Monday, September 11, 2006

Digged My Own Grave

There's only one person to blame on my deterioting health condition - MYSELF - I digged my own grave, without regrets. But, I've many other people to use as my excuse - Eudora & Angie from Sydney for the weekend; Pat who only gives 'wise' advices after 5 bottles of wine; down the drain Violet; and the familiar faces at Lavish.

I've given myself one of the biggest challenges on Friday - spicy Thai food when I was already possessing a man's voice that was not-sexy-at-all, not to mentioned the congested yet runny nose and those ears so deaf I needed people to yell at me literally. My promise to myself of not touching any form of alcohol was broken upon seeing the big brothers at Lavish, despite being able to stick to the bottled water at Longroom. Since I've already broken my promise, I thought it wouldn't make a difference if I stopped then and to politely downed the free vodka shots from the bar *grin*

then... I saw the bitch

The "intellectual" five-bottles-of-wine scrumptious dinner with the two crazy women, which lasted for a good five hours was wonderful. That lead to the failure of a not-so-bright door bitch (or shall I call her the tickets collector?) who intentionally wanted to reject our entry to the club. Well, all I can say is - do your research before attempting to step on my ultra-sensitve tail. I may be no one but my girlies are someone, someone that you've way under estimated. Shame on myself for even thinking of saying 'hi' to you at the beginning, thanks for trying to mess with me in order for me to save the effort.

*** *** ***

I like chicken schnitzel with melted cheese topped with spring onion, ate with fork and knife!


Unknown said...

where's the vegies? LOL
Get well soon.

Lucky Lazy Lynn said...

Biatch, you just wanna tease me with vegies don't you? I do take my greens, in the form of salad, remember?

I'm recovering I believe, at least no more fever and runny nose and watery eyes. I'm still deaf though, >_<