Friday, July 03, 2009

winter makes me sunny

I love winter. I don't know what others mean by winter blues because cold and gloomy weather makes me happy. I love the sun too but that can't beat the cold. And this is coming from a girl who grew up in a tropical country that is hot and humid 365 days a year. I've always hated the heat since I was a baby. I get cranky when the mercury rises.

It's been wet and windy this week so I couldn't ride to work. I hate taking the tram, especially City Circle. They crawl like a snail and have no ventilation inside. You can die from lack of oxygen and body odour, trust me. Right, it's free, so why am I complaining?

So I was at work yesterday, cold and sleepy, waiting impatiently to finish because the only thing on my mind all day was WINE! Made plans with Pat to meet up in North Melbourne but I wasn't sure if I should go because there's no connecting tram from here to there (that's another disadvantage of tramming!). I was contemplating, one moment I said yes, another I decided on no. At last, Daddy K said he'll drive us there.

When I finished and left the store, I felt this great sense of joy when the cold breeze brushed against my face. Instantly, I was all smiles. I remembered again how the cold perks me up and calms me down at the same time. You know how you're happier when you do things that you enjoy? That works the other way around for me too. I was happy hence I wanted to cook. So I went to get groceries and went home to cook. Believe me, I was smiling while doing all these, I was almost dancy! As I walked home in the cold with my iPod on, that feeling was beyond words... It just felt so good. That probably also because I chose to make myself a good hearty meal at home over getting intoxicated at the pub.

And today, I had a big healthy lunch (leftover from last night) before I came in, so satisfying. I really don't cook enough these days. Proud of myself for not drinking last night. Tonight, however, I'm planning to have a big one. I think I deserve to party till sunrise. Thank God tomorrow is my day-off! Since I can't be all healthy, I'm gonna start with alternate days. And to get it started, my mantra will be "alternate my drinking days". Let's see how that works this time, :)

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

an afternoon with Mummy K

My off day today, it got me all excited because last week I only had a day off and I wasted it on doing nothing at home! So today I made plans with Mummy K to the gallery for Salvador Dali's exhibition. We were having a quick bite at Pushka (they serves the best bagel in town I reckon) after we met up. We were updating each other on ourselves. Mind you, we were hanging out together on Friday and Saturday. This was the funny part...

"Oh... I went to D.O.C. on the weekend for dinner. The food wasn't that good anymore. I've been there before and then I went back again on the weekend, the food somehow wasn't as good anymore," Mummy K was trying to fill me up with what she had done on the weekend.

"Huh??" I was puzzled.

"D.O.C., the pizza restaurant, you know? The place in Carlton, that serves pizza?? I was there on the weekend!!"

"Mummy, I was sitting opposite you at dinner that night!"

And we broke into a laughing fit. So that started our little artsy fartsy mid-week afternoon at the gallery. What happened after that was a mystery...