health Land, like how we didn't want to. We didn't get down and told him that we want to go somewhere else for Thai massage (note: the repeating of "Thai massage" was uncountable). He again gave me a ya-ya and started driving to somewhere we didn't know. After a good ten minutes, we realized he wasn't taking us to any massage parlour AROUND HERE. I opened my mouth...

"Are we there yet?"
After a few minutes...
"Is the place very far?"
"Isn't there any place near where we were?"

F*ck! He doesn't understand English, not even when I tried my very best to use the simplest words in my vocabulary and tried to speak with that weird slang like most Thais have. Fine.

After another like ten minutes, we finally arrived at this secluded area with a massage parlour sign at this tall building. But he drove straight past that building and about a minute later, we were drove in to this old wooden looking "house", it looked really dodgy. I paid and got off the stupid cab while Eleana and Veron were really afraid of going in. I was so angry at the cab driver for wasting my time and was so desperate for a massage, I didn't have the energy to think thoroughly. I just thought I would get a massage, regardless of what.

I pushed open the door and stomped in we did. All head turned. It was a brothel with at least twenty to thirty Thai girls in fluorescent coloured bikinis sitting in the huge "fish tank". We were stunned for a second or two before this small man with a big sleazy smile came to welcomed us and asked us what did we want. There were a few caucasian men in there choosing their girls from the "tank". While I wasn't thinking straight, I thought it would be okay for us to get a massage and go, afterall there were three of us, we should be okay. The girls were making some noise and said that they didn't want it and they were really afraid. I was a little scared as well but I thought after all these hassle and effort, we should at least get what we wanted.

Eleana then reminded me of how dirty this place is and the filthy bedsheets. Her words were like an alarm to my massage-desperate mind and sent a shiver down my spine. I then told that sleazy man that we're not gonna get a massage and we then made a dash to the door. Jeez, dodgy was it. Eleana then told me what if they secretly takes video of us while we are changing? We're gonna see our own naked pictures on one of those forwarded mails. Yes, she was right, she's so fast and cautious *clap hands* I should learn from her and not to be so impulsive.

The sleazy man was chasing after us to lure us into getting in and at that time I was really in fear. We quickly ran out of the place and got in to the same cab that we've gotten here. Well, that's the only cab in sight and have I mentioned that the place was secluded? This time I took out my hotel's business card with Thai on it and showed it to him, indicating that I want to get back to my hotel. He, of course, gave me another set of "ya-ya". To make sure that he understood me, I showed him the back of that card which has a map on it to make sure that he knew where it was. Again he said "ya-ya".

I wasn't sure if he didn't understand me or he did it on purpose, he didn't send us back to our hotel. Alas, he drove in to this scary little road, which wasn't even a road as it was all rocks and stones on the driveway and stopped us in front of this even smuttier and smaller looking wooden house with massage pictures on it. F*cking hell, I would've killed that bastard if it is at all legal. I couldn't yell at him either fearing that he might drove us to another place and kidnap us. I then raised my voice and told him that I wanted to get back to my hotel and not here!

Clearly, we had finally returned to our hotel safely, without losing anything but time. Phew... what an experience it was. We then regretted for not staying there for a little longer to take a good look at the girls. We were panicking and couldn't think. Veron had observed that there were water on the backdrop of that "tank" and I remembered the girls were all in bikinis and they were all in fluorescent colours. So this was our surprise visit to something that I've long heard about but not seen except for in movies. Quite a good experience as long as we're safe at the end of the day.

All in all, Bangkok is a great city to visit. People are really nice and hardworking. Really appreciate their politeness and helpfulness in many sense (I choose to believe that the bastard cab driver was trying to be helpful but the language was the problem). Met this Danish guy at the Sky Bar and he told me that he's been living in Bangkok for four years and he's loving it. Well, I don't think I can live in Bangkok but return visits are definite. Traffic jams are terrible and the air is badly polluted but streets are generally very clean. There's no limit to the numbers of passenger in a cab as long as you can fit yourself in, coolness.

Again, I'm missing the food, and the cheap cheap cheap massages.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Sunday Bubbly Brunch @ Prego, Westin

The Sunday bubbly brunch at Westin was indeed very good. Thanks again to Hui Fen who bought me this wonderful belated birthday brunch. I've once told some friends that my birthday is celebrated all year round, and they didn't quite believe me.

The restaurant was full on a Sunday morning, well, at 11.30am to be precise. Majority of the patrons were westerners and we were among the few asians in there. I felt like I was back in Melbourne, which was great as I'm missing Melbourne terribly although I'm having such great time here. Guess I'll be missing KL when I return. I was a little late because of the traffic jam. Yes, you heard me right, it was a Sunday and it was freaking 11-ish in the morning and I was stucked in a freaking jam with a bladder full of pee. Non-stop cursing was the only thing I could do and thanks to myself for choosing the Dewan Pustaka road which I don't normally use, thinking that it was a Sunday and there shouldn't be any traffic. Thank god it didn't take me long to get to my destination or I might as well pee in the car.

I suppose a lot of people reckon that the brunch would be a little pricey, especially people like my brother. It was RM168++ so it approximately comes up to RM195. I personally think it's quite worth it especially for those who drinks. They serve a free flow of Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin, martinis, reds, whites, sangrias, juices, smoothies and a lot more others. It's all worth for its fine food, great drink list and a good atmosphere to catch up with the girlies. Food was great with a wide varieties of freshly produced gourmet pastas, Italian dishes and freshly roasted beef, lamb, chicken, prawns and crabs at the courtyard. It was buffet style but the waiters will at the same time serve you the antipasto, soups and other specialities fresh from the kitchen to your table. And the dessert was sinfully delicious but I stupidly did not reserve enough space for most of them. There are almost double amount of choices compared to what I've captured in the camera, just the dessert that I'm talking about.It was definitely worth going, only if you enjoy more than half a dozen of drinks in the bright day light, which I happen to like. There's also a clown (which I was quite afraid of at the beginning as I've got this silly thought that he's a psycho assassin) who went to every table to keep us entertained. I was planning to make a return visit before I leave but looks like it's quite impossible as there are insufficient amount of Sundays left for me in KL. I terribly want to return to Melbourne yet I am unwilling to leave KL. I wish someone can clone another Lynn so then I can be living in both city at the same time.Dinner was with family at Stadium Negara Hotpot. The last time I was there must have been at least three years ago. Ironically, it was also Hui Fen who introduced me to that place, where they were previously located at the national stadium. Reason why I love that place was their charcoal hotpot instead of the stove ones. It's so old school and their forty-year-old pots are super cool. Dad ordered a lot of seafood like tiger prawns, crabs, different kind of fishes and my favourite barbecued calamari. Found out that it is mostly the Jap that eats at this place these days especially on weekdays, they really do like their seafood. They were even featured in this Japanese magazine. Services was really good although every table was taken. The next thing that I want to try will be hotpot with congee as the base instead of soup. I love my hotpots!

Prolonged Hangover

I can't believe my hangover actually lasted from Thursday morning till Saturday evening. Don't tell me I'm getting old as I don't take that as an excuse. It's the fake whisky and I'm positive.

Stayed at Looque International 2nd Anniversary Party for more than an hour *surprise surprise* Was suppose to be there half an hour before my arrival, obviously I'm still having a hard time learning to be "on time". Blame it all on my hangover, I had such a hard time getting dressed and putting on my make-up. Wanted to bail out but the thought of catching up with Steph kept me going as I've not seen her since I got back from Melbourne/Bangkok. And my belief of more booze to alleviate hangovers will always be abided.

Everything was fine after a couple of drinks (free ones included). Saw some familiar faces and met some new people through Steph. Realized that Steph and I have got very different taste when it comes to men, not a bad thing. The one and only man we could agree on that night was Andrew Westwood. He's usually not my type but for no reasons I thought he was cute. Saw him at my first Mambo for this trip and Eleana had actually tried to pick him up for me when we were both intoxicated enough to do almost anything. Oh my god, I was so embarrassed! I had no idea what she said to him and on Thursday, we just had a brief hello and I needed to run for my life.

Bumped in to Jamie. We had a long chat about men, women, race, culture and dating. Then I got conned by the bartender at the Loft as we were very much in to our conversation. To cut a long story short, they had basically over charged me for my drinks and when I realized that and pointed it out to them, which was 30 minutes after I've signed the bill, they came up with some really lame excuse and needless to say, I got nothing out of it. Fine. I learned my lesson - look at the figures before signing and stop talking while paying.

Also bumped in to the Velvet crew which was a surprise for me. Most of their managers and their new marketing director were all there before having to get back to Zouk to work.

I especially liked Dunhill's booth where they freshly rolled your preferred choice of fags for you. It's nothing new to the KLites but it's definitely new to me. You have to first use your own fag to exchange for another of your choice. According to Jeff, who likes to con me all the time, it's the new tobacco ruling where they can't give out free fags but exchanging is acceptable. Could be true. Anyways, their freshly rolled menthol was absolutely awesome but it had brought my hangover back, damn it!
I was a bad girl on Friday night, thanks to Eleana and Danny. Highly unexpected but much appreciated. Wei Liang was such a sweetie for taking care of the two of us while he was suppose to go to Poppy to pick up more girls. I've promised myself to be at that stuffy place with him this coming Friday.

On another note, I had finished Mitch Albom's The Five People You Meet In Heaven a couple of days ago after having it parked on my shelf for years. It was such a great book and I really liked it. It keeps reminding me of whatever that I'm doing every second are in fact affecting other living creatures on earth, with or without my knowing, and it is very true. What we believe might not be the truth as for every story there's another flip side of it and it will never be possible for us to know everything. Hence, don't keep your hatred for someone for too long as what we believe could merely be misapprehension, which happens to happen all the time. It takes too much effort to be angry at someone and life's too short to be wasting those time and effort. On the other hand, I didn't really get inspired by Tuesdays with Morrie. It was no doubt a great and meaningful book but it somehow didn't quite inspire me, yet. Gave that book to my dad when I first got back to KL and hope he likes it but I doubt he has anytime for that.

It's been such a busy week for me and all I need is to sleep but this coughing from hell is not being very nice. Thank god it's the fifth day and it's my massage day tomorrow, hooray!!!

Thursday, January 25, 2007


I've just recovered from my hangover and it's almost six in the evening now. I swear to this blog that I had definitely not drank as much as last weekend. Neither had I mixed six different kind of drinks like last Friday but I was puking my way home. Poor Jin Loong gotta pulled over for me to throw up. I was hugging my toilet bowl for god knows how long when I got home. Eleana was being a bitch, although she did take care of me. She said she was secretly very happy to see me in that phase because the last time she saw me throwing up was Atmosphere days which was at least five years ago.

I have total memory lost for a certain period of time in the club. I know I was hanging out with this group of people and I've had some drinks with them but I've no recollection of what I drank and what we did. Is it possible that I got spiked by that guy? Maybe he wanted to spike me and take me home but unfortunately he had put in too much drugs hence I went home without him but a lot of vomitting. Or could Velvet be serving counterfeit bottles of whisky? Even Eleana got a bad hangover.

Anyways, I came home with half a camera of unfamiliar faces. They must be people that I've met last night. Also text messages from people that is new in my contact list so now I've to try to match the name with the faces in the camera, my god.

Kudos to Steph, I'm going to drink again tonight. Don't intend to drink much as I'm gonna drive and would love to get home early. Have a good bath and an early night. Looks like the drinking will not stop till Monday. I don't have to plan but Friday and Saturday are going to be a big night, then Sunday is going to be drinking from eleven in the morning. Now Mandy's liver tonic had really came in handy. And these are the familiar faces...

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Lazy Way of Blogging - Pictures!

Laugh all you want but I couldn't find my way home from the Curve. If you haven't already know, the Curve is the next suburb to where I live and I was being such a bimbo by not being able to find my way home. I parked my car at Royale Bintang Hotel's valet and when I got in the car, I had no idea how to get home, being a little tipsy aside. I had to take the LDP and made the biggest round to be able to get home, which on normal circumstances takes less than ten minutes. F*cking hell.

Bumped in to Kimberly at Velvet on Saturday and we were both tipsy. I was hoping to see Emily Cheah there as well, bwahahahah... sorry for being a bitch. Also finally got to see Alex a.k.a. Lye Kor Kor. He has apparently toned down a lot but our picture proves otherwise. Alright, am just kidding. We were tipsy and got a bit crazy upon seeing each other, hence the slutty picture. Had a short "martial art" lesson from Edwin at the VIP area in the club for god knows how long. Holy shit, what was I thinking? I can't believe I did that "martial art" thingy with him in a club which were full of familiar beautiful faces. Edwin even had the guts to call me the next evening to tell me that he's suffering from a back ache from all the "practices". God just dig me a hole and let me hide in there for a week.

And I suddenly remember what Wei Liang said to me when he first saw me at the car park.
"What have you done to yourself? Why are you so tanned?"
WTF? Yew Wei Liang, if you're reading this... you're suppose to always think that I'm hot and not ask why!

Also there are pictures taken at Sirocco in Bangkok which I've just gotten from Tracy. I look terrible but the view was breath-taking, only if you were there *gasp*

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Bangkok IV: The Touristy Things

Go to the floating market. As my dad said...

"If you've never been to the floating market, you've not yet been to Bangkok"

I totally loved it. I don't mind making another two-hour drive trip there when I visit again. Shopping for food and other stuff on a boat was truly an amazing experience for me. The boat driver was staggered at the sight of me and Eleana yelling at him to stop for us to buy food every single time when our boat passed by any other boat that sells anything that you can put in to your mouth, or looks like they are edible. When he halted at any boats that sell souvenir, all I did was to say "no" and resumed with my food and pretended that I couldn't hear anything. I could only react to food. And the best bowl of fishball noodle soup was the one I had on the boat.
Elephant ride was yet another fanatical experience for me. I couldn't stop yelling for the first three minutes of my elephant ride as it was shaking so much I kept thinking that I was gonna fall. Eleana realized that I've got a totally different voice when I'm afraid and I was irritating the holy shit out of her. I am pretty sure the guy who guided the elephant was sure to wish he had some bandages to keep my mouth shut. Can't wait to see those pictures from Eleana's camera, am sure I look hilarious. Not to forget the massage by the elephant trunk at the end of the elephant show.

Rose Garden was a waste of time. The cultural show put me to sleep and if it wasn't so warm, I might be able to sleep through the show without waking up in between. Thai boxing was the only part of the show that kept my eyes open. I like to see fights!

The pagoda temple that the driver took us wasn't that great. Way too commercialized, would prefer to go to some smaller and older temple with more 'sincere' people. Sorry I don't even know what's the name of the temple that I went to but I know it's near to some university in Bangkok.

The drag queen cabaret was kinda good. They are sizzling hot, hotter than all women I've ever seen in my life. Not only their faces are beautiful, their bodies are great and skin so smooth, they made me feel absolutely bad about myself. Can you imagine the he-women are hotter than me? I'm f*cked-up.
Ping Pong show at D.Domino, as recommended by Milyn was good. The place was small but clean. Girls aren't too old and I didn't feel disgusted by their performance of pulling blades out of their pussy and opening bottles with their fannies, as I thought I would be. I found it quite entertaining actually. I respected them a lot as at least they work for a living. The couple that were performing the sex show on stage was truly amazing - they were so smooth in changing poses and there were more than twenty poses. Of course, they've been doing that a zillion times but being able to not let us feel disgusted and thought it was quite artsy in that kinda place is not easy.

Tuk-tuk ride was the best especially you are jamming in there with four other people and the driver was driving like a mad cow in between the heavy traffic. Tracy was obviously not pleased with the way they drove but ecstatic was I.

30 Days of X'mas

Who says you've to give each other gifts at Christmas? It's a month past Christmas and I've just gotten my belated Christmas gift from my superb sis-in-law and my lazy brother. They got me a Dior Flight's face/eyes/lips palette which I secretly wanted to get but was always too lazy to get my arse up before the jam starts at after work hours.
They've also gotten me Dior's glittering loose powder, just what I need. Rowena is the best (my brother's just paying, no effort in choosing and physically purchasing), I think she can read my mind. Just imagine how happy I was when Rowena came home from work with a paper bag in hand for me. If you haven't already know, I'm the biggest idiot who buys heaps of Dior's limited edition make-up palettes. Just last month, I've gotten its lip palette in its red leather case, as well as the travel make-up palette in pink satin zipper case. I'm really an idiot for anything in fancy packaging. Thank god I've got a sister now who knows my weakness and will sometimes get them for me when I'm too "busy" a.k.a. sleeps too much to get out.

The internet connection is frustratingly slow. It takes me decade to download a file and century to upload pictures on Multiply. Listening to Jason Mraz now and I miss Melbourne terribly, damn...

Monday, January 22, 2007

Can't Stop Eating

What will happen if you've got a dad who can never say "no" to you?


I'm suffering from my pre-menstrual food obsession. Was in the car on our way for dinner and I suggested to my dad to take a drive down to Alor after dinner to get my barbecue chicken wings takeaway for supper, he was of course glad to go with me. I then came out with an even better suggestion...

"since we're going there, maybe we shall get some frog porridge too!"

"good idea. Why not we go now for dinner?"
"but I feel like Jap, I feel like sashimi..."
"me too... then we'll eat this first?"
"yes yes yes! We eat dinner first, then take a slow drive to KL, then get frog porridge while waiting for our chicken wings"
"see, I'm a planner. I'm so smart!!!"

(Mum shaking her head at the back seat, mumbling something like "how are you gonna lose weight when you're thinking of what to eat next before the current meal...")

As planned, we've accomplished our mission. Had Jap dinner, frog porridge as dessert, and got chicken wings home as supper. HmmmMMmmmm... yummilicious! Oh yeah, am suppose to lose some weight right?

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Frugal Friday

Crashed 8TV's media night at Maison on Friday evening. Well, I didn't really crash the party, I went there as Eleana's "partner" to be precise. It was free flow from 8pm till 11pm. We got there at a quarter past nine, got introduced to a couple of Eleana's colleagues. This friend of hers then told us everything's finished except for beers.

Me and Eleana, being so "thirsty", hastily grabbed the first bottle of Carlsberg we came across at the bar. After several minutes and a few torturous sips of beer (am not a beer drinker), I noticed that whisky was served at the bar. I then elbowed Eleana and she made a quick dash to the bar and got two glasses of Chivas on the rocks. Feeling embarrassed for having two drinks in two hands, we had decided to station at the bar upstairs. Like two drinks weren't enough, Eleana got another glass of white wine for me and everytime when her boss, Peter (who is also an acquaintance of mine) walked pass, I'll have to separate the drinks and hide my face to prevent others from realizing that I'm parking my FREE drinks, damn... too malufying!

We later found out many of the staffs have been having a whole bottle of whisky, cognac and bubbly at their table among the few of them. One of them were nice enough to brought the bottle over and filled our glasses with more whisky. As if we still hadn't learned how to spell 'shy', we ordered another couple of wines to park at the bar for Eileen as that woman was leisurely taking her own sweet time to get her arse down, leaving us with all the humiliation to bear. The bartender was nice enough to give me a big glass of cognac on the rocks when there's no more other liquor on the house, I was more than happy to have that of course *grin*

After one too many drinks to mix with, Eleana and I even went as far as to ask her colleague who I've only met the second time for bubbly when she got spotted by us with a bottle in her hand. Thick skin were we. We then moved on to another table where a bottle of cognac was sitting on and nobody seems to be interested in them except for us. Eleana spoke to them for a little, snapped some pictures and we conveniently started drinking from that bottle. Well, it's not that they paid for it so I guess it doesn't make much of a difference for them since they were not drinking but just posing for pictures among themselves anyway.

After being fed with sufficient amount of booze, we went over to Cynna to check out this place that I used to be on every weekend last summer. Everything had changed in there except for the waiters' uniform. Music was bad as they were playing some shitty progressive house that I honestly didn't know how to appreciate; crowd was some old Malays who can't dress for god's sake; toilet has got no water to flush or to wash hands. According to Eleana, I had brushed shoulders with one of my ex, Darlie Star, but being as blind as I've always been, I missed the chance to say hi and irritate the shit out of him. I wasn't in the mood to talk anyways, just needed to dance after those drinks.

Checked out the Loft and you won't believe me but I loved the music in there. It was really good if you ask me. And the crowd wasn't as bad as I always thought it was, at least they are better than those gold-highlighted-hair-boys and chunky-heels-girls at Maison who started to roll in after the private party. Bumped in to Chee Teong and I wasn't surprise as clubs are the only place that we'll bump in to each other. Eileen bought me a vodka cranberry at the bar to complete my night of mix-all-kinda-drinks. Got picked up by some South African boys on the dancefloor and I maliciously gave out Eileen's mobile number instead of mine, lying that I don't have a number in KL yet. Oh my... I should've video taped her facial expression when she found that out, bwahahaha... it was a classic.

Eileen, but they were nice boys!

Left early at about two after Supermode's Tell Me Why was finished. All in all, my night was great, with free booze all the way; great company; polaroid shots; new faces; new place that I've never been - Maison; nasi lemak and maggie mee goreng tak mau sayur tambah pedas. What else can I ask for? That's the perk for having friends working in this line. Looking forward to another party as Steph's "partner" next week. And all the upcoming parties from Eileen's company.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Bangkok III: No One Has Been to Boss Like Us

Waiting for my super-ah-lian-bubble-gum-hot-pink nail polish to dry up before I can take my shower and get changed to kick some arses in the city. With my slightly tanned skin, this colour somehow makes me look like some suburban Indians (no hard feelings if you're one).

After a twelve-hour sleep last night, I'm feeling tremendously better from last night's non-stop coughing and sneezing. I was surprise at how I didn't cough a single time and got up to clear my nose throughout my deep deep sleep, and I didn't even take any medication except for pumping in darn a lot of vitamin C plus water.


I've not checked out enough clubs or bars in Bangkok for me to decide if their nightlife is good. Finally paid Bed Supper Club a visit. I especially liked the club (there's a bar) as they were playing very good commercial house. Crowd was fabulous - no ah bengs ah lians - and it wasn't too pack that you can't even stand still at one place. Most of the crowd were westerners with a minority of asians (we're one of them, of course). I would really love to see KL to have more clubs as such, in terms of no ah beng ah lians. Got to know this girl from London who was such a sweetie. I was hanging out with her and her friends for a bit while I was 'taking a walk' alone while my friends were at the bar.
I was eyeing on this so-called hot hunk the moment I got there as he looked really cute from where I was hanging out. Tracy joined me shortly in "watching" and she too agreed with me that he was sizzling hot. He went missing in the middle of the night so we carried on partying. At the end of the night, when the club was closing, we tried to order some drinks at the bar where he was hanging out at but to no avail, no one's willing to sell us anymore alcohol. I then opportunely turned to ask our so-called hottie (after much encouragement by Tracy) and striked a conversation...

"Hi, is this place closing?"

"Yeah, I think so"
"D'you know where else can we go at this time of the night?"
"I don't know. I'm not frrrRRRrrom herrRRRRrrre, this is my firrrRRRRrst time here"

He wasn't only not good looking in close-up, he was a total turn off after opening his mouth, with his stronger than ever Middle-Eastern slang. Thank my dear god, for giving me the chance to speak to him and be near to him, or I won't be able to find out what I was eyeing on the whole night for the rest of my life. Imagine I came home and keep telling all my girlies this
"you know, I went to BSC and saw this hottie, he's really cute, what a shame that I didn't get to know him"

The low down of the night was that the club closed at two which was way to early for everyone. Apparently Thailand has got a new ruling whereby everything has to be shut by one, madness! After much asking around, getting fooled by the door 'butch', several exciting taxi rides, we were taken to this underground club at some back alley of some market look-alike place, no joke!

Let me tell you, it's super-duper dodgy, and it's worse than Backroom in KL. I had to forked 300 Baht for each person to get in to the club at about three in the morning, nevermind, we're on holiday afterall. The toilet was small and smelly, with this booth outside of the toilet that provides make-up for girls who need some 'touching-up', by charging them 20 Baht per use, disgusting. I was amazed by the sight but Tracy said they have that at Backroom too, really?The crowd was also mainly whites with some Indians at the corner, who wanted to have a taste of my saliva by asking for the ciggies that I'm having, then returned me a whole new stick, WTF? I can't help but to made Tracy take a picture with him so then I will remember his ugly face forever.(note: look how happy Tracy is??!!?!)

Girls in the club were mainly Thais with a small portion of whites. I suspect most people would think that the three of us are Thais too. The place was really pack, so pack that I could hardly breathe. The drinks that comes with the cover was crazy, it was the strongest glass of whisky on the rock that I've ever tasted. I'm quite confident that it's some Thai whisky that they were pouring. Thank goodness I didn't get a hangover on the day after.

We had no idea what the club's called until we were in the cab home. We later found out that it's called Boss (even the name is dodgy). I was pretty satisfied with our night out as I always like to explore 'new' places and experience the locals's scene. It was really a very comical night out for Eileen, Tracy and I. If someone had taken a video from the moment we stepped out of Bed to the moment we got in the hotel room, it's gonna be real funny.

Now I'm sure non of my friends who had visited Bangkok had been to Boss, except for the three of us. It was dodgy but was a good experience.Went cuckoo on Bed's bed.

p.s. we spotted a mobile bar on the street which I regretted for not taking a picture. It's a bar at the back of a small truck, it was ultry cool in my favourite red!

Bangkok II: I Didn't Shop Much But It Was Good!

My Aussie line rang while I was at the lights in the city. I got hold of my handbag and got my phone out in less than five seconds, thinking that it could be the Health Advisor calling. Weng Ho's voice was all I got from the receiver *sigh* inviting me to his farewell get-together tomorrow evening. What a shame that I'm in KL and I won't be able to see him before he leaves for London, which according to him, he won't be back for holiday for at least three years. Well, all the best to him and I guess I might pay London a visit either this year or next year when I graduate.

I'm down with the flu and the one and only homeopath that I know of and I see in KL is away for holiday, god damn it!


Shopping in Bangkok was madness, only in the markets and street stalls. Everything was dirt cheap and it made me felt bad at times when I bargained with the seller as it was already sooOOOOooOOooo cheap. If you spend enough time looking, you'll find heaps of vintage shops with good finds. I am not a big fans of vintage garments hence it was just browsing for myself. Wait... I did shop of course, but not much.

You'll be surprise, erm... I mean everyone was surprise that I'm the one who shopped the least. Eleana and myself expected to see Lynn goes cuckoo at Chatuchak market but I'm sorry to disappoint you (and myself), I was cool *wink* No doubt I was thrilled to return with a couple of dresses and some tops as well as a few pairs of thongs; some earrings, hat, skirt and some fisherman's pants. Other than that, they were mainly gifts for family and friends. What I splurged on most were the eye-masks from Boots, and some essential oil from the same place. I burned about eight to nine hundred Ringgit on those but it is still reasonably cheaper than in KL, and I don't get Boots in KL or Melbourne.

Chatuchak Weekend MarketHoly shit, this market is HUGE! It takes up god knows how many hectares and it is about 45 minutes from the city. It opens only on the weekend and it was jam-packed with the locals and tourists, so it's not totally a tourist place, good. Things here are really cheap as many of them are the wholeseller and you get to bargain with them, but you've to be really good, really. I think I'm pretty good with that, ask my friends, they thought I was great in bargaining. Well, I suppose it's mainly because I wasn't eager to shop - whenever I liked something, I'll give them a price, if they don't agree with it, I just don't buy and walk away as I don't need them, and if they agree on it then I'll get them.

They have this large section in the market that sells pets' supplies, e.g. dogs clothings, beds, carrier bags, accessories, food, junks, puppies, squirrels... basically everything. My god, those clothes were so so cute, so cute that I can't help but to get some for my godson, Brulee. They are relatively cheap, compared to Australia and KL but the best was the choices you're given. Eleana went mad and got so much doggy's junk food, I believe he has gotten his year round's supply. Not to forget all those accessories and clothes that she's gotten him. Jeeez, these puppies are all spoilt.Half of the female fashion stalls carry the ah lian's style of clothes hence you've to really put in a lot of effort in finding the "right" pieces for yourself. There are also many shops that carries their own label which are pretty unique in their own way. I particularly bought a few baby-T from this shop that has princess sleeves with illustrations.

If you've the time and energy, you should go there for at least ten hours but I did only five and my arms had given up on my shopping bags. Eleana, Tracy and myself bought so much, I was at the verge of spending on this wheeled luggage bag so then we can all put our stuff in there but it wasn't cheap and the girls advised me not to. There are also men (and women) who hangs around the market with their trolley who tried to talk you in to hiring them to carry your stuff, smart. Thanks to Eleana who carries most of the stuff for me, you'll be surprise at how strong she is albeit being half of my size *claps hands*

Suam Lum Night Bazaar
Much smaller than Chatuchak but there are some stuff that you can only get it here. Price here is slightly more expensive but it's still relatively cheap for us Malaysians. I especially liked this shop, SE-W-UP, that sells tops that were machine-sewn by the owner himself. Every piece is different and its designs are pretty good. I bought two tops from there and had decided to not spend money on it as it wasn't too cheap. Alrighty, it was only RM25 each but I was planning to buy really cheap stuff from Bangkok.

Bought two gorgeous dresses which costed me only RM35 each and Baci is selling them for RM89, and it was much uglier than mine, in terms of prints and colour *giggle* I understand people needs to make money but what I'm trying to say is... Bangkok shopping is fantastica!

Siam Square
Quite a cool place to shop, with some local designers boutiques and some over-priced mass produced accessories and clothes shops. Managed to get a dress here with RM55 and the quality is not too bad at all, guess I can wear it even when the weather gets colder in Melbourne. I wasn't too interested in shopping by time I got to Siam Square, which was the day after Chatuchak and it was also the third day of my trip. All I wanted to do was to go for a massage. Hence, Eleana quickly grabbed her bras from the mall, Paragon, and off we went back to the hotel.

Siam Paragon
The mall is cool and I was surprise to see our Malaysian Vincci to be one of their tenants. However, Vincci is called VNC in Bangkok, erm... am just wondering are they trying to ape Mango (MNG)? Maybe. This is where I splurged on my eye mask at Boots and before I forget, their toilets were ultra cool. Shame that I didn't take a picture.

Bangkok (new) International Airport
It rocks! It was abso-fucking-lutely cool. Most international mainstream designers label are to be found under the same roof, I could hardly breathe when I was window shopping with Eleana. She reckoned that I was finally "back", as in the shopaholic Lynn had re-emerged. But I couldn't shop, I am suppose to save and I've promised myself to be a good girl. Good girl was I.

All in all, shopping in Bangkok was awesome, although it wasn't totally my kinda scene. But heck, I did shop quite a bit, especially on accessories. It made me feel stupid to pay full price in Melbourne. In comparison to China, I'd rather shop in Bangkok, speaking of cheap stuff. Their designs are much better (suits me better I would say) although a lot of them are really bad in quality but who cares? It's so cheap you can throw them away after two wears. The only two things I can't shop here are shoes and pants as I'm such a whale with big feet. Looking forward to my next Bangkok trip to explore on more shopping destinations.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Bangkok I: I Went Crazy for Food

First Wednesday night at home in KL, after too many years of never-missed-Mambo-Wednesday. Dad's birthday dinner ended late and I guess I'm catching the flu, must've gotten it from Hui Fen the bitch! Eleana was too tired to go out either, hence, here I am, staying home on a Wednesday night *surprise-surprise*

Dad is glad to see me home with more tan this time, he reckons I look healthier (for some strange reasons, he always think that I'm weak). I like my tan too but not the freckles. Somehow freckles look great on other people except for myself.

Been eating so much in Bangkok, even the boys were amazed. My favourite of the whole trip was of course Eleana's boyfriend's barbecue stall. His pork skewers were one of the best skewers I've ever had, and it was dirt cheap. Eleana's boyfriend was sure to be excited to see us strolling towards his stall everyday as we almost bought everything he has on the tray on each visit. His pork sausages were also one of its kind, I'm already missing it.

I'm sure many of us had already seen pictures of this amazing restaurant in one of the forwarded mails. This place is in fact the reason why we were in Bangkok - it all started from one of the forwarded mail. Four months ago I got the mail with Sirocco's pictures, so I replied and asked if this place really do exist, Eleana said yes as she had been there. So I conveniently asked "can we go to Bangkok and check it out?", my amazing friends back here in KL then booked our tickets, hotels and poof, we were in Bangkok and home in KL again.

Back to the restaurant. The view was breath-taking. It was exactly like what we see in pictures. I walked down their steps dream-likely towards their restaurant, half of Bangkok was under my feet, it was amazing. It was by far the best located restaurant I've ever been, sitting on the 64th floor of the State Tower, with Sky Bar attached to the restaurant that serves very good cocktails (to my surprise). Food wise, it was disappointingly bad. Tried too hard hence the food was too strong-tasting for my liking. Service was scatty but the ambiance made everything up.

Anyone who fancies fancy restaurant, Sirocco is a must go but just don't expect too much from the food and service. Pictures are with Tracy as my memory card was full.

VertigoAnother roof-top restaurant on the 61st floor of Banyan Tree Hotel, introduced by Keat. It was beautiful but nothing compared to Sirocco, ambiance and decor wise. What I hated most was the amount of steps I've to take to get up and down the restaurant, not to mention their washrooms are about two and a half floors down and if you haven't already know - I pee as much as I drink! I had their nine-course degustation menu (Sirocco doesn't even have a degustation menu) and it wasn't too impressive. As opposed to Sirocco, food here was a little too bland for my liking, pffftt! The only dish I liked was the fish but unfortunately, it wasn't cooked when it was served *bad luck* Good thing was, they admitted their mistake and was willing to take 5% off our total bill plus two dessert platters on the house, not bad of a deal. Service was for sure ahead of Sirocco, and food was also better here. Both are almost on par when it comes to pricing, maybe Vertigo is a little, just slightly, cheaper than the other one, if you really want me to compare.Try both out if possible but if you can only afford one, then eat at Vertigo and have a drink at Sirocco.

Cabbages & CondomsEileen took us to this conceptual Thai restaurant located within the C&C resort which was ultra cool. This restaurant is apparently the only restaurant in the world dedicated to birth control, in support of the Population and Community Development Association of Thailand. The food was not too bad but the restaurant was beautiful. There were heaps of trees, chairs, mannequins, pets, amongst others on display which were made of condoms, something new to me. It's cool but I don't think it's very environmental friendly though. Eleana, Kenny, Veron and myself went crazy when ordering food. The four of us had three entrees, four mains, three soups, and two desserts among ourselves; on the other hand, the next table with the rest of the six of them had only six mains. God, we are pigs!
What else is there to eat?
Besides these three proper sit down dinners, the other meals were mainly hawker food, which naturally were my favourites for this trip. Their soup-noodles were yummy, I especially miss the one that I had on the boat at the floating market. Their mangos with chilli powder and tamarind sauce are something that you can't get in KL. Not to forget my favourite Tom Yam Goong at Suam Lum food court *drooling* The tangerine juices were so refreshing; the fried bananas and sweet potatoes were crunchy and tasty; coconut juices were everywhere; barbecue pork at Chatuchak was scrumptious.Highlight was it that I've eaten grasshoppers and worms, as I've never imagined I'll put those in my mouth. I was a little terrified by the sight of them sitting on the table when Veron bought them back for me. But after the first grasshopper, I couldn't stop myself from eating more. It was sickeningly delicious and addictive.This trip I've not tried the suckling pig that my dad said was good, as well as the shark fin soup and beef noodle *stamping my foot*

In short, eating in Bangkok was mad ass. It drives me nuts whenever I see food, and it drives my friends nuts to see me and Eleana eating non-stop. No one can stop us! I'll be going back to Bangkok again for more food...

Sunday, January 14, 2007

From Bangkok with Love

Greetings from Bangkok!

We're smashed. Just got home from the clubs, at the hotel's lobby now waiting for the receptionist to confirmed on our room service's supper, darn!

Finally got to check out Bed Supper Club, it was awesome. Words are jumping in my screen, oh... bless me, these Thai alcohol. Went to some authentic local dodgy clubs after they shut(at two. Are you kidding me!!??), it was unbelievably packed with Westerners and heaps of SPG. We got picked up by the ugliest people on earth, f*ck!!! I honestly pity the local Thai girls, they are in such huge competition to get those men.

Anyways, Bangkok is absolutely unbeatable, in terms of food. No one can believe me and Eleana, the way we ate. To be honest, I've not stopped eating the whole freaking day yesterday since we stepped out of the hotel after checking in at noon. Food was just FANTASTICa.

Shopping wise - great but not totally me. Bought heaps of stuff, for myself, my family and friends. Too hot, too crowded, too not my kinda scene. Looking forward to shopping in the malls tomorrow.


Look to my right, the woman lamely named Eileen is doing some online quiz. Look to my left, the tiny Tracy is messing with MSN messenger. Darn... am smashed, opsss... I mean we're smashed! More details soon.

p.s. Tracy, stop talking to yourself.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Bad Food is Unacceptable

Holy shit, I can't sleep! I was wandering around like a zombie the whole effing day and didn't allow myself to nap just so to make sure that I'll doze off right at the time when my head touches the pillow yet my eyes have never been as wide opened as right now for the past 48 hours. God damn it!

My alarm is set to make noise at 4.45am, which is only about four freaking hours away from now. I'm all alert and awake.

Had two dinners with Milyn before I left Melbourne on Tuesday. Reason why was because the first dinner was very bad, in terms of the food and services. It's so bad, that I guess no where in Melbourne could beat them. Let me introduce you to the most awful restaurant of the year in Victoria - 1884 on Bourke Hill *vomiting*

The service of the only waitress was inexcusably bad to begin with. She didn't know what she was doing I supposed. We ordered two glasses of different reds and Milyn's glass was obviously less than mine, simply because she didn't bother to top it up with a new bottle after finishing the first, not even when we questioned her. Not only that, getting her attention was as hard as finding your earrings's stud in the car, possible but hard. She had also left us with the food without cutleries, and forgot to ask us how was the food at the end of our meal as she should.

The food, was revoltingly bad, that I was almost in tears. Milyn ordered a bowl of fries after making sure with the waitress that they are shoe-strings and not thick cuts. I don't have to say much, it turned out to be thick cuts. My duck confit entree sounded yummy in words but what I was presented was in fact rocket salad with shredded duck, wtf? My main was what sent me in tears, almost. I ordered veal chop and what I've got was veal fats hanging on to some bones on top of caramelized onion and mushroom that were way too sweet. I could almost get an instant headache from the taste of it. Milyn's medium scotch fillet turned out to be a piece of well-done chunk of meat. Look, you positioned yourself as a steak house and claimed to cook your steak in perfection. What perfection? My arse! Now if you can't perform in any other dishes, you should at least be able to prepare a decent piece of steak for f*ck's sake.

The one and only aspect I've enjoyed was the ambiance of the restaurant. It is located within the Somerset Gordon Place serviced apartment at Bourke Hill. That building is a heritage building and it is beautifully kept. I can't stop taking pictures of the interior and I was really curious of the interior of the apartments. Whatever it is, the dinner was a nightmare and I'll never eat at this place even if it's for free.We then headed to Chinatown to get my last fix of bubble tea before having our second dinner at some Shanghainese place. Boy, eaters are we. Milyn, my loveliest dinner buddy, claimed that she MIGHT be able to shed some pounds while I'm away, hm... we'll see, darling.

1st Holiday of 2007

I'm feeling really scared, that history would repeat itself, that I'll be down with fever before departing for Bangkok tomorrow. That was what happened to me last summer. I got really sick before heading down south for Zoukout. I'm now feeling not too well, gonna take a quick shower and down some herbal tea before hitting the sack.

Am really tired from all these traveling off late. Looking forward to my two hours a day massages in Bangkok, the food and the shopping. I know I'm gonna love it. Just pray that I'll be feeling okay tomorrow.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Home Again

I ended up going for "breakfast" with Evonne at eight o'clock in the morning on Sunday instead of going out on Saturday night. Evonne was a lot of fun to be with and can't wait for more Sunday brekkies with her when I return, in six-and-a-half weeks' time.

Finally unpacked my luggages from KL in Melbourne twenty hours before boarding. Well, I didn't really unpack except for taking out my stuff from the luggage and put them in to a paper bag. Started packing only an hour before heading to the airport on Tuesday evening as I've nothing much to bring home except for some gifts which are quite heavy.

I was unwilling to leave.

Nearly started a fight with some f*cked faces at the airport because they thought I was trying to cut their line. For f*ck's sake, if I'm as kiasu as you guys and want to be at the front of the line, I would've gotten there three hours earlier. I don't care if I'm the last as long as I get to board, hence, I would never ever want to cut your line. Open up your eyes and see where I was before opening your smelly mouth.

Anyways, perhaps god was trying to compensate me for having to deal with those f*cked faces, I got the emergency exit seats with extra leg room without even requested it although I was the second last to check-in.

Going to seek for help now, am coughing my lungs out.

p.s. Angela, am back in KL but flying out tomorrow.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Catch the Neighbour

Another early night for me, enjoying my apartment by myself - Tony Bennett on the stereo, Godiva chocolate in my mouth, wind's blowing outside, herbal tea on the side, fresh from the shower in my summer nighties, and was finishing my book up before this. Total bliss... until my phone rang.


I've to say I'm no good in saying no to fun and temptations. Now I've to think, to think if I should go out, f*cking hell. It's gonna be fun to go out, but I was enjoying this peace and quiet, gggrrrrrhhhh...

The Neighbour came with me to Violet's barbecue. Apparently, according to Violet, only five minutes before we left, the barbecue was for Carol, Rob and me, ooohhh... Keat reckoned that the Neighbour is a good catch, maybe he is. I reckoned his thighs are a little too big, and Ken burst out laughing, so did I. I was just kidding, I give every reasons to everything that I can't explain myself.

Everyone had done something at the barbecue - Violet made the potatoes, Ken made the pasta, Evonne made the salads... but no one beats me. I brought the Neighbour!!! He cleaned the dishes, as well as the chairs. He served us drinks, he entertained guests. Hence, I'm taking him to any house parties whenever possible (and of course if he is willing to) with me. Now, he's a good catch!

On another note, Violet claimed to have seen my saddest face ever on Summadayze, when it started to rain. Apparently, when it started to rain, I was absolutely annoyed, disappointed, upset that I was almost in tears, so she said. I couldn't stop laughing when that woman mimicked my expression to me yesterday at Comme. Now people, don't do anything to disappoint me, I'm gonna cry, easily!

the Holiday

Jevon and I had decided to save our energy for tomorrow night, only if I'm really joining him at * tomorrow. We'll see.

Caught The Holiday last night at Crown. Let me tell you, it was absolutely awesome. The plot was great, the cast was wonderful, the movie was just too good. I can watch it for the second time. There are scenes in the movie which myself had experienced in real life, that's perhaps why I'm so in love with the movie - I can relate to it. Jude Law has never looked better than now, well... I like men with an age.

Violet and I wore our new shoes out tonight - her gladiator and my red wedges and for some reasons, we thought we looked like hookers, god damn it! Had an early night tonight, believe it or not, I was thinking of my spicy prawn the whole time when I was at Lavish, hm... spicy addiction.

Had successfully postponed my flight back to KL. Have not told my parents, guess I shall set a reminder in my phone to call them. I'm wondering if it is safe to travel to Bangkok on Thursday. Any advice?

Friday, January 05, 2007

Goodbye 25, Hello 26

...yet I still feel like I'm 19 - young, silly, confident, playful, laugh too loud, eat too much, with a hint of maturity.

I'm wondering will I ever come to an age where that big number has become too discreet for me to reveal *shrug*

In 2006...

I dare to say that 2006 has been one of the best years I've had in my life. Firstly, it was because of my new found friends. They have embraced me for who I am and at the same time brought the best out of me. They are absolutely supportive and has been encouraging me in doing a lot of things (both serious and silly) that I may have no guts to do it if it wasn't for their encouragements.

Thanks to my ex-boyfriend, Mr Personality-less. I started hanging out with Keat (and sometimes Ken) after our break-up but to be honest, she wasn't one that I'll pour my heart to, then. My life has changed since this particular sms that I've received from Keat after a night out months ago. It says something like "just to let you know that, if you need a friend, I'm always here". From that moment on, everything had changed. I've taken Keat as my close girl friend and I've open up myself for her. She's like a big sister with the naughty streak who can't say no to having fun.

From Keat, I got to know Pat and Violet in a more personal level and now, gosh... what am I gonna do without these bitches? I'm also very blessed that they love me as much as I love them and trust me, it's not easy to find good friends as you grow older, as in true good friends who you can let your guard down.

I've of course not forgotten my old friends (both in KL and Melbourne), don't worry. Come on, grow up and please understand that spending less time with them doesn't mean that my love for them is fading. Friends in KL are all busy with life and work but we never fail to pick it up where we've left it whenever we catch up.

Hanging out with June again is awesome and discovering that Jessie can be a real bitch in the inside is thrilling. Also, I've found someone who is as fond as myself in terms of food and drinks - Milyn. I've also gotten oldER and realize that I'm unwilling to waste too much time on those people who are not worth my time and concern.

I've learned to live when I'm alive and sleep when I'm dead. There's no time for us to waste. Have as much fun as you possibly can. Ohhh... I've also learned that it's better to do it and regret, than to not do it and regret *big wink* I've learned to think of what I'm looking for in a text message before sending one out.

I've met heaps of new people and went on countless dates. I've became more confident of myself and know better what I'm looking for. I've put on less make-up and have learned to appreciate my bare face with those scattered freckles. I've learned to not buy loads of cheap stuff but invest in good pieces although some people called that splurging. I've developed a wonderful relationship with myself and it's great till date. I've learned that there's more in life than weight issues and broken heels.

Well, I can't possibly write down everything about last year but it was just a wonderful year.

2007 Resolution

It's contradictory but...
I'd love to think less and do more this year. As I've already been practising it - Do first, think later. Who cares? I wanna have more fun than last year.

On the other hand, I'd love to think 10% more than what I've been thinking before my actions. I've realized that I might have hurt my loved ones because of my reckless decisions, without me realizing. I really didn't mean to. I might have also ruined some opportunities for people that I care for because of my "just do it" attitude. What I've done can't be undone but I wish that I'll be more thoughtful in the future, think about other's feelings before I play.

Sun's up, fingers are tired.

I'm Back For the Parties

Speaking of KL, I had recently discovered some new alcoholics in town. The existing alcoholics are still drinking as much as before, or more shall I say? This category includes Eleana, Steph, Jefferey, Rodney, Michael, Dylan, Eileen, Big Brother, amongst others. As for the new drinking buddies that I've found, they are David and Angela. Especially David, who claimed that his one and only hobby is alcohol consumption, I salute him and I love friends like this - never say no to alcohol and parties. Dylan, moi, David, Rodney

Caught up with Angela before Christmas and we ended up having four bottles of wine by ourselves, over seven hours. As Kaixin said, we had "suddenly" fell in love with each other, perhaps we did. She basically had told me her story of her life and I've shared most of the important bits with her. We could've stayed at the Sanctuary till they shut if it wasn't for her to report home.

I've been drinking much less back here in Melbourne *big surprise* Well, I had a few drunken nights (okay, more than a few) with memory lapse but I've been good most of the nights, really. For instance, I was absolutely sober on last Saturday and on New Year's Eve. Been having brekkie at 4-ish almost everyday and have no time to stay home except for shower and sleep. There are nights where I was so intoxicated that I've no idea what I was doing myself, and I still can't remember some of them.

Got to know some new acquaintances from the bars, erm... and some on the streets. Got to know Gillis & co on last Saturday night when both his group and mine were deciding on where to go on the street. He ended up buying all of us two rounds of drinks at La La Land and Jen bought everyone supper at four in the morning. He was a good bloke, or at least he had kept Jo entertained the whole night.

Got to know Nick (from Sydney for holiday) at Transport with Steve, Steph and Jo. We taught him to play the asian "Big Two" and he bought us all wine. Wow... these days strangers like buying drinks for us, I like!!! He seemed to be nice, intelligent, friendly and not bad looking, Steph and I thought he could be the perfect match for Jo. We were all wrong. Out of any of our expectations, he grabbed my waist at the end of the evening and asked me to go home with him. Excuse me, where did that come from? I mean... what have I done? I wasn't even talking much to him the whole evening (anti-social mode was on). Anyways, it was great that he made that move, now Jo can save some time watching tele at home instead of wasting time on him.

Not to forget Simon and the cute Brit at Mink Bar. We just love picking up new friends from all over the places.

Summadayze was a blast!

It was my first and I'm loving it, despite the inconsistent music which has the space of a jungle to improve on. I had a lot of fun mainly because of my fantastically cuckoo friends, the almost perfect weather and... I wish I could turn back time.New Year's Eve was very ordinary for me, in the club, with the usual suspects. To be honest, I was a little disappointed with not seeing the fireworks. I was at the same time not quite excited about the beginning of 2007. Maybe I shouldn't, I don't know.

Was hanging out at some new bars as well as the regular places to catch up with friends for a few nights, it was good. Haven't seen Sasha till today, hope to catch her before I leave as I'm really missing her company. Will see if I'm lucky enough to have her for a few hours tomorrow.

That pretty much summed up my party and drinking pattern for the last week of 2006 and the first couple of days of 2007. Looking forward to a crazier one this year...