Monday, September 25, 2006


I'm totally pissed of with this so-called friend of mine, who I suspect his mind is totally fucked due to the over consumption of party drugs throughout his pathetically short span of partying years.

Text from him:
Call me back Lynn. See if you want to party with me tomorrow. Thanks.

I replied:
XXL right? No, thanks. ;) I'm on budget *loser, I didn't even go out on Sat night.

Just come out with me la. I god damn mother fucking sick of you turning me down all the fucking time. Let's just party and have fun, it's uni break...

Not everyone fucking like clubbing like you fucking do. It makes me unwilling to go out more when you give me this fucking attitude. And not everyone has got unlimited amount of money to spend like yourself. I'm your friend not your dog so stop yelling at me!


note: * name has been changed.

Before I even typed the conversation out, he called to apologize. I'm no more angry. That's how quick I can forgive my friends, only if they admit to their own fucking fault. Unlike some ex-housemate of mine, a.k.a. con artist who until today, living in her fantasy world thinking that the entire world is as dumb as her, that she can get away with her lies *puke* Not to forget her unwillingness to admit her own mistakes while turning around attempting to put all blames on others, in numerous unwisely ways, and of course unsuccessfully.

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