Saturday, September 30, 2006


Checked out another place that was said to have also spent a good 3-million on its venue. Regardless of the actuality of the figure, Eve was indeed very lush. In preference to the mature crowd at Baroq, this renowned celebrity hangout joint's clientele, especially the girls, were mostly young, chic and good looking without a doubt. The notorious door butch had knocked back countless amount of Eve-enthusiasts since they opened their door in June for some reasons, one being under-dressed. Also, they are really picky with their crowd, so forget about wasting your time in the queue (for hours) if you're not under the guest list or can't be bothered to dress up.

We managed to all get in, thanks to Steve.

Anyways, the club was ultra-sexy with a Saturday Night Fever kinda dance floor - flashing lights that changes its colours and beautiful bars. Everyone in there went all out in terms of dressing, men in suits, shirts and designer's Ts; ladies in floaty frocks or at least, some gorgeous tops. I've also spotted a girl in full length evening gown (errrr???). Yes, it is another to-see-and-to-be-seen kinda place, however, I felt really comfortable in there as people weren't that pretentious, to my surprise.

My girls were definitely hot, sizzling hot! Violet in her new violet mini bubble dress; Keat in her new floral floaty b/w frock; Pat in her also new seductive boob-flattering black number; Evonne in her elegant sexy black dress; and myself in a colourful spring dress that will fit just right on the Cup Day. We had one hell of a good time, drinking, dancing, watching them smoke. Speaking of that, I thought their smoking room was incredibly intelligent, indoor yet outdoor, while sticking to the rules of no indoor smoking.

Then... one of my girlies got smashed, as in, totally smashed - hugging the toilet bowl can't stand up kinda smashed, got it? Not telling you who but make a guess, not hard *wink*

Like happened before, my mission of not drinking didn't happen. My cough and cold just stopped when I'm in the club, as opposed to now, where I've just chucked from my chronic coughing, fuck man.

Contrary to us saying that we were gonna be cam-whore last night, not many pictures were taken.

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