Friday, September 08, 2006

Sick like a Dog

I've saved nine bucks from two units of faulty parking machines, hooray!!!

Dear Lord, may all the parking machines in Melbourne, oopps... I shall not be greedy. Hmm... may all the parking machines in the city be faulty, whenever I need to park on the street

I've got a huge blister the size of a two dollars coin, f*cking hell, from my new Lopez. How am I gonna go out tomorrow? I was just thinking of getting my pedicure tomorrow but with the hole on my foot, I can just forget about it. Maybe I should just go to Scanlan & Theodore sales, get some retail therapy, which may help in my flu recovery. Sigh... I'm terribly sick, yet I was out drinking for three nights straight, I (we I mean) am beyond repair, hopeless.

Worse, I was lying to my naturopath today, I'm feeling a little guilty. She was telling me I looked really ill, she had never seen me in this state for these past 1.5 years. In my heart, I was thinking, of course... I got home at 3-ish, slept at about 4, got up before 9 this morning.

She went...
"you need a lot of rest"
"shouldn't go for class, sleep more, that's the best way to heal"
"these (giving me the list) are what you should eat and what to avoid, most importantly, no coffee and alcohol"
"please rest right after you get home"
"have you been resting enough?"
"have you been avoiding alcohol while you're sick?"

I said a big YES to the last two questions, I lied, it's bad I know. I went home to shower and headed out straight after seeing her. I haven't been resting enough, I've been out, too much. I'll be good tonight, I shall get my 12 hours recuperating sleep tonight.

Talking about sleep, the pure lavendar oil that I drop on my pillows are doing wonders. I've been having really good deep sleep compared to before when I had problem sleeping soundly. Another great change of myself - I don't do my dishes anymore, I leave it to my dishwashwer, which I used to think that it was a waste of energy and water, plus it's not neccessary as I don't use a lot for one person. These days, however, I'll just chuck everything in till it's full (usually takes more than a day) and switch it on, how convenient is that? I know I'm lazy, who isn't? At the end of the day, the dishwasher is there for a reason, right?

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Anonymous said...

of course. it would be unfair to ignore the existential puepose of the dishwasher. without being utilised to its full potential, the dishwasher would not get past the pearly gates when it retires to dishwasher heaven.