Tuesday, October 31, 2006

I'm on Holiday!

I've just finished my last essay for this semester, I was struggling through the last quarter of my essay - the hardest one thousand words I've had, especially when I got so many distraction in the day, and having to keep my eyes wide open at night.

Now, I'm officially on holiday!

I'm truly thankful that I'm back to civilization in Melbourne. People are beautiful, with fashion sense; food is promisingly great; weather is fantastic. I never knew I love Melbourne this much, not before I returned from that shit hole in Queensland.

Brisbane was lovely, especially the shopping at the Valley but the food didn't perform their job of getting me impressed. Speaking of shopping, I'm really upset with this shop that I've bought a Hussy dress from. I was trying on a yellow size 10 and a black size 8. Wasn't only the yellow didn't look good on me, the size 10 was definitely too big. Therefore I said I'm gonna get the black one. And yes, you've guessed it right, they gave me the wrong size (not colour). Although I'm fat but that 10 is definitely too big, otherwise I wouldn't be wasting so much time calling the shop and tomorrow I'll have to go to the post office and waste my money sending the dress back and get them to send me the right one, damn it!

I've to sneak to uni to hand in my assignment before 8.30, pretending that I've slipped it in to the box today. My eyes can't seem to stay open and I don't even feel like blogging. Guess I'll get a nap before crawling to Burwood and I will make sure I get up when my alarm rings, by hook or by crook.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Guilt Kills

I've made a mistake, a big mistake. It was so wrong that I couldn't forgive myself. My heart was aching, my tears were rolling. If I had a choice, I would do anything to get things undone. I wasn't thinking when I made that decision, it was my fault.

Thanks to Pat and Violet for their support. Most importantly, thanks to Eleana for speaking to me on the phone for a good two hours - the most comforting two hours I had in Mackay.

Eleana was right, since I can't turn back time, and I shouldn't, I should learn my lesson. Yes, I've learned my lesson, the expensive way. I felt terribly sorry for my folks, who are ever so understanding and forgiving.

I promise, this will be my first and the very last time, I promise...

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Crubar, Brisbane

How (un)professional can a restaurant be in this lovely city of Brisbane?


It was my last evening in Brisbane before adjourning up North to Mackay for more sun. Dan suggested dinner at Crubar. I was at Crubar with Jo for drinks the night before, I liked the vintage chandelier, I liked their cocktails, I liked the bartender.

Steph and I was happily sipping on our drinks from the Martini glass with Luan and Dan while ordering our dinner that was, according to many, not too bad. Everything went well, despite having to repeat myself to attain the wine list. No big deal.

Entrees came not long after we placed our order. The problem then came straight when they served our mains. Firstly, they served only Steph’s lamb T-bone and told me that it takes longer for them to cook my steak, alright. Then they took the wrong order for our side – we wanted enoki mushrooms not gnocchi. That’s fine, at least they changed the dish. Soon after, my steak was presented to me while Dan had to wait for another couple of minutes for his pork cutlets. I mean, hello, your chef can’t even manage his cooking time in the kitchen and bring the goddamn food together? Fine, I didn’t quite mind.

Second problem occurred – I ordered a medium-rare and they gave me a medium-well (almost a well done, sweetheart). That’s still okay as I’ve similar encounter before. And now, the biggest problem – the attitude of the chef and manager of the so-called restaurant.

The waitress that I requested for the change from returned to me with the same old plate of steak saying that “the chef cannot agree with me”. I demanded to see the manager, who spoke off her arse. Let me tell you part of our conversation.

Lynn: I respect your chef’s decision but I’m wondering, if this is what you classified as medium rare?
Manager: blah blah blah... (spoke some shit off her arse)
Lynn: No, what I wanted to know is whether this is what you called a medium-rare?
Manager: In Australia, yes.
Lynn: I live in Australia(!!!)
Manager: The chef don’t think it’s his fault and he’d have to charge if he’s to make a new piece.
Lynn: Look, I just need to know from you, representing Crubar, that this is what you considered as medium-rare.
Manager: Erm… according to the chef, yes.
Lynn: Great, thank you. That’s all I need to know. Now can I know the name of your chef?
Manager: Mitch
Lynn: Last name?
Manager: I need to ask…

Came back after 5 minutes…
Manager: I’m sorry but my chef wants to know why do you want to know his name.
Lynn: I’m a food writer (okay, I lied)
Manager: My chef won’t give you his name unless you talk to him personally.
Lynn: Why would I waste my time talking to your chef? And me being a customer has no rights to learn the name of your chef?
Manager: I’m sorry but I’m afraid that you’ll have to speak to him personally.
Lynn: That’s alright, I’m not interested anymore. All I need is to know that he’s cooking for Crubar.

About 30 minutes later when she returned to collect the plates…

Manager: What company are you writing for?
Lynn: xxx
Manager: Do you have a name card?
Lynn: Sorry, I forgot to bring them, I’m on holiday, didn’t expect to work.
Manager: My chef would like to know your name.
Lynn: Your chef refused to let me know his name and he is now asking for my name? You’re kidding me.
Manager: …

Excuse me darling, I may not be a connoisseur but neither am I a fool. For your information, I eat out almost six days in a week, shy to say. I may not be able to tell the difference between the meat of rabbit and hare but it doesn’t take an expert to differentiate a piece of medium-rare and medium-well. I may not have steak on a daily basis but neither this is my first piece of meat. I may not be fussy but I have expectations.

Someone please tell me that I’m wrong, that this is a medium-rare. Someone just prove my eyes and tongue wrong, as well as Steph’s and Dan’s, that they are so tender and juicy they almost melted in my mouth. Someone please.

So Crubar it is. If you’re looking for some bad food, bad services and insult (thinking that you’re from China and this is the first time you step foot in Australia), go to Crubar. If you want to take your special someone on a special occasion for some yucky fare and embarrass yourself, go to Crubar.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Phuong and Roy Tied the Knot

I've an hour before my room broadband connection ends. Here I am, doing a quick entry on Phuong and Roy's beautiful wedding. It was a lovely wedding that put me nearly in tears when the bride and groom were exchanging their vows. That's just me, cry too easily, however, taking into consideration of my non-waterproof mascara, I managed to hold my tears back by asking Steph to tell me jokes. Hence, she reminded me of the 3P story, what a bitch!
Publish Post
Their banquet was absolutely gorgeous. Phuong was of course drop dead beautiful. I shall say nothing about Roy *wink* And the food... every dish was very beautifully prepared, it was magnificent.We were placed on THE table, The D&D table - The Dateless & Desperate Table - fuck Roy!

Caught up with some acquaintances that I've met through Phuong, as well as getting to know some new people. It was a wonderful evening. Wonder who's next...

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Shopping In Brisbane

No hard feelings but Queenslander can't really dress, sorry to say. Okay, not all Queenslander but majority that I've seen by far perhaps - here in Brisbane, back then in Cairns and Noosa. Mackay is the last chance in this year to prove me wrong, only if I am.

Contrary to popular believe, Brisbaner/Brisbane sider/Brisbane people don't dress in a lot of colour. In fact, they are in a lot of black and white. That maggie-hair thought that I was from Hawaii (???) just because I was in a floral dress. I was shopping on Queen Street Mall today and I got heaps of compliment for my loud-coloured-deer-print dress, and they could tell straight away that I was a visitor. I was more than happy with all the compliments of course.

I went shopping crazy here in Brisbane, I know this sound ridiculous but trust me, as oppose to how often I went shopping in Melbourne, I really had no time to do so. There are three things that me and Jo had observed.

First, retails here stock more garments for younger people, I am guessing their market is much younger than Sydney and Melbourne, e.g. Myer here doesn't have the Aussie/NZ designers but they stock heaps and heaps of local unknown brands for the younger population. Secondly, I think people here are much less shopping-crazy than the down-south us, e.g. I had to make the sales person at Sportsgirl to call up half of Melbourne just for a cobalt blue belt that I liked but I saw a whole bunch of it here in store. Lastly, we reckon girls here are very small, as in slim and nice. Must be the weather I suppose.

The girl from Lisa Ho called me when I was having lunch with Jo and Roy at the Riverside, to inform me of the dress that I wanted had arrived. Bad news is, as usual, they only have one piece in each size. I was panic-stricken as I knew I wouldn't even be able to have a look by the time I return to Melbourne. Thank god Phuong told Roy that there's an outlet in Winter Garden. Needless to say, I charged to the shop with eager, like a crazy shopper.

I've bought the dress. I'm happy!

Actually I am pretty impressed with Brisbane's shopping, well, it's nothing compared to Melbourne but... they actually have Lisa Ho, Wayne Cooper and Alannah Hill. Perchance there weren't expectation, hence I was thrilled.

In short, I've bought two dresses and a top from Myer, an evening gown and belt from Lisa Ho, another dress and a gorgeous cardigan from Country Road, and some small stuff from Witchery. One good thing about shopping here is that, there are more things left as people don't just grab everything in store and left nothing for me. Having said that, I'm going back to Country Road to buy a (few) different colour cardigan as it's really light, good for spring/summer, and most importantly, I know my size would've been sold out in Melbourne.

Monday, October 23, 2006

First Night Out in Brissie

Roy took us to Sun Bar after dinner on the night we touched down. I was astounded by this particular green-pants woman with maggie-goreng-kosong hair (that's how Roy described it)

We were hanging out at the bar, coincidentally next to her and her friend. She checked me out for awhile before coming up to me, spoke really close to my face...

Maggie-hair: I like your shoes, where d'you get them?
Lynn: Robert Robert, you can get them at Myer but mine's been two years.
Maggie-hair: Your dress is very nice too... What d'you think of my pants? They are new, from Satch (or Versace I don't know but I don't think they are from either one of them)
Lynn: Oh they are gorgeous pants, you look good in them (okay I lied, big time. But what can I say??)

We talked for a bit before she actually asked her friend to take a picture of my shoes, with his phone's camera. Fine.

A while later, she came up to me again...

Maggie-hair: You know, I come out tonight, wearing my new outfit, thinking that I'll be the hottest woman in the bar, who knows I saw you, you're hotter than me.
Lynn: Oh thanks, I'm flattered.

WTF? Someone please just help her, or me.

Roy and Jo were already laughing at me, being picked up by some maggie-hair-green-pants woman, fucking hell. Steph then told me I should take a picture with her, so then I can blog about it. Therefore, I betrayed my heart and went up to her, pretending to be nice and ask for a picture together. Of course, she was more than happy to take a picture with me... BECAUSE SHE FUCKING TOUCHED MY BOOBS.At the same bar, there's this man who is not bad looking, to be fair, and was in suit. I checked him out from the top, down... and guess what I saw?UGLY SHOES!!!
Other than the super ugly shoes that didn't go with his face and suit, he was dancing not very appealingly to his Martini at the bar, alone.

So that was my first bar experience in Brisbane.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

En route to Brissie

I’m now on board heading up to Brissie. I’ve been pretty occupied with things off late, both physically and mentally. Firstly, it’s the end of the semester, datelines are what I’ve to stick to (which I’m very bad at). Secondly, Steph is down from KL for holiday, although she’s an independent chick who does her own things, but having someone with you is somehow different. Lastly, I’ve officially claimed to be recovered from my illness(es), which means I had to go out and see my friends to celebrate over some drinks.

Let me recap what had happened for the past one week.

I got filthy drunk last Friday, it was truly unbelievable. I met up with June and company for drinks at Lanai on an empty stomach. Look, I was extremely busy and tired that day and I’ve actually forgotten about dinner. I know, that sounds stupid but it was true. After some more than adequate amount of whites and bubblies that gave me memory lost, I somehow ended in Bar Code’s toilet chucking my heart out, damn! I felt much relieved after throwing up and of course, I resumed to drink more when I got to Lavish.

Hell sent me some killer hangover on the day after but I always remember the teachings from God – the only way to avoid hangover is to stay drunk – and it never failed to help, only if you have the guts to try.

House music at Eve on Saturday night was great, needless for me to mention the good company, as always. Like history was repeating itself, I was awfully intoxicated. No throwing up this time but I did something terrible. It was a tragedy, and I was gravely traumatized. I am not regretting but I am embarrassed. Apart from the trauma, I’ve also made some funniest joke out of it, that I believe my girlfriends and me will remember for life, the 3P story.

Well, I guess everyone is allowed to make mistake. I made mine, I was traumatized, I have no regrets, I am still laughing now thinking of the 3P story. Good thing is that I’ve learned this time – I turned my back to temptations last night. As for now, I don’t think I’m ready to see Mr. TQ.

On a happier note, I got a new Bally tote during my short stint in Sydney. It was a discounted one but heck, it’s a great bag in olive. Olive is the new army, just like white is the new black, for this season. I’m glad that I made it to Sydney, though it was for less than two days. That’s our pact between me and my best friends, when we need each other, we’ll be there if circumstances allow.

Thirteen months ago, I broke up with my then love-of-my-life, Mr. Personality-less. I was devastated, I thought it was the end of the world. If I was to collect my tears in a pot, they could be enough for some chicken soup. My best friends were concerned, their heart went out for me. Within a week, Eleana flew in from KL and Jo flew in from Sydney, to see me, to spend time with me – they were my rescue team.

I don’t know how many people on earth would do things like those for their friends; all I know is that I’ve at least two who would do such things for me. Now you understand why I say I’m lucky? Most importantly, I know for fact that it means a lot especially to someone who’s in need of some emotional support.

Air tickets – AUD233
Parking – AUD74
Expenses – AUD200
To know that your friend is back on her feet – PRICELESS!

Time to shut my Baby, touching down in thirty minutes. Gonna do some cards reading – my new addiction thanks to Violet. Will post this up when I get my broadband connection at the hotel.

30 Hours in Melbourne

After the melting heat in Sydney, I returned to the chilly Melbourne yesterday morning for my final presentation. It went well, phew... Yesterday was a crazy day for me

Airport - Home - Uni - Pedicure - Brazilian Waxing - Home - Dinner - Drinks till late.

Will be off to Brisbane in three hours' time and I've not packed a single thing, shite... am still stoned from not having enough sleep.

Will be bringing my Baby with me to Brisbane and Mackay as I'm suppose to get some work done, which means I'll still be able to connect to the virtual world while I'm away.

Feel like having fish & chips for lunch with Steph, but I've got a feeling that she's now eating with her friends. I better go get packed or I'll whine over things that I've left behind for the next 8 days.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

From Sydney... Smashed!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

We're smashed in Sydney, Patricia, Violet, and Lazy Lynn.

In reply to your questions...
Tracy, am here to give Jo moral support.
Boon, I've just returned from the Fish Market... and I bumped in to Ivon, who lives in Melbourne like myself.

We're smashed, I repeat.

p.s. from Pat - Sydney's Fish Market's awesome, the fucking seagulls stole our salmon sashimi, fuck the gulls!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Sydney to See my Honey

I'll be in Sydney in less than twelve hours' time. Decisions were made four hours ago. Flying back to Melbourne for my final presentation on Friday, therefore, I cannot afford to have any flight delay.

I'm such an idiot when it comes to PowerPoint, hopefully I can get things done on flight and have a great 42-hour stay in Sydney.

Call me crazy if you like, because that's my middle name. And I wish someone can just help me with my PowerPoint!!!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


You Are a Classic Martini

You are a sophisticated drinker, who knows that simple quality is over-rated.
You're a knowledgeable drunk, but sometimes you're a know-it-all when you're blasted.

You should never: Drink and gossip. You tend to forget who's standing right behind you!

Your ideal party: Has a real bartender. But no one mixes a better drink than you.

Your drinking soulmates: those with a Chocolate Martini personality

Your drinking rivals: those with a Margarita Martini personality

I Know People!

Bob Marley was on Channel V

Violet: How did Bob Marley die?
Lynn: O.D-ed
Violet: On what?
Lynn: Coke
Violet: ... (looking serious attempting to believe the words)

After three seconds...
Violet: Why d'you say something when you don't know it... (broken in to hysterical laughter) why? Why d'you answer my question when you don't even know... (tearing from laughing too hard)
Lynn: What makes you think I don't know?
Violet: He didn't do Coke, he only did Marijuana... (almost died from laughing)
Lynn: Did you know him personally?
Violet: Someone told me... (laughing on the floor)
Violet: I know PEOPLE that knows him, they told me... (still laughing)

I too almost died from laughing.

It was a joke, a stupid joke, a semi-private joke, everyone in the apartment fell down laughing.

Minutes later...
Violet: I'm gonna Google it and send it to you tomorrow...
Lynn: I already know, O.D-ed on Coke...

I Shall Not Date a Sagi

Never Date a Sagittarius

Blunt, outrageous, and overly indulgent - a Sag is way too overwhelming for your subdued personality.
While you may appreciate their zest for life, a Sag will shock you with how they truly think and act.

Instead try dating: Scorpio, Capricorn, Taurus, or Cancer
What Sign Shouldn't You Date?

Angela, I still don't know if it's true, never been out with a Sagi before (as far as I can remember).

Friday, October 13, 2006

Right Now Will do

Read this and thought it was funny, people comes out with innovative business idea everyday. But they sure won't make a single cent from me, although I've been very much pro-single lately. Just that their rings are mass produced, what for? I'd rather spend my money on handbags and shoes.

Speaking of being single, I'd recently think that I might end up being a spinster. Reason was I enjoy my status right now so much that I'm afraid by the time I'm ready to settle down, I'd be all old, wrinkly and wobbly that men my age can hardly see me clearly anymore with their bare eyes.

I've nothing against couplets but I'm just trying to share with you how much fun it is to be single.
  • I go out as much as I want
  • I stay in as much as I wish
  • I flirt with random people in public
  • I sleep with person that I like
  • I go on serial dating
  • I can be an anti-social and hog the TV
  • My time is my time
  • I don't need to waste my energy on arguments
  • My decision is final, no compromising needed
  • I don't need to share my food and when I feel like sharing, my friends are there
  • I have to whole bed to myself
  • If my bathroom is dirty, there's only myself to blame
  • I shop all I want and I should
  • I don't expect my dishes to be washed except by the dishwasher
Well, the list would just not end. I had been in love, and out of it. I'm not those who were scarred and had lost faith in love and men. To the contrary, I believe in finding love. I'm just an ordinary girl who is looking for true love (though I was told many times that it doesn't exist) and my perfect male. I'm still naively waiting for my fairy tale to happen. But this is not the time.

I'm interested in meeting men, but I've no interest in a relationship, yet. And if you ask me, am I happy, I can tell you this - yes, never happier. I dare to say that this year is by far, the happiest and the most eventful year I've had in my adulthood.

From getting over a relationship to putting myself out there in the dating scene, from losing a relationship to building new great friendships, from finishing my degree to starting my masters, everything's just great.

When things began, I was unsure about myself. I wasn't sure if I can handle having dinner with some men who were then pseudo-strangers to me. I did it, and before I knew it, I was professed the "serial dater". I had great fun, it's always nice to be treated like a woman - being wined and dined, chauffeured in and out, being the centre of attention. What's best is that they are not from one man - you're given choices but you are not obligated to pick, you are free to step in to your peaceful and quiet home, have the tele and bed by yourself, after being out in the buzzing hangouts for long enough.

I know I'll eventually be in the gamble of relationship again, when I cross path with my perfect male. As for now, if you ask me, no thanks. I can't handle losing what I'm having now, call me selfish if you like. I like to be up at four in the morning blasting my stereo and sipping on my hot chocolate while blogging without having to worry of keeping it low (except for the neighbours).

Furthermore, I don't know how to be a girlfriend, I've somehow forgotten, call me silly. But that's okay, things will fall together naturally, when it's meant to be. Who knows, I could've jumped from the serial dater to the girlfriend before anyone realizes it.

Until I find my Mr. Right, Mr. Right-Now will do just right.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Steph's Coming

It's freaking hot today! I hated it. It frustrates me, big time. I get agitated easily when I'm hot and it's great that no one is here to step on my tail. See, I live alone for a reason - less violence, more freedom.

On a happier note, Steph will be touching down in about 12 hours' time. I'm very excited despite having a 50% essay submission and a final presentation next week. I know I have to be really disciplined and say no to temptations. However, this weekend's gonna be a blasting one. My partner in crime is coming down and we're going to kick some arse.

Then again, having a friend over means I've got a lot of cleaning up to do, that includes...
  • vacuuming
  • mopping
  • doing my laundry (as I won't have time for that for the next 10 days)
  • doing my dishes
  • re-organize my book shelf
  • clean up all tables (currently they are covered with junks)
  • make space for her to put her stuff in the bathroom
... and I'm too lazy to move, it's too hot!

We've planned this for a long time but I'm only feeling the excitement now. I'm like a kid waiting to meet up with her playmate to have some fun at the theme park *clap hands*

Total Fire Ban

Melbourne Forecast
Issued at 10:50 pm EST on Wednesday 11 October 2006

Warning Summary
CFA has declared a day of Total Fire Ban for the Central Total Fire Ban district
for Thursday 12th October 2006.
A fire weather warning is current.
A severe weather warning has been issued for the Central District for localised
damaging winds.


Ladies and Gentlemen,

Tomorrow will be a no-smoking day as fire is banned. No lighting up ciggarettes... according to CFA's declaration.


It's warm and the wind is blowing real strong. I am missing the cold and rain and gloomy days!

Spicy Szechuan

Went shopping today, to hunt for dresses for the weddings, errr... actually just anything will do. Okay I admit, the shopaholic in me wanted to come out and play but why not? I've been good for the longest time.

I have to say this Spring/Summer is so boring. Too much whitesssss, grays, nudes, army greens, browns, too earthy basically. Well, white is the new black for this Summer but hello, give me more colours! Of course, there are still florals and colours around, like Cactus Jam, Third Millennium and the minority of Wayne Cooper but there's not enough, I want more!

Was covering Flinders Lane, Collins St. and Little Collins this arvo, from luxe to less (okay, not much of a bargain at this area but that's also not what I'm looking for), nothing surprised me. Nothing made my heart stopped for that one second. Except for a dress, that I saw about a week ago on the display window. I bought it. To be honest, for the price I paid, I could've gotten some local designers' number with better quality. The finish of the dress wasn't bad at all but it wasn't fantastic either, however, the problem was I thought I looked good in the dress, muahahaha... It was a good fit and it's me. So I grabbed it -full stop-

Had dinner with the girls at this Szechuan place that serves ultra spicy dishes. It was great, I mean the spiciness (I'm such typical Malaysian, everything also must be spicy), but the taste was only so-so. It was a funny dinner, that made me laughed, choked, coughed, wanted to eat more, stuffed and indigestion.

The blonde who couldn't handle them at all was yelling and cursing through out dinner. The Pneumonia survivor who wasn't suppose to eat them was laughing at the blonde. The two of them shared most of the greens. I enjoyed my meal despite the chilli was working like the 'on' switch to my almost vanished coughing. Charm, who suggested the dinner, was of course pleased with the about-fifteen-dishes-for-nine-person dinner. The rest was doing quite well with one or two nibbling their food while vapor were released through their scalps. It was a funny dinner. Believe me, it was spicy and quite yummy.
Frankly speaking, I'm not looking forward to toilet time tomorrow...

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Older Men

How old is too old to fall in love?

When one who has achieved the so called sufficient amount of experiences in "relationship", say, engagements, break ups, marriages, divorces, flings, mind games, amongst others, is there the need of falling in love still? Or... perhaps, be in a relationship?

Is singleton the new coupledom for the older experienced men?

Also, when one has reached that age where you've 'been there done that', would you still be picky with your companions, say, sexual partners? Is the older the wiser, where the list of criteria grows according to the age? Or does it work otherwise where they are happy with any moving female creature that they are capable of grabbing hold of?

Sorry but I've got another question.

Will a man wines and dines a woman for the ulterior motive of sex (not for the first time) or will he just hits straight to the point and wastes no time and money? On contrary, is there anything more that a man is looking for when he spends enough time with a woman outside of the bedroom?

Are men as complicated as women, emotionally?

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Godskitchen 2006

Time takes off so quickly that I'm losing sense of it. I still remember exactly what I wore to the "surprise" Godskitchen 2004 in Sydney and now my Godskitchen 2006 is history for 2 days already.

This year's GK is held at Rod Laver Arena, much bigger than last year's Vodafone Arena (I wasn't there). The venue was so huge, looking for a friend was almost impossible. The only way was to meet them outside the arena at the merchandise booth but trust me, when you're smashed, the journey up the stairs to the outside was such a pain. Not to mention when you return to your group of friends, who are the few among the thousands of people on the dance floor, with eyes that couldn't even recognized your own face, it was almost like finding your earrings in a night market.

I guess 90% of the people I know in Melbourne who club were there, hence, other clubs were almost empty, so they said. Needless to say, the music was certainly great. Cosmic Gate and Above and Beyond was fucking awesome.

I had so much fun. We had so much fun. I'm the one with the ghostly eyes who refuse to wear the sunnies because I thought it was too dark, and I got paranoid. There was another one who went paranoia because her friends were sitting down and asked her to "enjoy herself". There were those who talked non-stop. There was one who threw up and got totally smashed. There were many who were totally smacked and hogged the seats. Also one who stood on the dance floor for about 6 hours straight. And heaps and heaps of others who had their own funny happenings. I know I look terrible but heck, I had fun

I've to admit that age is catching up on me, undesirably. Right, I was the one among the group who danced 7 hours straight without sitting at all. But listen, towards the end of the night, erm... beginning of the morning perhaps, my lower back, neck, hips joint and feet were all aching! The three strong ones moved on to the after party while I opted to go home and sleep, pfftt...

Guess what? I saw a rainbow on my way home. It was a pleasant sight.
Life is indeed, very beautiful...

Monday, October 09, 2006

The Ex, The Confused

Had supper late dinner with one of my ex, The Confused - on Friday, the Mid-Autumn Festival dinner. He's one of my best ex-boyfriends who I can talk to, who takes care of me, who still support me financially when neccessary (shy to say). Also, he was the one who called me to remind me of the festival and took me out for dinner and mooncake. He's no where near a romantic but he's definitely a sweetie.

Half way through dinner I received a text message from the Health Advisor, which instantly lightened up my evening. I was elated, and The Confused was at the same time delighted to see that I was all happy with sparkling eyes.

The Confused was obviously proud of himself for creating that grin on my face by spending time with me, so he thought. He was contented to see the jovial Lynn. Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy his company, he's one of the few person that I'll put them on top of my dinner-buddy priority list, however, he had long lost his privilege of putting me on cloud nine.

I'm a little guilty for letting my mind wander while having dinner with him. Then he popped the question, I was dumbstrucked. I started to wonder, am I the one who confused him, or is he trying to confused me by being confused himself?

He accompanied me to the club to meet my friends despite "exhaustion" was written all over his face. I know he cares for me, so do I. I totally appreciate that. I call myself lucky to have so many friends around who loves me from their bottom of the hearts.

I'm glad, I'm blessed.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Mid-Autumn Festival

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

Wonder if everyone of you is celebrating the festival tonight. I suppose the Chinese will be having dinner with family, like how it's suppose to be traditionally. While the other side of the globe is going through mid-Autumn, I'm going through our mid-Spring, phew... time really do fly.

Third year that I'm not home.
Third Mid-Autumn Festival that I've not had mooncake.
Third time that I'm not on the same table with my family for this festive meal.

First time that I actually miss home...

The L Word

I'm flattered. The mention of my name actually makes some people frown, or unhappy in some way.

Ain't I significant now? Yes, I do feel that way. I'm not only "banned" from some event, apparently the mention of my name upsets Mr. Emo too.

I didn't know my name possesses such power in freezes one's smile, and in stopping one breathes for that one second, oppss... the L word is banned.

Sorry to say, he asked for it. Only if he cares to be nice from the beginning, things wouldn't turn out to be how it is today.

You know what? I'm happy when he is unhappy.

p.s. By the way, The Devil Wears Prada isn't that great.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Fuck Optus, fuck their poor customer service. Want to give me a free phone? Too late, my dear. Pissed me off the first time, I gave you another chance. Pissed me off the second time, good-bye!

So here I come, Three!

Some told me that their coverage is bad but living in the CBD, I don't think they'll be much of a problem. Not to forget the free K800i that they are giving me; the only company that offers free talk time on top of their caps; the cheaper call rates; and the funky features.

I'm not sure if Three is that great at all, but I can tell you now, Optus is fucked!

Can't wait to play with my new toy!!!


I personally think that yamcha is one of the many bests of Chinese cuisine, especially on Sundays. As I age, my body would naturally wakes herself up early after some binge drinking on the night before. Therefore I was up early on Sunday, called every single friends that I would love to share my dimsum with but to no avail, almost everyone was still sleeping.

By the time I managed to wake everyone up, my stomach was growling like the angriest tigeress. Finally, we were happily at Sung's Kitchen, extremely hungry. Because we were late and the kitchen was closing at three, we had to place our order quick, which resulted in something funny.

We ordered too much food! It was so much, we could literally fed 8-9 person when we had only 5. Even with Milyn (the eater) around, we just couldn't finish our food, and trust me, we had tried our very best. Kosta (Mi's man) who's a Greek, got a shock in his life when he looked at the food. Culturally, they do not eat like us. Until today, Jess and I would still burst out laughing whenever we think of Kosta's facial expression seeing the galore of dimsum. He was rubbing his forehead like one usually does when you have a headache, so it wasn't a good sign.

When I called on that Sunday...
"Milyn, wanna go yamcha", asked Lynn
(Mi asked Kosta "hey, you wanna go yamcha?"
K "who's that?"
Mi "Lynn."
K "yeah, I don't mind.")
"Okay, see you at Sung's." Milyn got back to me.

Next week if I call them to yam cha, at the back of the phone...
"hey, wanna go yamcha?" Milyn to Kosta
"who's that?" Kosta
"Lynn" Milyn
"No, thanks!" Kosta


Dear Kosta,

I know we've scared you appalingly with the way we ordered our food, and also the way we forced our food down. Please do understand that we don't usually order and eat our food in such manner. Let's go yamcha again and let me show you the real me.


p.s. Readers, yamcha at Sung's were bad but their dinner is really scrumptious, authentic Chinese cuisine. Highly recommended.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Warning: Explicit Pictures on Display.
Children under the age of 12 may enjoy at your own risk of being caught by parents.
Old farts above the age of 75 with weak hearts please do not scroll down.
*** *** ***

It was Lorraine's second hens night as the first one was a way too 'geeky' one. This time round, organized by the crazy girl, Violet, was held at the ladies club, performance by the Mandate. As oppose to what you see on their website, their strippers are nothing like those in the pictures (magic of Photoshop). They weren't bad-bad but they were a little too old, with hairy butts and small willies (Keat reckons it's the effect of steroids).

Anyways, we had a great time. Lorraine's mum was really cool. Violet had a really bad hangover where she announced that she wasn't going to smoke and drink (Pat and I suspected that the repressed-nun in her is surfacing). I was too sick to drink much, at the beginning *wink*

Sharon attracted some arrogant man who gave us free drinks the whole night at our post-party venue, Boulevard. To be fair, that man was fine-looking until he opens his mouth. I totally despised him, so full of himself, those "me, me, me kinda man" if you get what I mean, totally revolting.

I've not been on this blog ground for just a couple of days but Mrs Pang has been asking about it. It's nice to know that friends actually visit and want updates. I'm fine, I didn't go to Redang, I'm just plain lazy and still not feeling too well. Picture is the lazy of of blogging. So here you go, let the pictures speak the words