Thursday, November 23, 2006

Adieu, Spendthrift

Can uncertainties keep someone interested for a longer time? I don't know. Perhaps.

Keat was telling me it's good to keep things uncertain, the guessing makes the heart grows fonder. Unless I want a relationship, so she said. Pat agreed with her. Violet and I, on the other hand, cannot agree on that. We are the closure-seeking women, regardless of whether we are looking for a relationship or otherwise, we 'have to' end things before we start a new chapter. I'm just so obstinate in these many ways.

Made Chickouna for the girls on Tuesday, instead of them bringing take-away. I was pleased that the girls liked my cooking and finished the whole tray, not considering whether it really did taste okay, or them being tactful. Also, to my relieve, none of them felt sick the following day, phew... Look, I don't cook for people often, and one of the reasons is that I am afraid I'll give my friends diarrhea, although that hasn't happened yet, YET!

Charmaine made dinner tonight. I felt really healthy for eating in two nights in a row. If you haven't already know, I usually eat out six days a week. It's not that I can't cook but cooking for one person is too much of a hassle, not to forget the washing. Hey, putting the dishes in to the dishwasher requires a lot of hardwork okay?

I've been good in the sense that I'm really budgetting my food and beverages expenses. No more cocktail, or rather not going to bars; no expensive dinners; no shopping. My best-ever group of friends here are pooling in money for me to return for two weeks for New Year. They are such generous people (I'll return the money eventually, don't sweat) and it will be so wrong for me to splurge on things while others are trying to help me. So, hear me - I will be good, I will live frugally until I clear off my debts, I promise!

Again, my crazy yet ever so supportive friends:
Thanks for making it happen! I know this is way too crazy to be true, but we're all making it possible. I'll make sure it's worthwhile.

p.s. Mamma-san Patricia was pimping me off!

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