Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Hungry, Sleepy

I'm determined to conquer my fear and deal with whole chickens. I can't be bullied by some chickens when myself was born in the year of Rooster. I'm suppose to be the fierce and fearless one, so trust me, give me some time and I'll eventually be able to handle those gruesome headless whole chickens. When that happens, I'll attempt to make Hainanese Chicken Rice and invite my friends over for dinner, bite them hard, swallow them fast!

SP had helped me to clean and cut up the chicken, placed them in to storage boxes and put them in the freezer. I can't be cooking them this week, eeewww...

On a lighter note, Merv had bought me the wicked doughnuts a.k.a. Krispy Kreme and delivered them to my doorstep, all the way from Sydney albeit our city store will be opening their doors on this coming Tuesday at six in the morning. KK from friends with lots of love somehow taste better, sweetness...
With temptations sitting on my dining table, I will have to be very disciplined on myself as I've just started my first ever diet plan in my entire life. My diet plan is to stop taking supper!!! I had been indulging myself in all-I-can-eat and sleep-right-after-eating for the longest time and that was not right because my body is not intelligent enough to stay-slim-regardless-of-what. I've been sticking to my plan since last Thursday and I believe once I've gotten used to the supper-less habit, it'll make a difference to my shockingly inflated face and body.

I am hungry and sleepy in the library, waiting for a confused overage child to take me for dinner, who is now working out at the gym. Shite... can I just go home and sleep? Will he skin me alive if I do this to him again?

I'm also wondering, why do people take their babies/kids to the library? I've seen about four families doing that today, are they trying to make the kids smell the books so then when theygrow up they'll love books? Or has our State Library became the new tourist attraction?

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