Thursday, June 29, 2006

Can We Click?

People, go buy your tickets and go catch Click, it was good. Well, I thought it was good. I teared at the end of the flick (“isn’t that a comedy? What da…”, Jev just laughed at me when I told him about it at The Joint). Yeah it was a comedy with a good plot. It’s not some dumb flick that leaves your mind blank plus some dumb-laughing.

I’ve come to ponder if I’ve been neglecting those important ones in my life. Have I been procrastinating too much? Have I not showed enough love and care to the deserved ones? Have I been walking too fast in life?

NO! Erm… to be precise: Not really!

I procrastinate therefore I’ve more time to enjoy life. Make sense?

I’ve always behind time in life, never too fast, always late, sigh…

If this is the case, maybe I should walk even slower and procrastinate further to have time to shower my love ones with love, care and quality time.

Seriously, I shall be more attentive to my family from now on, I will, I promise!

I didn’t sleep well last night – bad dreams, bad dreams and more bad dreams. Left me in heartache and a night of constant-checking-syndrome behaviour (on my phone). I can sometimes be quite perplexing, I ain’t waiting for calls, nor texts, then why check? Why the apprehension?

At times I can be very proud of the final products of my dreadful cookings. Current example: I thought/felt/was confident that I’ve cooked up the yummiest fried rice I’ve ever tasted in years (don’t ever laugh!). New flavoured invented, scrumptious!

I feel like a movie again… and drinks plus some gossips, anyone?

Wednesday, June 28, 2006


I have realized that...

it's taxing to pretend.
others get jealous when you're happy.
it's hurtful to be accused.
it's painful to be misunderstood.
I know what I want sometimes.
I've not been concentrating on a lot of things in life.
I've neglected lotsa things while trying to be 'focus'.
there are many who believe in the rumours.
result doesn't equal to satisfaction.
I could achieve something from nothing.
my heart aches when I'm sad.
I can live on hot chocolate for the whole day.
I won't die without solid food for three days.
I get out of control when I'm excited.
I could actually write not too badly.
I've been thinking too much at times... yet not enough at most of the other times.
it really matters to me.
I do care.
there are a lot of people who cares for me.
I'm such a lucky girl.
salads are yummy.
I procrastinate to change my habit of procrastinating.
I've not much money left in my bank to keep me alive.
there are people who are unwilling to befriend with me because they feel intimidated.
health is still my first priority.
I can't say no to temptations.
music refreshes your memories of the past.
I can't columnize emotion and sex.
I need to lose weight.
my family is important.
my friends are always there for me, very unexpected yet highly appreciated.
I can be giving and giving though not receiving.
I can also be receiving and receiving but not knowing how to give.
promises don't mean anything anymore.
I sometimes live in denial.
Denials leave me in pain.
I have to act and be tough as that's my only choice left.

I should end these shit and go to bed.

Tomorrow will be a better day, I know. Am sure. I know...

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

C'est La Vie

We know the WC is dirty. We know it's not fair. We know they are controlled games...

In any case, make an effort to make things appear to be more convincing to us fellow spectators. We are no passive stupid audience; we can judge; we know the Socceroos deserve to be in the quarter final; we know the Italians did not deserve that penalty kick; we know it was running out of time and there's no way the Italians could win besides being UNFAIR!

Yeah, I'm upset about the whole thing, yet I'm getting used to it after watching so many matches, so many WCs. Well, that's media sport, we'll all just have to live with it. Everyone inluding myself left the pub with angst and disappointment, nothing much we can do. I suggested to Bunna to write a petition letter (how naive can one be at times?)

I've always say these to people around me: the world's suppose to be unfair, life would be so humdrum if everything's fair, so expected. C'est la vie.

Had a heavy weekend, my pathetic liver was completely knackered. All the wine-sake-vodka-whisky-jagerbomb-cowboy-tequila-rathon in one night is not doing me good. The early mornings to take Karen shopping is not helping either. I've experimented and proven something once again - the only way to avoid hangovers is to stay drunk. It works, you'll have no better person to trust than myself.

Swan Lake on Ice was bad. It was actually caused by my over-expectations. You know how when one expects a lot then disappointment just hits you? Am sure you know, I don't have to elaborate on that. Anyways, none of them in Swan Lake were dancer, they were merely ice-skaters who can't even hold their dance positions right (yeah, am being harsh now).

Cars wasn't too satisfying either. It has a plot, fabulous animation, but it just wasn't funny enough for me. Maybe my migraine caused by my wet hair + cold wind was to blame. If they were to blame, then my laziness to blow dry my hair was to blame. If my laziness is to blame, my curls are definitely the culprit as a diffuser slows down the drying. In short, I'm the one who is to blame, I love my curls. Curls rock although I don't.

Sunday was fun. It has been proven that outing with June is always fun. But we've a new rule: June is to have only a bottle by herself and no other 'breed' of alcohol is to enter her tiny body.

Miss Cheong is a bad influencer. She made me shop and leave me with inadequate $$$ to live through my holiday. Nonetheless I'm absolutely thrilled, I love my new Mimco's, it's kinda-very me, no regrets to the fact that I'll have to resolve to economical dinings for the rest of this month, well... and next month too (I thought I gave up shopping for good food?)

And I've not gotten my pair of brown leather flat boots (I've gotten a pair of boots though); I've not gotten my black jacket (I've got leggings, bangles and scarves from Sportsgirl instead); I've gotten my bambi pendant, finally (as well as some impulse buys, darn!)

Talking about being focused, what's that again?

I'm hungry now, time for my Krispy Kreme, yummilicious...evilicious... where's my waistline? God...

Oh, why?

I wonder why...

things have to leave you when you think you're having them in your hands?
people make promises that they can't keep?
things turn sour when it's not working?
can't one have the best of both world?
do I have to live in denial at times?
would one tears if it means nothing to you?
do I have everything on my plate one day and have nothing on the other?
am I being such selfish-pig?
is he being selfish too?
it bothers me so much when I thought I don't f*cking give a damn?
does it has to be another one?
does my heart has to contradict with my head?
one can be so cruel?


Why do I even care? Why?

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Double Trouble

SOCCEROOS MADE IT! 26th Tuesday against Italy. They are incredible. I trust the Australia-Croatia match was one of the most hilarious, and of course bizarre (as was repeatedly remarked by the commentator) so far. The amount of reds and yellows; the two balls in the field; it was just funny yet an intense one. Cahill is still cute, Bresciano is hot as usual. My heart was pumping so fast that cool down time is essential before I could set off to lala land.

History was just being created, by the Socceroos!

I'm in trouble. I favour both the Italians and the Socceroos. I'll have to pick the Socceroos.

I'm in trouble. I've not enough space to store my clothes. Hard to solve. Give some away? Not as easy to pick as the previous.

Well, it's not that I have a lot but there's just not enough space. You think it's bad? Not yet...

These are the ones that haven't have time to wash and hang them, today's are not included (there's no space to hang them up I'm reminding you)

I'm in trouble. I'm an off-focus shopper. I didn't get to step in to any shoe stores today. I ended up at Nicola Finetti warehouse sales which I didn't get anything (proudly said). And I made a quick rush in to Kookai though I've promised Pat over the phone that I was to get my car right then and meet her in the city in twenty.

My ten-minutes stop over's outcome was a dress, three tops and a capulet. Well done, I'm in for the semi-finals of "Quick Shopper of Victoria 2006". The contestant then face the next challenge: be in the city in next to no time at rush hour. What a stressful day, much expected (I live a stressful life) and well handled (practice makes perfect).

I promised myself, today I'm gonna be focused - boots and jacket. Repeat after myself: boots and jacket. It's gonna be my mantra for the day.

It's gonna be a heavy weekend for me. Lau's down with his "chick". Lau = lotsa parties = excessive booze = tired liver.

Swan Lake on Ice before getting intoxicated. What to wear? I've nothing to wear... I'm in trouble, sigh...

Friday, June 23, 2006

Value Meal

Six Feet Under is such a depressing drama that I can't pull myself away from. Almost every character on set are depressed in a way or another. Someone has to die at the beginning of every episode (that's pretty obvious). There's not yet a scene that will give me a laugh (smile, yes); the only time I chuckle is when they fight, with the excessive use of the f word (not often you'll come across TV drama that uses that much of the f*ck).

I teared over lunch while watching it on DVD. Nate is about to go through a major-high-risk-surgery and David was helping him to write his pre-need. (yes, I'm slow, I'm still stucked with the second season but heck, with the amount of readings and outings I have, it's a luxury to "go Six Feet Under".

How sad is that? It is very sad, but I love it. I'm no where near being a sadist, it's just a good show, it is...

I'm suppose to be out hunting down my so-hard-to-impress-me boots and suppose-to-be-easy-to-find black jacket, before meeting up with Pat and Keat for 'their' after work drinks (hiaks... I'm the only one not working among the whole group). I'm feeling lethargic. Fat. Stuffed. Nothing to wear.

Gav L called me up to ask for food suggestion. I get wary on giving suggestion, both food and price wise. I don't wanna be cursed for the next 30-days for their problems of not liking where I've suggested.

Well look, there was this occasion where I was trying to help I-don't-wanna-mention-who to arrange a business dinner with his business associate from NZ. I chose Man Mo as it's my regular place which is also my friend's (means better service + know what they are doing + specials from chef + presentable environment). He was appreciative for my arrangement, he goes "food was fantastic but I wouldn't pay that price for that", and claimed that I've expensive taste.

What??? You came to me for help and I provided mine. I was trying to help you to impress. Yes, I have expensive taste and you being my friend you should freaking know from day one. If you are to come to me to ask for advise with the "oh, they are my important client", I am out to make good arrangements. And for your information, I do eat my AUD5.50 Don Don Teriyaki Beef Rice.

I have high expectations on food but it is money-irrelavant! It's the quality of food not the value, I repeat. I do eat cheap food, but they have to be good.

And I got carped since my birthday for the "pricey" dinner at Taxi Dining Room. Hey, did I force you to come? You are the one who insisted on celebrating with me; you're the one who picked on the AUD160 bottle of wine that tasted like shit!

You know what, all my other 10 friends and myself thought Taxi was a good choice. Food was excellent, service was impeccable, wine was fabulous except for the bottle you chose. I know you enjoyed the dinner... till you catch sight of the figures on the cheque in disbelief, am I right??

Phew... this is such a good place for rage-venting. I'm done. I'm finally feeling vigorous again. Time to get changed and go get some retail therapy.

I'd be more than happy to give opinions on restaurants but first you'll have to tell me how much you're willing to spend, I do know where to get cheap meals, f.y.i

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Good choice, Ro!

Antonio Banderas = Tall-Dark-Sexy?

I've never thought Banderas is hot until today. I still refuse to associate 'hot' with Banderas, but he definitely is charismatic. I'm always a Richard Gere-George Clooney girl; I was just being asked only a couple of weeks ago by I-really-don't-remember-who...

x: what kinda man d'you like?
ll: older man in general, but these days, erm... I...
x: like...?
ll: Richard Gere! (all excited)
x: George Clooney?
ll: Of course!! (started jumping)
x: Antonio Banderas for sure
ll: eeeyuckss!
x: why not?
ll: he's disgusting

Take the Lead was definitely better than the Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift. Perhaps I wasn't expecting much from the flick. I stepped in to the cinema not knowing what the movie was about. Ro's choice turns out to be marvellous.

It was based on a true story. Pierre Dulaine's story. Lots of new faces. Lots of hip hop and of course, ballroom dancing. Soundtrack's remarkable (gotta visit HMV again soon). Prompt us to think about social class differences. Alfre Woodard was fabulous. Enjoyable ending...

...that makes you wanna Salsa and T-A-N-G-O

I've always wanted to take up ballroom dancing but I don't quite favour the idea of dancing with stranger. Friends around me would rather be jiggin' to R&B/House/Trance or Hard NRG(yeah!!). No worries, am sure my dancing partner is on his way to meet me, and I may then procrastinate. But for now...

Antonio Banderas's Spanish accent is sexy!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Shock from the Past

I'm officially pissed off with you girlies who frequent my multiply for the past 8 months. And I had a shock of my week when I viewed my profile.

Why is picture of Mr-Stingy-King and me still up as main picture? Darn... I had totally forgotten about it and if Mr. SK could be stingy on me, picture space are not granted for him in return (that's a sure thing, right?).

I was stunned. Just like a couple of months ago when I got my Myer One membership card in my mailbox. Two cards in there, Lynn Lum and Stingy S. Stunned in a possitive way: I'd almost forgot this person was the most significant one in my life, I've abso-fucking-lutely gotten over him and chuckled over how silly I was during 'the break-up'.

-=It's history, it's closure=-

By the way, I can't freaking put up pictures for my profile, Lame dummy blogging again, sigh...

Live to Eat to Live??

I broke 3 finger nails in 3 days, disastrous. I spilt more than half a tub of my La Mer eye balm, heart breaking. I've got mail from VicRoads today, time flies. I've withdrawn money from the ATM this evening, AGAIN???

These are just small little things, no big-a-deal, girl.

Look, you have no idea how soft my nails are (some people actually blamed it on the lack of greens. I don't buy that), it is not as easy as all of you girls out there to keep it to my expected length. And now it has three broken ones, fine.

For you people who are a cosmetics/skincare junkie like myself, you know how much a mini tub of La Mer eye balm costs, you can get 35 tubes of the pharmacy brands anytime (I'm not trying to prove anything, but just to elaborate on why it breaks my heart).

VicRoads. Car Registration. AUD 560.20. Rip off. Crazy. Andy used to pay slightly above AUD300 in Perth. Consolation - Sydney is more expensive. Alright...

Yeah, these might just be small little things in everyday's life that even means nothing to some people, however, isn't small little things in life that matters the most? It is, at least to me. Examples - It's not about how you and your darling celebrate V-day every year, but how he loves-you, spoils-you, respects-you, be-there-for-you, shares-his-life-with-you (and the list goes on and on, vice versa of course) on the other 364 days. Am I wrong? Am not seeking agreement for sure, just wondering what's your opinion.

The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift was pretty cool, 'good' isn't the word I can use though. Cool in the sense that the Japs were funky. Not too good as there's not much of a plot. Lucas Black and Nathalie Kelley needs to go for some drama/acting classes for sure (especially Ms Kelley, who's apparently from Sydney, who had only two expressions on screen: seductive sexy smile & worried face). Bumped in to Jevon and Gavin (other than the one I watched with) who happened to be watching the same movie, they hated it.

It reminded me of Initial D, which was much better (maybe I'd been watching it's animation since young?). Driftings and the mountains...

Highlight of the movie: Han, cause he looks so much like Jack C (my friend who I'm sure most of you know about his stories by now). I burst out laughing (loud!) in the cinema during the first two scenes I saw him, man... even the hair was identical. Friends thought I was an idiot laughing at some not-funny-at-all-scenes. By the way, Jack called me two weeks ago, after the unwilling-to-speak-to-me-no-more-14-months!? He asked me out, I was on a date with another guy that night, hm...

Kura wasn't too good tonight. Food was satisfactory like before. Service was semi-satisfactory: very attentive as usual but screwed up all our orders. Friends were grateful that I took them there (I can sometimes be a walking food directory to them; Merv calls me the food-princess). Well, I take that as a compliment (I don't care if it really is)

I'm just a food-enthusiast - I incessantly hunt down places that serves delectable fare (with tolerable services). I'm passionate about food (a very typical Taurean ; Len's cousin, Patrick actually could tell I'm one from our first meeting); I worship good meals; don't balk me on my excessive bills on food and wine, don't ever try; I could give up on shopping for fine food (which I've partially given up); I live to EAT.

Again, am not asking for agreements. Everyone indulge themselves in different things, I'm just a little greedy, I indulge myself in food, and... (let me talk about the otherS at some other time, too many in a night).

Melodon got drunk tonight, she's behind the pillow:

She had only 2 drinks (plus minimal Sake during dinner)

Summary of the evening
I still and will always prefer Shoya over Kura (can't even compare, I even think Shoya is better than Hanabishi(crowned the Best Japanese Restaurant in Melbourne 2005, 2004...).

Sake was good. After-movie wine was fine. Movie was okay.

I charged in to Hot Chocolate to buy my hot dark chocolate before movie albeit my ambitious plan of quitting chocolate (God wasn't on my side this time, they don't do take-away anymore at Melb Central).

I have ugly nails now.

Lastly, I proudly announce that lucky-Lynn got 14 hours sleep last evening, from 7pm - 9am. Got up only because my wicked stomach made so much noise in competition with the constructions site across the road. Funny how my butt cheeks were aching when I got up (putting on too much weight - causing pressure on them - aches? yeah, does make sense)

[munching on Arnott's Choc Chips Cookies while exercising my long fingers with ugly nails] -- constantly on the seek of chocolate fix, that's me, the Lucky one


I manage to link both June and Tracy to my page! Fantastic! Thumbs up for myself (it wasn't easy for beginner like me, duhh...)

It's 20062006 today, therefore I've to blog (do I need to justify my move?)
Happy Birthday to Tuck Yew (back in KL) as well as Mir (god knows where on earth is he now). Wishing the two to be surrounded by happiness, love, health and wealth.. and don't forget that sharing = caring.

I've gotta run now, dinner with Merv, Andy, Gav & co at Kura before catching The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift. Looks like anything Japanese is going to be part of the set for us for this evening.

p.s. I had an amazing evening last night, will blog more when I'm home...

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

World Cup Makes Me Fat

My sleeping time is all screwed up. I am just gonna blame it on the World Cup. It’s not that I’ve been sleeping at the “normal” hours all these while, but when there’s something for you to blame on, why not? Therefore, I blame on WC for my binge snacking/supper-ing; I blame on WC for my dark circles; I blame on WC for not studying before exam; I blame on WC for I’ve not been cleaning up my apartment as I would usually do; I blame on WC for…

Melbourne city was crazy last night. I went out to buy Souvlaki and to get some onde-onde from Di (see? WC’s the culprit) during Japan-Croatia half time, and it was people everywhere. You rarely would see the existence of the terms Melbourne, crowded, and Sunday night in one phrase, but base on what I’ve witnessed, the impossible turns possible.

Federation Square was conquered by the Socceroo’s supporters. Okay, it was broadcasted on TV, yes, I was watching the match alone at home. SP and Jess asked me to watch with them at Crown, I didn’t want to (again, I chose to stay in). The excitement was palpable just to see the crowd at Fed Sq and at Circular Quay. Damn… I should be watching with them (too late, girl); they stayed in to watch too (“no point fighting for space and fresh air”, they said); “why not you girls come over to watch with me and I’ve booze at home” “lazy, it’s cold, car’s parked far away”…

Funny facts from SBS – coffee was selling like hotcakes at Fed Sq last night as compared to the usual best buddy of soccer, the Beer. How come??? It was freezing outside, 3 degree Celsius in Melb, slightly warmer in Syd. Trust me, it’s not cold, usually it’s colder but no complains, I luurrve the cold, and in case you haven’t been told, Lynn loves gloomy days, as well as rainy days.

In love with gloomy days + rainy seasons + hate the heat + do not favour the sun = pessimist + introvert? Not true. I’m such an optimist and an extrovert (most of the time), and apparently, according to the ever-famous Myers-Briggs personality test, I’m an extraversion-sensing-feeling-perceiving.

Hear that? I perceive, I don’t judge. Who am I to judge? Yes, I do bitch about other people, I do pass on comments on certain things, but I don’t judge. I do not expect everyone around me to live life like how I prefer to (so don’t expect me to live up to your expectations). I respect individualism; variety makes up a society - how mundane can life be when everything’s homogeneous? There’s nothing to gossip/bitch/cheer about. I hate being judged; I don’t care even if you do, you’ve just failed to land under my “friends” box in my heart, but it’s okay, you’ll still get to go in to the “don’t bother” box, you’ll be remembered (variable expiry dates applied). I appreciate my chums here who knows so much about me, my stories full of twists-and-turns (TVB drama, as suggested by Eileen), my bitch-possessed times or even bimbo moments, thanks for not judging me. The supports + advises + motivations I received from you guys – PRICELESS!

Back to Socceroos.
Am very proud of them, they played very well, no doubt about their ability. Although they didn’t score last night, but I dare to say they have won the supports of many football fans. I am no football aficionada, but I enjoy watching them. I am not one who would turn-down-other more-interesting-plans-to-watch-the-match type, but I’m the stay-up-all-night-to-catch-the-game-if-I-happen-to-be-free type.

I didn’t watch the Korea-France match, my body won’t forgive me if I didn’t hit the sack before 6am (alright, alright, I did watch a little of the K-F match!). I was woken up by the buzzer as I’ve got an inspection by my agent this morning. She came in for less than a minute, without inspecting anything in fact, and left. I know she’s just performing her duty but what about me? I needed my beauty sleep. I tried going back to sleep but I can’t. Darn! Ended up in the kitchen again, making Chicken Parmigiana (yummy!) from scratch, taught by Violet’s mum, the nun. Chomped down 2 big pieces of schnitzel with parmigiana sauce and extra mozzarella while speaking (enhanced with a little gossips) to June [your real name probably sounds better than the initial, you reckon?] over the phone.

Am so sleepy, so lazy, but had still decided to blog this before my nap. Dinner is sorted out (as usual, I made way too many pieces of schnitzel – buying a bigger fridge was the right choice afterall).

p.s. Di’s onde-onde was yummy!

Monday, June 19, 2006

Bugs Come, Bugs Go

I’m one who so deserves some smacking! Before my semester ends (I mean before my exam and the piled up assignments submission), where I was suppose to be a good girl and get things done, I could never get my fat ass to sit still and produce anything; as if there were some scary bugs on my couch that I have to move around to guard myself from being stung.

Solutions to the bugs -

i) constantly moving around in my tiny apartment, with the high probability of ending up in my mini kitchen, cooking up (did I use the word cook?) something though my previous meal are still napping (yes, I’ve always have digestion problem) in my stomach, which always leads to an over-stuffed Lynn and a fridge full of left over, hmm…

ii) sending out texts that I can type them out so quickly, “want a quick drink?”, that I can almost type it with my eyes shut; that I would be quicker to type them than to retrieve it from my templates (like I would be bothered to save them).

iii) in response to solution ii, I’d be hopping in for a comforting quick hot shower, quickly (trust me when I say I can be quick) get dressed and put on some paints (main point is to cover my dark circles), again quickly choose my bags, shoes, accessories… get in to the city in my red-rocket (nick given by my neighbour) to meet up with my drink buddies (singular at times) and sink in to some juicy updates/gossips over a couple of drinks. Usually a drink would end up in a few glasses of whites/Caiporoskas/Amaretos/Martinis and SP would have no choice but to have more than a big bottle of Melbourne Bitter. Well, it’s unfair to put the blame on me alone; I grew up in a collective society where group work is highly regarded. It takes two hands to clap, two minds to exchange thoughts, and gossips. You see my point?

iv) flipping those tabloids and fashion magazines that I promised myself not to buy anymore as they are the source of evil temptations for me to hit GPO or Albert Coates Lane or Chapel St. or… any of the shopping malls basically. Besides, they are a waste of money: I can have more whites if I buy less of them (don’t get me wrong, am not a lush). To contradict myself further, I’ve in fact subscribed to STYD and Madison for a whole 12 months (hey, it saves a lot than to buy them off the shelves).

v) spending quality (yeah right!) time with my Baby (my Powerbook), straying aimlessly in the virtual world, catching up with my mates that are miles away from me yet it’s only a click away, thanks to technologies development. Oh yeah, I do sit still during this time except for the occasional pee and water+snack break). I here announce that my Baby is my amulet against the bugs.

There are other solutions to protect myself from the make-believe bugs, but those mentioned above are the most effective methods, with no animal testing hitherto.

Now, my imaginary bugs are gone for their winter holiday, good for them. Oil is expensive; can the bugs afford a holiday? Oh yes of course, fully sponsored by ms. ll (lazy Lynn). I’ve finished my exams, I’m done with my assignments (for this semester), and I need no more bugs to blame on. It’s my holiday. Winter holiday. Four weeks. Not enough? Better than none. I can go out as much as I want; sleep for more than 12 hours a day; spend my hours watching DVDs with my oodles of food and junk; write long emails just for the sake of keeping my friends updated; doing all of these, GUILT-FREE. How nice is this? Purrrfect!

Saturday was yesterday. First Saturday night after my paper was 10 hours ago. I stayed in. There are friends that wanted me to join them at Boulevard but I opt out. What’s wrong with me? Didn’t I always wanna go out? Wasn’t I the one who always comes up with suggestion of where to go?

I had a good Saturday night with my pot of tea; my yummy fried rice from the fridge; my tom yam soup with oyster mushrooms, all kinds of fish/meat balls, golden mushroom and extra hot chili-powder; straying online; watching my DVDs; drive out at 2.30am to buy more food and bubble tea. Who says Lynn can’t stay home for even a weekend? I’ve proved you wrong – for you, the one who made that statement, take your words back. I stayed in because I felt like it. I felt comfortable being home alone. I love it.

For those who are still feeling clueless about these raves and rants, chill. More entries are to come. Special thanks to June, who had inspired me last night to share my thoughts (and life, maybe) with my friends. Now when I get mails asking me to give them updates, I can briefly say -

“Go to to check it out, I’m running late, no shoes to match, friends waiting for me already, shit… can’t find house keys!”