Friday, January 19, 2007

Bangkok III: No One Has Been to Boss Like Us

Waiting for my super-ah-lian-bubble-gum-hot-pink nail polish to dry up before I can take my shower and get changed to kick some arses in the city. With my slightly tanned skin, this colour somehow makes me look like some suburban Indians (no hard feelings if you're one).

After a twelve-hour sleep last night, I'm feeling tremendously better from last night's non-stop coughing and sneezing. I was surprise at how I didn't cough a single time and got up to clear my nose throughout my deep deep sleep, and I didn't even take any medication except for pumping in darn a lot of vitamin C plus water.


I've not checked out enough clubs or bars in Bangkok for me to decide if their nightlife is good. Finally paid Bed Supper Club a visit. I especially liked the club (there's a bar) as they were playing very good commercial house. Crowd was fabulous - no ah bengs ah lians - and it wasn't too pack that you can't even stand still at one place. Most of the crowd were westerners with a minority of asians (we're one of them, of course). I would really love to see KL to have more clubs as such, in terms of no ah beng ah lians. Got to know this girl from London who was such a sweetie. I was hanging out with her and her friends for a bit while I was 'taking a walk' alone while my friends were at the bar.
I was eyeing on this so-called hot hunk the moment I got there as he looked really cute from where I was hanging out. Tracy joined me shortly in "watching" and she too agreed with me that he was sizzling hot. He went missing in the middle of the night so we carried on partying. At the end of the night, when the club was closing, we tried to order some drinks at the bar where he was hanging out at but to no avail, no one's willing to sell us anymore alcohol. I then opportunely turned to ask our so-called hottie (after much encouragement by Tracy) and striked a conversation...

"Hi, is this place closing?"

"Yeah, I think so"
"D'you know where else can we go at this time of the night?"
"I don't know. I'm not frrrRRRrrom herrRRRRrrre, this is my firrrRRRRrst time here"

He wasn't only not good looking in close-up, he was a total turn off after opening his mouth, with his stronger than ever Middle-Eastern slang. Thank my dear god, for giving me the chance to speak to him and be near to him, or I won't be able to find out what I was eyeing on the whole night for the rest of my life. Imagine I came home and keep telling all my girlies this
"you know, I went to BSC and saw this hottie, he's really cute, what a shame that I didn't get to know him"

The low down of the night was that the club closed at two which was way to early for everyone. Apparently Thailand has got a new ruling whereby everything has to be shut by one, madness! After much asking around, getting fooled by the door 'butch', several exciting taxi rides, we were taken to this underground club at some back alley of some market look-alike place, no joke!

Let me tell you, it's super-duper dodgy, and it's worse than Backroom in KL. I had to forked 300 Baht for each person to get in to the club at about three in the morning, nevermind, we're on holiday afterall. The toilet was small and smelly, with this booth outside of the toilet that provides make-up for girls who need some 'touching-up', by charging them 20 Baht per use, disgusting. I was amazed by the sight but Tracy said they have that at Backroom too, really?The crowd was also mainly whites with some Indians at the corner, who wanted to have a taste of my saliva by asking for the ciggies that I'm having, then returned me a whole new stick, WTF? I can't help but to made Tracy take a picture with him so then I will remember his ugly face forever.(note: look how happy Tracy is??!!?!)

Girls in the club were mainly Thais with a small portion of whites. I suspect most people would think that the three of us are Thais too. The place was really pack, so pack that I could hardly breathe. The drinks that comes with the cover was crazy, it was the strongest glass of whisky on the rock that I've ever tasted. I'm quite confident that it's some Thai whisky that they were pouring. Thank goodness I didn't get a hangover on the day after.

We had no idea what the club's called until we were in the cab home. We later found out that it's called Boss (even the name is dodgy). I was pretty satisfied with our night out as I always like to explore 'new' places and experience the locals's scene. It was really a very comical night out for Eileen, Tracy and I. If someone had taken a video from the moment we stepped out of Bed to the moment we got in the hotel room, it's gonna be real funny.

Now I'm sure non of my friends who had visited Bangkok had been to Boss, except for the three of us. It was dodgy but was a good experience.Went cuckoo on Bed's bed.

p.s. we spotted a mobile bar on the street which I regretted for not taking a picture. It's a bar at the back of a small truck, it was ultry cool in my favourite red!


tracy said...

omg u put that picture up!! my expression was 'god pls help me!!'

ahhaah and the infidelity picture of me & eileen, classic!
u should also put up the one where i caught u & eileen, it was hilarious..

Lucky Lazy Lynn said...

No Tracy, don't pretend. WE know you were delirious!

I don't wanna put my picture up, too shy *blush*

tracy said...

i was super disgusted.

what a waste that's like the most perfect picture of our clubbing nite!