Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Con Artist

After reading t0othfairie's blog about the thief - Emily Cheah - I'm inspired to share with all of you out there, the story of the con artist - Ms. Phung Siew May.

Before I start, everyone please put your hands together for the very well-written piece of entry of t0othfairie, totally awesome. I can so imagine how she felt about the psycho-thief-ms-Cheah as I've also came across some unfavourable psycho behaviour of hers. Atrocious!

Back to the con artist.

She was an acquaintance-turn-clubbing friend of mine since back in KL, who I don't feel anything for, as in, I neither like nor hate her. After knowing that I was going to Melbourne to pursue my studies, she offered me a room in her apartment for a semester before I could decide where to stay for good. That's how we became close friend - we lived together, played together, shared secrets, shared food. To be fair, I had some very good time living with her.

Then... my things started to bizarrely went missing. It did NOT even cross my mind that it was her, I trusted her, because she was my friend, my then closest friend in Melbourne, my housemate. Whenever I told her I've got something that went missing, she'll say something like "aiyah, you'll find it one day, you're just blur la, always so blur". Fine.

You know us girls, regardless of how much clothes you have, how much make up you have, you know, you just know what you have. As Steph said, she had underestimated me. In fact, she did. I may behave like a bimbo most of the time, but that doesn't mean I've got a brain like that dumb con artist. Never mind.

After I've moved out from her place to live alone in another safer place (at least there's no thief), I was very sure that my clothes and make up had went missing. When one has to pack and unpack every freaking thing by oneself while moving, you will know what went missing, no more excuses for those missing items. Still, I did NOT suspect her, that's how stupid I can be?

Two months after I've been living blissfully alone in my new pad, she told me there's an unpaid gas and electricity bill that she had received, that my share was AUD600. I trusted her but I requested a copy of the bill to show to my parents while I transferred the money in to her account. Coming from an average family, AUD600 may not be a lot to others but it's quite a lot for me. After losing count on the amount of times I requested for my bill, she presented me a forged copy with terribly hopeless photoshop skill.

To cut a long story short - I had verified with the property agent that gas and electricity are paid by the landlord. Get the picture? That dumb bitch had taken me for granted. Look, because she was my friend and I trusted her so much, I gave her money easily - phone bills, water bills, groceries bills - I never had once requested to look at the bill, thinking that she's my friend, she won't cheat. Boy, I was so wrong. She thought this would be like anytime before where I will just pay her the bucks, thinking that my dad prints money as his full time job. She wasn't only cheating my money and my trust, she was indirectly cheating on my parents.

My mum treated her like her own daughter. She had always been invited to all the fancy dinners and outings whenever my mum was down for holidays. Not to mentioned the cleaning and cooking that my mum did for us. And that was how she said thank you to my mummy?

The best part was that not only she did not want to admit to her not-so-well-planned fraud, she turned around and accused me for not trusting her. Oh god, please help me, explain to me what was this woman thinking when she said those words? So fucking shameless. Apparently, I'm the one who are at fault as I DIDN'T TRUST HER and I WENT CHECKING ON HER BEHIND HER BACK, AND I RUINED THE FRIENDSHIP *palm hits forehead*

All I did was to say to her, in an extraordinarily calm voice: that's because you betrayed my trust. If I didn't trust you, I won't pay you whenever you want money; if I didn't trust you, I wouldn't have let you use my car when I'm not around; if I didn't treasure our then friendship, I would've reported to the police and the agent, and ruin your privilege of applying your residency and get your (smelly arse) kicked out of the country.

Excuse me for being bitter of what happened, it was a mockery! I felt betrayed. I treated her so well, like my sister. I was at first very upset and disappointed with her but I know she does not deserve any of my feelings for her, soon enough.

Then the mystery of my missing clothes and make up had finally unearthed. I'm not accusing her, okay? There were only the two of us living in that freaking apartment, we did not like visitors. The only ones we welcomed were our boyfriends. I refuse to think that our then boyfriends had stolen my clothes and make up. If there's anyone who had broken in to our apartment, why am I still typing with my Powerbook now? So who else would've done it? You tell me if you disagree with me.

Of course, she returned the money to me, after being threatened by me of reporting her to the agent or police. Again, why would she return the money if she was, like she acted to be, so confident that she did not do it. Honestly, if I'm being accused, I'll do every fucking thing on earth, till my last breath, to prove that I am innocent. She didn't. I was telling her, if she was innocent, let's go to the agent and make things clear, I'd apologize if I had accused her by mistake, in my nicest tone. She refused to.

Well, these are now water under the bridge. My point of sharing this incident was to alert all the innocent ones around to beware of this con artist, if you see her, turn your back and walk away. I believe being part of the community, I've got the responsibility to contribute my effort to help prevent crime in the society. Sadly, this con artist is now living in Melbourne, contributing to the pollution to our beautiful city.

She, the smarty pants who thinks that she can get away with any thing, who lives in her own fantasy world thinking that she's the prettiest, is a pathetic person with no friends. As far as I know, as told by herself, all her friends left her cause they accused her of some sort of things. How silly can I be? Very, to the extend of believing her, then. After my own experience, I believe her that yes, everyone had left her, not because of accusing her but after seeing her true (fucking ugly) colours.

By the way, this crazy dumb bitch gets violent when she gets drunk, no joke. Ask around and you'll know how violent she gets. Phew... all the fighting with boyfriends when she's drunk. Good that she has stopped drinking, at least, for the first time in her life, she knows what's good to not do.

This dumb bitch is too dumb to mess with me. And I sincerely wish that she enjoys wearing my clothes and make up, which may give her some severe rashes some day.

Yes, I am poisonous.

Special thanks to Eleana for the picture, good job! Truly a piece of artwork.

p.s. call it coincidental - Emily Cheah and Phung Siew May hated each other with all their hearts. Well, I guess they can just smell their own sin from far, can't they?


Anonymous said...

I agree with Lynn. Siew May is a real con artist! Good blog Lynn!

Anonymous said...

WOAH this girl is a big fat LEECH!!! RUnnNNNnn!!!!!!!!!!.like that also wanna cheat... 4 thumbs Down to the Floor...... maybe she steals panties from neighbours to wear when she is older... who knows

Anonymous said...

hey lynn.
nice blog u have here.
u write well urself. *clap-clap*
BTW that con artist looks very familiar.
keep up the good posts.

tasha said...

Goodness. I know that face, LOL, what a coincidence....

May once stole my bracelet at a bar in Sydney thinking I was too drunk to notice... perhaps there are Freudian theories to explain her behaviour, but something tells me this girl is just screaming for attention.

Lucky for me, my man replaced it with a shiny new Korloff.

Unlucky for her, she doesn't realise where that bracelet's been... ;)

Lucky Lazy Lynn said...

Anonymous #1, thank you, ^_~

Anonymous #2, she doesn't have to wait till 'older', she's old enough to steal panties now if she wishes to.

T0othfairie, thanks you. And you probably had seen her straying around in KL clubs before, she used to hang out at Atmosphere. She's very loud with "attention seeker" embossed on her forehead.

Tasha, glad that you saw what she did. Seems like she's suffering from some god-knows-what-complex, kleptomaniac perhaps.

Unknown said...

well done lynn! love the photo...kekeke

Elizebeth D.L. said...

She looks quite normal in the picture. Really, 人不可貌相~ (one cannot judge by the look), ha~

Shame on her.

angela said...

wow lynn, well i'm glad u "see the light" now. better find out later than never right!

Anonymous said...

u left out a few adjectives babe


... little wretch. LOL.

Lucky Lazy Lynn said...

Wow... looks like everyone here who knows her despises her.


Anonymous said...

OMGGGG she's from Lim kok wing?
nowonder so familiar la!!! same college.

Lucky Lazy Lynn said...

t0othfairie, you won't miss her. She's the one who ACTS like she's the princess of Lim Kok Wing, puiiii... Big time wannabe.

Whasup said...

hehehe vely interesting read!!

Anonymous said...

CHAPALANNGGGGGGG GERRRRR........ even lalat also dun want to land on it...

Anonymous said...

Oh! No wonder got one Lalat always flying around in atmosphere last time. HA HA HA

Anonymous said...

Haha this is hilarious.. Firstly I'd like to credit Eleana for the pic!! That's a good one haha..Well well.. I was once her victim, thank God I didn't get to that state of missing things but she treated as though I was her property and I'm not allowed to mix around with her sis and her friends when we were not in good terms once...And trust me she is really a VERY violent person when she's drunk, seen it, been there was even hit with a bedroom slipper on the head.. yeah she threw it at the back of my head coz she was just getting psycho after a number of drinks and when she's not drunk she's just an oh-i'm-such-an-angel liar...Just imagine she was telling Lynn that I had the hots for her bf.. *yuck* and that I am such a wannabe.. sigh...I used to treat her like my sis as well but after knowing what has happened I think she hasn't changed at all..

She likes using ppl a lot too. Last time when I was studying in Perth and she was still back in KL she used to ask my bf (now ex) to fetch her and send her to places.. and if he's late she scolds him.. that's what you get for being nice..Oh did I also mention she's a great pretender??? There are just so many things about her that I've been through and I got to know about..

I apologize to Lynn and the others for introducing Miss-Attn Seeker-Phung Siew May haha...

BTW something extra
Tasha: Was your bracelet a T&Co one?

Lucky Lazy Lynn said...

Looks like ms Phung had built her network of enemies around, impressive!

angela said...

oi lynn, u also went to redang ah? how come so many days never blog?

Anonymous said...

What a fine piece. ll had been trying to convince me to read her blog esp. this one... should have read it earlier and god she's such a freak.

Unknown said...

woah! all those cursing..me eyes!! i guess women ARE the last creature a men would wanna mess with, huh...?

Anyway, here is proof that i've read through your blog (um.. at least this one :P )

Thanks for the 'heads up' i will be sure to take cover the next time i run into her (if ever).

It's late, sweetie and me bed is calling i.. so me'll leave it at that.. forgive me dodgy comment luv.. the alcohol is kicking in.. maybe.. heheh gnitez!