Thursday, September 14, 2006

Happy Fool

I've learned two new abbreviations this evening -
D&M: Deep and Meaningful
BAV: Born Again Virgin

I assume half of the entire world would've heard about these terms, except for Kitty and myself. I am still wondering what will happen if one day, someone drives the both of us to, erm... say Knox Shopping Centre, gives us the car keys and leaves us. Can we find the car? Can we find our way to the car park?

I've got the new version of iTunes, it's pretty cool. I've also (finally) learned to send MMS to emails, it was so fun. I can now bombard my friends' emails with my picture (talking about narcissism) or anything silly every now and then, can't be bothered how Optus charges. I'm switching to Vodafone soon anyways, and get a new K800i that I've always wanted, but I'm just too lazy.

Reading someone's old blog has unexplainably stirred up some long forgotten unpleasant emotions in me. I can still recall some promises that were broken. How I was freaking out upon hearing the term 'relationship'. The late nights supper and DVDs. The so-called working on our assignments. The play hard, play harder then study smart. Then it was what I didn't do that sets us free.

Can't be sure if I had made the right decision, but I didn't see 'that' coming our way then. Sometimes it's better to let it go this way, and I shouldn't look back, as there shouldn't be any regret. I may be a confused child who don't know what I want, but I definitely know what I do not want. I may be a fool, a fool who is happy now.

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