Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Connoisseur in Progress

Would love to share this with you guys, especially those who enjoys good food as much as I do, who lives in Australia. Came across this last week, really glad that I'm finally making my visit to Vue De Monde in 3 weeks' time (after much arguments on the date and time with the extremely indecisive person).

Poor Flower Drum, I still think your food is great, although many around me who can't agree with me. Well, I'll have to say that I was lucky to have a friend who ordered all the 'right' dishes that suited my taste. The article also explains the reason behind the poor quality of food at Radii.

Anyways, I had a great evening at Di's fashion exhibition - free flow of bubbly, as well as wine and beer, yummilicious finger food (I've had the best prawns ever), very generous Guess goodie bag, and of course, my friend who I'm really proud of.

Caught up with Phuong after my dinner, she looked really well, she was glowing. Wonder if that's the going-to-get-married-glow?? I suppose. It was great seeing her again, and we're going to ski together next season (finally found another beginner to join me). For the first time, I realized that Melbourne city is quite busy on a drizzling Tuesday night, although everyone gathers in the same bar.

I'm falling sick, again. Shouldn't be making myself soup today. I was once told that I shouldn't have 'good' (nutritious I mean) food when you're sick as I'm actually feeding the bacteria/virus with the nutrients, which is why people have congee/bread/plain macaroni when they are sick. I've no idea how true is that, but that advice will always be remembered. And I had apple and red dates chicken soup today, it was so delicious that I can down the whole pot. Thanks to Pat, who taught me about this soup.

I'm going to bed now, to chase for more dreams tonight - been having a lot of fascinating dreams lately. Oyasumi Nasai!

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