Friday, October 19, 2007

Complaints from KL

Last night was a blast! All of us were smashed, ALL I believe. I had problem standing straight. Dinner at El Cerdo was delish and Mambo rocked! Will post pictures and updates later. When I say later, it probably means very much later.

Since I've joined the caffeine-kick club, I've discovered a problem in KL. There's no good coffee in town! Maybe I've not discovered enough but so far, I've not had a single cup of decent coffee, be it at 6-star hotel like Mandarin Oriental, or cafe like Delicious. And many places don't do soy, pfftt! So I've to resolved to Starbucks - the international coffee chain that serves terrible coffee, that I refuse to step foot into in Melbourne, and if I do, it's for their wi-fi service or at times of desperation. So I had to spend a good 12 bucks at Starbucks and the coffee was still bad, damn it! Can you guys please tell me where can I get a decent, heart-warming cup of soy latte? James told me this cafe at Pavilion makes some decent coffee comparable to Melbourne's but I'm not desperate enough to drive all the way down town to get one.

Speaking of which, I can't believe myself. Another wrinkle just popped up this afternoon under the tremendous stress that I had to deal with on the KL roads of unclear road signs, constant changes and rude drivers. My journey to Mandarin Oriental that usually takes 20 minutes turned out to be a 1.5 hour drive around town. I missed a few turnings and came across a freeway that has 6 lanes with 6 different signs in my face and cars around were flying so I was too scared to slow down but I had no freaking idea which lane I should be on. God damn it! I called my brother for about 40 times to ask for direction and he has finally realized that I'm a dumb blonde who constantly dye my hair black. So I got to my hairdresser an hour late. Coming home was another heart-racing experience with cars cutting lanes with half a second notice and all these new tunnels and roads that I took, hoping that they'll take me to where I want to be because you shouldn't really believe the signs.

Madam Kwan's food sucks big time and tonight would be my last visit ever. Things that were suppose to be spicy turned sweet and salty turned bland. I've Eleana to prove that I wasn't being fussy, they have a problem. It was almost disgusting, yucks!

Good things finally happened after dinner. Got a pair of new Alexander McQueen's shades within 15 minutes. It has became my routine to get a pair of shades every time I come back to Malaysia. Last year I got two pairs because I came back twice so this year, hurhurhur... Walked into this shop where the owner was an old party acquaintance of mine. She was the wild party girl years ago, chic, funky, sexy and had her fair share of throwing away her stand after a night's use. She, however, has turned into a hardworking retail owner, happy wife and a soon-to-be mother! She has settled and she's happy. I'm really happy for her. Got some clothes from her with a little discount, great clothes. Would love to check it out again the week after I return from the beach, when they've new arrivals again.

I've packed my clothes for the coming week's holiday. Baby was reminding me AGAIN to be aware of the baggage weight. Well, I paid a hundred bucks in Melbourne airport for excess baggage. That's ridiculous! So this time, I'm not gonna bring a lot. It's a beach holiday after all, I don't need much. Oh dear, I can't wait!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I'm Home

I've not finished my work and I'm not in the mood to go out and play either. I just wanna curled up in bed and watch Channel V. Enjoy the company of my family and look at baby Chloe. Listen to my iPod while taking my long relaxing bath and play solitaire. Stop all arguments and let Friday arrives sooner. Work finishes by itself and the fat around my tummy disappear magically, so I will look great in my bikini.

Can these happen?

Friday, October 12, 2007

I've been blogging less, I know

I'm still alive but I'm vanishing, that's how I feel really. Someone asked me why I've not been forwarding her great-to-kill-time-at-work junk mails. Then another asked me why I've not been blogging. Some asked why I've not been posting pictures.

I'm not in the mood - I'm so broke I've problem going out this weekend.

I'm not feeling well - I slept for 24 out of 30 hours yesterday and if I didn't force myself to get up, I could've slept for another 24 hours but I was too anal to die in my sleep without anyone noticing.

I'm dying from too much work - I'm going back to KL for holidays in a few days time and it's the end of semester. I WAS wishing to wrap everything up before I leave but looking at the extremely slow rate that I'm going, I'm bringing my books home with me, &^%$^&#(& !!!

I'm semi-addicted to Facebook - I'm getting better as I don't play with my pets anymore, or Tetris-ing but when I've free time, I'll check my Facebook before I read junk mails or blog, booo... p.s. can someone please tell me how can I stop those notification from clogging up my mailbox? They are freaking annoying!

I'm really busy - things in my life happens faster than I can blog so sometimes I've so much to tell yet I don't know where to begin and where to end. So I tend to blog when I feel intensely against something, resulting in friends assuming that I'm not happy in life. Not true, not true. They are just snippets of my world which I happen to jot down.

So just a quick flashback at what I've done...

I've tried many new restaurants in the past few weeks - Kenzan, Wabi-Sabi Bistro, Interlude, Yu-u, Nobu, and return to my favourites and that includes Dainty! Been partying and getting smashed a lot, inclusive of one Wednesday night when I surprisingly found my way home at almost 6am; being bread thief with Alice and later she attempted to rape me with bread but failed; rocking up to Watermark at 3am because I couldn't sleep; got smashed from James Squire then had a CRAFT (Can't Remember A F*cking Thing as coined by DJ Coming) night at Watermark, followed by drunk dialing and pissed Candyman off big time, as in, BIG BIG time; Godskitchen 2007 with the best visual and elevated DJ console ever; attended a Bollywood Ball where I played Snow White; and more drinking and getting drunk on week nights and weekends.

But nothing beats my upcoming holiday with Candyman. Sun, sea and my man, here I come! Tickets are booked, domestic flight and accommodation will be sorted out soon. That's the only thing that keeps me awake working.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Men, sigh

Men and women can never be equal. To begin with, we don't function the same. I would love not to generalize but from my little experience, I am starting to notice yet hate the differences. Women have PMS I admit and that causes unpredictable mood swing. I have to say women aren't the best bosses on earth. Because I'm a woman, so I'll say - get a grip!

One thing I can't understand and accept about men is how they can lock the world out, especially from people who care about them, when they are upset. I absolutely understand that they can only deal with it later but turning off the phone, not picking up calls, not replying to emails and sms isn't the best way to solve problem. Running away from the issue would only make things worse, in my point of view. Most importantly, I think it is very selfish for them to just leave the other party hanging there, suffering the pain while the man is doing his own thing before he can deal with them it. I know the man is hurt too but why cause more pain on the other person by turning away from the person who loves and cares for you?

And one thing that really pisses me off - the man can fall asleep in the middle of an argument, and think that things would be better when the sun comes up, that things would be easier to be solved after a good big breakfast. Geez... I can't go to bed upset or angry, and I don't like it. I get angrier when I can't sleep thinking about the unresolved issues while the person that is partially responsible for the problem is fast asleep like any other night.

I've finally remembered why I used to run away from relationships. They are so consuming, so much hard work. Yet, I choose to stay in one because I believe I've met this person who is worth all these hard work. After all, this is what I've been looking for - sweep me off my feet, consuming, inconvenient yet make me happy kinda love.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Bad Day

The first time had finally hit us. Call it an argument, or not. What I'm sure of is that the both of us are going to bed unhappy. Well, at least one of us can sleep, while I can't stop thinking about it. I'm not good with words, especially when I'm upset with something. My words can sometimes be harsh and crude. So tonight I chose to keep my words, merely because I'm learning to be a better girlfriend/person, and to act more mature in an adult relationship. I was thinking perhaps I'll be more subtle after a day or two and discussion will be more fruitful.

So the issues were all over my face and in my voice but I didn't put them in words. He had no idea why I was behaving in such behaviour and had decided to give up asking and went to bed instead. I later realized I couldn't hold my anger anymore and I wanted to spill but it was too late. Honestly, I don't know if it's me, or him.

I wanted pizza for dinner but the good pizza place from the delivery menu wasn't open. I hung up and tried my best to find the second best for the evening on the menu. I decided on fish burger and calamari and it was the same guy who picked up my call, the fish & chips restaurant that I picked from their delivery menu for the second time has shut down. I said thank you and thought maybe I should just starve myself to death tonight since I'm so bad with luck but that friendly boy on the other end of the receiver was very sweet. He told me that I can hang on to the call and we can both work together in choosing something for dinner.

So we agreed on this particular restaurant and the menu was extensive. I couldn't help but muttered... "f*cking hell, I hate choices on days like these"

Yeah, I had a problem when I'm given choices. Our conversation lead on to what I had for dinner last night. Pizza it was (oh yeah, Ladro's were the best in town!). So he said I shouldn't have pizza again but I wanted some. He also recommended me the beef burger as I was about to order burger before. I ended up ordering a pizza, a humongous burger and saganaki. I couldn't finish either one of them. They are still on my dining table.

I needed to talk to someone tonight, but I couldn't think of anyone that I felt like speaking to. Don't we just hate one of these days, where everything seems to be wrong, and decision can be so difficult?

Monday, October 01, 2007

I'm Rarely Bored

I've got this habit of deleting contacts from my phone book when I'm bored, or when I choose to be bored. When this happens, I discover one after another names on the list that I've no faintest idea of who they are. They probably don't know me, and neither do I. The person who made friends with these people has to be the alcohol in me.

I got so bored, I sent a text to this historical friend of mine, Whirlpool to check if he's still alive. He is no more in Melbourne but he tried contacting me in January. Okay, that was 9 months ago. I am a bad friend. There's no reply till now so I assume, Whirlpool has either changed his number, or he's ignoring me. I refuse to think that he's out of this world, things as such can't happen that easily.

So I said no to dinner then I got bored at home. I wanted to get out of the apartment and I started calling some friends at half-past-eight. As I've expected, everyone was either in the midst of meal, or had already finished. Then I thought of Confuse, my ex-boyfriend who used to dine me every night at about 10pm because he would be at the gym at normal dinner hours. Well, even he was having dinner at a normal time tonight. These are the times when I tell myself, I want someone here with me.

I've 45 minutes to decide on what delivery shall I order before I lose my last choice for the evening. Unless someone wants to have supper with me.