Wednesday, September 13, 2006

What Does "Kandar" Mean?

Two Malaysians and a Singaporean went hunting for dinner at Boxhill. Our initial plan was to have roasties at Hills BBQ, however, one of the brilliant Malaysian, me,brought the idea of Kayu Nasi Kandar up. So, I called June for directions and we went. We paid a good 52 bucks for dinner, that is almost RM150. Not expensive for dinner but I found it quite amusing as I don't eat that much of these back in KL yet I am paying this price here. Food wasn't that great either, nothing compared to KL's but the friendly waiters and the familiarity of the entire atmosphere had made my visit all worth. Don't foresee any return visit unless I've craving for nasi kandar, which is very unlikely. Besides, I believe I should check out Biryani House on King's the next time I feel like indulging in these unhealthy meals, well, I believe everything in moderation is fine.

Bumped in to Marco, who was there to get his take-away.

M: what are you doing here?
L: what d'you mean?

M: why are you in Boxhill?
L: what kind of question is this? why are you here then? (in my heart: can't you see what I am doing? or do I look like I'm picking oranges here?)
M: you live in xxx right? why d'you come all the way here?
L: huh??? You are still living in my next building right? Why can't I come here when you can?
M: hm... I send my cousin here so...
L: I drove myself and my friends here, to eat...
M: you're a funny girl, all the way here for dinner
L: hihi... (in my heart: not as funny as your funny questions)

What else can I say? *scratch head, hard*

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