Thursday, May 24, 2007

Nervous Wednesday

Happy Birthday Merv, the Taur-mini.

I had a great night tonight, not only that I got to catch up with Merv, Andy, Alex, Louis, Dixon and met some really nice new friends; I also got the chance to catch up with the Man Mo boys. It's been a long time since we drank together, when all the lights were dimmed, kitchen was definitely closed and we gathered around the table, chilling and drinking.

It's been a year. I remember it was last year's winter. Almost two nights in a week. It was all fun - kitchen's all mind (although I couldn't handle it but to make them cook); bar's all mine for me to ransack; no driving needed so I could drink as much as I felt like; and I knew I'd be absolutely safe because someone would be calling to make sure that those boys sent me home safely. Time really does fly.

Tonight, we had some special guests - the owner of Renzo's and friends, sexy. Italian and Spanish with strong accent, they are all my neighbours in fact. He remembered me. I'm going down for brekkie tomorrow, with a good bookreadings and aiming to finish one more essay before the weekend. Good luck, erm... in fact, all the best. Don't quite trust my luck.

Finally cleaned up my place a little, while I was waiting for Mev and co to arrive. If anyone (most) of you thinks that I'm always late and have no concept of punctuality, you should meet this group of my friend . It doesn't affect me anymore because I'm well prepared. Dinner at eight? I'll start getting out of bed at eight, shower, get dressed, make-up and make myself a cup of tea. Chill.

Weather's great this week, chilly. Monday was the best, gloomy, rainy and wet. Tuesday and today were okay, chilly with a bit of sun but seriously, I'd love to have more rain and put the sun on a winter break. Looking forward to that.

Here are some pictures, lazy way of blogging in fact - Be back when I've more time to talk about food, heaps on food! Happy time's over, back to work.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I Love You Winter!

My lovely days are finally here...

The cold wind that brushes so harshly against my face, that I'll get a free blush after walking on the street. I should moisturize doubly from now on.

My cold hands that I have to constantly look for a pocket to rest for, when I (like always) forget to bring my gloves out.

The jackets that I love that layer me... layer after layers.

The sun that sets so early, so early that sometimes when I get up, I don't even have a chance to say my bye-bye.

The balcony door that I've to keep it shut despite how much I love the fresh air for the apartment.

The socks that I've to wear to bed because it gets so cold during the hours before dawn and I absolutely love it.

Goodbye night dresses and sleep shirts; hello flanelettes and electric blanket.

I can't help but to repeat... the cool breeze that gets through my thickly knitted jacket is a total bliss. This could be my last but I'll make it my best.

Hello Winter, I'm in love with you, once again... again and again.

Sunday, May 20, 2007


Had an early dinner with Milyn at Zio's on Wednesday as the silly girl needed to be home by quarter past 8 to catch Heroes. How many times have I told you to not watch the bad TV but get the DVDs or borrow the downloaded ones from friends instead?

I wasn't feeling too good on Wednesday, had a bad day and the flu wasn't helping in anyways. I was prepared to drink. The short but sufficient wine list do have a few good selections on it, according to my personal sommelier, Miss Chan. If it was on the weekend, we would've had them by the bottle.
I started with their Scampi Souffle, almost perfect if it wasn't for the sogginess of the souffle itself. The flying fish roe mayannaise that came with the plate definitely deserves to be talked about here. It's was delish. The Duck Risotto that Milyn had was equally yummy in its pasta's way. I would say our entrees were definitely better than what we had later.The medley of duck was a bit of a disappointment for me as it wasn't as good to the tongue as how it was presented visually and how it was written on the menu. The meat was a bit tough and dry. In fact, one of the four - the roasted duck did in fact tasted like those roasted duck from the chinese barbecue shop, pffftt! Milyn's veal rib-eye turned out to be a total surprise, it was crumbed and it wasn't even mentioned on the menu. We weren't very pleased about it but decided to not make a fuss (Heroes on at 8.30pm remember?). She couldn't even taste any of the hollandaise that were highlighted on the menu, hmm... The dessert list looks appealing but the Malaysian girl couldn't even finish her main. Looks like I've three choices in the future - 1) entree + main 2) main + dessert 3) shared entree + main + shared dessert but either way, I know I won't be able to finish my main. Perhaps I shouldn't be greedy just stick to a main.

Considering the friendly waiter and the desserts that I've yet to try, I might pay a return visit, only after a long time, when the list of want-to-visit has exhausted.

So Much to Drink

My friends really don't like to eat, I'm serious. My initial plan (although I already knew it's not going to be as planned) was to catch up with Sasha, June & co and the bitches at Element Lounge for some after work drinks. I mean after their work, excuse me. Was planning also to go for some cheap and yummy dinner after some drinks but, as I've already knew it was coming, Violet didn't allow me to go eat with them. You know I'll never say no to her and I'll never leave without her, so there I was, on the liquid diet again. Thanks to Kennii who provided us some finger food or I could've fainted.

Food to me is like petrol to cars. I need food in order to function. Every three hours but in most cases, I'm happy to compromise the hours but you have to let me eat!!!

Us, the barflies stumbled out of Element while I couldn't remember much of who I've spoken to and how much alcohol I've consumed. Being constantly in need of food, I didn't forget to order some food later at Golden Monkey where the dumb waitress told me that the kitchen was closed. Bullshit! Due to the fact that I was so drunk and I was almost blind, I couldn't be f*cked arguing with them but tamely wanting to get some food from the convenient store instead. The nice bouncer took me to the restaurant next door to get some kebab and I was then hanging out with him at the door for god knows how long. All I remember was that his name was Michael and he couldn't stop giving me soft drinks from the bar. Very nice of him. The chef saw me eating kebab, she was very apologetic about what happened and offered to make me some food for free. Don't worry about it, I was happy with my kebab.

Milyn and I got picked up by three boys outside of the bar before we left. They were funny boys and if I've met them a few hours earlier, I am sure I would've invited them to join us for drinks. They were having a farewell party for one of the three, and he's leaving for Norway for work, two years. When he told me that, it totally reminded me of my Mr 20. Life's ironic in many ways and I guess God has been very playful with me, maybe he knows this is the best way for a playful girl like myself? I don't know but I just can't help myself from wondering, what if he didn't have to leave?

I ended up going to Lavish to meet up with the rest of the gang. I deliberately dressed down and carried a huge bag to prevent myself from going to Lavish but I should've known it wasn't going to work. One of the best things about Lavish is that we can get in regardless of how we dress, it's a promise, which is bad for me 'cause I will always end up there. I was still saying NO to barflies when they were persuading me to go at the beginning of the evening. I later said yes to Keat but I changed my mind cause I was hungry and I wanted to go home to eat (I'm lame, I know) but after the kebab, I changed my mind again. I finally had decided to drop by while I was in the cab as it was on my way home anyway (excuse, excuse) and got the Sleazebag from his place too.

Speaking of the Sleazebag, he's funny. He went to Lavish at 1am alone or with god knows who and got bored so he decided to go home after 30 minutes. He was texting and calling me the whole night and I told him that I wouldn't be going so he got no friends to play with and he went home. I had to get him from round the corner when I told him that I was on my way as he was keen to come out and play again. He was just too funny. I remember I used to despise him when I first met him, I thought he was arrogant, rude and full of himself (shit). Only about two months ago that I got to know him slightly better and he's just an over-grown child. He's quite fun to hang around with and now that we respect each other as friends, he somehow doesn't seem so sleazy anymore. Right, everyone deserves a chance to be known and we shouldn't reject a friendship too early. The sleazebag had the hangover issue like I do today and that poor thing had to go in for work while I happily shopped for clothes *giggle* and when I told him I might be going out again tonight, all he said was "enjoy your hangover tomorrow", what an idiot!

Yes, it's Saturday and I'm home. I had a hangover after lunch - I'm slow. While others get a hangover from the moment they got up and perk up later in the day, mine works the other way round. I got up okay, got all perked up after shower and started to feel like shit after lunch. I came home at about 7pm and the first thing I did was to shower my toilet bowl with the undigested broken rice before anything else. Speaking of which, I realize whenever I have indigestion, all the food that I threw up was always the carbs - rice, noodle, pasta, bread yet the meat seem to always get down well. Hmm... maybe I should cut down on that but I love my carbs!

Last night I was so drunk, that I remembered I walked home from the club, then as usual, auto-pilot mode on - removed make-up, showered, changed into pyjamas, climbed up my bed... I woke up this morning realizing that I actually ate last night. I made tomyam soup with the dumplings that I've made on Thursday night when I couldn't sleep. How smart am I? That shows how much I wanted to eat even when I'm that drunk.
I've made almost thirty dumplings on Thursday night/Friday morning and I've finished them all within two days, delish! It was my ex-housemate the con artist who taught me to make dumplings and till today I still make them once in a while. We did share some good times together to be frank. The only problem with my dumplings is that I can't seem to find a good skin in the market and I'm not as good as to make my own dumpling skin. There are some okay ones from the asian grocery but I keep forgetting which one was that. The one I used this time isn't too bad and I don't mind using the same one in the future.Ops... I feel like eating again. Going to make some food peeps. Actually, staying home on Saturday nights can be quite blissful.

Saturday, May 19, 2007


So much for saving money for my coming holiday. I'm hopeless but you can't blame me. The clothes looked too good, and I'm not boasting but they fit me so well, like it was tailored made. Those jackets, those tops, the dresses, oh my... And I trust my girls, they were telling me how good they look on me, how can I say NO? I knew I was in trouble whenever Tam said "Lynn, try this on..."

I'm talking about my new found love Hua. If you've read my blog long enough, you know I've never promoted any fashion labels and yes this is my first time. I'm doing it not because she's my friend but it is solely because her designs are too great to not be mention. I was in doubt if her funky designs will go with my style at first. I had one of her long cardigan in cream and was walking in the city wearing that the other day, you have no idea how many people came up to me to give me compliments, even the sales girl at one of the regular Australian designer store at QV loved it. I knew it works, and after today, I know this is going to be my new love for a long time.

I personally love the jackets, love them, love them, love them. One of a kind and you can never find such great pieces at other places. I've spent one and a half month's rent today but I reckon it's all worth it, for the quality, the design and most importantly, it's me. Of course, not everything is me, I try on things and I know what suits me and what doesn't and for those that I've brought them home, I can't wait to parade them!

Will be taking pictures of each pieces when I wear them out, so look out for follow-up entries on Hua.

Friday, May 18, 2007

I Suspect I've Sleeping Disorder


1. You:- crazy
2. Your boyfriend:- where?
3. Your hair:- currrls
4. Your mother:- bestest
5. Your father:- loveliest
6. Your favourite item:- thinking...
7. Your dream last night:- forgotten
8. Your favourite drink:- alcohol
9. Your dream car:- erm...
10. The room you are in:- messy
11. Your Ex[s]:- ugly
12. Your fears:- sick.penniless
13. What do you want to be in 10years time:- earth
14. Who you hung out with last night?- friends
15. What you're not?- stingy
16. Muffins:- KennyRogers
17: One of your wish list items:- LoveBracelet.18k.whitegold.diamond.Cartier.
18: Time:- 4am
19. The last thing you did?- ate
20. What you are wearing:- sleepshirt
22. Your favourite book:- FallingLeaves
23. The last thing you ate:- dumplings
24. Your life:- awesome
25. Your mood:- happy
26. Your friends:- fabulous
27. What are you thinking about right now:- massage
28. Your car:- cute
29. What are you doing at the moment:- typing
30. Your summer:- over
31. What is on your tv:- AeonFlux
33. When is the last time you laughed:- today
34. Money:- essential
35. Sleep:- important
36. Your favourite singer:- hmm...
37. Thing that you can't avoid:- feelings
38. Marriage:- eventually
39. God:- playful
40. Reason for doing this?- insomnia
41. Last word:- cheers

"Leave Approved"

Was having a good chat with Mandy, while trying to clear my mailbox. Those mails had been there for half of a century and I never seem to be able to clear them. Yet I'm one who can't just delete everything without taking a look and share with my friends. Junkie am I.

Was browsing on June's blog and discovered this one. I didn't know this exists until tonight. I've been missing a lot of updates from them. It's about these two friends who are holiday-volunteering in Nepal. It's worth reading and good for us to get to know how life's like in the other side of the world, from a volunteer doctor's point of view.

Looks like they're having a great time and CJay's blog shall keep me busy for some time.

Spread the love people!!!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

To a Special Friend

Dear CLoon,

After much hassle (from your side) and the ridiculously expensive postage that you've paid, I have finally received my birthday cards. You're the only person who sends me card this year and there are two! The cards had really made my day, especially on such far-less-than-perfect day for me.

Looking back, we've known each other for a decade or more now and you're one who I don't see but knows a lot about me. And I'm happy to share most things with you. I find comfort in sharing my problems and confusions with you and I really appreciate your patience with me. I know there are times when you couldn't open your eyes yet you had no choice but to stay up for me while I rambled on.

As you said, both of us are from two different worlds but I guess that's what made us good friends. Isn't that totally weird? You know me, don't you? The beanie and scarf that you bought me are still my favourite till today, you do know what I like.

You know what sort of person I am and you will always be on my side when I'm at wrong, not forgetting to point my mistakes out to me. Thank you. What's most important is despite what I've done or what a bitch I can be, you still see me as your amazing princess. You made me feel like a princess again!

Loony Lynn

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Je T'aime

One of my favourite movie of late - Paris, Je T'aime is one not to be missed. Reminds me a little of Love Actually, my all-time feel-super-darn-good movie, but a tad different. And it was mostly in French. It's one of those movie that you have to catch it at the cinema, then wait for the original release of the DVD, and have it on uncountable reruns. It was a very stimulating and a couple of highly unexpected ones, like the draculas and the mimes. I chose the movie, we all loved it *smirk*

One of my favourite of the eighteen stories...


You meet people everyday, randomly. You fall in love, when you don't expect.

You spend time together. You laugh. You kiss. You say I love you. You fight. You make up. You scream. You hug. You walk away. You return. You scream for a reason. You fall in love. You scream for no reason. You pick on him. You learn about him. You adapt to his lifestyle. You meet his friends, his family. You cry. You think life is wonderful. You fall out of love. You hate him. You make love. You hate yourself. You want to turn back time. You feel special. You...

But you know what? Things aren't always like how we think. You don't know what's the end if you don't put yourself on the journey. More often than not, an end can be a brilliant beginning.

Francine: Thomas Listen. Listen. There are times when life calls out for a change. A transition. Like the seasons. Our spring was wonderful, but summer is over now and we missed out on autumn. And now all of a sudden, it's cold, so cold that everything is freezing over. Our love fell asleep, and the snow took it by surprise. But if you fall asleep in the snow, you don't feel death coming. Take care

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Ended, so start again!

Of late, there are two couples, who I've known since my age carried only a single digit, had broken up. The four of them were from the same high school; they were good friends; they fell in love; and now they have broken up. I knew the four of them almost at the same time, they are actually my brother's friends and I've always like the little sister among them. They have literally witnessed me becoming a lady from a child.

I was a little taken aback to have found out that they had broken up, one after another (note: it was downright coincidental). The first couple, Mango and Terry, had been going out for seven years. He's her first boyfriend, not sure it was lucky or unlucky. Terry cheated on her with another girl, for about six months before he confessed to her and ended the relationship. Obviously, Mango was devastated.

I couldn't comprehend - how did he hide everything so well? He has a job. When his friends(who are my friends too) asked him out, he's almost always available. On the weekends, he spent all his time with Mango. Just where did he find time for the other girl? Just who said men are bad at multi-tasking?

The second couple, Mindy and Lawrence, had been seeing each other for, erm... I don't quite know but it was at least four/five years. They had been on a long distance relationship but saw each other fairly often, a couple of times in a month (Singapore & Batam). I would say I was pretty close to Mindy and she's one who we would share information of the heart with, although we only see each other like a few times a year for the last couple of years. She found another better half and broke it up with Lawrence.

Sorry to say but I knew that was coming. From all the conversation I had with Mindy about her relationship, I can tell you I was 100% sure that she was NOT in love with Lawrence, she loved him but not in love. She was comfortable with their then relationship and she saw no reasons to leave. I dare to admit that I was the bitch who couldn't stop hassling her to break it up as it was a waste of time for her. She didn't act, of course. I however, knew that she would when she found someone better.

To be very honest, I don't blame either Terry or Mindy. Call me heartless if you want but I personally think there's no being right or wrong in a relationship; there's only the right or wrong way of ending a relationship. You cannot control feelings but you can control how you deal with your partner. People fall in love. I hate to admit this poignant truth but at most times people fall out love eventually. In anyway, someone is going to get hurt, if not everyone. These things are to be handled very carefully as feelings are extremely delicate. And when it comes to love, we're all fragile.

Me, being a bystander knows nothing more than what I've observed and heard, don't think anyone's at wrong here. Yeah, I was a little disappointed with the two-timers for just a short time before putting myself in their shoes. It takes a lot of courage to own up to your partner and give up a steady relationship. It isn't the same as you getting caught red handed and you've no choice but to get dumped. They made their choices and are willing to admit to the world that they are the heart-breakers. I thought, it is in fact better for them to be honest and end it quick, than to waste more of their partners' time and effort. It is always better to receive the news first hand, than to have others coming back to you with that, am I right?

Another coincidence is that both Terry and Mindy are Taureans. A friend then asked me if we Taureans are all the same - cheater. I can tell you here, no. The truth is, we're drop dead loyal, however, when we fall out of love, there is no turning back. In fact, when we fall in love, we fall crazily in love, we won't be bothered by what others think or have to say. Yet, at many times, we can stay in a relationship with one who we love but isn't in love with, for some strange reasons. Or selfishly saying, we want security, and are unwilling to move on as we're afraid of leaving our comfort zone. Opss... that was me speaking, doesn't represent every bull. Whatever it is, for the two bulls to have made those decisions, they pretty much won't change their mind I reckon.

That's life. Shits happen but life still goes on. We fall in love, we fall out of love. The lucky ones get to be in love for a longer time and for the unfortunate ones, you get to choose. Some find love in another person; some retreat to their cocoon.

If you believe in love, you will keep looking.
I'm a believer.

*all names had been changed

Middle Eastern Night Out

Weekend was great. Violet organized a Middle Eastern Night Out for us, inspired by my True Friend Test. I was saying that I have never eaten Lebanese food and the girls started yelling at me with things like "don't tell me you've never had kebab", "don't tell me you've never had dips"... So I said, "but they are not Lebanese, they are Turkish, Greek and..."

Apparently, according to them, they are all the same. Stubborn as I always am, I'm not convinced. Anyway, we had dinner at Cafe Zum Zum and I knew it was a Middle Eastern restaurant not a Lebanese one before I went, but I don't care, what was important was to spend some quality dinner time with my friends. When I told Violet it's not Lebanese it's Middle Eastern, she again yelled at me and told me that they are all the same.

Let me tell you, they are different! South Eastern food is a general kind of cuisine but there are a great difference between Malaysian, Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian amongst all, right? So babes, we have to do Lebanese again one night, preferably before we leave for our holidays, please... Abla's it will be.

Back to Cafe Zum Zum, the food wasn't too bad at all. Although I didn't know most of the dishes' names, although not everyone on the table enjoyed the food, but I quite enjoyed the food and thought it was pretty good. Because it was the weekend and there were eight of us, we had to take the tasting menu that was priced quite reasonably - thirty-five per person. Speaking of the dinner, I did have a headache the whole of Friday, up until I drown my pain with enough booze. Hm... perhaps it was a sign of the flu attacking and I was only using the alcohol to temporarily killed the bacteria!

Spent quite a while at Polly for some no-nonsense cocktail before heading to Bimbo for some house music to dance off the big dinner and sugar from the cocktails. I came across Bimbo awhile ago while doing my research, came to understand that they used to be a pub and had repositioned themselves and turn it into a cool bar/club. Trust me it was a success. Crowd was young and mostly cool, music was funky and what I liked most was there wasn't any queue at the door or cover. Don't forget to check out the cool website. After all, I'm a bimbo and the name itself had already planted a good first impression in my head. June, we have a pizza and drinks date there, remember?

The night ended at Jo's place, eating her kitchen down and played wii till the sun said hello. The boys were still finishing their nine holes while I had to take a cab home, needed to sleep.Very unlike myself, I am actually not looking forward to my Hawaii holiday in two weeks' time. Reason being I have tons of work to finish before I leave and it's killing me. Because I don't have exams and all assessments are assignment based, you can imagine how much work I've to complete in a semester. I sometimes ask myself - do I prefer to sit through the semester and study hard for a final exam; or do I prefer to be busy during the semester and be the first to enjoy my holiday while others are sticking their nose to their course material at the end of semester? I probably prefer just having to sit through the whole semester with neither assignments nor exams.

Got the virus from Violet - sore throat, runny nose, fever and a bit of cough. I remember it was about the same time last year that I've gotten the flu, also started from Violet and she has passed it on to the whole group. Back and forth, it was just too hard for us to recover fully. I hate falling sick. My two fears in life are falling sick and having no money, and the latter happens quite regularly, and I know it will get worse when I start working full time and my daddy will stop supporting me financially.

C'est la vie.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Happy Mother's Day

To all mothers, mothers-to-be and those who wish to be mothers,

Happy Mother's Day!

I know I'm a tad too late but at least I had wished my mum in the afternoon, after waking up from all those killer mix of alcohol from last night. It all started at home at about eight when we started playing cards. The three of us finished three bottles of white, a bottle of bubbly before making our appearance at the club at two-ish. For once, our positions had swapped - Pat was dying to party while I was dying to stay home. The two devils were making me drank most of it, believing that I would go when I was smashed enough. Somehow true.

A boozathon of tequila shots, vodka shots, quick-fucks, whiskies are what Jo and I did when we got there. Found out this afternoon that Jo was apparently hugging the bin the whole night, geez... she walked in the restaurant for yamcha this afternoon like a hungover-robot in her aviator shades. Too funny of a sight. As for me, I got home and was on the phone for a good 90 minutes. I wish I've someone at home to tell me what the hell I was talking about, I think I had made myself an idiot once again.

Checked out the Rooftop Bar at Curtin House, it was freaking amazing. Most of my friends would prefer to be there when it's warmer but for myself, I thought it was the perfect day to be hanging out at the top floor's lawn, right in the middle of the city. I could have easily fallen asleep up there.

My body's aching terribly from all the sports that I've been doing today - wii Sports. Seriously, my right arm's aching, my butts are aching and I'm dead tired. I am so tempted to get one at home but, I don't like visitors at home and there's no point hermit-izing myself with that. Guess it is still better to play at friend's but... I'm still thinking if I should get one. I need exercise right?

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Where's the Personal Style?

What is worse than having bad taste are those who have no taste.

No personal preference, no direction, no idea what they need and what they want, no idea of who themselves are, pffftt!!! May it be their outfit, choice of music, places to go, hair, interest and some even to the extend of food. Excuse me but I can't take all these shit, especially when I've been a victim - being copied not copying. Where is the personality?

From since I can remember, during college, there is a friend who likes to dress like my twin sister when we go out clubbing. I was at first a little bothered but later thought it was highly amusing. Call me supercilious as I always knew that I look better in every way, at least I accessorized myself with confidence. Don't get me wrong, I'm not thinking that I'm better looking than everyone out there, I adore lotsa girls around who have their own style, and they are so much hotter than me, anytime. Yes, personal style I'm talking about.

I believe everyone has got a different style, mainly affected by your character, lifestyle, your body shape and size. Hence, for crying out loud, f*cking discover your own wardrobe. People who tries to be someone else can never be attractive.

Having said that, I, however, do not mind having the same pieces with my friends at all. A very good friend started a phone conversation with me last week with "you're gonna kill me cause I bought your bag". Darling, I won't! If you know me, my girlfriends and I have the same stuff sometimes, and we're not bothered. As I said, I believe everyone is different and you create a different image eventhough we're using the same piece. Also, when something is so beautiful and worth buying, of course I'll be happy that you girls have it too. You bought it cause you truly think the piece is beautiful and it deserved to be brought home, unlike those that I was complaining about - knows no shit and just buy cause you're carrying it *shake head* *roll eyes*

Also, when I was in Monash, there's a friend who likes to dress like me to class. For f*ck's sake, I was into maxi dresses then, ankle length and she's one and a half my size, but maybe 5'3? I'm sorry if I sound mean but if you're to dress the same, first ask yourself, does this suit me? Do I look good? This girl will do a personal interview with me from time to time to ask me what I've shopped recently and the next thing you know, she'd either bought the same stuff, or bought something bigger or pricier. Hey, this isn't any competition and there's no prize waiting for you. I was then told this is in a way very complimenting, you have followers. Geez... this form of flattery isn't appreciated much. Thanks, but no thanks!

And for those out there who can't decide for yourself on what's your interest and what kinda of music you like, I have nothing much to say but to feel sorry for you. Guess you'll never find out, try harder next life. Of course, it is okay to share what's good, e.g. introducing a good film or album to your friends and make them listen or ask for friends' opinion on what's good of late. But when you discreetly checked on what I'm listening and get the album, telling the world things like "oh, you know what? I've been listening to xyz forever and they're really good, have you heard of them" Come on, who are you trying to fool?

To save some money, I can lend you the album to copy you know?

Friday, May 11, 2007

I'm Back

I'm back, for the second time. I was meant to write something, heaps of things that had happened, and a lot that I had been thinking. For some strange reasons, went missing for about a day and I was freaking out. Thanks to Steph, everything seems to be fine now, just that my header still isn't there but am sure I can sort that out later. I couldn't believe how people would actually call or email to ask what happened to my site, thanks peeps. June was the first to act, emailed me first thing in the morning, then some calls from friends, and even Shian in KL asked me over the phone.

After so many stay-in week nights, the Loony Lynn finally got back to her mid-week drinking madness. In fact, on Wednesday, the drinking began at about three when I celebrated Diana's birthday at Balzari. We were the only diners in the restaurant (at that odd hour) and I was really pleased that the kitchen doesn't close for lunch. People like me who have a problem getting up before noon needs more good restaurants that keeps the chefs working between meals. Surprisingly, portion wasn't too huge - two girls managed to clean up three entrées and two mains over a bottle of white, isn't that amazing?

Did some window shopping tipsy before meeting up with Keat at the Red Hummingbird for some catching up. Apparently everyone had been quiet and had not been doing the mid-week-get-smashed shit, but I've just got my freedom card from finishing my work. I was there to bring the alcoholics back... even Diana was in the house. After four bottles of wine shared between three girls, Len got us another two bottles of Bollinger that got me absolutely f*cked. It felt like forever that I've spent time on the rooftop deck. I somehow (like always) found my way home safely, washed up and even made supper, pfftt!

Was in bed the whole day before getting up to make some dinner for Jev and Jo, to thank them in motivating me finishing up my overdue work, and most importantly to celebrate Jo finishing her exam but heck, that little thing postponed her exam to next week. Well, it was good to have them over as the last time I cooked for friends was for the chicks in November before I returned for holiday - Chickouna. As I was telling Jo, I use my dining table once a year, I don't cook for people often but I'll try to do it more often. The asian grocer was right, the pork ribs, with the additional tofu and mushrooms that I had added in, my pot of bak kut teh was able to serve at least four of us (Keat popped by and had some). And thank goodness, no complaints of feeling sick or diarrhea yet, it's all good.

I don't know why but I really am in no mood to write.

What I wanted to say before had gone away.
What I was wondering isn't important anymore.
The strength of letting my fingers tell you my stories are getting weak.

See if the weekend will bring me back something that I've been missing.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Varekai, Cirque Du Soleil

I'm back, from some fun on the weekend and from finishing up the last three outstanding pieces of assignemnts. But that's not it, I get to rest for a day or two, before having to get started with the upcoming ones prior to my Hawaii holiday. I've pretty much f*cked up my whole semester, played too much. Well, what have been done cannot be undone, I can only look forward to the future and be good. At least I finally realized my problem. Everyone deserves a chance and I deserve mine too.

Got to uni at half past six to hand in my assignments but doors weren't open till seven. The traffic back to the city was terrible, took me about an hour to get home, how annoying is that? What can I say for those who have to come to the city to work everyday from the burbs. I feel sorry.

After five days of no-drinking last week, the first thing that made its way to my stomach was white wine, at Williamstown. The late lunch plan had turned into drinking before I could say anything, these girls are all alkies! What's worst was that those people didn't allow me to eat, how cruel is that? My girlfriends do not like to eat, they only like to drink; while I need to eat and get really frustrated when I don't get to eat *frown*

Caught Cirque Du Soleil: Varekai with the girls on Friday evening. Pretty good seats as a friend had gotten the tickets for us at least nine months ago. The well-trained performers in their absolutely gorgeous costume and their rubber-like body that transformed into spectacular acrobatic movements presented us an awe-inspring performance. Some idiots once told me Varekai is about some white faced creature, f*cking liar! The show was set in the forest and...

The word varekai means "wherever" in the Romany language of the gypsies the universal wanderers. This production pays tribute to the nomadic soul, to the spirit and art of the circus tradition, and to the infinite passion of those whose quest takes them along the path that leads to Varekai.
What white faced creature? I'm always the loser who believes what others say too easily.


I'm in such a foul mood today. Don't know why. Perhaps it was from the 4-hour sleep; the cancellation of class when, for once, I got up early; the bad news; the topsy-turvy apartment. Lynn is an angry woman who cannot write today. Beware of where you're stepping on to.

Friday, May 04, 2007

Do You Really Know Me?

Before I go to bed, I spent some time to come up with these questions for you people. So you better be doing the test! If you love me, do the test, because I love you guys!
Create your own Friend Test here

Reminder: Don't use some funny nick okay? If you're to use a nick, choose something obvious that I can figure out who you are, you know me, dumb... b*tch!

Spiderman 3

Caught Spiderman 3 today with June & co. I liked this one better than the second chapter. Like it as there were many things that happened in the movie, not just the superhero meets the villain, fight and the hero wins over, without help or support because he's superbly heroic. Besides, the movie was funny too - Peter Parker's ugly chunky shoes and his choice of flowers, sent me laughing like a mad woman. Guess James, who were on my right, must've thought that I was on drugs. On my left, June thought Mr. Spider's double chin is a big turn-off and found it disturbing *giggling*

Enjoyed my evening at the movie very much and guys, we should do this more often, definitely healthier than drinking. Yeah, you read right, coming from a pseudo-alcoholic me. I'm proud to say that I've not been drinking for five days but I'm having an early start tomorrow - over late lunch. Wine, wine, here I come!

Perhaps we should go for a comedy and you guys will get to see the Loony Lynn in action, I go crazy. I laugh and I make sure that people on my sides laugh with me.

Came home and had the last serve of my version of asian-pasta before cleaning my kitchen. The tradesman is coming to fix the oven tomorrow morning, between freaking 8-10am. Damn... if I don't love and need my oven that much, I would've arranged for next week's afternoon yet I can't. My oven is darn important to me, especially during supper time. My nuggets, my frozen pizzas, my sandwiches, my baked pasta, my... I'm an oven girl. For tonight, I'm making tomyam soup with beef balls and oyster mushrooms. Sigh... I just can't ditch this supper habit, can I?

Back to my asian-pasta, it was stir fried chicken with ginger and spring onion with penne. Just the normal way of stir frying the dish but make sure there are heaps of gravy to pour over pasta. I think my future children are gonna be very happy kids merely because I think, I'm a darn good cook! Trust me, I think I make one of the best ginger and spring onion chicken as well as spicy preserved vegetables pork that I made the night before. My skin is thick enough to announce that *tongue out*

Hooray... soup is ready, time to get my supper fix before hitting the sack. Have a great weekend, xx

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Give Me Back the Soup!

I'm very angry!

For the first time I've screwed up a pot of soup. Because I thought it was a tad too much water, I turned up the fire and forgot about it. While I was on the phone with Eleana, I thought of getting a bowl of soup to drink and what I saw was a pot full of vegetables and meat, on the verge of burning.

I managed to get about a quarter cup of soup broth from a medium size pot. Honestly, I'm really very upset. I put in so much effort to cut up the varieties of vegetables and now, they're down the drain. I was almost in tears.

Give me back the soup!

Portion Control

I had finally made a trip to the Asian grocery. As the ones in the city shut at 10pm, and my shopping hours are usually after 10pm, I can hardly get a chance to replenish my Asian supply. Instead of wasting my time thinking if I should make a trip to the city (which is only a five-minute drive *roll eyes*), I got the Lazy Lynn to the city. I needed to get out of this apartment and get some fresh air, even it was only for an hour or so but it was good enough for me.

I’ve at last collected my Armin van Buuren and Miss Saigon tickets. I was also in the city to make my health insurance claim that was suppose to be done six months ago but the stupid idiot didn’t allow me to get my money as I didn’t take my receipt along (I had my tax invoice with me, which is what I used to make my claims with all these while), f*cker! Great, now I’ve to make another trip to the city at working hours, which may take me another 6 months.


Back to my Asian grocery experience. I went there to get some pork gravy (the translation is so wrong, but that’s what they wrote on the board, freaking off-the-planet translation), the best part of the pork – juicy, tender and with no fats at all. Best to be used in making soup, unfortunately you can only get them at the Asian markets and not the usual supermarket. Since I hardly come to the Asian grocery, I asked for nine pieces and requested the grocer to pack them in three separate bags so I didn’t have to separate them myself at home before freezing them. He started chatting with me and told me that today’s pork gravy is really fresh and tender. I had no idea if they are fresh and he explained to me and taught me how to examine the meat. I learn something new everyday, no doubt about it.

Before he sealed the bags and after he weighed and price tagged them, he threw in additional two pieces of meat in to two bags. Whoa… what a sweetheart! Then I wanted to get some pork ribs to make bak kut teh so I asked for four strips and asked him to chop them up for me. He then asked me if I wanted them to be in separate bags and I told him there’s no need as I am going to cook everything at one go. He shockingly told me that they were enough for six people, what? No way, I explained that I’m not making other dishes, just this alone. He was very certain when he told me that even if I cook the ribs only, I could at least make two servings, opss…

Now I know why I always have cooked too much and had to finish my food over a few days, or sometimes overeat. No wonder I’m fat when I’m here. Portion control, sweetie. But first, I’ve to learn to shop moderately, control, control, control! I’ll remember now – two strips of pork ribs are enough for a serving. Pleasant Asian grocery trip today, free meat, free lessons.

Moving along… As I was so f*cked by my overdue assignments, I didn’t even have the time and mood to put on my contact lens or make-up, I went out looking like a geek again today. How dare I go to the city in glasses but honestly, I didn’t really care. Like it always happened, bumping in to people when I look my worst, I bumped in to Henri. Funny enough, he was in his glasses too and when we saw each other in the carpark, I think he felt more conscious than me. We kissed and said hello, looked at each other and he uncomfortably said “I’m not feeling too well, fell sick, that’s why…” So I quickly went “I’m rushing for overdue assignments, no time to sleep” before we bid goodbye. I turned while walking away and I couldn’t help but to laugh at ourselves. Vain pot meeting the vain pot.

Henri’s just an acquaintance and we hardly hangout since Chris had left the country yet we bump in to each other all the time, as in, all the time! But today, I realized he had grown up quite a bit, since when he’s so tall? I’m sure a lot of teenyboppers will be all over him. Besides Malaysia Marriott, I guess Henri is another boy that I think is cute. Excuse me, not that I’m interested, I see him as a brother and I like older man but he’s cute. Perhaps I should take him out one night when I go out with the usual suspects and see if any of my girls thinks he’s f*ckable.

Had dinner with Jessie, SP and Milyn at Ying Thai on Lygon. I was chopping my spring onion when Jessie called and I thought, f*ck the cooking, I haven’t had dinner with them for a long time. So I put everything in to the fridge, and put my pot of soup to low fire, grabbed my bag and off I went. Luck wasn’t on my side, I bumped in to another friend, Azran. We said hi and he was totally unfazed by my geeky bare-face look. Alright, I don’t look that bad after all, at least I’ve got the glasses to cover my dark eye circle that makes me look like a druggie; at least I looked better than at Pat's on Monday. Food at this place isn’t as good anymore (not like they had ever been good, I always prefer the Richmond one) and the servings had shrunk tremendously. Instead of increasing the price, they had made their portion smaller. It was so small they all looked like a side dish or entrée, geez… speaking of portion control.

With some prepared meat and ingredients sitting in my fridge, looks like the midnight chef is going to be in action again tonight…
The geeky Lynn, three years ago

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

My Birthday Part II: The Lunch

It's been a week now and if I don't post up my birthday lunch's pictures and entry, I might be too lazy to do so. Assignments are draining me and I had no time to wash my hair up to thirty minutes ago. While waiting for my hair to get dry and my head can't be f*cked with work, perhaps I should take this as my little break.

My birthday, last Wednesday, let me see...

Woke up with a bit of a hangover from the night before and the non-stop ringing of Violet's phone, geez... Weather was great with a lot of sun, perfect for a day out by the water. I was a little late and had two groups of friends waiting for me already. I had apparently screwed up the reservation, pfffttt... who asked them to call me at 10-ish in the morning to reconfirmed my reservation? I couldn't even move and how could one expect me to think and speak straight?

Anyway, almost everyone who RSVPed attended the lunch, as well as some surprise turn ups. I was starving and started drinking once Charm arrived and got me a bottle of white. I was proudly announcing to everyone that I was drunk even before the food arrived, excuse me the birthday girl. I felt really bad for not having the chance to spend time with everyone - I had to drink, eat, pose for pictures, speak to friends and drink more. It was nevertheless, a big group of people.

I am very grateful to have had these friends in Melbourne to share this very special day with me. It will not be the same if they weren't there with me, sharing the jokes, the food, the never ending booze and not to forget the very Asian thing - cam-whoring! I really did feel like a baby that day, despite being one in the group. Well, I'm only 19 after all *wink*

I had lost count on how many bottles of whites we had (many of us drank wine at a brewhouse) and couldn't believe the day ended so quickly. Time passes by too quickly when you're having fun, very true. Had some chinese noodles and rice at one of the restaurant after the sunset before I got home and chatted with my family over the phone.

Thanks loves, for the gifts and for spending your precious public holiday with me. It wouldn't be a celebration without you guys celebrating with me. Like I've said before, my birthday just seems to get better each year, and I hope it will only gets better.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Becoming a Whale

Warning: Lynn will turn into a whale by the end of the week. That's simply because she cannot stop feeding herself with food and more food during her waking hours, to keep herself awake. All are results of not having any self-control when it comes to having fun and now she has to finish up pieces after pieces of essays, profile, reports and journals. Serve that Lazy Lynn right, hhumppphh! I say no sympathy's needed.

Had two home-cooked dinner invitation today, one from Diana's mother-in-law and another last minute one from Pat. Couldn't make it to Di's as I was still in bed when she called and honestly, I couldn't move except for my thumb to push the end call button before weakly thanking the invitation. Fall back to sleep and got woken up by hunger not long after. Made myself a steak while the pot of chicken herbal soup was simmering on the stove. Theoretically the steak was my breakfast - a little inappropriate but that's what I could find in the fridge which wasn't frozen.

Three hours later, after driving up and down the same road around Pat's place for too many times as I couldn't think where was her place - mind blank moment, Pat called to save me. I had to go over to her place to collect an important proove, but thought I wouldn't be able to have dinner with them. Thank goodness there were heaps of leftover as I was hungry again when I got there. Mickey made dinner and it was yummy, three dishes and a soup - something that I missed as I don't get to cook too much when you're alone and no, I don't quite like visitors, my place's too small. Excuse the not-shy Lynn as she was so hungry she couldn't helped herself to two servings of dinner.

Everyone at Pat's got a shock when they saw the scattered me walked in to the house, could hardly open her eyes, dressed scruffily, with bad hair and wasn't able to think straight. I am exhausted, from the lack of sleep. I have to admit that the days where I still look fresh and radiant after too many late nights are now history.

I've also learnt that it is definitely harder to drive when you're sleepy than when you're drunk. I just couldn't hold my eye lips up when I was driving back from Burwood this morning, after sneaking in at 8-ish to hand in my report. I couldn't stop slapping myself while struggling to stay awake in the car and red marks were what I've got when I looked at the mirror when I got home. If history's going to happen itself again tomorrow morning, I'll take Mickey's advise - ice!

I've been good yesterday, didn't step out of my apartment at all the whole day and let me remind you, it was Sunday. Decided to stay in to do my laundry and changed my sheets instead. Didn't get much quality sleep because there were two idiots who called me at 5am and 7am. I was happy to have heard from the second one though *grin* For once I got home early from the club and tried to sleep early and my phone was popular, f*ck!

How I wish I can go to bed now and when I get up, my profile piece will be sitting on my table, nicely stapled with cover sheet, waiting for me to be submitted?