Wednesday, March 30, 2011

no resolution, it is happening

I don't know what triggered these changes. Whether I'm entering early mid-life crisis, pre-big-three crisis, broke to my bone crisis, or I am just a changed (refuse to use the word better) person. Gone are the days of mid-week drinking and going to work hungover. Since I came back from my holidays, which is merely three weeks and so, I've been living a relatively healthy life.

I've just taken up running. Man... and I thought I couldn't run. I wouldn't say I can run now but at least I'm trying. 3.82km at the Tan Track two - three times a week. When I had a bad day at work, my body tells me I wanna run. Awesome way to de-stress I have to say - get some fresh air, sweat it all out and call it a day. I'm also back to Bikram yoga, just once or twice a week. I swear I don't want to turn into exercise-junkie, I just want to be healthy. I want big lungs.

In fact, I started yoga end of last year with seven weeks hiatus pre, during and post holiday early this year. I still enjoy my alcohol, that's for sure. Like I had a great night out on Saturday, and after work drinks yesterday, then running on Sunday and today to offset the drinking. Yep, I've this theory, my Offset Theory. It's all about balance, today you go on detox, tomorrow you get yourself retoxed. Today I drink (and still looking) like a whale, tomorrow I get myself to sweat them all out. Make pretty good sense to me!

Oh, now I remember what triggered my fitness regime! My beautiful mama friends! Yes, that's right! Many of my friends are new mummies now, some again. What I had noticed was the difference between active vs. inactive mothers. How easy vs. difficult they had gone through their pregnancy, labour and post-natal recovery. There's one thing in common for those mummies who didn't suffer from unpleasant symptoms - they are all very fit people. They exercised regularly before, during and after their pregnancy. As a result, whether that is related or it's just one of my theory, they recovered much quicker after labour, and of course, they fitted into their old denims much quicker too.

So I was thinking, I should start exercising and prep my body for childbirth. Yes, you heard me right, I am prepping my body for childbirth and no, I am not in a relationship, I am no where near going to the sperm bank and I don't want kids now but I want to get myself ready in case I want my biological kids. Don't know when I'm ever gonna be in a relationship or when I'm ever gonna be ready for kids, there's no guessing right in life.

That's one thing. Another things is I want to preserve my youth (now you can laugh)! I might be going through the "f*ck I'm 30!" anxiety. I wanna be forever young, inside out; outside in! As shallow as I sound, I want to look good! I seriously don't wanna be stick skinny, I'm over that. I just wanna be toned. That's what the old people always tell me, "my secret to looking the way I am now is to keep exercising and stay away from the sun". Haven't master the latter - got sunburn two weekends ago, ouch!!!

I'm putting my hands together welcoming the new me in the new 2011. Going into the forth month already but this is my first post of the year so... Happy new year and happy new me. I'm ready to take on the world, the childbirth, the 30th and whatever that knocks on my door. Bring it on baby!