Thursday, January 18, 2007

Bangkok I: I Went Crazy for Food

First Wednesday night at home in KL, after too many years of never-missed-Mambo-Wednesday. Dad's birthday dinner ended late and I guess I'm catching the flu, must've gotten it from Hui Fen the bitch! Eleana was too tired to go out either, hence, here I am, staying home on a Wednesday night *surprise-surprise*

Dad is glad to see me home with more tan this time, he reckons I look healthier (for some strange reasons, he always think that I'm weak). I like my tan too but not the freckles. Somehow freckles look great on other people except for myself.

Been eating so much in Bangkok, even the boys were amazed. My favourite of the whole trip was of course Eleana's boyfriend's barbecue stall. His pork skewers were one of the best skewers I've ever had, and it was dirt cheap. Eleana's boyfriend was sure to be excited to see us strolling towards his stall everyday as we almost bought everything he has on the tray on each visit. His pork sausages were also one of its kind, I'm already missing it.

I'm sure many of us had already seen pictures of this amazing restaurant in one of the forwarded mails. This place is in fact the reason why we were in Bangkok - it all started from one of the forwarded mail. Four months ago I got the mail with Sirocco's pictures, so I replied and asked if this place really do exist, Eleana said yes as she had been there. So I conveniently asked "can we go to Bangkok and check it out?", my amazing friends back here in KL then booked our tickets, hotels and poof, we were in Bangkok and home in KL again.

Back to the restaurant. The view was breath-taking. It was exactly like what we see in pictures. I walked down their steps dream-likely towards their restaurant, half of Bangkok was under my feet, it was amazing. It was by far the best located restaurant I've ever been, sitting on the 64th floor of the State Tower, with Sky Bar attached to the restaurant that serves very good cocktails (to my surprise). Food wise, it was disappointingly bad. Tried too hard hence the food was too strong-tasting for my liking. Service was scatty but the ambiance made everything up.

Anyone who fancies fancy restaurant, Sirocco is a must go but just don't expect too much from the food and service. Pictures are with Tracy as my memory card was full.

VertigoAnother roof-top restaurant on the 61st floor of Banyan Tree Hotel, introduced by Keat. It was beautiful but nothing compared to Sirocco, ambiance and decor wise. What I hated most was the amount of steps I've to take to get up and down the restaurant, not to mention their washrooms are about two and a half floors down and if you haven't already know - I pee as much as I drink! I had their nine-course degustation menu (Sirocco doesn't even have a degustation menu) and it wasn't too impressive. As opposed to Sirocco, food here was a little too bland for my liking, pffftt! The only dish I liked was the fish but unfortunately, it wasn't cooked when it was served *bad luck* Good thing was, they admitted their mistake and was willing to take 5% off our total bill plus two dessert platters on the house, not bad of a deal. Service was for sure ahead of Sirocco, and food was also better here. Both are almost on par when it comes to pricing, maybe Vertigo is a little, just slightly, cheaper than the other one, if you really want me to compare.Try both out if possible but if you can only afford one, then eat at Vertigo and have a drink at Sirocco.

Cabbages & CondomsEileen took us to this conceptual Thai restaurant located within the C&C resort which was ultra cool. This restaurant is apparently the only restaurant in the world dedicated to birth control, in support of the Population and Community Development Association of Thailand. The food was not too bad but the restaurant was beautiful. There were heaps of trees, chairs, mannequins, pets, amongst others on display which were made of condoms, something new to me. It's cool but I don't think it's very environmental friendly though. Eleana, Kenny, Veron and myself went crazy when ordering food. The four of us had three entrees, four mains, three soups, and two desserts among ourselves; on the other hand, the next table with the rest of the six of them had only six mains. God, we are pigs!
What else is there to eat?
Besides these three proper sit down dinners, the other meals were mainly hawker food, which naturally were my favourites for this trip. Their soup-noodles were yummy, I especially miss the one that I had on the boat at the floating market. Their mangos with chilli powder and tamarind sauce are something that you can't get in KL. Not to forget my favourite Tom Yam Goong at Suam Lum food court *drooling* The tangerine juices were so refreshing; the fried bananas and sweet potatoes were crunchy and tasty; coconut juices were everywhere; barbecue pork at Chatuchak was scrumptious.Highlight was it that I've eaten grasshoppers and worms, as I've never imagined I'll put those in my mouth. I was a little terrified by the sight of them sitting on the table when Veron bought them back for me. But after the first grasshopper, I couldn't stop myself from eating more. It was sickeningly delicious and addictive.This trip I've not tried the suckling pig that my dad said was good, as well as the shark fin soup and beef noodle *stamping my foot*

In short, eating in Bangkok was mad ass. It drives me nuts whenever I see food, and it drives my friends nuts to see me and Eleana eating non-stop. No one can stop us! I'll be going back to Bangkok again for more food...


TheWriter2006 said...

Next time I'm going BKK with you!

tracy said...

just found my memory card reader, will be uploading it tmr..steal it from multiply.
p/s: all pics in multiplu are low-res for easy uploading, in any case
u need a higher res one, lemme know i'll burn for u

Lucky Lazy Lynn said...

Yes, we're going to Bangkok together!!!

Tracy, I want hi-res pictures, please burn for me. Mine are all hi-res on Multiply. It doesn't take much time though...