Saturday, January 06, 2007

the Holiday

Jevon and I had decided to save our energy for tomorrow night, only if I'm really joining him at * tomorrow. We'll see.

Caught The Holiday last night at Crown. Let me tell you, it was absolutely awesome. The plot was great, the cast was wonderful, the movie was just too good. I can watch it for the second time. There are scenes in the movie which myself had experienced in real life, that's perhaps why I'm so in love with the movie - I can relate to it. Jude Law has never looked better than now, well... I like men with an age.

Violet and I wore our new shoes out tonight - her gladiator and my red wedges and for some reasons, we thought we looked like hookers, god damn it! Had an early night tonight, believe it or not, I was thinking of my spicy prawn the whole time when I was at Lavish, hm... spicy addiction.

Had successfully postponed my flight back to KL. Have not told my parents, guess I shall set a reminder in my phone to call them. I'm wondering if it is safe to travel to Bangkok on Thursday. Any advice?

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