Tuesday, November 07, 2006

In the Mood to Question

When you're given a choice, shall us women go for a man who gives you the buzzing feeling, but is never available? One who you feel comfortable with, sans buzzing feeling, but matches all your criterias? Or wait for a man who you can tick all the boxes, ready for a relationship and gives you the buzzing feeling?

How important is it for your friends to accept your man? What happens when your friends hate your man?

What if this man doesn't exist? How long shall one wait before settling down for the second best?

Does it mean that I'm not ready for a relationship when the idea of a man could possibly be my last man in life freaks myself out?

What do I want... from the Health Advisor?

Pfftt... these are my new assignments. Perhaps I should write a 15000 words essay on these.


angela said...

:: Answers ::
1. The goal is a man with buzzing feeling + abdominal butterflies + pounding heart who must be available. In view that that man has not appeared yet, feel free to pass time with unavailable one. The comfy guy sounds like too good a friend to lose by using him to pass time. So keep the comfy guy as a good friend.

2. Usually ppl say don't care what others think, yada yada yada.. but the thing is, your real frens hate your man for a reason. (opinion only counts if it comes from who u think are real frens). there must be something about the man that makes them not like him. and more often than not, they are right.

3. The man does exist. Settling for "second best" will only make u unsatisfied & discontent after a while. and then comes the "what-ifs".. very tiu one the feeling. never settle.
if u look at a man and wonder if u should settle for 2nd best, he is most likely not THE CHOSEN ONE.

4. It does not mean u are not ready for a relationship. The only reason that idea freaks u out is prolly becos u put a face to that thought when u think he could be the last man in your life. It scares u becos prolly u dont want to spend the rest of your life with "the face" that u had in mind.
Your "Neo" has not appeared yet...

note: my psychic opinion only. not reliable one!

Elizebeth D.L. said...

Haha... agree with Angela totally!!:)those are the good answeres Lynn.

Anonymous said...

How interesting. But poignantly more often than never, women have a sad tendency to fall for the unavailable ones. Unavailable as in: not neccesarily speaking in terms of him being attached; i'm focusing more on having his heart to yourself, fully that is. Well, I am speaking from my point of view. I guess bad boys appeal, definitely more than the good ones whom you know would never break you heart.
I suppose it is only human nature that you'd hunger for what you can't get.
Angela is right about the friends being right. Well, not all the time, but if more than three of your good friends have beef with your guy, i guess you know where the problem lies. And no, prejudice due to influence doesn't count.
Yes, I constantly question myself if THE ONE even exists. He prolly does, you know; but he's also most likely already happily married to some lucky biatch somewhere in the very heart of Timbuktu.

Lucky Lazy Lynn said...

Thanks so much, I know there'll be opinions from all of you, love you girls, muah!!!

Anonymous said...

What I think is this, the moment you have to mix philosophy and analytical disclosures on your feelings for a bloke....that guy isn't for you.

Lucky Lazy Lynn said...

Roy, is it really that simple?