Thursday, September 21, 2006

Hello Kitty

Evonne called me on Monday when I was brooding of having to chain myself in the library staring at the readings which double as my lullaby. I thought she's the angel sent above to rescue me from boredom by asking me out for drinks but all she asked me was the most ludicrious question.

"Hello" (murmuring while trying to hide my cell under my hair)
"Lynn, are you sleeping?" (all excited)
"No, why?"
"I've got something to ask you"
"Is Hello Kitty male or female?"
"Female la!" (what the fuck???)
"Huh? Fuck, kidding me, how sure are you?"
"Since when Hello Kitty is a male?"
"Fuck, fuck... sure ah, sure female ah?"
"Yes!!! What makes you think Hello Kitty's a male?"
"Okay, thanks, bye..."
"Oh... Bye" (Stoned for 30 secconds)

Correct me if I'm wrong -

Hello Kitty is a female. Yes/No
Bad Badtz Maru is a male (I don't need anyone to tell me, I know!)
Pandaba is a female despite the obesity. Yes/No
Hana Maru is a ... ?


Unknown said...

confirm Hello Kitty is female cuz she got a BF named Dear Daniel

Elizebeth D.L. said...

HAHAHAHAHA... I burst out laughing after reading JC comment!! (before that, still can hold the laughter a bit.)

My God...

But just 4 days ago, my friend asked me, why Hello Kitty no mouth ah? I said, "don't have meh?". My friend kept asking, "yes, someone told me, but i need to get anotehr person to confirm"... I was stoned for 30 secs as well.

What's with Hello Kitty lately???

tracy said...

yes, Hello Kitt is female with Dear Daniel as bf ( damn yucky man)

Hana Maru is a female!!! She's the white color seal and also maru's gf!!!

Lucky Lazy Lynn said...

June - WAhhh... are you a Hello Kitty and the what Dear Daniel's fans? You know them so freaking well!!!

Deisy - I don't know man, I was given a lot of Hello Kitty souvenir lately, I don't know what's going on but I somehow think that Hello Kitty or that Daniel boyfriend might be the next US president.

Tracy - I can't believe my baby-beloved XO has got a LONG TERM girlfriend, Hana Maru, and I'm still single.

The world is going crazy!

Lucky Lazy Lynn said...


Hello Kitty really has got no mouth! That explains why so many people on earth likes her, because she can't speak. Unlike us, talk talk talk, talk too much, everyone's afraid of us. But we don't care, we're happy.

So today's news is - Hello Kitty is actually a mute!

Lucky Lazy Lynn said...

Girls (& boys if there's any),

I've to say that, since I got home and read about all your comments and my own replies, I can't stop laughing man (am still chuckling).

How would someone be confused about Hello Kitty's sexuality??? What drugs are they on???

Unknown said...

Yes I admit I was once Hello Kitty's #1 fan and I found out later that she's actually seeing Dear Daniel from the McDonald Hello Kitty & Dear Daniel collection.

Elizebeth D.L. said...

I don't like Hello Kitty, she is fat. OMG.. too fat.

I like snoopy~~~~ and I am sure he is a male, so I ain't gonna ask stupid question on his gender. HAHA!

and he has a mouth, normal beagle dog, and he can speak cool things;) hah!

angela said...

girls girls... yeah i dun think i like hello kitty that much also.. sort of like no personality. pancake face, with a "matching" BF who looks the same except blue colour. i mean, COME ON!
i so so so prefer ODIE 'cos although he gets kicked around by Garfield, he has a personality (which is being dumb) haha...
but really, he's cute.

Lucky Lazy Lynn said...

When I was young, as in 4/5 years old, I liked Hello Kitty, then I grew to hate it, hated it with passion. I like Bad Badtz Maru since 13 years old till today. However, I don't hate Hello Kitty that much anymore, can accept it, although she's a dumb ass.

Right, Bad Badtz Maru has got damn lots of character!!!

angela said...

This is getting so mean!

Lucky Lazy Lynn said...

Mean blog wrote by the mean girl read by mean friends and therefore mean comments are left.

Anonymous said...

omg sexless cross-dressers.. what a paradox