Friday, September 22, 2006

Bad Badtz Maru

Was loafing around in my bed and so I called June just to kill some boredom bugs and for some gossips, and it leads to another dumb conversation with hilarious remarks.

JC: I used to collect all Badtz Maru's stuff.
LL: Me too.
JC: I still have them, when I get back to KL I take pictures and show you okay?
LL: I'll do that too when I go back. I've got heaps of them, I've got a special cabinet to keep them.


JC: Actually, what is Maru?
LL: He's a penguin.
JC: (Almost yelling over the phone)Oh shit, that is so wrong! A penguin going out with a seal!
LL: Bwahahahaha... your reaction is so funny, I'm gonna blog it.
JC: But it's true, a penguin with a seal, that's so wrong.
LL: Yeah... what kind of kids are they gonna have?


That's exactly what two wacky full-grown adults talk about on a lazy Friday afternoon.


Elizebeth D.L. said...

I did a search on google what's Badtx Maru..


so, it is a penguin...

Lucky Lazy Lynn said...

Confirmed penguin, he's the love of my life, haha... and his birthday is on the 1st of April! How cool...