Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Growing Old Virtually

I was just wondering, how would my blog be in ten years' time? How would my Friendster site be when I'm 45? What about my Multiply when I'm 55? They are still going to be around, right? And shall I remove my old pictures, which are the current ones now, and just put up the 45-year-old looking pictures? Are my kids going to use these services as well? Are they going to be on my friends list? And my kids' classmates. I wonder...

Was reading through my own testimonials on Friendster, made me smiled. It never fails to brighten up my day whenever I read them, my friends do know me indeed. All the good things that they wrote about me, makes me feel real good about myself, especially when you need some esteem-boost.

Feeling a little lethargic.
Missy Higgins's songs are great.
No more pies in the fridge.
Mexican tonight anyone?
Or stay home to work on my assignments, which are long overdue.

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