Monday, January 22, 2007

Can't Stop Eating

What will happen if you've got a dad who can never say "no" to you?


I'm suffering from my pre-menstrual food obsession. Was in the car on our way for dinner and I suggested to my dad to take a drive down to Alor after dinner to get my barbecue chicken wings takeaway for supper, he was of course glad to go with me. I then came out with an even better suggestion...

"since we're going there, maybe we shall get some frog porridge too!"

"good idea. Why not we go now for dinner?"
"but I feel like Jap, I feel like sashimi..."
"me too... then we'll eat this first?"
"yes yes yes! We eat dinner first, then take a slow drive to KL, then get frog porridge while waiting for our chicken wings"
"see, I'm a planner. I'm so smart!!!"

(Mum shaking her head at the back seat, mumbling something like "how are you gonna lose weight when you're thinking of what to eat next before the current meal...")

As planned, we've accomplished our mission. Had Jap dinner, frog porridge as dessert, and got chicken wings home as supper. HmmmMMmmmm... yummilicious! Oh yeah, am suppose to lose some weight right?


angela said...

i've been wanting to go there for WEEKS!!!
* tearing my hair out *

Anonymous said...

LL i know you wanna be just like violet, but if you keep eating this way you are going to end up like violet after she eats the gum in the movie willie wonker & the chocolate factory!!!

Lucky Lazy Lynn said...

Angela, don't pull, you've just spent money on your hair!

BB, I'll learn to eat less okay I promise!

Writer, maybe you should start some food review business. Me and Charm can be your food critique, sounds good?

Unknown said...

I am already full just reading your entry babes.. muahahahahahahahahahhaa

when meet up?

Lucky Lazy Lynn said...

Full then don't need to eat. Hm.. perhaps I can start a business called "Shed Some Pounds the Lazy Lynn's Way - read her blog and get full without eating"!!!