Sunday, September 24, 2006

Baroq House

Melbourne Forecast
Issued at 4:25 pm EST on Sunday 24 September 2006

Warning Summary
A severe weather warning for locally damaging winds is current.

Forecast for Sunday evening
A few showers with local hail and strong west to southwesterly wind. Snow
flurries possible on the nearby hills.

Precis: A few showers. Windy.

This afternoon was f*cking windy and gloomy with a couple of sunny break through out the day. It'll be my perfect day minus the sun. I love it gloomy, cold and depressing. To make things better, play some sappy slit-your-wrist sentimental love songs on your stereo - purrrrfect!

I opted to come home as soon as I've done with some quick shopping to replenish my torn leggings and stockings over the winter, also some accessories for spring, as I'm currently hooked to this Taiwanese drama that Diana made me watch. Told you (Deisy) I am a closet Ah Lian but no one believes me. I'm not sure about the name of the drama in English but it's just some kiddo drama that talks about love between some uni students but trust me, it's good!


Attended Baroq's soft opening night on Thursday, a week before their grand opening. Rumours has it that they had spent three million on its renovation and interior design *tongue out* To be honest, I thought the grandiose sweep of the arches behind the main bar was too much for my liking; perhaps the flashy quasi-vintage flora chandelier needs a higher ceiling; and the snobbish hostesses can be quite hot, only if they smile.

It's one of those bars where you want to see and to be seen, however, with the oddly partitioned rooms all over the place, I think I'd have a difficult time just to locate my chums after getting intoxicated, let alone to watch others. Not to forget the narrow 'secretive' dim-lit stairway (that leads you to the dance floor and another two rooms) which you can trip and fall even without the influence of substances. The place was like a maze.

Credit to the bottomless reds, whites and bubblies that are served in proper sparkling huge wine glasses/flutes, wasn't the best but it was tolerable taking in to consideration that they were free. Two smashed women getting their Tarot cards read by some ugly fat old man was what happened after the free-flows. Another plus was the crowd - besides a few erm... not too good looking ones, the place was filled with eye-candies of my flavour *slurp* Will have to visit on another night to check out their cocktails and to verify if the crowd is keeping to their standard. Especially liked the lofty monumental tree-hands couple who are in their spooning position at the entrance (view from the website).

Three severely-intoxicated women went to The Meat and Wine Company for some serious meat fare with South African influence and more wine, of course. I can't comment much on their food due to the influence of alcohol. However, I can vaguely remember that my petit-fillet with creamy mushroom sauce was scrumptious. Keat's skewers reminded us of Brazilian grill. The food shouldn't be too bad when everyone finishes their own food.

Shite... I need to get my dose of Taiwanese drama before I can talk about my dinner at Vue De Monde.


tracy said...

geez, u worked our imagination so hard.
why didnt u post up some pictures so we can have some visuals to your 'maze'???

Lucky Lazy Lynn said...

I didn't take any picture in that place...
1) too busy drinking
2) too busy enjoying the eye-candies
3) people there are too pretentious, I'll look like an idiot if I take my camera out and started snapping.

Therefore, check it out on the website, hihi...

tracy said...

cehh...i thought u can snap some eye-candies and share it.

Lucky Lazy Lynn said...

Tracy, even if I take them, you won't know how to appreciate okay. You know how I like my men with crow's feet and you like yours the opposite??