Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Sick Again

I think I've mixed up the feeling of being sick and sleepy last night. I was actually sick, on top of feeling sleepy. F*cking hell, I've just recovered from my severe cold and flu, which made me blow my nose distastefully in public for more than a week, then I was down with fever last night. Why again? Why???

Worse, I can never lose weight when I'm sick, like how I usually did before. Why? Why???

I've been living on doughtnuts for the past 20 hours as I've totally lost my appetite on meat from my post chicken-shock-syndrome, and the box of KK is just so conveniently sitting on the table. I think I'll just order some deliveries for dinner tonight, can't be bothered going out or cooking something up.

That night at Coles, SP had helped me discovered some amazing product - stick on hook that you can remove easily without stain on the wall! Okay, I might sound like I've just came out from the jungle but I've never seen or heard of things as such.
It's really great cause according to the product description, it will not leave any stain on my wall when I remove them, great for people like me who is ever so fickle. They are quite pricey but that's okay, I grabbed three of them and excitedly stick them on and rearrange my junks necklaces once I got home. As a result, I've got a much more organized drawer and more rooms for my new accessories, I can buy more!!!
Before I forget, I've to mention how cool aunt Mary is as a mother of three. She was like a friend albeit being the mum of my very good friend. We spoke about almost everything over dinner and wine - from family gossips to relationshps, Johnny Depp to Richard Gere, working out to grooming, food to shopping. I like aunt Mary, and I was telling myself, one fine day when I'm a mother, I have to be like her, then my kids and their friends would probably like me too *grin*

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