Sunday, November 26, 2006

To the Melbourne Gang, With Lotsa Love

Greetings from the warm and humid KL!

Thanks a lot to those who came to CQ and Lanai on Friday, I had such a good time. If you haven't already know, I had obviously had too much to drink. I was the last in the very-long-line to check-in, and of course the last one to board. Had some food and felt really sick - I chucked! Had about ten cups of hot tea just to calm my stomach.

Anyway, KL is great, as ever. I was struggling in remembering the route to my hair dresser but once I got in to the car, everything was just too easy. I've afterall lived my whole life here in KL before Melbourne. Traffic here is crazy, but so am I. All the unclear road signs (but I don't need them); driving 120km/h on 60km/h (and nobody cares); having a fast(er) car to drive in comparison to my little red rocket. Violet, you should see the way I drive here, as crazy as you, or worse.

It's great to see my family and friends again, who missed me as much as I missed them. My folks were so excited, even my maids were eager to see me. Not to forget my dearly missed shoes and bags *grin* Not having to do any cleaning and cooking is just too good to be true. Return to my room that is bigger than my tiny apartment in Docklands; all the home-cooked food. Bad news is, girls here are so tiny, I'm like the fattest girl of my age in town, damn!

It's good to have this kinda life once in a year. I know I want to return to Melbourne, the second place that I call home - driving sensibly, doing my laundry and dishes, taking the cab to meet up with you guys for after work drinks, look for a job, struggle to pay my rent every end of the month, thanking god that my apartment is small whenever I'm cleaning it... Four weeks and I'm back - thanks for making it happen!

I'm taking it really easy now, before my brother's wedding. I didn't go out last night, fell asleep while watching the cable before I could decide to check out the scene or not. I was completely knackered after 36 hours of no sleep. After his wedding, it's gonna be party time. All the mid-week Mambo, Laundry Thursday, kick-ass weekends; shopping shopping shopping; massages massages SPA; favourite restaurants and new ones, can't wait.

Now, how was your weekend?

Minh & Keat - Happy Birthday in advance.
Milyn - call me a day before you come to KL, I'll take you to this very good Italian place.
Sasha - please ask Vum to call me when he's in KL.
Sharon - call when you're here, I'll go out with you after the wedding.

Missing you guys. Mail back!



Whasup said...

woohooo sms/call me for mid week parteh!

angela said...

waiting for the meeting of the cyber frens...